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Pokémon X & Y Review

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Posted by Katy Ellis

Evolution or revolution?

Do you remember that first time you rushed home with the latest copy of Pokémon, gleefully slotting it into your handheld and dreaming of becoming the next Pokémon Master? Everything was new, fresh and exciting. Every time that pixelated grass flickered and you encountered another never-seen-before monster you held your breath, and every new environment offered fresh experiences and adventures. Pokémon X and Y does everything in its power to let players relive this wonderful first-time experience, while simultaneously delighting you with nostalgic blasts from the past. This may not be 'the future of Pokémon' we have been crying out for, but it's certainly headed in the right direction.

Set in the picturesque French-inspired region of Kalos, Pokémon X and Y is certainly a spectacular sight to behold. Small cafes, salons and roller-skating fanatics fill the streets and strange new Pokémon roam the wilds. Each town is unique and plotted perfectly in a way which allows the player to appreciate a steady progress from one area to the next, from the great metropolis of Luminose City sitting at the heart of Kalos, surrounded by the beautiful seaside city of Shalour to the west, and a snow-glazed city to the east.

What really helps bring the beauty of Kalos to life is the inclusion of polygonal 3D environments and character models, especially when watching an elegant 3D Lapras ferry you across an azure bay. For generations the core Pokémon series has been populated by heavily pixelated 2D affairs, shown off in most cases by a bird's eye camera view, but with the move to the 3DS console comes new possibilities and the chance to really show off how amazing the world of Pokémon can be when seen from a new perspective. City skyscrapers and tall ancient rocks loom defiantly over your customisable character, with lower camera angles highlighting that sense of immense height.

While its a great disappointment that Pokémon's first outing on the 3DS is not fully rendered in stereoscopic 3D throughout the overworld, dynamic camera angles do a lot to make up for the lack of 3D depth of field. One example of the excellent use of perspectives and camera position takes place in the Glittering Caves, which places the camera behind the player, making it feel like you are personally trekking through the sparkling tunnel, with each twist and turn leading to a new surprise. Even without the need for Flash, it's easy to lose your sense of direction and wonder whether you'll ever be able to find your way out without an Escape Rope. It's a shame that not all of the caves in the Kalos region are designed in this fashion, as it truly heightens your sense of adventure and immerses you in the game.

Yet, even though wonderful camera tricks do help to fill the 3D-shaped gap in our hearts, we couldn't help witnessing crucial cut-scenes and taking our first glimpse at the awe-inspiring Tower of Mastery without feeling that Game Freak have done fans an injustice by not giving the option to view all scenes in full 3D. At least players can rejoice in the knowledge that they will indeed experience their first Mega Evolution in 3D, and trust us when we say Lucario's transformation is truly breathtaking — make sure you have your 3D slider up fully.

As always, with every new generation of Pokémon comes a new roster of monsters to discover, tame and train, and Pokémon X and Y is no exception. Generation VI has its fair share of uninspired Pokémon designs, but for every Doublade there is a Sylveon or a mighty Tyrantrum, the good far outweighing the bad. Fortunately, unlike Pokémon Black and White you won't have to wait until after the story has completed to encounter some familiar faces and neither will you be constantly inundated with brand new Pokémon among every thicket of long grass; keen to play the long game, Pokémon X and Y gradually teases you with the odd Skiddo and Scatterbug whilst inviting you to a friendly battle with creatures from the elder generations.

If you're in it for the badges, gym progression may seem slightly slower than usual, as you pass through numerous towns without a gym in sight, but this is by no means a bad thing. Pokémon X and Y isn't really about battling gym leaders, nor is it really concerned with filling up your Pokédex or taking down those bunch of trouble-makers from Team Flare. It's really more concerned with the mysterious art of Mega Evolution, a feature pivotal to the game's plot. While initially you set out on a jolly adventure with your friends — under the instruction of Professor Sycamore — to learn more about Pokémon, your journey soon takes a turn once you are entrusted with the Mega Ring, a device which allows you to temporarily evolve your Pokémon once activated with a certain stone. We won't disclose the rest of the story — that's for you to find out — but it's safe to say this particular adventure is not without its twists and turns.

