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New Pokémon, a new storyline set in a spectacular 3D world, and dynamic battles instantly make Pokémon X & Pokémon Y two of the most highly anticipated video game titles of 2013.

“The worldwide launch of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y this October allows players to begin their adventures at the same time,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokémon Company. “Now, Pokémon fans across the globe can discover the secrets of Pokémon games and can collect, battle, and trade with each other immediately.”

“We brought Pokémon into an entirely new dimension and we’re incredibly excited to bring Pokémon X and Pokémon Y to fans,” said Junichi Masuda, video game director at GAME FREAK inc. “The stunning visuals, a completely redesigned environment, game scenario, music, and communication features will bring smiles to the faces of video game players around the world.”

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Posted by Katy Ellis

Evolution or revolution?

Do you remember that first time you rushed home with the latest copy of Pokémon, gleefully slotting it into your handheld and dreaming of becoming the next Pokémon Master? Everything was new, fresh and exciting. Every time that pixelated grass flickered...

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User Comments (252)



TechnoEA said:

I wonder how long this has been in development then.

I cannot wait for this.



Dutch_Cheesecake said:

I frist saw the trailer on YouTube and I was like: No, this can't be true. The I saw the Nintendo Direct and I was like: "THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!"



ThatNickBloke said:

Pretty shocked that Nintendo are holding off the Japanese release for a release date Worldwide, usually they release in Japan about 200 years before Europe, so I am quite excited about the prospect of finding a hidden potion that Satoshi pointed out to me.
Sorry, that was incredibly stereotypical and pretty generalized, I know that you can find antidotes as well.

Really stoked, can't wait.



ThatNickBloke said:

@NintyCraze2013 X certainly looks like it has the arguably better legendary out of the two versions, probably Steel and Psychic, although I'm probably way off of the mark.
Probably Normal and Bug or something CRAZY.



Tysonic51 said:

I can't wait till pokemon X and Y come out,I'm going to get both people it going to be awesome



KiNgPoLiToEd said:

Apparently the starters for this generation all have a secondary type which makes them super effective against the starter they are weak against. For example, the fennekin is supposed to be fire/psychic, the froakie is supposed to be water/fighting and the third, chespin is supposed to be grass/dark. Although Im not sure whether this is just for the third evolutions



ViKTRO said:

i was so exited for this game i had to watch the trailer on my phone at school.



MrMario02 said:

fennekin looks like a potential fire/dark type.
chespin looks like a potential grass/ground type.
froakie looks like a potential water/ice type.



pokefreakTrnT said:

I'm woo excited about these new games and all the new pokemon, i just hope they take drizzle and drought out of the battling online



Demonic_Wolf said:

Finally a perfect fire starter and legendary(Yveltal) for pokemon. I've been waiting for this since i was seven.



TheNewbietoWiiU said:

Birthday = October
Release date = October
Wanted = X
Starter = Fennekin
Legendary = Xerneas
Impatience = 100 per second per second



Xjarnold said:

I hate waiting for games pokemon x and y, monster hunter, Zelda, fire embl- wait fire emblem is out?in an actual store!?!?!?!



PokeNerd said:

I like this footage very much. Please don't be disappointing when it comes to new Pokemon like black and white was.



TrainerYandX said:

I have been researching this game since it surprised me on a game informer. So what i have read I have seen some sick crazy rumors all Pokemon lovers would die of. I heard Pokemon from generation 5 and 1 are gonna have new pre-evolution's n new evolution's, and i read their might be cross-breading involved examples are: fir/ice water/electricity fire/dark fight/flying and so on but i know this game will be crazy^_^!!!



Pokemon-fan-392 said:

A dragon-fighting type with wings that fold up into extra arms
It's first evolution is a dragon type thats like dragonair but with wings that fold into arms.
The it grows legs when it evolves and becomes a fighting type



psolero94 said:

i dont like the fact that the characters name seems to be uncustomization in the game i been reading in alot of places and they all say that the name of the trainers are Jean and Jane. also they should allow pokemon to follow the trainer again that was good in SS and HG. furthermore, they should allow spike ear pichu in the new generation, what the point of making this pichu f you cant transfer it to another game {i was disappointed on that . i wanted to continue my journey with her} everything else about the game seem too be great so i cant wait for the game



Lvl100Caterpie said:

Anyone remember Missingo from Pokemon Red and Blue. I hope Pokemon X and Y is excellent. I am predicting a Pokemon Z with a slightly updated storyline and 5 to 10 new Pokemon to be released approximately 9 months from the release date of X and Y. Just a hunch....



