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Ike Joins the Battle in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

All of the reveal images inside

We've certainly seen plenty of character reveals for Super Smash Bros. this year, but it seems that Masahiro Sakurai and his team aren't finished quite yet. Today confirms Ike as a new challenger, returning after his series début in Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii.

To start of with Sakurai-san's Miiverse update, below are the images and details that he's provided in that initial post.

Pic of the day. Ike, the swordsman of magnificent strength, joins the battle!! Strike your foes down with his powerful smash attacks.

For this game, Ike's design is based on the hero that appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. His sword deals heavy damage in Smash Bros., so this design suits him very well! Rest assured, he can use Aether as well.

So there you have it, Ike returns in the latest entries, bringing his deadly sword skills with him. Let us know whether he'll be a go-to character for you, while below are the screenshots from the official website. Enjoy!

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luke88 said:

Just thinking about Frederick makes me want to play through awakening again.



Tsurii said:

I don't know how similar Chrom and Ike's fighting styles are in the games, but if Chrom doesn't make it into the game as his own character, I hope we'll at least get him as an alternative costume/model for Ike.
And geez...Marth looks like a total wimp when you see him and Ike next to each other xD



CaviarMeths said:

Ike's cool, but his inclusion doesn't really make sense unless Chrom is also confirmed. FE:A is both more recent and more popular than PoR/RD.



Bulbousaur said:

Huh, honestly didn't think he would make the cut this time. I really liked Ike in Brawl anyway, so its good to have him back!



Nomad said:

Ike's cool but I would also have liked to see Chrom. Just thought Chrom was a cooler character overall.



Kirk said:

Seems like most people here think it should have been Chrom this time instead.

Nintendo apparently thinks of things slightly differently to all the people they expect to buy the game.


Ike looks cool here though and imo slightly more aesthetically appealing than Chrom anyway.



larry_koopa said:

I've never played the series so I have no idea who this Chrom is that everybody is talking about - I'd just like to see Roy make his return.



Remisio said:

A friend and I were having a conversation, I also posted some of these ideas on miiverse under the name Tylos, that a way Chrom or Lucina could be different from Ike and Marth and be way more unique would be to draw inspiration from their promoted Great Lord classes. When promoted, as many would recall, Chrom and Lucina gained the ability to utilize spears in addition to their swords, so that could be inter grated, making Chrom or Lucina the first ever lance/spear wielders in smash and making them more unique.



Remisio said:

Also in terms of actual Fire Emblem games, any gamer would know that stat wise amongst all the Lords Ike is the best, and Roy the worst. Ike > Marth > Roy. And the other Lords rest somewhere between that, Eliwood is quite good, which makes me feel sad for him knowing that he is Roy's father... Sigurd and Seliph are awesome, Hector is Godly, Lyn is good, Ephraim and Erika are broken and amazing in 8 and Chrom isn't too bad himself. Leif was better when he wasn't a lord and Alm is good too. But despite their differing skill levels they all have something in common... They're all better than Roy.



Gelantious said:

I'd rather see Lucina than Chrom, or Sully, or Tharja, or or or.. Pretty much any female character from FE:A

Though most of all I'd like to see the four from Bravely Default join in some way.



Remisio said:

@Gelantious that would be cool, even as trophies, but they're Square Enix... And we all know how Square Enix can be... They won't even let Nintendo use Geno without raising a fuss.



Fazermint said:

Finding it hard to get hyped for SSBU. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it. But all these "reveals" that are actually just old characters returning makes you think that the game doesn't have anything new to offer. But most people seem to be swallowing these reveals raw, so I guess it's just me.



LtAldoRaine said:

Yes! I like him better than Chrom, tought for sure they were going to replace him.

And he looks ripped as hell this time around.



larry_koopa said:


No I agree with you. It's not exactly a 'shocking reveal' when all they're doing every few weeks is confirming that people from Brawl are returning. I eagerly await the stunning reveal of Falco next time around.

That said, 6 newcomers have been confirmed, all 6 of which are perfectly unique, so there is that.



Thearnaud44 said:

NOOOOOOO!!!! CHROM !!!!!! It should had been chrom..... maybe there is still a small chance!



Fazermint said:

@Diddy_kong Cool that I'm not the only one. Granted, some of the new characters seem really cool. It's just not what draws me to the game though. It's just gonna be sweet having a brand Smash Bros that everyone is playing. And the online modes are gonna be sweet.



2Sang said:

I'm totally fine with this as long as Chrom makes an appearance. If not, this was a dumb decision. My bet is Chrom is an unlockable character.