Few amendments have been made to battles, aside from the fact that they're the only glimpse of true 3D action you're likely to witness in Pokémon X & Y. Dynamic camera panning and colourful environmental backgrounds help to set the scene and a brilliant score ensures your heart will be racing every time your last Pokemon's health meter drops into the red zone. While most short-range attacks still aren't physically carried through to the extent that you witness your opponent being savagely bitten by your trusty Pansear, fancy effects, nice animations and swift camera zooms liven up the experience, despite the lack of any actual physical contact.

Occasionally you might encounter a five versus one horde attack, in which a group of substantially weaker Pokémon team up on you. In order to easily dispatch a horde, you'll need to select a move which can target multiple Pokémon at one time, such as Incinerate. Sadly these battles do not reward you with any large amounts of XP, but when teamed up with Sky battles — for which you need at least one flying type Pokémon in your party — they do make a nice change of pace from the usual brawls.

A new Pokémon type has also been added to the books for the first time since Pokémon Gold and Silver back in 1999. A new challenger to those pesky over-powered dragons, 'Fairy' types such as Sylveon add a new dimension to Pokémon battles, completely reworking the effectiveness formula that you'd previously grown accustomed to. A few Pokémon from older generations — Jigglypuff and Gardevoir to name just two — have also been rebranded as fairy types, so make sure to watch out for these in battle.

Pokémon X and Y also brings with it a few technical changes that veterans to the series will be interested to hear. Experience is now given during a battle even if you successfully capture your Pokémon opponent in a Pokéball. This means you can still help level up your Pokémon even if you are on a Pokédex-filling rampage. The 'EXP Share' has also changed — it is no longer an item which can be held by a designated Pokémon. In order to level up Pokémon in your party which are not taking part in battles, you simply need to turn the EXP Share on or off. Because it is not held by a specific Pokémon, your whole party now benefits from shared experience, which is handy if you want to grind all of your party members, but not so useful if you have one under-levelled Pokémon which you need to level up in a hurry.

Not to be forgotten is the addition of two brand new and quite handy features; Super Training and Pokémon Amie. Many hardcore Pokémon fans will have tried their hand at EV training ('Effort Value' for the uninitiated), a slightly gruelling system of raising base statistics in order to create stronger Pokémon, with an unusually high parameter for defensive or offensive situations. Super Training seeks to combat the strain of this process by offering even newcomers to the series a chance to enhance specific elements of their favourite Pokémon's stats. Super Training uses a selection of soccer-inspired mini-games, combining the circle pad and touch screen, challenging you to blast balls into a net whilst a giant Pokémon balloon tries to knock you out with its own huge balls.

There are separate mini-games depending on which stat you would like to upgrade — HP, Defence, Speed, Sp. Attack or Sp. Defence — but unfortunately there is little notable difference between each mini-game, all of which consist of the same goal-scoring challenge. If you get tired of deflating Spewpas you can also retire to the punch-bags, another (albeit slower) method of raising stats of the Pokémon in your party. By collecting certain punch-bags you can gradually maximise your darling Froakie's base statistics by tapping manically on the lower touchscreen and working up a real sweat. Certain punch-bags can also give you power-ups for use in Super Training mini-games, allowing you to double your stat increase on the next challenge.

If you're not that bothered about raising a team of muscular Pokémon, you can always switch over to Pokémon Amie, a feature which allows you to interact with your Pokémon and stuff their faces with brightly coloured Poképuffs, Kalos' alternative to French macaroons. Stroking your Pokémon using the lower touchscreen and playing berry-picking and puzzle shifting mini-games also has another benefits than just filling your heart with pure delight. Feeding and playing with your cute little Dedenne every day will also form a stronger bond between yourself and your Pokémon, causing it to evade attacks more often or maybe deal out a few more critical hits from time to time. Even if you're not interested in the battle benefits, Pokémon Amie is sure to keep drawing you back in time and time again. Who can resist Froakie's pleas for more Poképuffs? Not us, that's for sure.


