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Thu 27th Jan 2011

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mario300 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D:

i wished before they mad the remake they would put this game ,majoras mask together and call this some just saying we just need majoras mask.But ocarina of time 3d is a great game.And ITS THE FIRST ZELDA GAME I EVER PLAYED IN MY WHOLE INTIRE LIFE.



mario300 commented on GAME: Zelda Majora’s Mask Listing Was Fabric...:

I think Nintendo could make a majoras mask remake cause in ocarina of time 3d,they had characters with the 3ds graphic like,sakon,the banker,jim and the other little dudes,some workers and the boss,skullkid without majoras mask,malon,adult malon,i think malon was in the game.Mr.ingo and his 2 brothers,zelda [ for 1 part only ],gorons, the guy who buys poes,gerudo,kotake and konume.They have some items and mask with the 3ds graphics.I guess i will understand nintendo if they won't make the remake but this puppy needs this more than anyone.Don't fail this puppy nintendo.



mario300 commented on Nintendo Goes Mobile With iPhone Cases:

Would the case fit on i pod touch?WHY did i get a red case.And in the image where there is a yoshi case,next to it shows a sky and clouds.SO, that probaly means kid icarus uprising or kingdom hearts?



mario300 commented on Mario Tennis Open:

this game is going to be the FIRST Mario tennis game im going to play if i get it.I need to play this game.



mario300 commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising:

i wish i bought the game today which is the realese date for the game.i know that this game is going to be epic!