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Tue 22nd Feb 2011

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MARIOOO commented on Preview: Wii U Hands-On:

@Deviant_Mugen that's photo-shop the official pre-e3 pics are final also look up the controller on Google you'll see people holding the controller it doesn't look like that its blatant photo-shopping i don't have a good eye for things like that so that tells you how obvious it is



MARIOOO commented on SEGA: "Wii U Due in Spring or Summer 2012":

i still need to be convinced by software/hardware before i sell my dusty PS3 to switch to something that lasts 2 years before PS4 XBOX720 come out with super graphics im worryed 4 nintendo this time



MARIOOO commented on You'll Enjoy This HD Wii U Third Party Softwar...:

ha another irish guy on this (Game-Over) im happy to see all the third parties on board cause it means WiiU will be a real contender in the console market
hope its not too expensive and plays DvDs so i could trade in PS3 4 it