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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ZueriHB commented on Train Simulating Shenanigans Live On With the ...:

I loved Train Sims back in the day, but now I miss the physical feedback of acceleration and wheel slip.
But nevertheless, tried the demo the other day. It would help greatly If I understood the ingame prompts and the Japanese regulations.

Yes, currently waiting for a red signal to change to green so I can proceed.



ZueriHB commented on Wii U And 3DS Developers Share Their Thoughts ...:

Local retailers wouldn't loose revenue because Nintendo would disable region locking. Because some gamers buy at the currently most convenient place they're at (physically), some always buy at the same location anyway (be it on or offline), and some only buy at the cheapest option. And of the latter, some go the additional lengh of importing because of price, even in Europe.

The real and only reason Nintendo still has or introduced region locking is to maximize profits.



ZueriHB commented on Talking Point: It's Time for Nintendo to Drop ...:

I'm opposed to region locking. There are many interesting Games out there which never made it to Europe and never will.
I would even pay extra to officially download those titles from eShop without localization. As Nintendo did with some Hanabi Virtual Console tiitles and sony with some PS Classics.



ZueriHB commented on Dr. Mario and Toki Tori Join the 3DS VC This Year:

Why the GB Verison? Why is the DSi version unusable?

Because of no Multiplayer-Support in VC- and DSi version! As a Huge Dr. Mario fan I must say: no buy for VC-Version. the GB Version is as worse as the DSi version. And even worse without multuplayer.



ZueriHB commented on 3D Classics Urban Champion Coming to Brawl on ...:

I think some other 1st gen Famicom titles like Balloon Fight or Mach Rider (which would be awesome!)

I hope they eventually release 3D classics of some Famicom / NES 3D titles like Rad Racer, 3D Hot Rally or Falsion.



ZueriHB commented on European 3DS eShop Gets 3D Trailers Tomorrow:

Great, what has been available since launch in Japan and the USA, finally arrives in Europe, in two installments.

Should we really be that grateful for unreasonable delays and finally doing something?



ZueriHB commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

Different region, different tastes, maybe. But not less buyers, and certainly not less buying power than US-Citizen.

Please, NoE, give some thought and do some world wide simultaneous releases, like PSN and XBLA do.

Some consumers will think: Where is that quality contend I saw trailers online? I know of lots of people with DSi or Wii, which checked the shop once at release, and didn't know there would be weekly releases, and just stopped caring. Also after what they heard is online in the US and Japan, people get disappointed.

And please, if you must delay some releases for several months or longer, give us quality content. Even IF you want to push 3rd party sales. Most people wan't Nintendo owned IPs. Give it to us. NoE, change your ways, please.



ZueriHB commented on Talking Point: StreetPass - Is Silent Communic...:

@7. Tech101: I have that problem too, we where three 3DS users, all got mine, but I didn't get one of the others, not even after 1-2 hours. Resets, re-activating wireless etc didn't work. Hope they fix it with the next Update.



ZueriHB commented on Talking Point: StreetPass - Is Silent Communic...:

I have the system since launch, and I didn't believe StreetPass would work here in Switzerland. But behold, I have amassed 71 hits with 32 different people. I just finished StreetPass Quest for the first time yesterday. But sadly many hit's don't give me new puzzle pieces.



ZueriHB commented on Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ:

Just tried to test multiplayer between a EU and JAP 3DS.

We used an EU copy of Super Street Fighter IV and tried download play, didn't show up on the Japanese 3DS to download. So no wireless single card play over different region 3DS system for 3DS titles? #evil

Yes, I tried, and no, EU 3DS games don't work on Japanese System (test-case: Super Street Fighter IV & Nintendogs + Cats)



ZueriHB commented on Hanabi Festival 3 Kicks Off:

DO only I think this or is Hanabi now a half-yearly occurence?

If so, great, NoE! That's good idea.
So Spring is for non Nintendo systems, and fall for Nintendo Systems?



ZueriHB commented on US VC Release - 30th June - Fatal Fury 2:

Now you NTSC-People know hat it is.
It's not what Nintendo promised, but better than 0 VC-Games Weeks we had bevore (and no WiiWare too).

So, wait and see. But maybe complaing will help, it sure did for NoE.



ZueriHB commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

I'm not able to store more and more games on my Wii because a bunch of WiiWare, PCE CD und N64 Titles fill my Wii Memory along with the saves of the Nintendo Channel, Mario Kart, Metal Slug and SSBB. (No WW or VC on my Wii = about 1400 free blocks) and no, you cannot move those to the SD card.



ZueriHB commented on Review: Dr. Mario Online RX:

It's a great game, with all what I expected from Dr. Mario, all? No, there are some drawbacks in comparison with the NES original.

  • Single Player Score is only for a Level, a playtrough from 1 to 27 will not get you higher scores than starting at 20 (New Level = New Score), in this case, an online scoreboard would be pointless.
  • Multiplayer, be it off or online in Dr. Mario, does only feature one sound for combos and chains, be it Player 1 or 2. All other Dr. Mario titles had two distinct sounds, one for each player.
  • There are some major differences in controlls (Drops and Horizontal Movements), just play a round on a older Dr. Mario title to feel the difference, it takes a while to adjust, before level 20 at High can be played Good.
  • I don't know about you guys, but for me, every 3rd online match is not abborted due to network errors and stuff, also there is some lag, but it's not noticable as it's cleverly negated.
  • You cannot start at a higher level than 20, as on the Cube and 64 version was able to start at 22, and can't redo those over 20 in High (You'll have to restart after a Game Over)


ZueriHB commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

First, the VC is a great way for Wii owners to enjoy classic titles.
It's just sad that the weekly updates (good thank you that we still have those) sometimes consist of only one title. Even XBLA gives you a demo with it.
But my biggest grudge is the difference between American, European and Australian VC (The Japanese one is of no discussion here), but 20 titles less for a 3 week difference?
It would lessen the pain of 1 title weeks if the western world would be treated the same. And not just PAL-Land.

Many thought that Super Smash Bros. would be released with SSBB, and it didn't, I think that's because SSB and SSBB are to similar in gameplay than Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Bros. 3.
But it would be a great way to make customers buy the Wii title after playing the classic.
Also, Nintendo would surely benefit from communicating the upcoming VC-Titles with a release date beforehand, instead of no communication at all (Exception was the Hanubi Festival).