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Tue 12th Feb 2008

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Satans_Therapist commented on Review: WarioWare Twisted! (GBA):

@AshFoxX: I used to play it on my DS Lite without
an issues. Wouldn't it still be upside down on an SP
model as cartridge slot is at the bottom of the unit?

Anyway it's well worth importing. I got my from a third
party seller on the amazon uk market place.



Satans_Therapist commented on Review: WarioWare Twisted! (GBA):

I still have a boxed (mint) copy of this that I imported
years ago. Only thing is I traded my DS Lite so lost the
ability to GBA games.

I could pick a SP GBA model up but I've never found
one in good enough condition, I should never have
sold my beautiful metallic blue model all those years



Satans_Therapist commented on Nintendo UK Launches Repair Website:

@3d brains

I have the screen scratching issue too. Those rubber
feet on the top screen just didn't stick out enough
to prevent the ridge out the bottom screen scratching
the top screen.

Due this I called Nintendo on the above no. and they
said they were aware of this issue and to send my 3DS
back so they could look at it.

Nintendo kept me up to date with regular emails and
now I repaired 3DS is on its way back to me, hopefully
with larger rubber feet on the top screen.

It annoys me when people say this issue it a myth
because it definately is not. I've looked at many
pre owned 3DS consoles and some of them had
2 parallel lined scratches on the top screen whilst
some other 3DS consoles had bigger/taller rubber
feet on the top screen with prevents this issue.

It's obviously a manufacting issue with the 3DS and
not myth. People without this problem just struck lucky.

Regarding my repair: it was free since I'm within my
one year warranty. Nintendo even sent out a shipping
label so I didn't have to pay postage



Satans_Therapist commented on Review: BIT.TRIP SAGA (3DS):

I don't understand why saga doesn't feature
a difficultly level that you can change when
complete does.

I really want bit trip saga for portability but I've
always found each game too hard.

I can't really justify buying bit trip complete as
I've already brought them individually on

I can also see bit trip saga disappearing at
retail like cave story 3d did only to re-appear
online at over inflated prices.



Satans_Therapist commented on Cave Story DSiWare Headed to European Lotcheck...:

Its 2012 in less than 3 weeks and still no cave story.

Is it still coming out in the U.K.? Don't know how much
longer I can wait. I know I can buy cave story 3d but A)
it's more expensive and B) if I can download it it's one
less game I need to carry with me.

Please someone tell me its still heading for the dsi store/3ds eshop
In the U.K.



Satans_Therapist commented on Review: World of Goo (WiiWare):

This is going to bomb at retail. Odd looking quirky games are much harder to market that other games that fit easily into a specicif genre group and gaming history tells us that its the more weird esoteric titles that get ignored in favour of easier to market franchises. This would be a perfect download at £10.50 but £20 plus for retail and I'll be passing on this until it turns up cheaper and then it will more than likely be pre-owned and the developers who have worked hard on this fantastic game on this will not recieve any money. It should be kept as ware wii. The publisher has really missed an opportunity here.



Satans_Therapist commented on Virtual Console Games to be Playable Directly ...:

The report on ign says Mr Iwata said "you can directly download games to sd card" and not actually play them straight off an sd card and if this is true is changes nothing as you still have to keep swapping games around. Thought it was too good to be true.



Satans_Therapist commented on Space Invaders Get Even - Stage Pack Details:

If the game is being released in sections because of file size issues are you then meant to play stage 1 then delete it? then play stage 2 and then delete it? This method might work for strong bad but for a shooter this is completely unsuitable. If it takes approximately 250 blocks per pack the whole game could take up to a 1000 blocks. I dont see how this can be released before there is a storage solution and then what about the people who feel they dont need or want extra storage.



Satans_Therapist commented on Space Invaders Get Even - Stage Pack Details:

Buying one level might not enable you to make a judgement on the game. They should just be up front and say the game is either 1500 or 2000 points but they dont want to do that because it makes the game look expensive, which it is. I only have one wiiware game at the moment and at this rate I wont be getting a 2nd as the prices continue to creep up. They can take this game and shove it where the sun dont shine



Satans_Therapist commented on Strong Bad's Homestar Ruiner Gets Release Date!:

You can wait for retail games to come down in price and sell them on. 1000 points costs me £7 directly from the wii shop. Thats £35 for all the episodes with no chance for it to come down in price and not being able to sell it ever. At this price im out.



Satans_Therapist commented on Review: Wild West Guns (WiiWare):

Same as ChocoDK for me. 800 points would seal the deal. I know there will be some people who think its only 200 points more (£1.40 if brought directly from the wii shop) and that I may be a cheapskate but at least for retail games if you remain uncertain or not convinced you can wait til the prices drops, not so with vc and wii games unless nintendo do a vc and wiiware sale which is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY.