Once again, Game Freak hits the nail squarely on the head, making Pokémon X and Y an excellent new addition to the series' expansive library. Thanks to the simultaneous multi-region release date more players than ever before will be able to experience first-hand that indescribable sensation of unearthing brand new Pokémon that have nimbly avoided the dreaded internet leaks.

A wonderful blend of excitement and nostalgia, Pokémon X and Y evolves the core series with its impressive polygonal 3D environments and magical camera angle mastery, adding a few technical adjustments along with a brand new Pokémon type to the original formula that we all know and love. It's not quite a revolution — and is hindered slightly by the meagre use of its host platform's glasses-free 3D capabilities — Pokémon X and Y is sure to steal the hearts of Pokémon fans new and old alike.

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User Comments (167)



Dr_Corndog said:

It is a well-known fact that there are too many games in existence, and that too many games continue to be made, which is sad for people like me who already have so many games to play that they may never get around to fantastic stuff like Pokemon X and Y.



tchaten said:

Is online play going to be a part of this game - no mention of it ... (Can't wait to get this on the eShop at its midnight release)



real_gamer said:

I want it! After watching some of the new anime clip my childhood is coming back to me!



tchaten said:

@XCWarrior Didn't think you could spoil a Pokemon game they are all basically the same formula - it's like spoiling the plot of a Mario game



Humphries90 said:

"Do you remember that first time you rushed home with the latest copy Pokémon, gleefully slotting it into your handheld and dreaming of becoming the next Pokémon Master? Everything was new, fresh and exciting. Every time that pixelated grass flickered and you encountered another never-seen-before monster you held your breath, and every new environment offered fresh experiences and adventures."

Well considering Nintendolife has been splashing every new Pokemon reveal out like it's headline news without the slightest care for spoilers, then that ain't happening this Gen.



Blast said:

Great review... but how is this game NOT a 10 out of 10????? Everything in the review is praising the game.



AdanVC said:

Good-bye Animal Crossing. I have to leave in order to play Pokémon X/Y... but I'll be back for Halloween's eve I promise! Great review, now I'm even more hyped to play it!



Blast said:

@B4SDR4G If thats really the "reason" why this game didn't get a 10 out of 10 then thats pretty sad. LOL its no big deal. Its just that as I was reading the review I was like, "This all sounds really good! Sounds nearly perfect" then I get to the score and I see a 9 instead of a 10... So I'm a tad bit confused. But its whatever. I'm not gonna get angry over one score....



belmont said:

I have a question. Videos of the game show it like a highly pixelated mess. Reminds of Dragon Quest Monsters or something. Is the game movement smooth or pixelated? I know that, except RE Revelations, most 3DS games show this behavior on videos however I would like to know.

It would be good if it was a demo.

Also is there an easy way to transfer all my monsters from Black 2 to X or Y? In all the older games you could not do a mass transfer so you had to do one by one or six by six by stupid, tedious and time consuming ways.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

How very considerate of the NintendoLife staff to not show any Pokés that haven't been revealed yet!



Rensch said:

I am much more excited about these games than I was about the Black and White versions three years ago, which failed to truly impress me after playing them. Black and White 2 were a little more substantial, but very similar to the first games after playing through the main quest.

I am particularly curious about the Mega Evolutions and how much of an impact it has on the gameplay. (Please, Gyarados, have a Water/Dragon Mega Evolution)

Another feature I am excited about are those Fairy-type Pokémon. Apparently, many older ones are now part Fairy, particularly the Normal- and Psychic-type variations. They provide a good counter for Sableye, Spiritomb and those tough-as-nails Dragon creatures, which could only be countered by Ice and other Dragons before. Still, no good counter for Tynamo and its evolutions, unfotunately.

