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Wed 3rd Jul 2013

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supremii commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo F...:

I don't understand the excitement, won't buy any of these figures. It doesn't feel very natural in my eyes. I wonder if it could be a way to add "dlc" in physical form with the data stored in the figurine (they say there is no limitation in size) but that would be a partly exit from the digital route that has been taken so far.



supremii commented on Review: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (3DS eShop):

@bizcuthammer I agree with your post #27 and see this, too. The game should be 10$ or 12$ at most, including all minigames, but instead it is getting a 16-40$ price tag.

I also find it a bit problematic in view of the target audience which is not only adults. They may easily find out about how to get the lowest price out of the system but this may be very different for younger gamers.



supremii commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

If they were clever they would work on an engine that would easily allow the realisation of multiplayer features such as one player on gamepad one on tv screen. Doing this would result in much more attention and purchases imo.

When they charge 7 euros for a game that was meant to be single player charging the same 7 euros for a game that originally had multiplayer features seems a bit unfair to me. I also think that at such a price one can certainly expect some more than different button configurations and save points, especially since games are still bound to one system instead to an account and cannot be played on mobile devices either.



supremii commented on SNES Classic Super Mario Kart Is Racing To The...:

To have both versions, 50hz and 60hz, has its appeal…

Hmm, isn't it so that when you have the wii vc version and buy the wiiu vc version of the game you get it for less and can keep the wii version? What if I don't have the wii version but buy the wiiu version first? Can I get the wii version for a discount as well? If not, the order of the purchases matters...



supremii commented on Nintendo Download: 13th February (Europe):

@mch yeah good suggestion!

I'm also disappointed by the lack of (interesting) VC titles. It can't be as difficult because back in the Wii days the cataloque was growing much faster. I'm also disappointed that consumers don't get any information about why only nes games get released. I mean it is not as if the VC was not a selling point of the WiiU.

I have to admit though that without a true account system I'll always be reluctant to buy games digitally (which does not mean that I ignore this option entirely, it's just that I think ten times before actually doing it which has resulted in just buying one game in over half a year).



supremii commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

I'm also unsure what this really means. Is it completely impossible now to send messages to a friend?

Personally, I haven't really used the service, because I don't know anybody with a 3ds, so no "3ds friends". I would have used it otherwise, though.

Children have to be protected of course but we should really ask ourselves if this strict move makes sense. Parents should teach their children how to use something like the internet carefully because at some point or another they have to learn it anyway. Shutting a service down that only makes messaging more comfortable won't help at all.

It would only be consistent to shut down the whole streetpass feature as well. I met somebody through streetpass who used a Hitler mii greeting you know how which was unacceptable, too.



supremii commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

I will say this again, just don't stop to produce motion games! The Wii U has a gamepad, yes, and it is a lot of fun to use. But when there are not enough ideas for utilizing it in games, then please produce games focused on the Wii peripherals. They are still awesome and together with the better hardware and gamepad can still create wonderful experiences. Pikmin 3 showed that this is possible and I want other games to follow this direction.



supremii commented on Hulu Plus Now Available on the 3DS in the US:

I would like a report on why there is such a delay with these services in Europe. Not even amazon's lovefilm works here… and no communication about the whys and whens. Man, that sucks. A missed chance for Nintendo imo.



supremii commented on Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist (...:

I don't care about the actual rating the game has gotten, I haven't played it yet so I can't judge it anyway. I like that the reviewer tells about what has changed, the addition of the shop and ingame currency and that he starts to point out the pros and cons. However, I feel that the review is cut a bit short on the pro side and in general on a detailed description of the more interesting parts, i.e., the gameplay itself. For instance, I would have liked some more information on how the gamepad integration feels and adds to the experience as it is a unique addition and also some more about the individual modes. I just feel that a lot of the actual experience hasn't been described in here. It also sounds as if it is still possible to play silent so it seems like a bit too much bashing on that part in my opinion.
Apart from that I was really looking forward to this review and enjoyed reading, thanks!



supremii commented on Video: Players Give Their Opinions On Zelda: A...:

Although I find that the comments in the video don't say really much, I'm sure this game will be great. Some were complaining about the graphics or artstyle but I can't see the point. In my opinion the world looks way more alive now.



supremii commented on Poll: How Important is Dual / Second Screen Ga...:

I don't own a Wii U but I like the Gamepad having a screen. It gives the gamepad a tablet feel which is a definitive improvement in my opinion. However, I would wish that Nintendo would also focus a bit more on the non-gaming features of the gamepad('s screen).

I have a Wii and a lot of games and it really stands out with its wiimote+nunchuk controls. All WiiU talk is about the gamepad, its second screen and how it's used. In my opinion that's not all of it. Give us more games that have the old Wii U control patterns, also Shooters and stuff!! The Wii controls are such a valuable asset imo.