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Mon 28th Sep 2009

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Platypus commented on Review: Ben 10: Omniverse (Wii U):

I disagree, sometimes licenses make the games better. If you have a good developer making the game and put time into it. The game could be great. I don't think Batman: Arkham City would be the same without Batman.



Platypus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Offer Indie Gam...:

I don't think the Wii U specifically needs indie bundles. But what it REALLY needs is sales in general. If the Wii U could do sales every week or so like the PS3 store(or better yet, Steam) then it would be an instant success, at least for me.



Platypus commented on Radar Mission:

This is a pretty cool game. One part is a sort of Battleship type game with a few additions. Another is where you shoot down boats with torpedoes. I for one had a lot of fun with it.



Platypus commented on New Nintendo Console at E3?:

I'm betting on a controller that can transform into different shapes.

Seriously though I'm going to guess it won't release until 2013