And I honestly can't resist Froakie.



phazon said:

hey nintendolife staff are u guys ever going consider doing video reviews in the future? Just asking



jpfan1989 said:

Regarding EXP Share, of we look back to the original games Red Blue Green and Yellow Pokemon couldn't hold items so it was call EXP.ALL and as such the whole party shared in the experience, it looks like we are seeing the return of the original mechanic



Spoony_Tech said:

My GameStop called me yesterday to inform me they're doing a midnight release. I was going to pick it up on Monday but I think ill make this my first midnight release for a game ever! I don't kown what I'm getting myself into though as I haven't played a Pokemon since red so we shall see!



LtAldoRaine said:

God,this is going to be a long week. And I'll still have to wait for the game to be shipped and about five days to actually receiving it.

Also,how many new Pokémon are there?



rjejr said:

Maybe they're saving the 3D overworld for Z

Or Nintendo abandons all 3D by then and the entire game is 2D, like the 2DS.

Both X + Y will be in my house in a week so I'm glad it got a good review. I don care if it's an 8, 9 or 10. A 7 and I might have been worried.



MixMasterMudkip said:

I'm going to go insane before next week! I actually check every hour for updates! I still want to see Goomy (leaked) and Skrelp's evolutions. My two favorite new Pokémon so far. This game has caused sleepless hours of giddiness for me since Tuesday. By now I might as well refer to this game as Christmas.

@brandonbwii I've heard these to are a bit on the easy side compared to other generations, but the are both the same difficulty. Truly it really depends on how strong your Pokémon are.



Yasume said:

@Humphries90 I agree, I didn't look up anything yet I'm aware of mega evolutions (don't know how it works though), the new starters, some new Pokemon and the type of the first gym. I was trying to avoid spoilers, but it's pretty much impossible when you have visited this site in the past weeks. A "spoilers inside" tagline would help next time.



Beechbone said:

Other reviews around the Internet mention about the horrible framerate when playing with 3D on. I guess that's the reason why Game Freak decided to not implement it in all areas of the game.



bizcuthammer said:

I noticed the review didnt mention anything about endgame content, which makes me nervous a bit. I'm really hoping theres great endgame content.



Megumi said:

...So apparently IGN's review says that the AI in this game has been stupidfied...? :/



Morpheel said:

@Yukari_Sendo considering the ai outside of gym battles was already pretty random... I don't see how that's possible. Maybe the reviewer simply had a bad day?



Xjarnold said:

I'm still getting pokemon x but from the reviews across the web are like 9 8,...7!
Many are saying the pixelation and frame rate are bad, but c'mon its pokemon, your not buying it for the stellar graphics... 8 more days...



Megumi said:

@Morphtorok Well I mean, in the past sometimes opponents would be random and stupid....but I did notice that they all knew how to take down your Pokemon if they were able to.



rdp223 said:

Can't wait for this. While I was at work yesterday (ToysRus) We finally got X & Y in...more Y's than X's though. I'm sure we will be getting more tomorrow
I was just holding Pokémon X and wanted to take it it home with me haha....ahhh 8 more days people ^_^



snoox said:

I'm actually disappointed it's not a 10. Was expecting a sure knock out, but still should be awesome ^.^



Socar said:

@ Mickey

I never understand why reviewers never get to rate a game 10/10 with barely any issues. IGN gives it a 9.0 because of "Brainless A.I characters". odd really.

As for the game, Obviously I'm getting it. By the way I wonder which version will Murkrow, Metagross, Scizor, Pinsir, Heracross, Chandelure, Pinsir, Starmie, Pelipper, Ninjask and the previous gen pokemon will show up on. I want to get Y because of the design of the pokemon.



Spoony_Tech said:

@MERG Takes deep breath.....thanks for reminding me! I almost forgot to breath today.

Well I want like 5 games this month and its a killer month for releases too! One down and possible 4 to go. Not sure on a couple of them!



Auracle said:

Do you remember that first time you rushed home with the latest copy Pokémon, gleefully slotting it into your handheld and dreaming of becoming the next Pokémon Master?

I still get this feeling every time I play one. I doubt that X and Y will be any different in that regard.



idork99 said:

I was thinking of making the jump to this game but someone told me that if I didn't like the series then, then odds are that I will not like it now.

