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Mario Kart 8 Update & DLC Scheduled for 27th August

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Finally stop selecting "View Highlights" by mistake

Update 2:

This update and DLC has now been confirmed in North America, with Super Mario Kart now also available on the Wii U eShop.


This update has now also been confirmed for 27th August in Europe.

Original Story:

Nintendo has updated its Japanese website with the following details about the latest Mario Kart 8 update (translated by Google, then edited), which will be available from 27th August 2014 in Japan. Whilst there is no mention of a release date for other regions, given the almost simultaneous release of the original game we expect the update to be available around the same time in the West.

  • Added new feature that can display the course map on the TV screen.
  • Changed default choice to "Next Race" instead of "View highlight" in the menu that appears after the race of the Grand Prix.
  • Remember the vehicle parts to be used later / next boot.
  • In "Mario Kart TV", added ability to copy & edit the highlight video of other players.
  • "Scoreboard" screen can be viewed and the number of characters that win-loss total number of coins, online play, etc.
  • Improving the stability of communication during online races.
  • Fixed some (other) problems.

The update will also include the previously announced Mercedes (free) DLC pack that adds three new vehicles to the game; the brand new 'GLA' accompanied by classic models 'W25 Silver Arrow' and '300 SL Roadster'.

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Looking at the changes this update makes it clear that Nintendo has been listening to its fans, especially considering the first three update items. We can also hope that some of "fixes" address issues raised in our recent tournaments. Was there anything else you were hoping for?


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shashwat said:

Thanks for the news in a more digestible format. Ohh and please add the FREE tag before DLC before people freak out!



HarryK said:

Viewing the highlights is never a mistake!
Well, maybe after 300 races. But it's still an impressive feature.

On screen map and customization memory are AWESOME



KromCompany said:

Now I am oozing excitement out of all of my body cavities.
O_O That sounds gross.
More vehicles, and some minor(major) fixes!!! YES!
I am gonna definitely be driving the roadster.

EDIT: I cannot help but watch that video a ton of times. JUST GIMME IT!
I was a little meh at first, but this is just too amazing!

EDIT2: WATCHED TRAILER COUNTER: 7 so far and more to come...
I have never been excited about DLC in my life. NEVER. I never played any games with DLC though... If you count Monster Hunter(I don't really it's just adjusted parameters that you get from the internet)
Spoiled huh? Playing complete games all of my life.



Tsurii said:

This may sound a bit odd, but I'm actually really excited about the fact, that you can view your total coins
I'll finally know how far away from the gold glider I really am xD



dinosauryoshi said:

I like the look of the silver arrow, though I would prefer it in bright green! Excellent news on the update, glad Nintendo has been listening and I'm looking forward to that map being back in the screen!



Datasun_7 said:

There's my two biggest gripes with the game sorted XD now if they could do some track dlc



ThomasBW84 said:

@antdickens It's true, first thing I say when I walk into work is "why no map Nintendo, WHY!". When I'm not saying it I'm thinking it.



Iggly said:

Oh boy, can't wait to see how many losses did I net in this game as I already can tell I lose more often in MK8 than MK7.



xerneas said:

Yay! Next battle mode dlc!
Those cars are a tad funny and boring to me, but I guess someone likes them so I'm not bothered at all. Some more original vehicle dlc would be cool though!



Ralek85 said:

1) Mappack of some kind, for battlemode arenas
2) Voice chat, at least with friends, if not optionally with everyone, during races
3) just an idea, but why can't i have the rearview on my gamepad, at least the 2nd screen would have some use then

4) Update for WWHD plz, it is still missing dat Y-Inversion, should be a matter of minutes really ...



PinkSpider said:

This is DLC done right... Free and improvements to an already excellent game. Not charging you £4.99 for a skin like some third party companies do
Thank you nintendo



marck13 said:

Great, thank you Tom and thank you Nintendo!

One thing I don't get is: "Improving the stability of communication during online races" ..what communication is there during the online races? I only know the speech bubbles in the course selection/globe view ..?



marck13 said:

23 seconds - for an answer here, wow thx! Oh that, yeah that happend 2-3 times to me already. Good thing how Nintendo is working on their "online-skills".



0utburst said:

@mch @antdickens @Ralek85
I guess rear view on the gamepad could affect frame rate though. The map on gamepad and the Horn button doesn't affect that much. It's also unfair for the 2nd-4th player. Unless it's for single player only.