Prof_Clayton said:

Ike needed to come back, and hopefully Chrom will be revealed at e3. The FE series just reached an expansion in popularity and deserves the extra character slot for Chrom.
And Ike is honestly one of the coolest looking characters so far. I'm loving all these designs lately Sakurai~



HopeNForever said:

A lot of people seem eager to have Chrom appear in the game(s), but personally I cannot see how can that make much difference against Marth's appearance considering the fact that Chrom is a descendent of Marth after all, and they both look so similar in many ways, which is added by the fact that Lucina herself managed to initially deceive Chrom with her manly "Marth" persona. Ike is a much different kind of character though, and is a far more brutal swordsman!



luke88 said:

@Diddy_kong You've got to play Fire Emblem Awakening if you have a 3DS and even a vague interest in a strategy RPG; even an openness to developing an interest in a strategy RPG will do. Check it out.



CaviarMeths said:

@Remisio If there's going to be a Fire Emblem spear-wielder though, Ephraim just makes more sense.

The problem with including so many post-FE6 protagonists in SSB though is that almost all of them are blue-haired sword-wielding princes with roughly the same fighting style. If they were going to add a unique character to SSB, give me a spellcaster or shapeshifter.

As for Lucina, I think she would make sense as an alternate costume for Marth.



Uro said:

I've played FE:A and liked it. I have nothing against Chrom, but Ike is the most balanced havy, slow but strong character in Browl... he can't miss (at least for me)



MrGawain said:

Wait until it's announced that if you're playing with Ike or Marth and you drop off the stage, it counts as permadeath and you won't be able to select them any more.



Porky said:

To all the people who thought he would be replaced by a Fire Emblem character like Roy was, In yo facees.



NintyMan said:

I wasn't expecting Ike to be revealed today at all, so that makes him a surprise character like Marth was back in November. Since Ike was considered to be one of the most likely Brawl veterans to be cut, his return reflects well on Lucas and R.O.B. returning. Honestly, right now it's looking like every Brawl character except Pokemon Trainer and Snake will return.

I still think Chrom has a chance, but they better make sure his moveset is really unique from the two other Fire Emblem swordsmen.



SheldonRandoms said:

Having Ike is cool and all, but I was hoping for the Ike Climbers!
Oh well, I guess they can just be an alternative costume hopefully!



ToonLink795 said:

Yes Ike is back one of my favorite characters to play as in in Brawl. Also people are complaining of Chrom not being playable instead well ive never herd of him lol.



Handy_Man said:

I love how you guys are assuming that Chrom won't be in the game because Ike "replaced" him.

Seriously, just because Roy got replaced by Ike in Brawl, that doesn't mean history should repeat itself. I'm expecting three Fire Emblem characters this time around.



Remisio said:

@CaviarMeths I'd live Ephraim to be in smash, but it's pretty clear that other than Marth, they aren't planning on using any of the older characters in smash. Even Marth is technically recent because if FE11 and FE12. They use the more recent and popular characters, Ike is pretty franking popular, Sigurd almost made it to brawl apparently, but yeah. That's why I presented Chrom as a Quasi spear wielder: he's more recent, from a really successful game, and there are already stages from his game.



LasermasterA said:

Yay! I was really looking forward to using Ike and he is there in the latest Smash Bros Although I still hope for Isaac to join the roster. More newcomers!



Void said:

Ike was my favorite in brawl, pretty excited that he's returning.



shonenjump86 said:

Wow, did not think he would come back. Cool though, he was my fav in Brawl. I don't really care if Chrom makes the cut or not.



Remisio said:

@CaviarMeths also I think Robin would be a good addition, and seeing how different the villager can be, having all the Robins, although unlikely, isn't out of the realm of possibility. Also if Robin shows up, clearly Tharja isn't too far behind. THRAJA.



Mewtwo21 said:

should have been chrom hopefully he still makes it as a playable character , though i doubt it now.



WindWakerLink said:

Aw man... Ike? I mean, he's cool and all but... Ike was kinda cheap in Brawl like DeeDee. Oh well. Maybe, he will wont be as broken then. Yea...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Okay, why are so many considering Chrom would be like Ike? Honestly, he always struck me as a slightly manlier version of Marth, so if anything, Marth would need a replacement.
Besides, having Lucina as an alternate gender version of Chrom would work pretty well, and we finally would have consistent voice acting on all FE characters.

@SheldonRandoms Ike Climbers were an awesome Project M idea (although it was an april's fool)! Broken beyond boundaries!

@WindWakerLink Ike was pretty hefty, but most of his attacks had long startup, making them easy to counter. But Dedede was actually rather subpar, since he was even slower than Bowser.



CaviarMeths said:

@Remisio I'd take Robin and Tharja. That would be awesome. Would also be interesting to see a manakete or laguz with different movesets for human and beast forms.

