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Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Everything you want to know about Nintendo's new 3DS console

With an absolute barrage of information swarming around as we approach the upcoming release of the Nintendo 3DS system, we thought now might be a good time to sit down and sift through the mess and try to add some answers to the many questions that have been floating around.

Rather than have the information strung all over the site, we've now piled it all into one place for your viewing pleasure. So without further ado, let's get to the questions and answers.

What is the Nintendo 3DS?

The 3DS is Nintendo's newest portable game system and true successor to Nintendo's DS system and features the ability to view games in full 3D without the need for glasses.

What are the specs for the 3DS?

GPU: Pica200
Size (closed): 2.9" x 5.3" x 0.8"
Weight: 8.1 ounces
Upper Screen: Widescreen 3D LCD (800x240 or 400x240 per eye)
Upper Screen Size: 3.52" diagonally
Lower Screen: LCD Touchscreen (320x240)
Lower Screen Size: 3.02" diagonally
Colours: Approximately 16.7 million
Cameras: 0.3 Megapixels - (2 on the outer case and 1 inside)
Wireless Function: 2.4GHz (100 feet recommended range)
Sound: Stereo speakers to the right and left of the top screen
Stylus: Telescoping stylus (3.95 inches extended)
Power: AC adapter and lithium ion battery
Charge Time: Approximately 3.5 hours
Battery Life: Approximately 3-5 hours for 3DS games and 5-8 hours for DS games.

When will the 3DS be available?

  • Japan - February 26th
  • North America - March 27th
  • Europe - March 25th
  • Australia - March 31st

How much will the 3DS cost?

  • Japan - ¥25,000
  • North America - $249.99
  • Europe - Retailers will set the cost (About £229.99)
  • Australia - $349.95 AUD

What does the 3DS system come with?

  • 3DS System
  • Charging cradle
  • AC Adapter
  • Telescopic stylus
  • 2GB SD Card
  • Six (6) augmented reality cards
  • Documentation

What colours will be available at launch?

The 3DS system will be available in both Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black in all territories upon launch.

Are any other colours planned?

Nintendo has shown a red 3DS system at various events, but there's currently been no word on an official release for other colours. If history is any indication, it would seem likely that Nintendo will be releasing the system in more colour choices down the line, but until then we'll just have to wait and see.

What games will be available at launch?

The Australian launch lineup has not yet been finalized by Nintendo of Australia. We'll of course update the finalised listing as soon as they confirm it.


North America


What third party companies are currently working on 3DS projects?

Below is a partial listing of the third party companies that we know are working on 3DS titles: Activision, Atlus, Capcom, Electronic Arts, Harmonix, Konami, Level-5, Majesco, Marvelous, Nicalis, Sega, Square-Enix, Take-Two Interactive, Tecmo Koei, THQ, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., and WayForward.

When will the Virtual Console be available for the 3DS?

Although there have been conflicting reports as to exactly when the 3DS eShop will be available, Nintendo has only stated that it should become available via a system software update sometime in late May 2011.

What systems will be offered up on the eShop?

The only systems that have been officially announced for the 3DS Virtual Console have been Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Game Gear, and NEC TurboGrafx-16. Super Mario Land and Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX have been shown at various media events, which leads us to believe that they will be some of the first classic Game Boy titles to hit the 3DS eShop at the end of May.

Will Game Boy Advance games be available on the 3DS eShop?

So far no word on whether or not Game Boy Advance releases will be made available on the 3DS eShop, but given the hardware similarities, it's certainly possible that Nintendo might make them available at some point.

Will there be a pack-in game?

No, but there are quite a few programs built into the system that include:

  • 3DS Camera
  • Mii Maker
  • StreetPass Mii Plaza
  • Augmented Reality Games
  • Face Raiders
  • Activity Log
  • Internet Browser
  • 3DS Sound

Does the 3DS feature a microphone?

Yes, there's a built-in microphone near the bottom of the system just below the START button.

Can you use headphones with the 3DS system?

Yes, the 3DS uses a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Are both screens 3D?

No. Only the top screen of the 3DS is capable of 3D output, with the bottom screen offering the touch screen controls.

Is the top 3D widescreen a touchscreen?

No. Nintendo felt that using the top screen as a touch screen would take away from the system's 3D output, so it was decided to make only the bottom screen touch screen sensitive.

Can you turn the 3D effect completely off?

Yes. You can not only adjust the various degrees of 3D effect, but you can also turn the 3D completely off by sliding the depth slider all the way to the OFF position.

What do 3DS games look like without the 3D turned on?

They basically look the same, albeit without the depth of the 3D effect. They also tend to look a bit more jagged when viewed with the 3D effect completely turned off.

Can playing games in 3D really hurt my eyesight?

There have been reports that children under the age of 7 should not play stereoscopic 3D games due to the fact that their eyes are still developing and the risk of causing future eyesight problems is present. Another downside to viewing stereoscopic 3D is that it can also be quite fatiguing on the eyes, so taking short breaks in between lengthy playing sessions might be a good idea for gamers of any age.

Is it true that the 3DS can make you motion sick?

There have been numerous reports of a small percentage of people becoming slightly motion sick when playing the 3DS. It will likely depend on the person as to what effects the system's 3D depth will have on them.

How much will 3DS games cost?

Nintendo has stated that 3DS games will be comparable in price to that of DS releases, going so far as to say that they'll likely be in the $35-$45 USD range.

Does the 3DS feature a real analogue stick?

Yes. The 3DS features a 360 degree analogue stick called the Circle Pad. Not only can the Circle Pad offer movements in 360 degrees, it also offers developers a wide range of control sensitivity as well.

Will the 3DS play DS games?

Yes. The 3DS is fully backward compatible with the DS library of games (aside from games that require the GBA slot) and they fit into and play from the very same cartridge slot that the 3DS titles use on the system. About the only physical difference between the two is the small protruding tab on the top-right corner of the 3DS cartridge.

Since the DS games use a different resolution, how will they be displayed on the higher resolution 3DS screen?

DS games will fit the screen vertically, but will feature black bars on the right and left side of them in order to retain their original aspect ratio. This is similar to the way some widescreen movies are displayed on a 4:3 ratio television, only with the black bars on the sides instead of the top and bottom.

You can also launch DS games in their original resolution by holding Start + Select when loading the game, which will replicate them exactly as they are on DS/DS Lite screens with a sizeable black surround.

Will DS games display in 3D on the 3DS?

No. DS titles will not be displayed in 3D on the 3DS screen as they were not originally programmed to do so. DS games will basically look exactly as they do on your standard DS system.

Will some newer DS games feature enhancements when played on 3DS?

There is always the chance that future DS releases might have some type of 3D feature built into them that can be activated when played on the 3DS system, but no releases currently available have this feature.

Will regular DS games be able to use the analogue stick?

Yes. The Circle Pad is mapped to the functions of the D-Pad when running regular DS releases so it can be used in place of the D-Pad for DS titles if the player wishes to use it. (Games will not have full analog support with the circle pad, it will only act as an 8-way joystick)

Will there be parental controls on the system?

