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29, Netherlands

Sat 26th July, 2014

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Reusinck commented on That Shocking Pokémon Announcement Was Arcade...:

Wow. Are arcades still used in Japan? I almost can't imagine there is a market for this. In the Netherlands you probably can't even find an arcade if you tried. Too bad that this announcement turned out to be such a dud.



Reusinck commented on Mario Kart 8 Update & DLC Scheduled for 27th A...:

Strange and not very Nintendo-like to add a brand to their series. Not specifically looking forward to that, i don't care about mercedes or car brands in general. The only DLC I'll be interested in is new tracks. Love the hightlight/next race change, that's definitly an upgrade as is the memory for your car setup. Scoreboard adding is also a nice touch.



Reusinck commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

hehe i wish Nintendo good luck with their 3DS target. This year's only release i bought was Kirby. Maybe I will buy STEAM when released (is that even 2014?). Furthermore, I hope all new 3DS designs posted in the comments are not meant seriously. I mean, there are 3 versions already! Looks like the 3DS is slowsly fading away. Not a problem, it had a good run and still has some big games coming up.