Honestly, you could make an entire Smash roster with just Fire Emblem characters...



PrincessEevee9 said:


Woke my people up due to my fangirling squeals of joy.



SylveonLover said:

All Awakening fans should pick a god and pray that Chrom gets in. I'll be dueling with unpleasant thoughts until he gets confirmed.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

That's the secret rule of Smash Bros. If a character you don't like is announced to be in Smash, then you must automatically assume that they took the spot of your most favorite, most wanted character on the roster.



Offspring said:

I'm actually replaying PoR aand RD right now. Maybe Sakarui caught some of my mojo. My only problem with Ike in Brawl is he is way to slow and Ragnell didn't shoot out a blue slash when charged. Hopefully these things get changed.



SphericalCrusher said:

That is awesome! I am quite surprised... I felt they would have replaced him with Chrom. I was very much hoping to see Chrom in the game, but I can't complain. I was always best with Ike in Smash Bros Brawl! Super excited! I do hope they bring Chrom, although it seems kinda doubtful now with two Fire Emblem characters. =/



PrincessEevee9 said:

@SheldonRandoms OMG this is awesome. XD Alts maybe?

The title makes it sound like he's a new character and not a returning veteran. "Ike returns to the battlefield" sounds cool too. And the stage is also Battlefield.



EpicMegaman64 said:

Yes! I love using Ike in Brawl! It's hilarious just to spam his Aether shouting. "Aether! Raaaaah!"



thesilverbrick said:

@Fazermint @Diddy_kong I don't know why you're so worried. Remember how many new characters remained entirely secret in Brawl up until it was released? We had no idea about ROB, Toon Link, Wolf or Lucario until the game hit stores in Japan. And with the game still a few months away from release they've got plenty of time to reveal more newcomers and they're likely saving those for Directs or to keep as secret unlockable characters.There are just a ton of veterans they've got to get through and I for one am glad that most of the former characters are returning.



Fazermint said:

@thesilverbrick I'm not really worried, because the character roster isn't my main concern. It's just that these reveals are too dull to get me hyped for the game. I know what I'm getting: Brawl with proper physics and smooth control, plus proper online modes. Or so I hope.



Gerbwmu said:

This just makes me want Nintendo to re-release PoR/RD in HD on 1 disk for the U. Maybe add some story missions involving Queen Nailah and Hatari.



Giygas_95 said:

Yes! YES! YEEEEEEEESSSSSS! He looks absolutely fantastic! Finally, my favorite character from Brawl returns!

I wonder if you have to unlock him this time?



gojiguy said:

I'm disappointed... I wanted to see more characters from Awakening. Hopefully Ike's reveal doesn't mean characters like Chrom and Lucina won't be excluded...



King47 said:

Haha, this is what happens when I type right when I wake up. But I FE RD is my favorite game and ike is great, so I couldn't hold my excitement.

On a another note I'm glad they choose ike rather than that awakening guy.



Arminillo said:

Definitely surprised. 3 blue haired swordsmen from the same games (if Chrom makes it)



Auracle said:

Nice! Ike was a real beast in Brawl. His new design is pretty rad as well.

And to those who can't help but complain, I want to share an Ike quote: "You'll get no sympathy from me."



Dandalfa00 said:

So conflicted. Ike was my favorite in Brawl but I really want Lucina in this new Smash. Fingers crossed that FE finally gets more than two slots. It definitely deserves them.



Turbo857 said:

Heeeellll Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!

Damn straight!! Everybody thought Ike would get replaced and now look at those pics! Straight from Radiant Dawn too! And who said FE should only get 2 characters when Mario and other series are better represented?

Also, I'm sure Chrom will make it in. I'd even be pleased with a Black Knight reveal or even Micaiah. But this is a great reveal!! You can't remove FE 's most popular character!



Action51 said:



Ah yes, about time they revealed him. I was getting worried.

A lot of people are requesting Chrom, but I still think Ike was a better character, and his presence and battlefield domination spanned two great titles: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.



Blast said:

LMAO will there goes Chrom and Lucina. Ike still looks good, though.



Action51 said:

Short List of Fire Emblem characters I'd like to see in Smash:

  • Miciah
  • Vaike
  • Volug
  • Elrika
  • Zelgius
  • Gatrie
  • Titania


Ark said:

That would be because Marth is considered the closest thing the Fire Emblem series has to a "face" (minus Anna, who rarely fights and has never been a main character). He was the first lord in the first game of the series and has been prominently featured in sequels, remakes, and other time periods entirely. Of all the main "lord" characters, he is the most commonly featured.

