Rayman 3D

Rayman 3D (3DS)


Ubisoft Casablanca


Game Rating

User Ratings: 52

Our Review: 7/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Adventure, Platformer
Release Date


  • 27th Mar 2011
  • 25th Mar 2011

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Rayman 3D Screenshot
Rayman 3D Screenshot
Rayman 3D Screenshot
Rayman 3D Screenshot


  • Review Rayman 3D (3DS)

    Rayman goes 3D

    When Rayman 2 first saw the light of day on the Nintendo 64 console, it pretty much came out of nowhere and surprised many gamers with its amazing transition into the realm of 3D gaming. After seeing a host of releases on various consoles of the time period, the game was finally released on Sega's struggling Dreamcast system to...

About The Game

Rayman 3D is an adaptation of Rayman 2 on Dreamcast, the best-selling Rayman game to date!

Rediscover the incredible adventures of Rayman in beautiful 3D world full of surprises, puzzles and magical creatures. Defeat Rayman’s enemies and travel through dangerous environments to complete your adventure!

Key Features

 Experience Rayman 2 in vivid 3D graphics
The best game of the Rayman trilogy, Rayman 2, has been remade especially for the Nintendo 3DS and takes advantage of the incredible 3D graphic capabilities.

 Significant improvements on gameplay
The new Circle Pad enables the player to make more precise movements and navigate their environment. There is also an improved learning curve, and more immersive cameras.

 Varied and exciting environments
Progress in 45 areas set across 13 regions of Rayman's world. Uncover the whole universe in 3D during around 15 hours of fun.

 Unique Rayman moves
Run, climb, jump, swim, fly, loop-the-loop and even water-ski to navigate Rayman’s world! Even Rayman’s famous ability to fly using his hair has been remastered!

 Rediscover the richness of Rayman’s cast
Face Admiral Razorbeard, the Henchman and every other creature who will stand in your way! Luckily, Rayman can count on his friends’ support! The Globox, Ly, and Polokus are all ready to help.