Yes. The 3DS will have parental controls that can even allow parents to turn the 3D function completely off.

Why does the Aqua Blue 3DS have a black frame around the top screen?

All of the 3DS models we've seen shown by Nintendo have featured the black frame around the 3D screen, regardless of the body colour, leading many to believe that the black backdrop helps with the 3D effect in some way.

Will the 3DS feature motion controls like the iPhone?

Yes the 3DS features not only gyroscopic tilt controls, but also an accelerometer as well.

Can you still play 3DS even if you wear glasses or contacts?

Yes, glasses or contacts will not affect the 3D effect, although a very small percentage of people cannot see stereoscopic 3D.

Is the 3DS really as powerful as the Xbox 360 and PS3?

On paper, not quite. While the graphical horsepower of the system is impressive, it's the 3D capabilities coupled with the system's built-in texturing and shading effects that give them such a high quality look.

Can the 3DS take 3D photos and video?

The 3DS system can take 3D photos using the dual camera lenses on the outside of the system and then these photos can be viewed on the 3DS widescreen. The system won't be able to shoot 3D video at launch, although it's obviously a feature that could possibly be added at a later date.

Does the 3DS feature Wi-Fi and online play?

Yes, the 3DS will feature not only Wi-Fi capabilities, but also online play for games that feature it.

Will we be stuck with Friend Codes for online play on 3DS?

Nintendo has decided to stick with the Friend Code system, but they have simplified it by only requiring one Friend Code for each system rather than one for each individual game.

Will we be able to transfer our DSiWare games?

Yes, you will be able to transfer your DSiWare games over to your 3DS system, although you will only have a limited number of times to make use of the function.

Will the 3DS eShop use Nintendo Points and can we transfer them to the 3DS system?

No, the 3DS will not use Nintendo Points and your current points are not transferable. The system will instead use regular monetary currency for your digital purchases.

What type of memory cards does the 3DS use and what is the storage size limit?

The 3DS will make use of standard SD cards and there is currently no announced limit as to what size SD card can be used with the system.

Can digital download titles be launched directly from the SD Card?

Yes, you will have the ability to launch games directly from the SD Card, unlike the DSi system that required you to copy them into the system's built-in storage before running them.

What is Street Pass and how does it work?

Street Pass is a function of the 3DS that will allow you to put your 3DS system to sleep while you carry it around. When you come within range of another 3DS system in sleep mode, various data will be automatically exchanged, such as Mii characters, high scores, and other sharable data.

What is Spot Pass and how does it work?

SpotPass will allow you to obtain free games, videos, and game data whenever you come within range of a Wi-Fi access point. This will provide Nintendo with a way to send out information and even free game titles to users without the 3DS owner having to do anything other than come within range of a wireless hotspot.

What are Play Coins and what can they be used for?

Play Coins can be earned by walking around while carrying your 3DS system. Your steps are logged and you're awarded one Play Coin for every 100 steps you take, although there is a 300 Play Coin limit per month (10 per day). These coins can be used to purchase additional content inside of games like Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and other supported games.

What is the battery life of the 3DS?

Nintendo has stated that the approximate battery life of the 3DS is between 3-5 hours for 3DS games and 5-8 hours for regular DS releases, depending on what functions and screen brightness are being used on the system.

We'll be doing a battery life test as soon as we get our 3DS system in, so more specific data will be coming soon.

Can the 3DS play 3D movies and will they be available for purchase?

Nintendo has shown some 3D movies being played on the 3DS system at various media events which makes it likely that they will be made available at some point, we just don't know exactly when at the moment.

Will there be shortages of 3DS systems in stores?

Given the popularity of the system, it's entirely possible that there could be hardware shortages, so at the very least it might be a good idea to pre-order a system if you're planning on picking one up at or near launch day. There's already information from various import houses that limited stock for the Japanese launch has already caused them to cut pre-orders off until they can secure more 3DS units.

Is the 3DS region locked?

Yes. Unlike past Nintendo handheld systems, the 3DS system will be region-locked. This means your system will only be able to play games designated for that particular system's specified region.

Is it possible to import a 3DS system from Japan since they're getting it a full month early?

Yes, you can import a system, although you'd better be ready to pay a hefty sum of money for one. NCSX still has their 3DS preorders listed at $459.90 and
Play-Asia is currently taking reservations for their second shipment of 3DS systems, but no price has been quoted as of yet.

Please keep in mind that you can only play Japanese region 3DS games on a Japanese 3DS system.

Will regular European and North American DS games play on the Japanese 3DS system?

While we know that 3DS games are region-locked, regular DS titles are not region-locked and will play on any region 3DS system, according to NCSX who put a 3DS system through its import paces this morning. That means you can play regular DS games from any region on any region 3DS system. DSiWare titles will be region-locked, so you won't be able to play North American or European titles on a Japanese 3DS system, however.

We tested out a handful of regular DS titles including: Pokemon Black and White, Dragon Quest VI, and Radiant Historia and all of them played perfectly fine on the Japanese 3DS system.

Is the 3DS AC adapter the same one used with the DSi system?

Yes, it's the same basic power adapter with the same type of connector.

Is the included cradle that comes with the 3DS an induction charger?

No. The included 3DS cradle uses two small metal prongs on the top-right corner that touch the two tiny metal plates near the area where the AC adapter plugs into the unit, similar to the way a cordless telephone base charges the phone.

What is the 3D like on the 3DS system?

It's basically similar to what you see in 3D movies nowadays. The screen appears to have not only depth, in which the images in the game seem to extend far beyond the back of the 3DS, but also the effect of images popping out of the screen towards you.

How big is the 3D sweet spot and will moving around inhibit the 3D effect?

There is a fairly large sweet spot as long as you keep the 3DS screen fairly centered out in front of you. Moving the system off to the side or vertically too much will cause the images to look doubled, so you're not going to want to do too much moving around while playing 3DS titles.

Is there a noticeable difference between the various degrees of 3D when using the depth slider?

There is a fairly wide range of 3D effect between the highest and lowest setting of the depth slider and it's very noticeable as you move the slider up and down.

What is the best setting for the 3D slider?

This will likely depend on the individual player. You'll still be getting a fairly intense 3D effect, even on a middle setting, but a lot of it will depend on how sensitive you are to motion sickness and how tolerant your eyes are of the 3D effect, at least as far as eye fatigue goes.

What are some of the confirmed first-party 3DS games that will be coming after the launch of the system?

Nintendo has already announced several titles that are well into development and likely to be released this calendar year including:

Do any of these announced first-party titles have a release date?

None of the above-listed titles currently have a confirmed release date, although it shouldn't be too much longer before at least a couple of them do.

Is Nintendo still planning on releasing the "3D Classics" and when can we expect them?

Nintendo has been fairly tight-lipped about the 3D Classics that they talked about back when the 3DS was first announced. We'll likely hear more about them after the eShop arrives in late May.

Will Nintendo Life be getting a Japanese 3DS system and if so, when can we expect some coverage of it?

Our 3DS system should be arriving on Monday and we'll start putting up some articles about it shortly thereafter, including some hands-on features and possibly an early review or two.