OrangeCluster said:

Would be great to be able to play with a friend without having the split screen on the Gamepad. I guess I'll have to wait a bit more. sigh



Ralek85 said:


That is certainly a possibility, yes. Would be great to know, if Nintendo actually had this idea, and concluded, after testing it, that the drop in performance, if there was any, was not worth it.



Bulbousaur said:

'Changed default choice to "Next Race" instead of "View highlight" in the menu that appears after the race of the Grand Prix.'



jericho2442 said:

This has now been confirmed on the nintendo UK facebook page and youtube channel so i guess its safe to say its coming everywhere at the same date and not just japan



marck13 said:

If you feel so - my game is not broken in any sort - you might be worse of than having issues with a video game. I hope that is not the case!

Personally I don't mind Mercedes paying for our free DLC.
I am stable enough not having to buy a car now, nor pressuring my daddy to get one (I'm way too old, wouldn't work .



Ralek85 said:

@unrandomsam Yes, sure thing, but how does this break the game? Most games would be happy to have such a high frame-rate and so little issue maintaining it. It is not perfect, but to me it is basically imperceptible 95% of the time.
But I'm not one to go about actively trying to spot these things, I learned long ago, that, when it comes to little taints like these, ignorance is indeed bliss. The game is perfectly playable, even with 59fps, though admittely, the display you use, might make somewhat of a difference here, I doubt it though.



Reusinck said:

Strange and not very Nintendo-like to add a brand to their series. Not specifically looking forward to that, i don't care about mercedes or car brands in general. The only DLC I'll be interested in is new tracks. Love the hightlight/next race change, that's definitly an upgrade as is the memory for your car setup. Scoreboard adding is also a nice touch.



RJBurgess said:

One thing I just noticed in the video is that all the Mercedes cars are using the same type of wheel. Does that mean these DLC cars won't be customizable?



maneauleau said:

Some new tracks I hope they are coming at some point. I would be ready to pay 20 eur for 16 new tracks for example.



xxAcesHighxx said:

The TV map display and changing 'next race' to the default option post-race are two fantastic upgrades, as is the ability to monitor your coin count. I just wish they'd also add an option to map the accelerator button to the ZR trigger — then I'd be super happy.

Oh and one last thing, I'd happily pay top dollar for some new tracks and character DLC. Cranky Kong, Prof E Gadd, Samus, Kid Icarus and the Star Fox crew would be *smash*ing



unrandomsam said:

@Ralek85 Can you not tell straight away ? Just one race single player and then another multiplayer ? (I notice it - Not sure I would know exactly what it was but I think I would know there was a difference between the two).



Kolzig said:

Looks to be an excellent update.
Mostly I was disappointed that the map is not able to be shown on tv, especially for local multiplayer races, but now they will fix that.




MJKOP said:

@unrandomsam I've been playing MK8 nonstop since release, I have never once considered it 'broken'. Things can always be improved upon, especially over time, nothing is perfect, but broken?! Come on! You will never be happy my friend, if you only look for what's wrong



Ralek85 said:

@unrandomsam On a few occasions, I think I might have noticed it. Honestly, I can't be really sure about it though, it might have just been my imagination. Tellingly, I never even thought I saw something, before I stumpled upon that damn Digital Foundry article. Like I said, I don't go looking for little problems like that, since once seen, they are hard to unsee.
Much like a stuck pixel, but at least, if you check for those right away, you can exchange the device for a perfect one, which doesn't work here.
I have never noticed it online, I guess things are just too frantic there for me to even begin paying that much attention to the details of the framerate. I'm also used to quite some ups and downs in frame-rates and even tearing, from games like Titanfall on X1.



markybbop said:

I hope nintendo provide track DLC for this game so it keeps intrest alive, it has the potential to be a busy online multiplayer for a very long time but they need to keep adding tracks so people dont get bored



Jmaster said:

@unrandomsam ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon? Basically, it's when you hear/read about something, and all of a sudden you start seeing it often. I think that's what happened with you, you heard about the double 64th frame-bug and convinced yourself you noticed it. Then, being the half-troll you are, blew it up as the game being 'broken' in your conquest for responses on unreasonable complaints you have about Mario Kart 8.



prefer2refer said:

If Nintendo is going to start releasing DLC for their games, then I'm going to be forced to no longer buy retail games until they release a complete edition. This sucks!



NintenAliff said:

@prefer2refer Nintendo has done some DLC before, Fire Emblem Awakening has some DLC exclusive stages, Mario Golf World Tour has some DLC characters and courses and Hyrule Warriors is going to have some DLC costumes.