Bulbschubs99 said:

NITENDO NO RELEASE FOR NORMAL DS WTF IS GOING ON HERE!!!! (If you could not tell I'M ANGARY!... and a bad speller.)



PokeNerd said:

@Bulbschubs99 I think the story line was pretty good in BW and BW2. It's just some of their new Pokemin were pathetic, like trubbish and Garbo. I mean come on they were piles of trash and then you have the 3 ice cream Pokemon. They didn't seem to try very hard on Pokemon. I had more fun in BW2. Also they learned so few attacks, they had better attacks in Generation 3, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire is so far the best generation so far when it comes to new Pokemon and the number of useful attacks they learn as they level up.



Xjarnold said:

Watching the trailer I got excited than disappointed. HOLY CRAP a 3D pokemon game! Suddenly I see the x pokemon a feet. I'm thinking, a pokemon like dialga?this is gonna be awes- sees its a legendarily deer, yippee



PokemonFanRml said:




PokeNerd said:

You can't seriously believe it's going to be canceled. why would they cancel it and then release footage of a new pokemon on Saturday.



PokemonFanRml said:

Yeah PokeNerd is right. I mean they did shows us the stuff coming on saturday so i HOPE it's not canceled.



PokeNerd said:

Plus if you google Pokemon X and Y looking for news on cancellation, there's nothing there. On top of that if they were cancelling it common sense says that of all places it would be announced is on this website and maybe the Pokemon website and I'm sure the owner of Serebii.net would've announced it. That person always posts the latest Pokemon news. Plus the release date is still in Gamestop.



Gregor said:

@PokeNerd What else were they supposed to come up with? I agree the Vaniluxe line doesn't really make (I used one in my playthrough of black.... But then I ate it.) but you can just disregard it as canon, whereas garb odor actually makes a bit of sense.



Gregor said:

@Bulbschubs99 Gamefreak has spent 9 mainstream Pokemon titles on the DS. NINE TITLES. In case you haven't noticed, it's time for them to move on if they don't want to alienate the majority of their customers.



PokeNerd said:

@Fusion14 I must say that with how many Pokemon games they've created I'm not surprised they're running out of ideas. However, if that's the case then if it's silly like an ice cram cone or a bag of garbage then it's something that shouldn't be used. I absolutely love Pokemon, but if you're running out of ideas I'd rather them stop making Pokemon games rather than ruin a good game. Or perhaps re-release games like Pokemon Yellow, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald for the DS systems rather than the Advance systems. But I'm SOOOOOOO looking forward to these 2 games XD. So excited.



Gregor said:

@PokeNerd garbage bag that became life form due to nuclear waste. Ice cream cone.......look if you hate it THAT much just buy lots and lots of casteliacones and feed them to your pignite.



Dutch_Cheesecake said:

Wauw!! Lots of new information, but not complete. Fortunatley because, its keeping you speculating for new ideas and stuff. Liking X and Y and still counting down



SpearGuy said:

I NEED this! I have sapphire, platinum, heart gold, black, and black 2! Those are all amazing! I'm getting fennekin as a starter. The graphics look amazing! I preordered this the day I heard about it! I hope the game is longer than the others! I would pay $9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999........
For this! I'm getting X! Come on October!! Get here already!!!!



BetweenTheTrees said:

Fennekin is my least favorite starter. Froakie is my first. and Xerneas is the better legendary. and the new mewtwo form is awesome. come on people. get with it.



Dutch_Cheesecake said:

Hopefully there will be some sort of ''pokéwalker'' too just like heartgold and soulsilver . That idea would be great, gives me a real reason to leave my home with my 3DS. Well, just for playing pokemon Y I will take it out of my home XD



simmergirl said:

Can't wait! And for the first friggin time ever there are rumors saying fennikin is a fire/not fighting type while froackie is a water fighting! And the grass is dark!