Is it true that the Nintendo 3DS system sold out in Japan?

Yes, according to reports the 3DS system sold out in its first day of release in Japan selling over 400,000 units in total. It's yet another good reason to pre-order your 3DS now if you have not already done so.

When are 3DS demo units going to hit retail outlets outside of Japan?

So far there's been no concrete date announced, although a few retail managers we've spoken to have told us that they expect them any day now. Your best bet is to keep checking your local EB Games or GameStop store.

Is the 3DS D-Pad difficult to use being that low down on the system face?

It feels more out-of-place than uncomfortable. We've gotten so familiar with it being farther up for so long that it does take a bit of getting used to. In truth, it felt just fine after a few minutes of use and you can always use the Circle Pad, which is mapped to the D-Pad functions on DS titles, if you find the D-Pad too uncomfortable to use.

Is there an English language menu setting on the Japanese 3DS system?

No. You cannot change the menu setting on the Japanese 3DS to English. So if you're going to import a Japanese system, you'll have to figure out the menus on your own, although there are already quite a few videos on YouTube that show you how to get the system up and running, at least enough to be able to play regular 3DS games.

What do the D-Pad and buttons feel like in comparison to the DSi system?

The D-Pad and buttons on the 3DS are actually a little bit clickier than those found on the DSi system. They're both the exact same size, but the slightly tighter feel is actually quite nice to use.

How do regular DS games look on the 3DS screen and do you have to play them stretched to fit the 3DS screen vertically?

The regular DS games still look just fine on the 3DS screen, even stretched out, although they are a very slight bit fuzzier and do lose a very minute amount of vibrancy as a result. You can hold down the START and SELECT buttons when you launch a regular DS game that will allow you to play them at their original resolution, although they are quite a bit smaller in size on the 3DS screens due to the increased 3DS resolution.

How many icons can you have on the 3DS Home Menu in total?

There are 60 slots available, which include those taken up by built-in programs. 12 of these slots are initially taken by these programs when you boot the system out of the box.

Can you use Download Play and play local wi-fi multiplayer games using a 3DS and DS system?

Yes. You can use Download Play across both a regular DS or DSi system and the 3DS just fine and wireless play also works just as it would across two DS systems. Even using games and systems from varying regions didn't affect the DS wireless play.

Does the 3DS suffer from the same low volume the DS lineup did?

Unfortunately, yes. In fact, the highest volume setting of the 3DS is even lower than that of the highest volume setting on the DSi system. Even using headphones doesn't help much, sadly.

What is the 3DS Sound program like and what new features does it offer over the DSi version?

It seems that they're basically the same program with basically the same editing tools and four sound effects.

Does the 3DS work with the Nintendo USB dongle?

Yes it works just fine with the USB dongle.

We'll be continuously updating the FAQ, adding in more questions and answers, as well as updating any currently unconfirmed information. If you have any questions, drop us an email and maybe we'll add your question to the FAQ.

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Gavin_Rozee said:

When was it confirmed that downloads will be launchable directly from an SD Card? I'd really appreciate a link, as that's great news if true.



Corbs said:

We'll be adding a banner on the front page to help readers find it once it slips down the line.



Kevin said:

Is it possible to transfer the remaining dsi points to the 3DS?



Corbs said:

Please read the FAQ all the way through before posting or emailing us questions. Thanks.



weirdproq said:

1. Why is the 3DS $100 more in Australia?
2. Why is Rayman's hair color now red instead of yellow?



AUnkownFuture said:

This is all i needed to know. I cant wait to get mine on the 25th of march. I might have to go for walkies for the play coins thing because i live in the countryside and i live the near the woods so i better get more coins for Super Street Fighter IV.



irken004 said:

Yesss, backward compatible DS games with circle pad! This might make Super Mario 64 DS a bit more comfortable.



wanderlustwarrior said:

You know, that charge time next to that unchanged camera look really bad next to each other on this page. Otherwise, the device looks good.



Raylax said:

Can I use it to resist gunfire?
Does it serve as a floatation device?
If I throw it, will it come back to me?
Does it play VHS casettes?
Can I use it as false ID at an airport and escape to Barbados?
Is it a suitable milk substitute for the lactose-intolerant?
Does it come coated with the Colonel's 11 Secret Herbs and Spices?
If given a choice between two shapes, would it choose a pyramid or a sphere?



2-D said:

@ Raylax
Yes, although only on the top screen. No, this functionality has been discontinued. Only the Australian model can do that. This may be added at a later date. You're thinking of psychic paper. Not for the under 6's. Yes, 'Zinger Brown'. Neither. Hypercube.



Kevin said:

@9 There isn't an answer for my question there. If anybody just tell me kindly.



RyuZebian said:

Man, the launch line-up sure could be a lot better... I DEMAND, on behalf of all of Europe, that we receive Steel Diver on launch day as well! >: O Reggie says it's awesome, so why do we not get it!?

... Also, it's awesome to hear that the analogue stick works for DS games! I'm looking forward to playing Golden Sun with it!



Kimiko said:

Orange and purple 3DSes were also shown when it was announced. I hope they show up in stores quickly. I really want a purple one instead of aqua.



maka said:

"DS games will fit the screen vertically, but will feature black bars on the right and left side of them in order to retain their original aspect ratio. This is similar to the way some widescreen movies are displayed on a 4:3 ratio television, only with the black bars on the sides instead of the top and bottom."

So they will do scaling to adapt the original 256x192 picture from the DS screen to the 320x240 picture from the 3DS. That's a sure formula for a crappy image... Don't throw away your DS/DSi consoles...



Chariblaze said:

"The 3DS will make use of standard SD cards and there is currently no announced limit as to what size SD card can be used with the system."

It wasn't completely confirmed, but on NOA's 3DS site:

"The Nintendo 3DS system has SDHC card compatibility to increase your storage space even further."

It didn't specifically mention SDXC, so it can be assumed that the limit is 32 GB. Also, I could've sworn someone specifically said 32 GB, but I can't find that right now.



Kevin said:

@21 Thanks! Now I know to spend that card on the 3DS' DSi shop instead of wasting half the card on my current DSi since I only have 100 points left.



lex0plex said:

What if there was actually no 3D and NL and EVERYONE else is paid to "say" and act that there is a 3D screen? I mean, we can't see the screen on videos. This could be the biggest scam EVER! I'm still getting one on launch day. Already pre ordered it so it better not be!!! Haha, just imagine if it was though...

I like the comparison to the 360 and ps3 in terms of graphics. Can't wait to see them!!!



komicturtle said:

My question:

Will my friends know that I'm playing a game like Pokemon White version and any other DS game.

I know for the 3DS games, unless they meant ANY game whether DS or 3DS.



DarkKirby said:

Good to know the jaggles very apparent in many 3DS screen shots are an after effect of turning off the 3D, rather then look like that even in 3D.



DarkKirby said:


Black and White shouldn't have any 3DS specific capabilities, although Nintendo has already been asked the question, and their response was "maybe".

