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Mon 7th Mar 2011

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pkee commented on Feature: The Final Xenoblade Chronicles X Pres...:

This game has the potential to be INCREDIBLE. Like, one of the best of all-time good. It seems to be absolutely massive, I can't wait to set a few days aside when it's released and really get into it. With each new set of details, the game appears to get better and better. Can't wait



pkee commented on The 3DS Was The UK's Top-Selling Games System ...:

It keeps being said over and over again, and I can see how it makes no difference at this point, but if they had just changed the name to "Wii 2" instead of "Wii U", I firmly believe it would have made a genuine difference.



pkee commented on Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Storms to the To...:

Great to see the 3DS doing so well. Not so long ago, it was in the same position as WII U is now, and people across the board were claiming it was not going to be a success, and it pulled through. Hopefully WII U can as well.
Fantastic to see AA doing well too



pkee commented on Nintendo Direct: Watch The North American Pres...:

So many great new games coming out... and the Wii U keeps getting better and better, with genuinely intuitive and different features like the Google Street View App being added as well as in-game miiverse interaction, I can't wait till Summer



pkee commented on Hardware Review: Wii U:

I thought this was a fantastic, informative review. Sadly, I have exams next year so I won't be getting the console until summer, but great to know it's started promisingly, and the gamepad works well. Ridiculously happy to hear the touch screen is precise, I feel bad using a DS's touchscreen in the fear of scratching.



pkee commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

Can't wait. Loved the first two, and for now at least, perfectly ok with more of the same. Also, its been a surprisingly long time since I've had need to use my beloved 3ds, so hopefully it will be the beginning of a few more solid months gaming!



pkee commented on Feature: Our Top Ten eShop Games:

Good list, glad to see VVVVVV at the top. Downloading it, I was taking a chance but I got a sufficient amount of playtime out of it, well worth the purchase.



pkee commented on How Many of These 375 NES Illustrations Can Yo...:

I remember when this project began and there was an article about on this site but only a few drawings as the project had just begun... looking at it now, it has come a far way! Well done to the artist, brilliant idea.



pkee commented on 3DS Ambassador Game Boy Advance Games Revealed:

Great I had all 5 of the games announced months ago, but was still happy getting them on the 3ds, and while I still have most of the games, Kirby and Fire Emblem I've never had or played, and I really look forward to replaying these games!



pkee commented on Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ:

Sorry didn't check my facts... but it will probably happen eventually. And although I don't intend to use it too often, same as pictochat.

If its anything like the ds zeldas or Hotel Dusk etc. bottom screen note writing, then it would be a great feature



pkee commented on Feature: Nintendo Life 3DS FAQ:

Pictochat isn't on the 3ds - they done away with it for some kind of "online messaging" service.
It gives you the same "doodling" message capabilities, except you can use it with the people on your friend list regardless of there location as long as they have wi-fi.
So, it is actually an improved pictochat



pkee commented on Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright:

This will be great. It will.
How could it not be? The Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton games on the DS were great, this will do doubt take the best bits from both and combine them to make an absolute masterpiece



pkee commented on Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective:

Amazing game. Totally deserved the score that it got. Great character, great story, great music, you would know that this game and the Ace Attorney series have the same background.
While playing, I was seriously impressed. I'd usually play a chapter at a time, there of perfect length for a gaming session.
And most of all, gameplay wise, its unique. Had me hooked from beginning to end.



pkee commented on Okamiden:

With the 3DS coming out, I can see this game not selling to its potential.
I'm probably going to buy it after a while, along with one of the new pokemon games, and probably Prof. Layton as well. Great to see so many great games coming out for the ds with the imminent release of the 3ds!



pkee commented on Review: Inazuma Eleven (DS):

I woundn't mind getting this. There is just so many great games out, or coming out on handheld systems!
I'm playing ghost trick, then theres Okamiden coming out next week, Pokemon already out, and the 3ds coming out in less then 3 weeks!
Still, at least theres good games. Be worse if there wasn't