Arcanine82 said:

This game looks amazing. Though I hope they come out with a game where the person can travel to every region..... Start out in Kanto and go through the format like in yellow, then travel through the Johto, then, Hoen, Sinnoh, Unova, and then the new region in x and y. With this idea they should allow the trainer to be able to catch all the Pokemon from every game throughout every region.



sebio64 said:

Finally, a game where the battles are fun to watch and feel like real battles. Black and White was a big step, with moving sprites, but this is crazy! And @PokeNerd, I could tell that you really want this game, according to your profile pic



FireGamer said:

I heard some stuff on you tube that they aren't going to add soo many poke'mon but make pre evolutions and new evolutions of the other poke'mon that have been created.
I also heard that there are going to be two new types for the legendaries: sound and light- Yveltal sound and Xerneas light



FireGamer said:

I can't wait for this game to come out! I hope I'll have enough money saved for a 3DS and the game when it comes out.



FireGamer said:

@PokeNerd I think that they should put two poke'mon and put different parts to make up an entirely new poke'mon. for example, If you mix Lucario with Charmander it'd create another poke'mon.



PokeNerd said:

@GizmoGamer A friend and I thought about that. With how black and white 2 went with the fusion of Kyurem and Reshiram or Zekrom we thought they might make it where you could fuse Pokemon in X and Y. Especially since it seems to be related to DNA. Makes me think of Chromosomes X and Y. I don't know how I would feel about it if they did that though. It intrigues me but at the same time I dislike the thought of them doing such a thing. But I think that's because it would be so new and different. Maybe they'll do it some day, when they do it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.



PokeNerd said:

@sebiog Lol, you have no idea how badly I want this. I go sooooo excited in Gamestop when I heard about it that I started jumping up and down and giggling a bit. It was a little embarrassing but I couldn't contain myself. Luckily the only people that were there were the people who worked there and I'm friends with all of them so we just had a good laugh about it. Gotta be able to laugh at yourself.



FireGamer said:

@MusicChu Why would you think they'd cancel x & y? They have made the world 3D and they've made a huge leap in the quality of their games.



FireGamer said:

BIG NEWS! The legendaries are based off Nordic Mythology. Asgard has it's eagle as the protector or something like that, and he's blind, if you look at Yveltal, he has the characteristics of an eagle, and if you look at his eyes, they look pretty blind. If you look at Midguard there are four deer each with a colored gem in their two antlers. Look at Xerneas and it seems to have those colored gems in its antlers which probably represents the deers. This hopefully proves that there's going to be a pokemon Z, the region hel, has a serpent, and all serpents can shape their bodies as a Z.
Also, the Asgard is "up there" and Yveltal has wings. Midguard represents ground and Xerneas can't fly,
That represents the axises x and y, y being at the top, kind of representing sky and the position of asgard being in the sky and at the top, and x, the horizontal axis, represents the ground and the position of Midguard.
That's all I have for now. Sorry if you find it wordy.



SpearGuy said:

@GizmoGamer That would be cool, but a fusion machine would be cooler! I mean, like, you could fuse ANY pokemon with another. I would make Warchick. A combination of wartortle and torchick. I CAN'T WAIT! (Sniff, sniff)



FireGamer said:

@SpearGuy Then they could also make fusion moves too! Like if you fused Lucario and Charmeleon, you could fuse moves to make something like flaming aura sphere!



SpearGuy said:

I have chortles! If you fused torterra and empoleon, there would be energy beam! (A combo of energy ball and bubble beam)



FireGamer said:

@Benjamen what i was really saying is that because the producer's of poke'mon are running out of ideas and making ideas that weren't great, they could combine two poke'mon to make another



FireGamer said:

There has to be a pokemon z because it's on 3DS and 3D needs three dimensions to be 3D. So hopefully there will be a pokemon z with an updated storyline.



Dutch_Cheesecake said:

Haha, I pre-orderd pokemon Y . now its "just" 6 months waiting. Waiting? I ment suffering :s. Haha, really looking foreward to it



Skeet102 said:

I just realized something, what if mewtwo is the Z pokemon. There is a theory that the Z pokemon is based on a hell creature that can shape shift. Not only does the fact that mewtwo has 2 forms which is like shape shifting, but the hellish creature is said to have a base snake form, which the head of mewtwo's new form looks like a snake and its body is curvy. Along with that, it's purple which is the fusion of red and blue.



