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PES 2011 3D; Winning Eleven 3D
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  • 27th Mar 2011
  • 25th Mar 2011
  • 26th Feb 2011
Pro Evolution Soccer
Soccer, Football

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Screenshot
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Screenshot
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Screenshot
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Screenshot
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D Screenshot


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    Review Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D

    A decent first touch

    While the 3DS launch line-up is full of old territory being retrodden, Konami's got itself a bona fide first: the world's first three-dimensional football game. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D makes a decent run at goal but sadly fluffs its chances in the dying minutes. For starters, the game is disappointingly feature-light:...

About The Game

Get ready for the first real three-dimensional football simulation ever!

PES 2011 3D boosts your experience of The Beautiful Game not just to a new level, but into a completely new dimension.

Revel in PES 2011 3D’s big game atmosphere, its stunning 3D visuals and perfect gameplay. Enjoy the many Game Modes it offers, including the absorbing Master League mode and the world’s most prestigious club football tournament: the UEFA Champions League.


  • Depth & distance realized – Visual depth realized on the 3DS format enables the game to depict “distance” between your player, the goal and other players on the pitch. Players will see astonishingly dynamic movement of the ball especially when a long pass is sent. Players will also feel as if they are on the field and joining the game on “player camera” while users will feel being a part of the crowd, watching the game at the stadium on “wide” camera.
  • Street Pass on Master League – Create your own team, raise the team to the top of the world in Master League mode! “Street Pass” adds another fun to this acclaimed mode. Your team data on Master League will be used for “Street Pass” and the team with better strategies/stats will win! Classic player and teams will be unlocked as you win more on “Street Pass”.
  • 1 vs 1 wireless – Play against a friend or family member to fully enjoy excellent gameplay of Pro Evolution Soccer.
  • Play-by-play commentary included – Play-by-play commentary together with 3D visual enhances match atmosphere for more exciting football experience.
  • Graduated gameplay for players of all ages – Players can choose from 5 levels of difficulty ranging from Beginner to Top Player allowing younger players to advance in skill and competition.
  • A wide variety of choice – Players can play as one of 60 National and 170 club sides.