To be honest I think it will be more likely you'll see Black/White 3DS features when Black/White is re-released for the 3DS, which the Pokemon developers said is "definitely NOT happening", which is a load of crap since why they heck would they announce the 3DS version when the DS version isn't even in stores for most countries yet. It would be financially gimping themselves.



Squiggle55 said:

@Kevin, go ahead and spend your nintendo points. If you haven't figured it out yet, the 3DS will work like the playstation network where you just put in your credit card and buy what you want. not nintendo points.

I'm excited about watching some 3D movies when they get that going. I'm still torn about pre-ordering one, I keep saying I'll wait until June, but maybe I'll go ahead and do it and just play with the camera and AR cards...

The conflicting reports about the Virtual-Console/E-Shop is certainly confusing me now, last thing I remember hearing was Nintendo America saying that the Virtual Console part at least would be available at launch. Waiting until May is certainly another reason to wait to buy the system.



NintyMan said:

Wow, this is a good article jam-packed information. I know many of it already, but it would be great to read for someone who hasn't been informed!



morphballer said:

"Yes, you will have the ability to launch games directly from the SD Card, unlike the DSi system that required you to copy them into the system's built-in storage before running them."

So what this means is that there's no built-in storage for the 3DS. All downloads and saves are kept on the SD Card and only the SD Card correct?



KrazyKain said:

I know for a fact Renegade Kid is also making a 3ds game, might want to put them on that list



Odnetnin said:

I just realized it will be harder to play DS games to to the new position of the D-Pad.



Corbs said:

It is a bit weird at first Odnetnin, but it should be something you get used to. And remember, you can also use the Circle Pad with all DS games in place of the D-Pad if you want.



Detective_TeeJay said:

What?!?! The Circle pad WILL be able to function with DS games?
I sent a letter to Nintendo asking about that and this was the reply.


Thanks for contacting us. I can confirm that the Nintendo 3DS will be compatible with all previous Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS games except those which required users to insert and accessory into the Game Boy™ Advance slot of the Nintendo DS or DS Lite system.

When played on the Nintendo 3DS, these older games will function exactly as they did on previous Nintendo DS systems. This means they will not appear in 3D or be compatible with any of the new features of the Nintendo 3DS, like the slide pad.

I hope this information is helpful. *

What's going on?



shinesprite said:

Will transferred DSiWare save files remain intact, or will we have to start these games over?
Can you transfer DSiWare games individually, or is it all or nothing?



Corbs said:

We've seen people playing the 3DS using the circle pad with the older Pokemon DS games and it worked just fine. I believe they meant that it wouldn't offer true analog control, instead offering only an 8 way replacement for the d-pad.



kurtasbestos said:

Just because you can use the circle pad in DS games doesn't mean they'll actually have analog controls. It seems safe to assume that the circle pad will really just equate to 8 standard directions, though it'll probably at least be nicer on the fingers than the standard D-pad.

edit: nevermind.... apparently the same thing I said was already said a long time ago while my browser window patiently waited for me to stop pretending to do work at my job.



BooJoh said:

It might be worth mentioning in the backward-compatibility paragraph that DS games will suffer from a slight blur due to upscaling, which can be good or bad depending on the player's opinion.



Detective_TeeJay said:

@ Boojah
I prefer to see the pixals, I don't like it when they're blurred out. It's weird, I know, but that's just what I like.



BooJoh said:

@ tristen
I agree, I've always been a big fan of pixel art, and frankly I think it looks terrible with blur, but I have seen people who think it looks better that way. I just wish we had the option to choose.



Corbs said:

I'll do some testing on the 3DS when it comes next week. I'll post some impressions of how DS games look with the blur and play using the circle pad.



RedYoshi999 said:

I still have a question that hasn't been answered! Does the 3DS support the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector to connect to the internet? It's possible it does and nobody talks about it. Also, yay for circle pad support on DS games



Colors said:

I've saved up for a year and started my own buisness. I will be buying:
a, 3DS, case, Rayman 3-d, steel diver, pilotwings resort, Legend of Zelda: OoT 3-D, Kid Icarus Uprising, and Ridge Racer or Asphalt 3-D.



Glade said:

@ Mario Party Fan 999 i agree with you there i got mine and it still works for my wii and my ds since i don't own a router. Hopefully we'll get more info on this as well



WaveBoy said:

I really wan't to see how 3D movies will look on the 3DS.
I mean I can't exactly see myself watching 3D movies on it, but I'd love to see how they look.



wowowzers said:

WHAT SHOULD I GET?????????!!!!!!!!!!! ill only have $40 when i buy.SO.....SHOULD I GET SSF4 3D OR PILOTWINGS RESORT!!!!!!!!!????????



Ecto-1 said:

Interesting article. One correction though- the 3DS is NOT fully backwards compatible with the DS library. It is compatible with most of the DS's library, but games that require the GBA slot, such as the Guitar Hero: On Tour games, are completely incompatible with the 3DS



FonistofCruxis said:

Since the question I e-mailed hasn't been answered yet, I'll ask it here: Will the 3ds be able to play imported DS games?



X-145 said:

@ wowowzers:
Well, that depends. Are you an ass-kickin', trash-talkin' game lover (SSFVI), OR relaxed, soft spoken game lover (pilotwings resort)?
I personally prefer SSFVI. I love fighting games.



sylkirian said:

Why transferring DSiWare from DSi to 3DS is limited anyway? What is the limit? I just want to transfer all my DSiWare then sell my DSi .



NassaDane said:

That stinks about the Black top screen thing. I never liked that on the DSs. Even though i had to have a Red DS i could never get the Black/Red ones. Because the screen part that was black was the most important part to be Red.



NintyMan said:

Wait, I didn't know I could use the 3DS analog stick on DS games! That would make Super Mario 64 DS a lot easier to control! Cool!



Corbs said:

Just remember NintyFan, you still won't get true analog control. Just a sliding 8-way joystick of sorts. It should still help a bit, but it would be nice if Nintendo released an updated version of the game that supported the analog pad.

@Ecto-1 - I thought that would be understood, but I guess I'll update it for those who don't realize that fact.



XyVoX said:

What happens to your games you have downloaded on DSi Ware, can you somehow get them onto your 3DS without paying again?



Corbs said:

Yes, you will be able to transfer the DSiWare games that you've purchased onto your 3DS.



brandonbwii said:

Is there a Facebook app? Even if it's just for uploading pictures a la dsi?

Yes, local play still works with old ds games. I believe pictochat is a no go. Nintendo has yet to be revealed new messaging features and Game Memo, where u can suspend progress in any game to take notes. Source: IGN



Ecto-1 said:

That was my thoughts exactly. I would have thought it would be common knowledge, but I still see people getting confused. Thanks for putting this together. It is great to have everything we know about the 3DS (and a few things we didn't) compiled in one location.

That would be awesome. While they're at it, why not add Pokemon Stadium to the Wii VC, complete with some sort of connectivity to the 3DS VC Pokemon games.



komicturtle said:


Oh, no you misunderstood. I'm not talking specifically about Pokemon White version- but ALL the DS games. Like, when I look on my friend's list, will I be able to see their game status/current game playing be a DS game? Like: BlackKirby is playing: Kirby Super Star Ultra (DS) or something like that?