PokeNerd said:

@Skeet102 This new Mewtwo can't possibly be Z. Only reason I say this is because there are several Pokemon with forms. Giratina, Deoxys, Shaymin, Sawsbuck if you want to count him mainly because the appearance changes with the seasons, now Mewtwo has a form. It's a good theory but it can't be Mewtwo. I'll be surprised if it is though.



milotic_dreamer said:

I don't even own gameboy color/advance/ds & etc.
But Im a huge fan Of pokemon, we even make school of pokemon- a litte school set in our friends house, which educates pokefan around our town to learn/update about pokemon. We even make games about it. WERE kinda obsessed bout it. PLAYING ON MY PHONE USING MEBOY IS SURE IS FUN. ( but that game is much cooler, Can you lend me your old pokemon games?)



milotic_dreamer said:

Kinda confused." In the Anime, Ash started at 1998 in the age of 10, how old is he now? 25 yrs. Old ? Ash growing Old but not growing Up.



PokeNerd said:

@milotic_dreamer It seems like in the Anime time doesn't pass like in our world. Meaning that his journeys end in less than a year. But it is a perplexing thing. I think it's a different reason. In the very first episodes of Pokemon Ash sees Ho-Oh, Ho-Oh is a Pokemon that's supposed to bring eternal happiness to those who see it. So since Ash saw it that must mean that forever being a 10 year old boy on a Pokemon journey is what'll make him eternally happy.



milotic_dreamer said:

I think youre right maybe 1 year(WORLD)=6 months(pokeWORLD), yeah. I remember it, when Ash was chased by a flock of spear0w, then after a while, a Ho-Oh appeared..I HAVE ALL THE CD'S from gen 1 to gen 4(although its pirated) and I watch BW in Cart0on Netword. @PokeNerd. Have you finished all the games.



PokeNerd said:

@milotic_dreamer I have finished all the games that are like Red, Blue and Yellow. I don't usually play Pokemon games that aren't like those those. But I do play the Pokemon Ranger games and Pokemon Conquest game and I like those but I hate the Pokemon Dungeon games. But when it comes to the mainstream Pokemon games I have completed all of them except White 2 and I own all of them going back to the 3 originals.

And I don't remember if I saw the Episode with Porygon. I think I did because when I was a kid I rarely missed an episode. But I can't be absolutely sure.



milotic_dreamer said:

you know that pokemon is in Guinness. The record is "A CARTOon show that cause a huge incident of seizureness in Japan"
it is banned to televised all over the world. IM sad cause i dont even own pokemon gameboys /ds , etc.. Im playing MeBOY on my phone. I dont even play gb advance c0z i dont have one.. I wish i could have one.



milotic_dreamer said:

you know that pokemon is in Guinness. The record is "A CARTOon show that cause a huge incident of seizureness in Japan"
it is banned to televised all over the world. IM sad cause i dont even own pokemon gameboys /ds , etc.. Im playing MeBOY on my phone. I dont even play gb advance c0z i dont have one.. I wish i could have one.



milotic_dreamer said:

you know that pokemon is in Guinness. The record is "A CARTOon show that cause a huge incident of seizureness in Japan"
it is banned to televised all over the world. IM sad cause i dont even own pokemon gameboys /ds , etc.. Im playing MeBOY on my phone. I dont even play gb advance c0z i dont have one.. I wish i could have one.



milotic_dreamer said:

im just a simple 14 year old boy. I want my mom to buy me but she said that im too obsessed with pokemon. SHE IS THE ONE WHO Buy me all pokemon merchandise lyk all tcg card sets and even stuff toys.



PokeNerd said:

@milotic_dreamer Oh lol. I'm 23 and I still play, but even at the age of 14. If you get allowances or money for Christmas and birthdays or for doing summer jobs like walking someones dog or mowing someones lawn if you save all the money you may get it. But if not then I wish you luck in getting it one day.



milotic_dreamer said:

Im saving my money to buy an Android Phone coz i see that android supports ds games. Nes games. N64. Gba and etc. But im not yet qualified for child labor.. @PokeNerd CAN YOU LEND ME YOUR OLD GAMES? LoL! Hahaha



milotic_dreamer said:

@PokeNerd Because of my 3 legendary dragon, i named then the disaster masters, they are:
Dratsun- tsunami
Volcagon-volcanic eruption.
. .



Nicholas3652 said:

I can't wait for the cute little Fletching and the cool-tough Gogoat. I'm going to love riding on Gogoat. Fletching may be able to learn fire type moves, based on the scene in the trailer.



NoirUsernameHere said:

Fletching's Final Evolution may be more of a beast than Staraptor. I finally want a Normal/Flying Type more powerful than Staraptor,Really...



milotic_dreamer said:

Can someone give me a link of these three starter's evolution..the real one , coz when i google it, So many results.