Satans_Therapist commented on Top 10 Racing Games We Want To Come To The Vir...:

I had excitebike 64 (after waiting close to a year for it to come to the uk) and loved this game. There was so much to do in it. Sold it years ago though so would download it instanly if or when it gets released on the vc. Same applies for outrun and snes mariokart. I would like to know however if there is any issues with some snes games coming out on the vc for example games that used mode 7 or the super fx chip. (we still dont have starwing and I would love that game.



Satans_Therapist commented on Eternity’s Child To Feature 4 Player Co-Op Mode:

hope this gets released before too long. for 500 points I'm going to take a chance on this game. I just wish that other wiiware developers would consider a lower point cost because without having game demos I will be alot less likely to take a chance on them.



Satans_Therapist commented on Nintendo Working On USB Devices – HDD Possible?:

I really need a storage solution and would pay for one for sure. 4-8 gig would work well enough and although i expect it to a propriety based and expensive i think it would be worth it as most of my vc and wiiware titles go unplayed because i have to either download them again or move them back and forth to my sd card. Like some else has said though you will need to be able to play them from the storage system itself or it is not improvement over just buying a sd card (which i already have)



Satans_Therapist commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

RE: link 79. I wont be able to play super smash bros brawl when it comes out as i only have 5-10 blocks left for save files and SSBB takes up over 120 blocks. It wouldnt make enough of a difference if i transfered all my game saves over to my sd card as most of my saves are around 1-2 blocks. Eledess takes up over 120 for its save file and that file cannot be copied to an sd card. It is far to much trouble moving all my corrosponding save files around and trying to keep track of them as well as moving around vc and wiiware games.

Now the only way i can make enough room for the SSBB save file is to delete the internet and nintendo channel save files which then means i cannot use the new nintendo channel as you have to have a save file for it.

I would also like to add the wii fit and mariokart channels but cant as i will have to move loads of games to my sd card and not everyone wants to keep doing this. The virtual console for me meant being able to pick up and play my favourite retro titles with ease and convinience.

If some people are happy moving stuff around or deleting it then fine, let them do that but give other people who are sick of doing this an option.

I know nintendo are not exactly desperate for my money these days but the point is they could have even more of my money if they sorted this out.

Now that its effecting my games saves shows what a ridiculous situation this is. I now cant use the features that nintendo have included in their own games and i have to choose between the nintendo channel (and its very large required save file) or SSBB and thats a choice i shouldnt have to make just because nintendo didnt put the time and thought into the storage system



Satans_Therapist commented on WiiWare Publishers Lament Release Date Shambles:

The memory is a big issue for me but not only for games and channels but also for game saves. I only have about 20 blocks left so unless i delete the nintendo channel ( i have already deleted the internet save file) i wont have enough room for the super smash bros brawl save file ( which is over 120 blocks) also eledees takes up more than 120 blocks and that save file cannot be copied to an sd card ( i have tried). Moving games back and foward via sd or download is enough hassle without having to move around the corrosponding save file.
I wouldnt make enough of a difference if i even moved say all of my vc (and other games saves as most are only 1-2 blocks so I still wouldnt have enough room for the SSBB save file.

Nintendo need to fix the memory issue for channels and games saves or i simply wont be able to buy and play the games they want me to buy



Satans_Therapist commented on Axelay:

I am really tempted to do what Django did to get hold of axelay however when I change the region setting of my wii to Australia it says it will delete the link between my wii shop account and my nintendo account (which I have linked up to change star points for wii points)
Is it possible to re-link them back together again?



Satans_Therapist commented on Star Parodier:

Cant decide if to get this or star soldier R on wiiware. I do have blazing lasers and soldier blade and prefer soldier blade.



Satans_Therapist commented on Axelay:

Has anyone else tried what Django has done. Can you do this in the u.k. ? could further updates stop the game working in the future?



Satans_Therapist commented on Star Parodier:

Looks great. will get this as I already have blazing lasers and soldier blade, (also have the portable parodius game for psp.) would like to see the nemesis games released for the vc asthey are meant to be easier than the gradius games



Satans_Therapist commented on Nintendo Wii hard drive coming soon?:

I hope that something comes out of these comments. With only a handfull of blocks I will not be downloading wii ware stuff as i am sick and tired of copying and deleting games around (even though i have a very fast sd card. At the moment this kills off the spontaneity of playing anthing i like.



Satans_Therapist commented on Axelay:

what a great game. does anybody have any idea or know any rumour as to when we get this in the uk, really sick of waiting



Satans_Therapist commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

I decided to try out the sandisk extreme III 2 gig sd card after reading about it being really fast,(read and write speed of 20mb a sec) it copies nes games in around 15 seconds, snes, megadrive and turbografx games in 30-40 seconds and neo geo and n64 games in around a minute inc sin and punishment which is a really big game. Its still not the perfect solution but hopefully if enough people kick up a fuss things may change. new to the forum so hello to everyone