Just be lucky that they are giving this DLC for free.



prefer2refer said:

@NintenAliff Oh, I didn't realize. I skipped over the Wii and just got a Wii U, so am I trying to catch back up with what Nintendo's been up to. I just hope they don't start releasing GOTY editions because I would like to have a complete hard copy of the game.



Wonky_Kong said:

Its free so im not going to moan at the look of the GLA in MK8 but at least the silver arrow fits in.



vitalemrecords said:

@HarryK I just want to be able to race with a Wii Mote - but switch the gamepad to viewing the race map - while the TV shows me racing. So I can look down and see where everyone is. That would be so nice!! Right now, if you use the wiimote, you can't hit buttons on the gamepad. I just want to be able to use both screens like in Pikmin 3.



mozie said:

Nice for the fixes but the disgusting blatant product placement is poor form esp from nintendo really thought they were better than that, guess they have to keep investors happy. Cars look really out of place too and dont fit with the aesthetic of the game at all.



TreesenHauser said:

Great fixes all-around! I especially like "Remember the vehicle parts to be used later / next boot" for convenience sake. I just hope a North American release date for DLC is confirmed soon.



NintyMan said:

I wouldn't even think there would be more of one Mercedes design, so this is just great. The small touches other than that further help improve an already terrific game.



ajcismo said:

Thank goodness the map is an option, my wife constantly complains about it. Myself, I'd like to see more tracks added, but everything else they're updating is of no consequence to me.



HumaneBlaze said:

Oh man this is a great well needed update hopefully for the next update they fix battle mode



Fearsome said:

I sure hope they fix the fact that when you use an item on someone the person keeps right on going; this happens too often. I'll have star and hit the person three or for times and the person is alongside me. Or if you hit person with a shell or boomerang and they still keep going. Love the idea of the bringing the map back on the screen.



WYLD-WOO said:

A map is good but a sat nav would be better. In all seriousness the game dues need an update and that's the real good news.



TruenoGT said:

I was kinda bugged by the product placement at first, but man, seeing it action is pretty cool. I think as long as it stays within the racing realm (cars, maybe wheels, etc), I'm OK with it. If we start seeing Coca-Cola banners and the like, that'd be a deal breaker.



sinalefa said:

Ok, I will be the one to point at the elephant in the room. I read Japan and I read Europe. Where is North America? Is NOA left behind as usual?



bezerker99 said:

Awesome!! It's as if Nintendo actually read what I complained about in my post-play Club Nintendo survey and then went and fixed it!!



ikki5 said:

@sinalefa This... I can safely think that NA is going to get it as well as it is an update for the game. Why would they fix it in other regions and then say Screw you to another. The DLC... not sure but I am thinking it comes with the update. They want to get their advertising money as well.



MoonKnight7 said:

Wow, they did really listen to us via club nintendo. Great job everyone! Looks like a pretty solid update.



ricklongo said:

Seems awesome! I hope all of those come to the Americas soon.

Now all that's left is actual arena tracks for Battle Mode.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Happy to see most people complaining about the DLC as a big "sell out" have shut up now that they know that some of the little issues in the game will be resolved.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I look forward to trying out the cars & the update is great too! Hope we get more karts & characters later too. Thanks Nintendo!



koelboel said:

Will get this, more interestingly though - The title screen music is still ace, whole thing spells F-U-N. With a nice throwback as well. Ah, whish I could be the guy doing the drumming.



Oaf7724 said:

Wonder where the on-screen map will go that won't be in the way... Kind of feel it would take away from the big picture of the course.

Also I've always wondered why in multiplayer the person playing on the GamePad has to have all four players screens on the pad, why can't that just be a full screen of whoever is using the GamePad?



90sRetroGaming said:

Great update and it's a start in the right direction to improve the game ever further! . As far as what else I'd like to see added at the end of the day? Here it goes:

8 new race courses
8 retro race courses
8 new battle arenas
8 retro battle arenas

If they don't want to have to go through the route of having to make "New" race courses then I'd be fine with 16 updated retro race courses, since the original maps already exist in their vault.


Petey Piranha
Diddy Kong
Bowser Jr.
King Boo (Luigi's Mansion appearance)
Funky Kong
Dry Bones
Dry Bowser
Honey Queen
Dixie Kong
Cranky Kong
Hammer Bro.
E. Gadd
Sprixie Princess

Option to play the original versions of the retro courses instead of the mandatory remixes made specifically for this installment of Mario Kart.

I honestly cannot stand what they have done to N64 Toad's Turnpike, N64 Rainbow Road and 3DS Music Park... All three lost their charm, IMO. Sound effects having been lowered, flattened and missing WAY too much of it's original amazing bass.