Skeet102 said:

I just don't understand why people are surprised Ash is still 10. Sure the tv show has gone on for a while but not the in show time. Some people say that it's because Ash has completed a lot of pokemon leagues. But in the games, it takes only about 40 hours to beat all 8 gym leaders and the elite 4. That's less than 2 days!



milotic_dreamer said:

@Skeet102 i think ur right, but usually in the anime, one day in their world is equal to one episode,mostly! For example, when ash travels with Misty and Brock on their way to Eucreteak City, i think that 6 episodes gone to six night on their World!



DanielHPoetry said:

I think these may get me as excited about playing Pokemon as red and blue did when they first came out



Silverpants said:

I found out
Fennekin Fire/Psychic
Chespin Grass/Dark
Froakie Water/Fighting



WindWakerLink said:

This is a little silly on my part, but I just realize that "this is a new Pokemon game. That means NEW abilities!!!!! Aw man.... Black & White had some pretty broken abilities...I can't imagine how broken X & Y abilities will be. Hahaha! I'm SUPER EXCITED!!!"

I can't wait to hear the E3 coverage of X & Y. Hopefully it will be live stream. ^__^



Sammy23 said:

I am pretty excited for this game! Now just need to get a 3DS. I'm definitely starting off with Fennekin! It's SO cute!



Skeet102 said:

I hope froakie is a water/fighting type. we only have 2 so far, poliwrath and my little pony- I mean uh keldeo.



milotic_dreamer said:

Guys, there is a link that shows the list of pokemon fron x and y. Just google "leaked pokedex pokemon x and y". Enjoy!



YuiMizunashi said:

@psolero94 he might be french... so, I think it's legit... also, I'm a game tester and as I know ~ those are just their default names... like any other Pokémon games... though, you don't have to believe me, for I, myself ain't sure as well... sort of...




im so excited! im gonna save up for pokemon x and batman: arkham origins blackgate! since they both come out on the same day!



Silverpants said:

hey skeet102 froakie is a water/fighting type Its up 3 comments of where you talked about my little pony



PeachxZelda said:

@FOLEY I always use the water types, but I'm not so sure about how the frog one looks..... I'll probably end up using him anyway though xD



Victini102 said:

I cant wait until this comes, this is so different, in a good way of course, I mean seriously It's the first time we ever get to Ride AND control pokemon



Mathew_1 said:

This is what i'll do:
Buy Pokemon X, Steal all three starters from the professor and kill everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(In the game of course)



Mathew_1 said:

These are the closest to what we know about the starter's types:

Chespin's fully evolved type: Grass and Ground/Rock; It could be Ground because it looks like it or it could be Rock because we know that it learns Rollout at level 8.(I reckon it's Rock though)

Froakie's fully evolved type: Water and Fighting; it's Fighting because watch how it stands when it uses the Water type move and it's eyes in the trailers.

Fennekin's fully evolved type: Fire and Psychic; It's Psychic because no starter Pokemon has been a Psychic type so Fennekin might be the first. (Not to sure about Fennekin) .



Mathew_1 said:

I will get Pokemon X, choose Chespin, get Fletching, Helioptile, Sylveon, that Mewthree thingy and Xerneas and then later in the game, switch some Pokemon for other ones if they turn out to be bad because you should have different Pokemon types.



kid0kami said:

@MrWalkieTalkie ....mmmm false....while I love pokemon. and the PS Vita is poorly marketed and over priced....it's still a way better system all in all. whenever they do their standard Sony Product price chop it's gonna fly off shelves.



tedko said:

Pokemon's never really interested me, but can someone tell me what's the deal with these games always coming in pairs? Black and White, X and Y etc. Are there differences between them? Is there any reason to buy both games from a pair?



ryanfj said:

i don't care if anyone said this before but please game freak plz add add red as the Pokemon league champion but as a secret last person where you have to find him so or add him as a friend you can have in Pokemon x and y pllllllllllllllllllllz



MrMario02 said:

@ryanfj They have to include Red because he's been in every Pokemon generation. I still want him to play a bigger role than just a guy you fight once and never see again.
@Xerneassucks Xerneas doesn't suck. He's just not as cool as Yveltal.



Ryankf said:

I don't care what you guys say because i'm gettin Xerneas and though Yvetal does look cooler. I'm more interested in the fairy type.