I just got a Wii U this week so I may not touch my 3DS until Nov. 22 when A Link between Worlds is released!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Awesome review. This just might be my first Pokemon title. (Outside of spinoff games, natch.)



Captain_Gonru said:

I'm curious about Streetpass functionality. There was some mention at one point (a Nintendo Direct, maybe?), but nothing I can recall since. Something to cover for the NA review perhaps?



Jazzer94 said:

Okay so I'm ordering this today but can't decided which version any suggestions.



Arcamenel said:

@Humphries90 They are official reveals, they can't really be spoilers if the Pokemon Company themselves are posting them on Twitter and Facebook as well as the official Pokemon X and Y website. I could understand if NL was posting all the leaks that's been shared in the past few days but I think official reveals by the Pokemon Company are fair game.



JebbyDeringer said:

Never got into the Pokemon craze but they are great games, not just fluff like some people think. I just started playing Crystal for GBC last week and it's pretty interesting and deeper strategy than I expected. That's the great thing about Nintendo, they make stuff for kids that is often great for adults too.



MysticSheep said:

Why is everyone saying there's gonna be a 'Z' version? I haven't seen or heard anything said about it.



Luffymcduck said:

It's been a while since I read the whole review. Now that weeks wait just feels longer than ever.



kokirii said:

"What really helps bring the beauty of Kalos to life is the inclusion of polygonal 3D environments and character models, especially when watching an elegant 3D Lapras ferry you across an azure bay."

Just want to point out that "kalos" means "beautiful" in ancient Greek!



Emblem said:

Nice review Katy. The reviews around the web are all looking positive which is good, this is going to sell like crazy.



Romeo said:

"and is hindered slightly by the meagre use of its host platform's glasses-free 3D capabilities"




Ernest_The_Crab said:

@MysticSheep They assume there will be a Z or set of Z games because every Pokemon generation has had a follow up game (Black/White actually having 2), except for the remakes (like Soul Silver, Leaf Green, etc).



Torterra275 said:

Tons of leaks released before this, but learned a few new interesting pieces from this review like the pokeball capture exp and how the exp share functions.

Also going with Delphox (Fenniex), however Greninja (Froakie), and Chesnaught (Chespin) are all pretty cool.



Superconsole said:

Hey NLife readers - just a quick mention that unfortunately we weren't able to mention online gameplay in this review, but rest assured it is there! We just can't talk about it openly yet - although we will cover it in a subsequent article. If you're interested in local wireless gameplay, Martin Watts covered a bit of it in our 'First Impressions' article a few weeks back.

In regards to new Pokemon numbers etc. we aim to keep our reviews as spoiler-free as possible, but otherwise if you have any questions hit me up!



HawkeyeWii said:

I'm going to pass on X and Y and eventually get the far superior Z version... or what ever Special edition name they end up tagging onto it.



jpxdude said:

Fantastic review, which is only lacking in any mention over the overhauled online features. The game is looking very promising and I can't wait to get it downloaded next week!



PokemonManiac said:

What about the music? Gamefreak seemed to make a big deal about it and I don't want to be let down. Oh and I heard the reason the overworld isn't in 3d is because you get better quality when it's not used. Sad but it's not that big a deal



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@PokemonManiac It gave them more power to be use in generating it, meaning the rendering distance and the graphics overall are better than they would be if they used up that power for the 3D effect.



MikalM said:

I don't quite understand why all the reviews are popping up when there's an embargo still going on for a lot of facets of the game.

Nevertheless, I'm glad it's positive. I've been following the leaks on /vp/ and I'm super stoked for my ghost pumpkin.



Sam_Loser2 said:

@XxGame_LoverXx It's a matter of preference. Which guy do you like better on the box? That's the legendary you'll be getting. A couple other exclusives, including charizard and and mewtwo's different mega evolutions, are all that are different. Look at the pokemon each version has and decide what appeals to you.



GamerZack87 said:

@Superconsole: Brilliant review! It's made me all the more excited for Pokémon X and Y's launch. Hopefully I can last one more week before I reach excitement overload!



