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I'm awe, some call me awesome.

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Mon 12th August, 2013

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rdp223 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Continues to Devour Competiti...:

I think it's all going to be over come Saturday. Not to mention everyone buying a 2DS bundle with Poké pretty sure my workplace will have some kind of deal on that which they always do.

I just can't wait til we get MH4 and I'm glad 3DS is finally doing it's thangg! haha.



rdp223 commented on Talking Point: Pokémon X & Y's Grand Global R...:

The other day I was just curious and typed 'Pokémon' on tumblr and man do those people post every single detail about this game -.- lol. I wasn't surprised though...but yea just be careful if you are trying to keep the surprises a surprise haha.



rdp223 commented on Review: Pokémon X & Y (3DS):

Can't wait for this. While I was at work yesterday (ToysRus) We finally got X & Y in...more Y's than X's though. I'm sure we will be getting more tomorrow
I was just holding Pokémon X and wanted to take it it home with me haha....ahhh 8 more days people ^_^



rdp223 commented on Pokémon X & Y 3DS XL Systems Hit the West on ...:

All I had to do was wait a month and a couple weeks and I would have gotten one of these collectors items. But I'm still satisfied with my BlackonBlack XL...I can always slap a design on there for some uniqueness haha.



rdp223 commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 2DS:

That's okay I think it's great that they have the 2DS for kids...I'll be sticking with my 3DS. Have you platyed Kid Icarus in 3d?! F'n' beautiful! haha.

I wish for stores to change all the 3ds into 2ds because I hate seeing those kids abuse the 3ds...stabbing the screen so hard until the touchscreen doesn't work anymore like at my work place sad :( lol.



rdp223 commented on EA Executive: Shigeru Miyamoto is 'Falling Dow...:

Somewhat agree...but gaming is only fun as a pass time and that's all there is too it. Haha funny guy. But I could care less for mobile gaming...all it does is kill batteries and I ain't about that that life haha.



rdp223 commented on Weirdness: Say Hello to the Cross Plane, a Gam...:

I actually like the idea and I think it's a good start. But price is ehhh...they have 40inch TVs with full 1080p for a lot cheaper these days. I think they would have to add touch screen features and make the device not look so cheap.