Mathew_1 said:

@Ryankf I disagree about that part you said 'Yveltal looks cooler'. I reckon that Xerneas looks cooler and you're right, the new fairy type Pokemon have strong fairy type moves like Moonblast and Fairywind but the only thing that makes me want Yveltal is because there are probably other strong fairy type Pokemon that are going to have mega evolution's and since in every Pokemon game there are other legendary's, there could be fairy type legendary's in this game because fairy is a new Pokemon type in the 6 generation.



HeroOfHyrule said:

Looks at the comments
Wow, Pokemon fans are chatty. XD
I am being forced to buy this game so I'm hoping it shines above the rest of them.



natsu said:

when i get pokemon y i dont know who to pick for a starter i just might get fennekin then pick charmander, but they are giving away a free torchick guess its only fire types for me but the fairy types seem pretty cool



Shadowace23 said:

I think it's awesome they're giving away the torchic, I was playing pokemon emerald last night and soul silver getting the hype up



Pokelover said:

SO PUMPED FOR THE GAME!!!!!!! How will you get torchic once you get it???? Please tell and ill give u a pokemon and battle u when it comes out! XD



chibiowl said:

Getting psyched! My birthdays four days from now and I'm getting it the day it comes out! Yesh!



Shadowace23 said:

I believe you'll get torchic like you got either genesect or by downloading it to another game like the celibie and zoru event on black and white



Shadowace23 said:

I've already got half of my team decided...froakie, torchic, fletchling, and that's all I know so far besides noivern



Shadowace23 said:

Fletchling is the new flying type on x an y it seems like its similar to the pokemon taillow and swellow from the pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald series...I know the torchic with the megastone is available oct 12 but I think it's a month long event or a certain amount of weeks event, most likely the lil book in the game box will have something about it with the deadline date



Pokelover said:

Im barley able to afford X otherwise i would have both aswell. Who do u think is a better legendary?



natsu said:

@Jese_1 amazing how many people have already pre-ordered this game I pre-ordered y this game is going to be a HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



natsu said:

so when x and y are released who wants to trade freind codes i pre-ordedred y so lets get this PARTY STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Gio10 said:

I can't wait for x and y!!!! looks so amazing!!! Can anyone give me ideas to which one to buy pokemon x or pokemon y



Kb1 said:

I am getting both the games already pre ordered them a month ago from Game Stop



Pokelover said:

Getting Y with Frokie as a starter. Anyone have any ideas on how to get Torchic??? If so please help me!



Mathew_1 said:

I am playing Pokemon X and Y!!!!
I went to the midnight release!!!! I have been waiting soooo long!!!

Pokelover@ i got the torchic by doing this:

Make sure you have wifi (If you don't then just go to a place with free wifi like mcdonalds) :

Mystery gift
Get via internet (that's the second option after you click mystery gift)

It will search for the gift and eventually it will come up

Note: you will have to have the pokedex before you can get it!


That's it...



Mathew_1 said:

@BowserCrown You're right, that's not enough, Game Freak is getting quite lazy.
But you can get 450 Pokemon in the game including the new ones. that would be the bonus



Unmei said:

could someone tell me what my type and pokemon are in friend safari?

FC 1693 1750 4405



Mathew_1 said:

@BowserCrown well, now apparently there is going to be more mega stones added somehow and 3 legendaries that are possibly trios. these might be events....



Shabazzia said:

I'm looking for a pinsir, snover, and whismur in people's friend safaris! If you have one, please add me:)my code is 2337-3737-6845. Thanks!



MajesticMinerX said:




EmoAbsol said:

it was easy to beat the whole game and the Elite 4. The champion was easy to beat too since i had a lvl 80 Sylveon. the only thing i didn't like about the game is that the post-game was a bit tooo short XO



Leanneskie said:

Can anyone add me on 3ds please. I'm having trouble trying to get friends added. My friend code is 2208 6001 9787. Thanks. Also can I add you too.



Glaceon said:

All those predictions of this game were wrong... It ended up as the best pokemon game i've played yet. My FC is also 1864-9726-9600, if anyone wants to add me. (My safari is Ice type)



Yveltal199956 said:

I have Shiny Legendary in Pokemon Y from Pokemon Bank any want battle me only have 4 people 2 vs 2 who want my team for tomorrow but i'm new



darkknight909 said:

So sad for me, I'm really want to play this but there something wrong with the payment of my credit card right now. Wish to get this soon

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