Gioku said:

I don't want to know what they look like, but I wish I could know exactly how many Pokémon have been added...



MikalM said:

@Ernest_The_Crab Yeah dude I don't want to spoil it for others by linking a picture, but do a search for "Pumpkaboo" and you'll see it. It looks glorious.



Gio10 said:

Pokemon x and y is almost coming can't wait!!!! can any one help me to which one to buy between Pokemon x and Pokemon y!!!



DarkEdi said:

I didn´t need a review to buy this game. This kind of games are to buy the first day without any information. I don´t see videos or anything, only i need to buy this game to discover all greatness. A 9 is perfect



HandheldGuru97 said:

Can not wait for X next Saturday!!!!!!!!! Looks amazing still disappointed about the overworld, but I'm sure I'll get over it!



chaos_ said:

But GTAV would have got a 10/10 by all those reviewers even tho it has flaws like framerate drops, bad ai and bad physics -_-



Gridatttack said:

Well, I liked the fact that the first genV games didnt have any pokemon outside it.
Now I just hope I wont be swarmed by zubats when I enter a cave

@SkywardLink98 From what I have heard, it comes with a free 30 day trial if you activate before 31st January 2014



3Daniel said:

are HMs back? and if so in what capacity? nothing is more annoying then having a super bad donkey pokemon only to have to find a PC to switch out with something that can cut a small twig blocking your path... or limiting your moveset to allow your flying pokemon the ability to fly.



FJOJR said:

I will get this when my backlog is lower. This would put me back for months.



JaxonH said:

Well, these will be my very first Pokémon games. I've been gaming for a long time, and have owned every console and handheld back to the NES and Gameboy. But, I never played Pokémon.

I ordered both X and Y, but I'm not sure which one I'll play. I did just get a 3DS XL, so maybe I could use my 2 systems with each game and do trading like everyone talks about (though that would mean I would need to play both games, which would be a time-sucking effort)...



NintyMan said:

Pokemon X will be my return to the series since the early years. From the sound of this review, it sounds like an easy enough game for someone to get back into the series, and while the 2D maps are disappointing, the battles sound fantastic. I won't be getting it immediately, but it'll probably be a nice Christmas gift.



Marioman64 said:

@HawkeyeWii so you're going to be like my lame room mate that didnt get black/white 1 OR 2 because he was waiting for Pokemon Gray to come out? okay your loss



Dpishere said:

Definitely plan on picking this up, seeing as I have only played one Pokemon game, that being HeartGold a few years ago. Needless to say I loved that one, and am sure to love this one even more!



OptometristLime said:

Can't you people read; the substance of a review is in the words not the silly score at the bottom?

Better to cry about the lack of a perfect score, than bemoan reviewer bias when such scores do appear. That would really make us barbarians!



Memeboy3 said:

@chaos_ I HIGHLY agree, it seems like giving a Nintendo IP a 10/10, it taboo, just because it's 10/10 doesn't make it a god of all games, don't afraid to give a 10 kate, the reasons why Pokemon X/Y SHOULD'VE affected negatively on GTA 5's I think either...1. Give GTA 5 the same score as X/Y or 2. Switch the scores to make it more fair, while GTA 5 is a great game, but X/Y seem better in my opinion, Nintendo's IP's are refreshing from ''Hard boiled'' IP that curses the Minds of this Industry and 4-8th graders, but i could be wrong and the reasoning may be weak, it's just my Opinion...



WinterWarm said:

Firstly, thanks to @superconsole for the review!

Now to over-hype!

I can't wait! I'm getting Y first, then X, it'll be my first Pokemon game( I know, I know ), and now I'm definitely freaking out over here!



Freeon-Leon said:

Great review, I'll be downloading this game as soon as posible and I really hope the no 3D overworld doesn't look bad to me. I really like the 3D effect and I thought it'd be through the entire game. Although there's no doubt this game is gonna be awesome.

Also, this feels like playing Blue again! I'm very excited!

@Doma He said "seem".