I know you'll be able to see what they are playing or using regarding 3DS games and other software. It's not a huge deal, but I'm just curious to know that. Would suck if a friend is sending me a message and they can't tell if I'm playing a DS game- less it says I'm playing a "Nintendo DS game"- just that.

I was thinking about that... That would be really awesome. And maybe incorporate online connectivity for Pokemon Stadium with the friends on the Wii Address Book



BooJoh said:


If it's a regular DS game with no DSi features, it should play fine. If it has DSi features or requires a DSi, it will likely require a system from the same region as the game.



GamerZack87 said:

I have here a list of Aussie 3DS launch titles as confirmed by EB Games Australia:

Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle + New Friends
Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog + New Friends
Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever + New Friends
Super Street Fighter IV 3D
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Rayman 3D
Asphalt 3D
Super Monkey Ball 3D
Rabbids 3D
The Sims 3
Ridge Racer 3D
Dead or Alive: Dimensions
Samurai Warriors Chronicles
Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D


Hope this helps!



cnm_nintendo said:

@komicturtle92 I think that you will be able to see the game your friend's playing, even if it's a DS game. Considering the 3DS is backwards compatible with most DS games, it would mean that it will also be able to read the name of the DS game, just like on the DS and DSi. But I'm only speculating. I'm not entirely sure that's the case but it is a possibility.



Bassman_Q said:

I do like the fact that you can play games right from the SD Card and that you can use the circle pad to play DS games (similar to how you can use the PSP's analog nub to play PS1 games).

However, am I the only one who feels that Nintendo is just screwing over the DSi system? I know its been two years already, but couldn't they have had some sort of VC come out for it? And couldn't they have games able to play straight from the SD Card? What's with the delay, Nintendo?



James said:

@Mario Party Fan 1999 3DS uses the same 802.11 connection and WEP/WPA encryption as its predecessors, so it should work with the connection, however the fact that the machine isn't out yet means nobody has been able to verify this



ZukutoBen said:

You know they should use the play coins to pay for the Virtual Console and 3DS Ware games. It means the more you walk the fitter and wealthier in play coins you will get. They could sell the 3DS movies on the estore instead of on a game card.



fishman100 said:

Yeah, we have more games at launch than Japan! Woot!
Unfortunately, few of them look ideal to me.



Skeet102 said:

the gba games on 3ds would be a good idea because you couldn't play gba games on a ds since the dsi came out.



OldBoy said:

How would movies be delivered? Would they be sold on 3DS "carts" or downloaded via the interweb? Would a 3D film be a massive file or a reasonable size because of the lower resolution? Streaming????



James said:

@brandonbwii Nothing known at the moment.
@Luigi78 Nintendo is yet to announce concrete plans for movies but as 3D TV content is being delivered by SpotPass I'd expect download.



RedYoshi999 said:

@James Newton
I realize it's not out yet but since its just a simple feature that nobody uses much I didn't know whether it was confirmed or not. Will you know if it uses the USB Connector when it comes out in Japan? Please post if you find out



FonistofCruxis said:

@BooJoh Thanks, that helps as I'm planning on getting 999 and sands of destruction at some point in the future as well as some tales of games with fan translations.



lex0plex said:

I'm not sure if this was covered, but can you send (3D) pictures to each other over wifi? I didn't read anything about this in this article, but could have missed it.

Also, I wonder if the accelerometer will make it difficult to lay down and play...



James said:

@Mario Party Fan 999 Unless Corbie has a WiFi connector (which he may, I don't know) we'll probably be relying on someone else to do that. But sure, if we find out new information, it'll go in here, so keep checking.

@Lex0plex Remember not all games will use the accelerometer, so you should be able to lie down and play in total comfort for most titles



Corbs said:

My nieces have one of those Nintendo USB dongles, so I can likely try it out when my 3DS comes in on Monday. I'll post the information in the FAQ.



MeloMan said:

I really wish I knew exactly the limits of DSiWare transfers to 3DS. Believe it or not, the only reason this even interests me is because I want to bring over my myDiary, myNotebook Carbon, and myPostcards without having to repurchase them for 3DS... I've got way too many notes and saved things on those applications to copy everything over letter by letter.



komicturtle said:


I would hope so. There's still some things I'd like to know but I guess I'll have to wait 5 weeks until I get mine. Such as multi-tasking when using a regular DS game.



RedYoshi999 said:

Thanks so much Corbs and James! Being able to connect with my USB Connector is my only option and I would be very sad if I couldn't so I hope for the best!



Usagi-san said:

Wasn't there talk of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS being bundled or something? It's not even on any of the launch line-ups. When do we get to play this game on the 3DS?



Corbs said:

I'll be adding some more information to the FAQ tonight for anyone keeping tabs on it and I should be adding quite a hefty amount of stuff to it come next week when my 3DS arrives.




the circle pad works 4 ds games means i can play mario64 ds the way it was meant to be played



MultiGiggidy said:

Right everywhere says steel diver is not on the europe launch list, in hte latest official Nintendo magazine it says 25th of march. is this a mistake?



XyVoX said:

Exactly (what method) eg just swap over the SD card? will be used to get your existing DSiware games onto the 3DS?



Detective_TeeJay said:

This will make the first time Nintendo didn't change the adapter plugin size with the release of a new DS console.



daze0f_theweak said:


  • 3D
  • 3DS Shop
  • More powerful hardware


  • Does the 3DS stylus feel as cheap as it predecessors?
  • Have significant upgrades been made the web browser?
  • Will the 3DS get GBA titles & 3D movies?


  • Complainers of the "sweet spot"
  • The questionably acceptable battery life
  • The entire list of games available at launch

One thing is for certain. I'll be picking up my pre-ordered 3DS on day one.



Detective_TeeJay said:

@ bugaham

Oh, I get it. It's specified that American DS games will play on the Japanese 3DS, but you're asking if Japanese DS games will play on the American 3DS. Gotchya.



azimuth said:

I have a question. Will holding the 3DS like a book (like in games like rhythm heaven) affect the 3D effect?



1080ike said:

I can't remember if this was asked already, but do regular DS wireless connections/Wi-Fi connections work with the 3DS?



Detective_TeeJay said:

When will US Gamestops get 3DS's on display for us to try out? I don't remember seeing a definite answer on any of the threads.
I think new portables are generally mostly charged out of the box.



Azaris said:

About the ability to boot games from the sdcard does this include dsiware or is just 3dsware/3dsvc?



Corbs said:

@bugaham - Your questions is answered at the bottom of the FAQ. It clearly states that regular DS games will play on any region 3DS.

That means you can play regular DS games from any region on any region 3DS system.



Nickno said:

I have me a question. Since its now released, do you know how much internal memory storage is on it? I know it can be expanded up to 32 gb with an SD card, but what can it hold on its own?



Corbs said:

I haven't seen this information posted on any sites that have their 3DS systems yet, but at the very least I can tell you on Monday.



Nickno said:

ok, and one last one. What is the max # of icons that can be on the home menu at once?