Sound Test:

Can play the entire soundtrack to the game at anytime.

Optional "Item Spy" on the TV screen (on the left side, similar to Mario Kart 64)

That's pretty much all I would want to see at the end of the day. I don't really have anything else at the moment...



Mr_G said:

Instead of making money and helping out their financial problems by giving its fans things to buy like say i dont know N64 games on the virtual console. cross buy options. GBA on the 3DS virtual console. HD remakes. Gamecube games on the Virtual console and stuff we want nope Iwata decided nope it better to totally sell out and put advertising in it games and totally cheapen the whole Nintendo experience. Nintendo is no worse than EA and has totally ruined the mario name. Sad for Nintendo their CEO is useless



gingerbeardman said:

Seems like a great update! So happy they have been listening.

Remaining gripes for me:

  • no manual switch between cameras or players in MKTV replay mode
  • should be easier to play with friends than waiting for spaces in a room. ie. start room with friends and then wait for random people to fill it
  • an option to say you are happy to wait to join a friend ASAP, rather than it just saying "you are unable to join" and you have to keep trying manually when you think their race has finished
  • no way to see which time trials you have beaten without going into each one
  • no expert ghosts


  • address item distribution
  • remove fire hopping
  • allow jump/tricks whilst drifting (this was in MKWii)
  • green shells should make more noise
  • limited character/vehicle combos compared to MK7 (hopefully the Mercedes cars are not just reskins of existing cars)


Bass_X0 said:

Not buying a German car, not even a virtual, so I'll skip that.

I'm thinking you will have to download it to be able to race online since others will be using it. Also, what do you have against the Germans?



Link506 said:

I hope they change the microphone feature on online with friends so you can talk into the microphone while racing.



Emaan said:

Very much needed updates.

I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally watched the highlights when I meant to just go to the next race.



Hy8ogen said:

Alright Nintendo, this is nice and all. Now give us proper battle mode tracks and add-on Cups!



FJOJR said:

I've always thought of MK8 as incomplete. It seems like they got the basics ready such as all the tracks and most multiplayer options but couldn't waste anymore time and had to release the game. Hence why battle mode is ruined because they didn't want to waste time making actual arenas. Maybe in a future update but one can only hope.



ikki5 said:

lol, seriously, what is wrong with fire hopping? It really only ever helps for time trials. The only real reason why people hate it is because some guy complained and called it "cheating". I for one don't do it though I see others do it and yet, I see no difference or trouble getting ahead at times when racing and that is me using Toadette, one of the slower characters.



cmk8 said:

I really wanted an 'automatic' driving mode (like in the Wii version) for more casual players (like my wife.)



gingerbeardman said:

@ikki5 fire hopping is an exploit that leaves karts with an advantage over bikes. when you're racing people with 7/8/9000+ points, there's no way of catching those hoppers unless you resort to hopping too.



Knux said:

Nintendo is actually fixing two problems I have with this game! Now add some ACTUAL battle arenas!



tysonfury said:

Was hoping for more editing options in the highlight reels - like trim and crop tools, upload in slo-mo and save to the SD card slot - just so we can create our own 'Luigi Death Stare' moments!



AVahne said:

The Youtube video for the NoA announcement is already flooded with Nintendoids complaining for idiotic reasons about something that's hilarious and FREE.



ikki5 said:

@gingerbeardman You are making it sound like fire hopping with make you go 100 times faster when there difference is very small. Even still, Fire hopping doesn't protect you from shells, fireballs, bomb-ombs and other hazards. Like I said, it is not that hard to beat someone when they are fire hopping. If someone manages to get super far ahead, it was probably not a result of them fire hopping but a result in them getting ahead of the cluster of players spamming items or possibly poor driving which lead one into obstacles or off the track. This whole fire hopping thing to me sounds like an excuse for people losing and trying to justify why they maybe did poorly. Also, the people who are the 7-9k VR are not the only ones that can hop., I've gone against people who are in the 5-6k range who do it no problem and I still don't have trouble beating them from time to time. Yeah they can be difficult but I also think that is how well they can play considering how long it takes to get to those VR levels. So again, I higher doubt the hopping is really making that much of a difference. Yeah they hope in higher VR's, but at the same time, they are probably pretty darn good at the game to make it to those higher teirs.



TwilightAngel said:

Great update and let's see what happens with online with this. Crossing fingers for no more disconnecting or errors on my screen.



TwilightAngel said:

@gingerbeardman Is not impossible to catch up to those people who have 7/8/9000+ points, not every person who has those points are some amazing player.And you don't even need fire hopping to catch up, is called skill to beat them.



