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Final Year Evolutionary Psychology Degree Student. Living in Northern Ireland.

Wed 23rd Jan 2013

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MikalM commented on Review: Bravely Default (3DS):

@zipmon Just wanted to confirm for you:- UK version has English/Japanese options for spoken dialogue, and Jap/English/French/Italian/German/Spanish in-game text options.



MikalM commented on Pokemon X & Y Designer: Creature-Making Isn’...:

@MYVGW The keychain pokemon fits in exceptionally well with fairy lore and superstition. It's a commonly known superstition that if you misplace/lose something important to you like your keys, it's because a fairy has mischievously taken or moved them. That's what this Pokemon represents.



MikalM commented on Review: Pokémon X & Y (3DS):

I don't quite understand why all the reviews are popping up when there's an embargo still going on for a lot of facets of the game.

Nevertheless, I'm glad it's positive. I've been following the leaks on /vp/ and I'm super stoked for my ghost pumpkin.



MikalM commented on Nintendo Launches Wii U Virtual Console Trial ...:

In before all the UK folks complain about have to pay 10p or so more due to the exchange rate.

It wouldn't make much sense if it was "30 Years, 30 Days, 20~ Pence" now would they?

Disclaimer: I'm in the UK. I just find people who'd complain about it funny.

Also, for those thinking it's a trial; it is not. It's 30 days that the games will be 30 pence/cents. After that they'll go up to normal price. The trial is so-named because you're "trial"ing the Wii U eShop before it officially launches in Spring.