Corbs said:

@tristenj1992 - I spoke to the manager at the Gamestop store in the city here and she said they were only told first part of March. So I'm assuming that could be any time from the 1st to the 15th.



GamerZack87 said:

@daze0f_theweak: With regards to the 3DS' telescopic stylus, I can tell you right now that it doesn't feel 'cheap' in the least, and is surprisingly good quality - it extends and collapses smoothly without any parts jutting-out, and gently snaps shut for easy storage..

As for finding the 'sweet spot', I didn't have much trouble locating it and I found it rather easy to remain in it. If you stray a small bit the 3D can still be seen in the centre, which is where your character is likely to be in most games.



Corbs said:

Nintendo has been fairly mum on anything in regards to the "3D Classics" that they mentioned early on back when 3DS was first announced. I'm sure it's something that will be talked about more as we get closer to the release of the eShop in May.



GamerZack87 said:

At least one game's been confirmed as a 3D Classic, and it's one most Wii owners have been demanding - Yoshi's Island! I still hope that the original is released on the Wii though.



4estGump said:

Man, this weekend is taking too long! I keep checking to see if anything is new! Can't wait for your reviews!!



BudDudandSlash said:

Any chance we'll see videos or images of the 3DS sound channel when Nintendo Life gets their unit? DSi Sound is the most used thing on my DSi, and I'm dying to know what changes have been made/what the visualizers look like.



Corbs said:

Certainly BudDudandSlash. I'll snap some pics of it as soon as I can tomorrow.



BudDudandSlash said:

Excellent, thanks. My DSi is my only music playing device so I use it daily for that. It's a pretty important feature to me that no one else seems to be paying attention to since it's drowned out by all the other new 3DS additions.



warioswoods said:

You should update the answer about resolution when playing original DS games. It turns out that you can hold start+select during boot and it will not upscale the graphics, leaving black bars but the original resolution.




Satans_Therapist said:

Corbie: could you tell me if the 3ds has a nice clicky d pad
like on the dsi consoles or is it soft and spongy like on the
ds lite console




Corbs said:

@ Jirachi - We won't know for sure until we transfer some DSiWare to the 3DS, but it would seem likely that if you can boot 3DSware from the SD card directly, you should be able to DSiWare.

And much like BudDudandSlash, I too was spending far more time playing with the Circle Pad than the D-Pad at E3.

Also an update: My 3DS system arrived today but had a non-working top screen. They're sending me a replacement unit overnight so I will have it on Wednesday. I'll update the FAQ with a lot of new information that night. Check back then. Also, if you have any more questions, please feel free to post them here.



shinesprite said:

Wow! Really sorry to hear that "Corbs". Anyway, I wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem so far. Google did not come up with anything relevant.



Zach said:

@bugaham I tried about a week ago with no luck, and they didn't know whether they'd be getting one at all, either.



Detective_TeeJay said:


When I traded away my Wii 2 days ago there wasn't one. I'll check again in 1 or 2 days when I come back to trade away my games, but I doubt there'll be any.



Nickno said:

Ok, 1. can someone answer #121, and
2. Can you change the resolution of VC games like you can with DS games? Cuz all the pics I've seen of the VC are fullscreen. I know the eShop isnt out yet, but there's a chance it was said somewhere.



Corbs said:

No information about playing the VC eShop games has been released other than showing them stretched to fit the 3DS screen vertically. As for the maximum number of icons on the home menu, I haven't seen a definitive number talked about yet, but I'll check the 3DS in the morning and see how many slots it has.



Mach-X said:

Hehehe some of you guys are so excited you didn't completely read the FAQ. Regarding the upscaling of DS games, you can either play them upscaled or "You can also launch DS games in their original resolution by holding Start + Select when loading the game, which will replicate them exactly as they are on DS/DS Lite screens with a sizeable black surround."



Detective_TeeJay said:

@ reshiram

Yes. For the first time, Nintendo's not going to change the adapter with the release of a new handheld system. It's about time too, I was starting to get sick of having, like, 3 different chargers.



WolfRamHeart said:

This is probably the best 3DS article that I have seen anywhere on the internet. It is very informative. Great job Nintendo Life! Keep that 3DS information coming!



Corbs said:

You tell me soccer686. Most of the traffic to this FAQ doesn't actually come from members of this site. It comes from the search engines, so many of them don't already know most of this information.



pixelman said:

"The D-Pad and buttons on the 3DS are actually a little bit clickier than those found on the DSi system. They're both the exact same size, but they slightly tighter feel is actually quite nice to use."

Awesome. Are they anywhere near as nice as the GBA SP? Because those had the best buttons ever... after like, 7 years mine is still holding up. Just has one broken shoulder button. Speaking of shoulder buttons, are they nice and firm?



Corbs said:

They're even clickier than those found on the GBA SP, and I actually like the feel a little better on the 3DS.

Shoulder buttons on both the DSi and 3DS are exactly the same tension and feel-wise.



warioswoods said:

Does 2D IMAGE OF NINTENDO 3DS GAME pop up and stay on the screen when you turn the slider all the way down?

'cause it should, all ye of lazy eyes. Come back and play later if you can't handle the 3D anymore. ; )

(I collected stereograms--Magic Eye, etc--as a kid, so stereo-focusing is second nature. I still often map floor tiles and wall patterns on top of themselves through intentional eye divergence / convergence. I also learned to make working stereograms pixel-by-pixel in MS Paint, no joke.)



LunarJade said:

I have a question that I wonder if anyone knows the answer to. Although if Nintendo hasn't said so anywhere then I suppose it's something that can't really be checked until the NA or EU releases.

The 3DS is region locked. But if someone with a NA region 3DS were to walk past someone with a EU or Japan region 3DS, would the streetpass function still work between them?



bboy2970 said:

only 60 spots available on the menu!? Its not even 60, its actually 48! I have over 100 DSiWare downloads! I certainly hope it expands when it reaches capacity because if not, then this really sucks.....



daznsaz said:

theyve got one at gamestation been playing it today proper smart glad i preordered not long now



Detective_TeeJay said:

This is a fantastic article. I can't even think of a question anymore; all the questions I had were answered here.



Nickno said:

Ok, here's another. Does regular ds download play work? like for demos and single game card multiplayer? And can u play a multiplayer ds game with both a DS and 3DS?



4estGump said:

I know you've been busy playing with the 3DS (I'm jealous!), but it looks like the only thing that needs to be updated is the addition of GameGear and TurboExpress to the Virtual Console section.



Corbs said:

@ Nickno - I just put in Ivy the Kiwi into my JP 3DS system and used my US DSi to download the level and play multiplayer. Worked perfectly across both regions and different systems. So yes and yes.

And I'll add that info to the FAQ 4estGump. Thanks.



4estGump said:

Corbie, I may have been following this site for a while and just recently joined the forum, but you, James and the rest of the crew do an excellent job! Just wanted to give my kudos!



Corbs said:

We very much appreciate the kind words and we're glad you decided to become a member of the site.

For those asking about the 3DS Sound program, it's basically the same thing found on the DSi. Same trumpet, parrot, electric fan effects and the same type of editing screen where you move around the square to change the pitch and tempo.