KittenKoder said:

@WinterWarm Welcome to the Pokefan club. Pokemon X and Y are sure to make you a new lifetime fan.

I have been with the series since it's inception, and am very excited to see them in 3D finally! Everything else could suck in the game and the 3D pokemon would still make it the most anticipated game of all time.



Genesaur said:

"Customizable character." That's it. This game is a winner. That alone makes me want to get X sooner than later.



Emaan said:

"Goodbye Animal Crossing" is right.

Hello, new Pokemon game in 7 days!
I'm so excited.



ShikabaneHime13 said:


For real?! Contacts?! Can you list some colors? I'm gonna play as the tan-skin female but I don't want the stereotypical brown eyes (I'm bi-racial and have tan skin but violet eyes)



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Rensch Lightning Rod Seaking still has no weaknesses, as well (other than stuff like Skill Swap, Mold Breaker, and Simple Beam, but the same is also true of Eelectross).



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Jazzer94 I'm waiting until the release date to buy it off the e-Shop (which I was going to do anyway) so that I can find out all the version differences before I decide which one I want.



ShikabaneHime13 said:


I was referring to "stereotypical" in reference to many people, when they think of darker-skinned people, think of brown eyes. I'm aware that genetics play a major part in determining a person's features. But, just as every lighter skinned human doesn't have blue eyes and blonde hair, not every darker skinned human has brown eyes and black/brown hair (as in my case since I have violet eyes and dark blonde hair). That was why I was happy to hear about contact lenses in the game.



Mytoemytoe said:

Katy Ellis' review is terrible. She only caught 9 out of the possible 10 points. You always have to catch them all, Katie!

Just kidding. Can't wait to play.



Sam_Loser2 said:

@XxGame_LoverXx Well in addition to the gen 5 starters you'll get your pick of gen 1 pokemon starters as well. I don't know which game, if either, or both, will have pikachu. Whatever old pokemon they have will be split evenly between the two games, X may have vulpix while Y may have growlithe. We just have to wait and see when they come out.



KnightOfNothing said:

@superconsole I was wondering, how big would you say this region is compared to the other regions? And also, how even spaced is the encounter of new and old pokemon? I know you see both, but do you see newer more or older more? Or is it evenly spaced?



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Marakuto I was mostly referring to the Seaking case he brought up.

For most purposes, we can say that Eelectross isn't weak to anything since Mold Breaker is a relatively rare ability, especially if you don't have exposure to Dream World.



misterquin said:

@Blastoise-san I agree with that decision if that's the case. I know some people aren't into 3D, but the system is called 3DS for Christ's sake. I would've LOVED the entire game to be in 3D considering how gorgeous the graphics are. I feel it's complete laziness to NOT make it 3D.



XCWarrior said:

@tchaten I want to be surprised by some of the Pokemon I will see in the wild. Every time a website gets ahold of a new one, they post it, name and all. Very annoying.



DarkNinja9 said:

i think out of everything about this game im just more exited to customize my own character more then anything and not look the same > then i can worry about those new pkm



Royalblues said:

I fail to understand the logic of most of these comments here. Why would any of you assume that the process of reviewing GTAV is the same as a Pokemon game?
They are reviewed based on different standards altogether. GTA's score is based on the standard it created back on the PS2 and XBOX with GTAIII, which to this day is one of the greatest games of all time.
Pokemon is graded on RPG standards, and the monster-collecting aspect that, while it did not create, was revolutionized by the games.
Why are you all comparing the scores and reviews? Even worse, you people are mad enough to get upset by a difference of one point? That is laughable.
As for me, I can't wait to play Pokemon X, and I'm going to buy Pokemon Y for my brother, so we can have all the monsters.
AND, I'm also going to keep enjoying the hell out of GTAV. Enjoying the best of both worlds is a concept that you fanboys here can't grasp.



Royalblues said:

I'm going to import my super cool Mienfoo from my copy of Pokemon Black 2 to Pokemon X once the Pokemon Bank is open for business. Mienfoo is awesome. Surpassed Lucario for my favorite Pokemon. ANd when Lucario came out, I thought no pokemon would be cooler than it.



