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Sat 21st Sep 2013

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Pinecallado commented on Hacking Group Claims To Have Discovered Wii U ...:

Come on hackers, please don't release this exploit out into the public. The Wii U needs every last game sale it can squeeze right now. I know many people will say that it will be just intended for homebrew but homebrew always leads to piracy 150% of the time.

Piracy is not good for a system that's still struggling to move a lot of software sales.



Pinecallado commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I feel instead of including a gamepad with the Wii U as the main gimmick for it, Nintendo should of made it optional for developers to use the 3ds as a way to connect wirelessly with the Wii u as a gamepad and to play Wii U games on it via "remote play". Kind of like how sony does it with their handhelds and consoles.

Then the Gamepad pro would be the default controller for the Wii U.



Pinecallado commented on Pokémon Bank Pricing Emerges For Europe:

Can't wait for pokemon bank to come out so I can finally see some more variety of pokemon in wonder trades. Its a little boring seeing the same in game or friend safari pokemon all the time.



Pinecallado commented on Pokemon X & Y Designer: Creature-Making Isn’...:

@AllAroundGamer9 Actually pokemon black and white was considered a "reboot" of the series because it only featured only brand new pokemon for all of the story mode. Also some of the pokemon in that generation was designed by a western designer so that's why they looked different from regular pokemon.

I thought they fitted in well though because of the fact that the game was based in new york city this time which is a western location instead of the usual eastern locations from Japan pokemon regions is based of.



Pinecallado commented on Nintendo Download: 10th October (North America):

I would love to download Pokemon X/Y, but the fact that its been about 3 years now and Nintendo stupidly still doesn't have a real account system for the 3ds prevents me from doing so. I don't understand why its so hard to set up a account system that's tied to your club nintendo account or something.