Nickno said:

Got another. Can 3DS games be patched? Or are they stuck the way they are when you buy it forever? Cuz I think patching is something Nintendo should have had for a while.



Corbs said:

Well considering the 3DS just went through a system software update, I'm sure it's possible, but Nintendo doesn't like to patch games. So who knows.



StarDust4Ever said:

I have noticed a pattern. Game boy and Game Boy Color games played with black boarders on the Game Boy Advance. Game boy Advance games played with black boarders on the DS Phat and DS Lite. DS Games are [optionally] playable with black boarders on the 3DS. I personally plan on buying a DSi XL (I have big hands) and using it exclusively for DS/DSi games.

So if you windowboxed the VC games, esp the game boy, at their original resolutions, the screens would be triple window-boxed, making them unbearably tiny. I imagine a monochrome Game Boy would probably appear about as big as a postage stamp.

You don't have this problem with old TV systems. The NES, Super NES, and Genesis were each 240p. Upscaling to 480p (2:1) is a whole number ratio with zero artifacts.

If they release the Game Boy Advance on VC, then it will render at a 2:3 upscale ratio, which is a nice simple ratio that would probably render nicely at 360x240, similar to how 480p upscales fine to 720p.

I would also like to someday see Atari Lynx games released on the service.



Corbs said:

That is true that games with very low resolutions, like original Game Boy games for instance, would be extremely tiny if you tried to play them in their native resolution on the 3DS screen. Of course we do know that the GB/GBC games are stretched out in the videos we've seen of the eShop games Super Mario Land and Link's Awakening playing, so I'm not sure if Nintendo would put in an option of gamers playing them in their original resolution given how small in size they'd be for some systems. But again, it's something we'll just have to wait and see on.



bboy2970 said:

I know it says the sound program is basically the same but did they at least add in functionality to let the shoulder buttons change songs when the system is closed?? I have a strong feeling that the answer is no but it would be sweet if they did do that!



elcomegatodavid said:

The 3DS will have a 3D video player in the future for commercial movies. But the system has its own video player with support for example for avi files or MP4, like the PSP? or is just like the DSi, which has none? the video player is one of the reasons I bring the PSP with me everyday (I am not playing much its games).

Sorry for my english



Corbs said:

I think satisfied would be an understatement. The 3DS is one of the most amazing pieces of video gaming hardware I've ever had the pleasure of playing (and I've played them all). It brings so many new ideas to the table and even writing this first 3DS review, I'm finding myself very excited about all of the new things there are to talk about in them.



Corbs said:

The sound quality is the same, but the volume is lower. Unless you have headphones that amplify the sound itself, I'm not sure it's going to make a lot of difference, but you never know.



Corbs said:

Given the lack of information on them, its unlikely that the 3D movies will be made available for 3DS on launch day. And we have absolutely no idea what these movies will cost.



elcomegatodavid said:

The 3DS will have a 3D video player in the future for commercial movies. But the system has its own video player with support for example for avi files or MP4, like the PSP? or is just like the DSi, which has none? the video player is one of the reasons I bring the PSP with me everyday (I am not playing much its games).

Sorry for my english



Robo-goose said:

Two questions: how many brightness levels are there, and is the sound quality really "the same as the DSi"(games, not DSi sound) like you said, and not any better?
Please don't feel like you have to, but I would appreciate it if you found time to answer these questions.



shinesprite said:

At the beginning of this vid, it shows a "compatability" button. Does this mean we won't have to use iTunes anymore?



ZueriHB said:

Just tried to test multiplayer between a EU and JAP 3DS.

We used an EU copy of Super Street Fighter IV and tried download play, didn't show up on the Japanese 3DS to download. So no wireless single card play over different region 3DS system for 3DS titles? #evil

Yes, I tried, and no, EU 3DS games don't work on Japanese System (test-case: Super Street Fighter IV & Nintendogs + Cats)



JoeDiddley said:

Do the 3DS games e.g. Street Fighter IV have their own internet settings or controlled centrally by the 3DS?
I hope it's controlled centrally, I can't play my DS games online with my DSi because my internet is connected through advanced settings as I have WEP not WAP security. My wii doesn't have this problem. It would be rubbish if this could potentially happen again.



Weskerb said:

Some UK online retail stores are listing Dead or Alive: Dimensions as a launch title in Europe. Is this true? It's not on your above list of launch titles.

(I hope so)



X-145 said:

Are there any hicups during online play? I hate the online play with my DSi. It lags too much!



tripunktoj said:

@Corbie can you transfer existing Nintendo Wi-Fi Configuration from DS systems to 3DS? (keeping records, friend codes and information for playing online DS games through 3DS) Has 3DS its very own video player for avi, mov or MP4 files previously saved on the SD, like the PSP? Editors @NL please don't feel obligued, but I would appreciate it if you could reply at least a "dunno"



Corbs said:

I haven't seen any transfer that allows you to transfer over your wi-fi configuration from your DS system to the 3DS. And there is no movie player on the SD card.

You cannot currently send messages to other 3DS users, but that could possibly be added via software at a later date. That's up to Nintendo.

Online play in SSF4 3D was smooth and lag free every single time I played it.



tripunktoj said:

Thank you Corbie. I remember that option is selected from the DS system sending the configuration on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Configuration Menu (within WFC enabled games) for originalDS/DSlite and from System Settings/Internet/Options/Transfer... for DSi models, while the system recieving the Nintendo Wi-Fi Configuration (any system works the same recieving) had to look for it via DS Download Play. You already posted that 3DS supports DS Download Play and is compatible with any available systems and games, but knowing the 3DS is a completely new handheld (not just an updated DS) I am affraid that even if the transfer application can be detected and downloaded... Is there chance that 3DS could be unable to succesfully finish the process??? Knowing you are working on more articles and that the system cant be set to English I am sure it has been hard to answer this FAQ as accurately as you have done, Congratulations for your awesome work NL!



Detective_TeeJay said:

Question: Some DS games like Scibblenauts & Super Scribblenauts have some lag when a lot of things are on the screen at once. Will the 3DS 's higher processing power fix that, or is that a problem with the game itself?



James said:

@billy-beauts Definitely not a launch title from any retailers I've seen and Tecmo Koei has said little about the game since Amsterdam. I reckon it's a few months off at least.



mario300 said:

newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww stuff in the 3ds like movies.i bet the movies like fast and the furious diary of wipy kid and trans former dark of the moon will come out for 3ds will come



Ren said:

Ok, I really hate to be the one to bring this up and I don't mean it to be in bad taste, but I can't help wondering...; Are the recent sad events in Japan; earthquake and pretty massive loss of power; going to affect the supply chain enough to hamper production at launch? Maybe they've been pre-stocking long enough but the auto industry and many memory and chip manufacturers are bracing for a big slowdown due to power loss. After pre-sales are done, it could be a long wait, and prices will soar if it's received well here too.