Superconsole said:

@ZephyrTheLegend Hi there, I can't talk about the relative size of the region map specifically, but I can say it's well spaced, creating a good story/gameplay pace
As for the Pokemon I would say you encounter more old gen Pokemon than new Pokemon on average, which in my opinion is better as you really relish those moments when a new species pops up! Even in "important battles" older gen Pokemon are used, rather than purely Gen VI.



Superconsole said:

@ShikabaneHime13 Yeah! It's so cool I sure can, I do believe you collect them as you go along (but I could be wrong), my character's eyes were naturally blue, and then I so far have Brown, Hazel, Gray and Green in my Lenses Case. I'll keep searching and see if any exciting contact colours crop up.



Royalblues said:

Lol. I was actually hoping that along with skin customization, we could see hair texture customization as well. I'd like to play as a trainer with an afro or something. Cornrows. That would be cool. But the main character has to have a hat on, so... yeah that defeats the purpose of that. I at least hope he can be bald, because my hair is not straight, it's very coiled.
Anyway, I'll find out when I get the game.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Ernest_The_Crab Oops, I forgot about that. Well, there's also Electrode after it uses Magnet Rise (and some other pure Electric types with the Magnet Rise move tutor in Black/White 2 only).



miletich3 said:

If the next generation of Pokemon is gonna go for a 10, what it needs is at least a Dark type gym and no more of those redundant Electric type gyms. Also, some of the names for the Kalos gym badges sound reeeeeeeeeal cliche. Like seriously!



Jacobryan2323 said:

Everyone who has the guts to say this game has bad graphics should take a look at what they have said. Do you guys realize pokemon started out in black and white and had basically no outlines of anything. Then they added color and some detail. They added more detail. If your going to complain complain about the others this has the best graphics of all and not to mention it is in 3D. Pokemon has taken a huge leap forward and usually it takes them like three years to release a game. It has only been a year. Just remember



Jacobryan2323 said:

I love eevee and the new evolution looks pretty cool. I cannot wait to play. Its only 6 days (less) but this week of school is gonna be so hard to get through. I have been waiting for like six months so i dont know why it got so hard so close to the release.



3DGamer said:

I'm getting X and does anybody know how many blocks it's gonna take? I'm planning on getting it midnight release off of eshop. NO SLEEP! And I'm still gonna play AC:NL but I'm gonna play Pokemon X.



LoveSugoi said:

@3DGamer The game takes up 14000 blocks if I recall correctly.

Hm, may have to see if my gamestop is doing a midnight release. They' re in a mall but they have done it before.



ShikabaneHime13 said:


Be happy. I wish I still had school to occupy my time. It actually makes the day go faster when you're busy with something else while waiting for something highly anticipated



9999CoinPorygon said:

I would have given the game a 900 out of 10 but that is probably mostly hype talking since I haven't played the game yet.



HyouVizer said:

@Yukari_Sendo no, the AI for the pokemon games have always been stupid, IGN just stated that they're still stupid, but they have be that way to not frustrate little kids that play it

but ever since 3rd gen, and each gen after that has always had some place you'd only have access to after beating the pokemon league having tournament level cap with enemy trainers pokemon within it having real life strategies for them and the AI is actually very smart and it takes some skill to beat them, those are when the games post an serious challenge



RiverCube said:

@Blastoise-san Oh god here we go.....Just because the review is positive, doesn't mean the game is perfect. I would give the game an 8/10, because I'm a nit picking piece of poopsiedoodlecacapoopiedoggiedoodles. I didn't like the roller skates and walking alternating on the controls. The Pokemon were cool, but I think they made the Fairy type all too powerful. I have a lot more, but you can see what I'm saying right?
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Antisham said:

@Dr_Corndog I agree with you. Although, do not forget that games are subject to being enjoyed by different segments of end users, hence why there may be so many in existence. On the positive end of things, isn't it nice to have the option to play all of the games eventually?

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