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Thu 1st Apr 2010

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OldVikingSchool commented on Sonic Colours Sells 1.85 Million Copies Worldwide:

I disagree with all critics on Sonic Colors, because it focusing the same formula like 1.2 and 3&knuckles.

Short story, it explains why Robotnik(sorry EGGMAN(wtf SEGA?)) is back on track and what is his plan. Just like the old genesis games.

Easy enemies, easy bosses(Until you hit the last one) like the old Sonic franchise. All they are supposed to do is to prevent Sonic from gaining best time/score.
Difficult platforming(Or what IGN and GameTrailer calls it "Difficulty spikes") and memorization is the key to success in this game. Finding the best route and tricks to avoid enemies rewarding the player. Just like Sonic 1, 2, 3&K.

I give Sonic Colors A+.



OldVikingSchool commented on Review: FIFA 11 (Wii):

I cannot understand game developers for the Wii. The Wii capable of really polished graphics but still they're making games with the early PS2/Dreamcast visuals.



OldVikingSchool commented on Review: Luigi's Mansion (GameCube):

When this game released I rated this one 2/10. Playing this today I would give this 7/10. Once you've learn the basics (and also understand English) this game is really fun to play.



OldVikingSchool commented on Review: Sonic 3D Blast (Virtual Console / Sega...:

This game is not a blacksheep. Honesty it beats most new Sonic titles.
The music is awesome, some of the best sonic tunes in this cart.
Really cool boss fights, with a classic pattern you must know before killing.
The bonusstages is the best Sonic bonusstages ever made.
Downside is the levelsize, they could enlarge it a little.
Less puzzles, it's a sonic game goddamnit...
And the worst part. The damn birds....
They had a great idea for this game but added too much features.