I'm just saying; if you want one anytime soon and pre-orders are left, you better do it, people. otherwise send your extra bucks to relief efforts and wait for Christmas. Japan has bigger fish to fry right now.



shinesprite said:

Actually, I remember hearing an article in which Nintendo stated that they had enough 3ds units stockpiled to meet their target launch. Also, more recent (last decade) Nintendo consoles are manufactured in China, not Japan.



Ren said:

@Shinesprite. Good point, though there may be a few components that come from home, and possibly some final packaging elements, which could still slow down if there are regular blackout periods. After initial launch period it just seems like things could slow the way they did at the Wii launch, when they claimed the same "readiness".
Hmm, I wonder how much really is made of each one in Japan/ China/ indonesia.
See todays' NYT headline



Ren said:

ok, I found Nintendo's official statement on the matter here
though it looks like a statement from NOA and it's pretty formal.
might actually be worth adding this to the FAQ. that N says there won't be any delays due to recent events at least for now. There are probably others wondering this and it's an odd thing to ask.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Ren: It's not an odd thing to ask. I was wondering the same. I wasn't sure exactly where Nintendo's headquarters were or if it was effected. Just pray for all the families destroyed by this event, a speedy recovery and rebuilding, and that the Nuclear containment efforts will be successful.



James said:

@brandonbwii Not sure yet, Corbie and I will try this with SSFIV next week. We'll update you then!

All users asking about PictoChat — it does not appear to be in the 3DS at this stage, at least not that I've found.



pkee said:

Pictochat isn't on the 3ds - they done away with it for some kind of "online messaging" service.
It gives you the same "doodling" message capabilities, except you can use it with the people on your friend list regardless of there location as long as they have wi-fi.
So, it is actually an improved pictochat



brandonbwii said:

Actually it's been confirmed that there is no sort of messaging system for 3ds. At least not until May or later. The closest thing you get, I believe, is Game Memo, which simply allows you to doodle or jot down notes while a game is suspended.



StarDust4Ever said:

Game memo sounds like it can be a useful feature. Suppose I'm playing some kind of RPG game and a NPC gives me some long and lenthy sequence in order to solve a puzzle, then I have to backtrack through half the level, killing a bunch of annoying enemies that have respawned for the umpteenth time, to get where the main puzzle area is, only to realize I've forgotten the sequence (One of several reasons I always buy strategy guides, if available, so I'm not constantly playing the game with a computer sitting in my lap). It's really annoying when you have to find sticky notes or scrap paper and a pen or pencil, just to write down some crap you'll need to remember ten minutes later so you can pass some ignorant puzzle or unlock some random item in a game. Ditto for recording password systems from old cartridge games back in the days before save data existed.



pkee said:

Sorry didn't check my facts... but it will probably happen eventually. And although I don't intend to use it too often, same as pictochat.

If its anything like the ds zeldas or Hotel Dusk etc. bottom screen note writing, then it would be a great feature



StarDust4Ever said:

@pkee: Heck, I've even witnessed it in Mario games. It happened twice in Super Paper Mario.

The first time is in the World 2 area at the power generator dungeon. Most annoying level of the game by far. You run around inside a big hamster wheel for like 30 minutes to earn 10000 credits, then pay them to a NPC, who tells you the code for a bank vault which has a million in it. Royal pain. I placed something heavy on top of the D-pah so I didn't have to hold it, and after five minutes of watching the wheel spin around, and I only earned a little over a thousand, I said "screw this" and got the vault code from the strategy guide. The other time was a more typical RPG scenario in some stage in world 5 the jungle level, where you had to hit three objects (I forget what they were) in sequence with a hammer. There were two of these instances; the first sequence was only three whacks, easy enough to guess just by random whacking. The second area was almost at the end of the level. The whack sequence was 20 or so whacks in length, which is impossible to guess and ridiculously long. After randomly beating about for a bit, an NPC informs you of someone in the village who knows the correct sequence. Only problem is the village is located at the start of the level, so you have to backtrack three quarters of the entire stage to get there, killing all the same respawned enemies you killed before, going both ways. Another moment where I said "screw it" and just looked it up in the guide.

And usually, Nintendo is not nearly as obnoxious with their game design as other developers, but that power generator dungeon level in SPM World 2 was one huge exception. I've got better things to do then hold D-pad right or left for 30+ minutes. The entire rest of the game is absolutely brilliant, though.

But yeah, without a strategy guide or internet access, taking notes would be the only way to remember all of it in many circumstances. It's a big plus the 3DS lets you do that.



James said:

Yeah, there's no communication with people on your friends list: you can see the person's username, favourite game, game they're currently playing and a short status message. There's no way to invite them to games, send them messages or anything like that at this stage.



belmont said:

How much will the 3DS cost?
■Europe - Retailers will set the cost (About £229.99)

This is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. Retailers here in Greece set the price at 269 (!) euros much higher than the USA price. Nintendo should have set the price at about 230-230 euros.
In comparison GBA SP, NDS and NDS Lite launched at 150 euros.



JoeDiddley said:

Is it possible to transfer you Mii's to your 3DS via SD card from your Wii at launch? (It's a bit pointless if this is added later as I would rather recreate them all than have to wait.)



James said:

@Joe Not via SD card, but you can transfer them using a special button code. However I've tried this twice and both times it's not worked, so it seems there'll need to be a Wii update before this feature works.



shinesprite said:

Any word on the sound application's "compatibility" button (mentioned twice above), or what the IR port does at this time?



tripunktoj said:

@Corbie , @James Given the different number and position of the cameras, do games like system flaw work and control as fine on 3DS as it was on DSi ??? (Looksley's Lineup could suffer more) Also, I wasnt completely lost suggesting game servers down due to the Japan earthquake, just take a look at , hope this doesnt affect other games or featrures (eShop). Please tell me if/when you are trying out the WFC transfer I explained @211



Shadow_Chad6982 said:


Really i found one that has worked for me (dont remember the code) but i have a pointless button my mii channel untill i find a game that works for it.



shinesprite said:

So I guess I'll just have to try out my aforementioned points on a demo unit somewhere.

@NL_staff If you do not intend to update this article further, could you please remove the message at the end of the article? Thanks.



James said:

@shinesprite No idea about the IR port. Compatibility mode is a StreetPass function so has been hard to try out, but from what I gather the idea is it allows you to measure your compatibility with other players as you pass by them.

As Des said, if you email the questions to us, we can respond more quickly.

@7.Alejandro_Talavera At the moment you can't play DSiWare on 3DS so we can't say how those games work I'm afraid. Sorry!



shinesprite said:

Alright, thanks for the info (I didn't think of emailing you guys).

My apologies for being so demanding. You've done a terrific job with this FAQ.



tripunktoj said:

@James What about retail DSi camera games? (Foto Showdown, retail System Flaw)

Any chance of posting how QR codes work and/or a list with Nintendo official Miis' QRs?



James said:

@7.Alejandro_Talavera No idea, I haven't got any such games to hand and neither does Corbie, AFAIK. We'll try to find out in the next few days.

As for how QR codes work, that's better left to the experts. I doubt we'll do a list with Nintendo Mii QR Codes, but we may do one of our staff

@Funky Gamer They're not terrible but they're not incredible. The examples here should give you an idea of their 2D nature.

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