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Fri 12th Mar 2010

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Kimiko commented on Interview: Smileboom - Petit Computer:

Ah, that takes me back. Learning to program in BASIC was so much fun
And what is this about translations? We didn't need no silly translations back in the '80s. Spoiled kids these days.
Just start with 'Hello World' and go from there. Every time you learn something new (be it from seeing others' code or from your own mistakes), you can use it to make new fun things. Once you figure out some graphics and sound there is just so much to combine and try. And I'm sure today's (3)DS has much more to explore than those old C64s and Ataris and PCs.



Kimiko commented on 3DS Celebrates First Birthday in Europe:

It's been a year already? That went by pretty quick then.

Most important point for me: There still aren't any Must-Have games out for the 3DS. And so I don't have one yet. Looking over your 'coming soon' list of games, only Fantasy Life looks like it will be a reason to buy a 3DS. Etrian Odyssey IV will be anyway, but that hasn't been announced for not-Japan yet.

One thing I'd like to read about is how far along people are toward making the 3DS region-free. As a European gamer I'm used to importing practically all my games, either from N-America or Japan. It'd be kinda cumbersome to have to buy two or three consoles.



Kimiko commented on Review: Nano Assault (3DS):

I wish I were good enough to play something like this. Alas, in the first Nanostray game I couldn't even make it through the first level..



Kimiko commented on Review: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Do...:

There's going to be a sequel? Ooh, I'll have to check that out. Yet another reason to buy a Vita soon

And yes, this game definitely deserves a 9/10 rating. It's kept me playing (trying to figure who is who and what the options are at each point of the story, etc.) for days, in between replays. Not many games keep you playing even after putting down the console.



Kimiko commented on Nintendo Plans a Rosy Future for DSi XL:

Will this also come to Europe anytime soon? I haven't seen the red 3DS here yet either.

With the exception of the DS Lite, the colors like pink and purple always seem to come out much much later, often even after a console has been superseded by a new iteration/generation.



Kimiko commented on Talking Point: The Second Circle Pad and the 3...:

Instead of fussing with the hardware, Nintendo should bring on the games that make having a 3DS a necessity like the DS/i and PSP. So far there still aren't any games that make me want to go out and buy one right now or even soonish.



Kimiko commented on Talking Point: The Future of No-Frills Emulati...:

What @Shiryu said. If the DS was powerful enough to play SNES games, why isn't there a proper SNES VC for DSi or 3DS? Why are we only offered silly old NES games? Come on, Nintendo, I want to (re)play those great RPGs from the golden SNES era, but you're making it awfully hard to avoid piracy there.



Kimiko commented on Rumour: Kid Icarus: Uprising to Miss 2011 in E...:

Translate games into many languages for Europe? Nope, we play the same English game as the rest of the world outside Japan. Only the manual is translated into a few (3 or 4) different languages.

As for Kid Icarus, wasn't that supposed to be a (near-) launch game for the 3DS? What's it doing way over in December or later anyway? It should've been out by now.



Kimiko commented on Fils-Aime: "3DS Didn't Launch Prematurely":

Still waiting for good third party titles. Squeenix, Atlus, Sega, .. Where are my RPGs?
Also, why no SNES emulation? I think the DS was capable of doing that (CMIIW), but certainly the 3DS is.



Kimiko commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

When will game / movie / music distributors get it through their thick skulls that we're living in the 21st century now, and that the online world has no borders, and that they should stop trying to pretend that there are? All this regioning stuff is pissing off their customers big time.



Kimiko commented on Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ:

Orange and purple 3DSes were also shown when it was announced. I hope they show up in stores quickly. I really want a purple one instead of aqua.



Kimiko commented on Sakaguchi: To Succeed Internationally, JRPGs N...:

Yeah, translating them in the first place would make a big difference in being successfull abroad. Second would be not to redo the voice-acting, subtitles are much better. Other than that, don't change too much in the patterns and conventions that already work. A lot of what's popular in Japan can be successfull internationally if only given a chance (okay, and some advertising then).



Kimiko commented on Nintendo Defends European Retailers' Pricing o...:

European price: €249 (~US$338)
USAian price: US$249 (~€183)
Add to that the fact that I buy nearly all my games from the USA (because of both price and availability). I think I'll be importing a 3DS.
I won't import it soon though. The launch set of games looks pretty meh, so I'll wait until better games show up.

As for there being no competition, well, next week Sony's new PSP(hone/2/whatever) will be announced. Let's see how competitive that's going to be.



Kimiko commented on Nintendo's 3DS Events - We Want Your Questions!:

As for the memory size, recent photos of a 3DS showed that it had 96MB of memory.

1. How locked will the 3DS regions be? Only for downloaded games, like the DSi, or for cartridges as well?
2. Will the VC include SNES games, maybe even complete emulation?
3. What about PC connectivity? Will we be able to exchange useful data between 3DS and PC?



Kimiko commented on Rumour: 3DS will be Region-Locked According to...:

Nearly all my games are imported from the USA, a few from Japan. I'd have to buy a USAian 3DS then, or hack the European one so it becomes region-free.

Wait, isn't region-locking illegal in Australia? I foresee a huge demand for Australian 3DSes then..