GhotiH said:

So, this update is just making this game what it should have been when it was first released? I'm honestly surprised that some of these things (like the default option after a race being Mario Kart TV) got past the beta testing. It's not at all game breaking, but these are small minor things that I'm shocked Nintendo didn't fix BEFORE the game came out.

Maybe now they can add payed DLC to fix the game's other problems, like the horrible Battle Mode and Character Roster. If they fix those, I'll say this is one of the better Mario Karts.



Nictendo64 said:

This is awesome! I've been wanting to check my stats for awhile now, and see a freaking map when I'm playing!
I just hope they add more courses and bikes. I love the bikes.



Just_Ethan said:

That's great and all, but they REALLY need to make those stupid Mii helmets optional, and let us choose a voice for them. I'm tired of my Mii sounding like his lungs are stuffed with and made out of ham. Also, global Leaderboards and weekly challenges. :T



ToastyYogurt said:


I finally get to see HOW MANY COINS I HAVE!

Now instead of guessing how far away I am from getting the gold glider, I can now be disappointed with how far away I am from the gold glider!

Also, map on the TV screen is a great feature. I've felt bad about using the map on the gamepad in multiplayer games because the other players don't have that luxury. And I'm really glad online communications are more stable. Lost count of how many times I got disconnected from a game.



erizu1 said:

I have one question for the update. Will it delete our data based on the free update you'll give us on August 27th. Will we loose our VR/BR, characters and etc.?



CapeSmash said:

@gingerbeardman "remove fire hopping"

...why? Bikes with inside-drifting have a HUGE advantage over karts, and now that fire hopping exists, they are nearly on-par with inside-drifting bikes. Why would you want that remove? If they remove fire hopping, they should remove inside-drifting. Because inside-drifting is more broken than fire hopping.



CapeSmash said:

Here's a comment I found on YouTube:

"Nooooo!!! Nintendo why u do this? I play this because its a silly racing game that doesnt have real cars!!'"

There's a kart in MK8, I forget what it's called, but it's a yellow sports car that looks just as out of place as the Mercedes cars. Why do people always forget about that kart?



Grumblevolcano said:

@SockoMario But it's only realistic looking if you choose one of the realistic wheel options, Put the Sports Coupe with Cushion Wheels and it looks kind of silly. I'd assume these cars aren't mix and match parts but actual set options, don't know how it would work but still only full sets would provide full advertisement.



rushiosan said:

Now they just have to fix the ridiculously unbalanced item sorting system, specially between 2nd and 4th positions, it's pretty hard to get anything better than bananas and coins. Maybe a nerf on coin % chance would be welcome, since you can pretty much max your coins by the 2nd lap (and they're limited to 10 per race).

I'm perfectly fine with blue shells now, they did a great job with those...



Aran said:

This looks really amazing! Great gameplay updates, I just miss the race tracks at the end of each race, so you can compare your time with your competitors times, this is great when you´re in first place, but second place is really close.
Great karts too! I hope there are some new characters, karts and tracks on the way.



Nico07 said:

I like the updates planned. Though if they wanted to make a grown man cry, they would add DLC levels as well (for purchase is fine).



DeltaPeng said:

That's neat that they are updating the game functionality, and the features look pretty useful.

If they do future updates, I'm hoping the number of vids you can save are increased (I filled mine up pretty fast), and it'd be cool if you could save the slow-mo to the actual video.

Either way, kudos to Nintendo for updating the experience. Their first entries into DLC / feature updating are looking pretty positive.



vio said:

While the game obviously already has a lot of tracks at 32, I have raced all of them online countless times now. I would love see some 'track packs.' I would gladly pay for them. With games like CoD on other consoles, they always get a bunch of new DLC map packs. We should get the same. Create season passes and give us the goods Nintendo!

Another addition I would love to see with an update is the ability for one player to play on the gamepad while the other uses the TV. But maybe that's not possible for technical reasons. I know the game pushes the Wii U hardware, but surely they could drop the framerate to make it possible or something. I'll take 30fps if that's the only way to do it.



supremii said:

I’m a bit disappointed by the highlights feature. I always feel the scenes that are shown are too short



Grumblevolcano said:

@DarkEdi I doubt that would ever come and even if it did it would put Nintendo at risk with being sued for saying offline 1-4 players on the box (Sony's being sued for Killzone: Shadow Fall graphics as it's not native 1080p so if something that stupid is happening then given Nintendo's recent battles against patent trolls it'll likely happen to them too).

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