Adding onto this, Roy was removed from Brawl while Marth stayed. Many people felt this was because Marth was a significant character whereas Roy was basically promotional material for the upcoming Fire Emblem 6. Presumably Ike is staying because he was such a popular character in Brawl and he has been a main(-ish) character in multiple games. Since Chrom has only been in one game, he is more comparable to Roy than Marth or Ike at this point. Chrom is certainly relevant nonetheless, seeing how Awakening is the most current game and brought greater recognition to the series overseas.



hYdeks said:

awesome, now how about you announce some kinda new character we havent seen before -_- so far Ive count two new characters in this game, thats no where near enough to make me care about buying another smash bros game.



Caryslan said:

@TwilightV That may be the reason why Rangell is shorter this time around. Maybe they buffed Ike's speed, and removed the insane range that Rangell had in Brawl.

As an Ike player, I would welcome that change. Ike was pretty good at keeping other characters at bay with Rangell's length, but once certain characters closed the gap, Ike had a hard time dealing with them.

So, a faster Ike in terms of movement speed and attack speed is welcome in my opinion.



gloom said:

Now that Ike is confirmed my guess is that Lucina is going to be in it. With all these new female additions I think she'll be the next FA character to be revealed.



User1988 said:

For some reason that last 3DS screen with Ike getting eaten by the fish is hilarious to me.



Player4 said:

No way, he's back?!
I can't believe it, now my brawl team is complete
Now where's Chrom?



DarkKirby said:

I wasn't really expecting anybody with a (even somewhat) unique move set to be cut, but I would really like to see an Awakening representative, preferably Lucinia, or Tharja, or Nowi.



AVahne said:


And this time, they're actually being correct as to what appearance he has. Though, Vanguard would've been cooler than Hero.



Remisio said:

@CaviarMeths yes, you heard CaviarMeths Sakurai and IS! Make it happen! EMBLEM FIGHTERS!

On another note, can't wait to see how SMTXFE has turned out.



NoirUsernameHere said:

As long as we get Chrom and other newcomers (not just FE chars) as well, I'll be fine. I don't want Brawl 2.0. >.<



Aceboss100 said:

FINALLY!!!!.....I understand most people really like Chrom but I love Ike's raw power..First Charizard now freakin sweet!!!



PaperLucario said:

Glad to see Ike returning, but with him returning, I kind of not want Chrom to be playable, as that would just be 3 blue haired swordsman on the roster (from the same series mind you). With that in mind if we do get a Fire Emblem newcomer I'd like them to branch out a little, and if the Pseudo-Palutena trophy in the direct is a way of nudging Palutena to be playable, then maybe the Tiki trophy maybe a nudge to ....



Melkac said:

Ugh, why? Chrom's design is much more interesting that iQue...
I really hope they add Tharja or Robin to the game instead of Chrom, now. WAY too many sword users.



Klunk23 said:

Fantastic. I was really doubtful that he would make it, cool. Still hoping for Chrom.



Melkac said:

First Lucario, now this. Why does Sakurai insist on keeping these irrelevant characters in the game?! It's never been like this!



Turbo857 said:

Ike is a character that should NEVER ever be replaced by anyone. Also, who says Ike's inclusion decreases the probability of Lucina or Chrom making it into the game? People are too obsessed with this 2 character quota for FE in Smash bros. games. Sakuri never said that was a rule. Roy was replaced by Ike in Brawl because he didn't star in a FE that was released overseas.

Since various characters are getting alternative costumes this time around in Smash Bros., there's a chance Ike's Radiant Dawn Vanguard class outfit maybe selectable.

Ike? Lucario? Irrelevant characters? I'm actually pretty sick with both of them. I'd like to play you in the new Smash when it's released, and then we can see how truly irrelevant these characters are...



AVahne said:

Chrom cannot even hope to be on the same level as Ike, or even be at his feet. If Chrom were added to the game, it would be better to have him as his own character.



AVahne said:

If I remember correctly, there's a 3-year gap between Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Ike was still a teenager, so it's not strange for him to grow up so dramatically in that amount of time.



J-Manix98 said:

I am very disappointed about this. So many signs pointed to Chrom, But Nooooo it had to be stupid OP Ike. Ugh



Meaty-cheeky said:

If they're going to add an additional Fire Emblem characters Chrom, Lucina, or Nowi should be the options.

Now if Ike and Marth our are only options I would prefer to have Marth take a leave of absences from the new Smash bros and be replaced by Chrom, Lucina, or Nowi.



Sensei_Sendai said:

Not expecting Chrom any more, don't need 3 Blue haired swordsmen, Lucina was always unlikely due to the fact that she was similar to Marth. I have a strong feeling we're going to be seeing Robin or a similar FE:A character this time.



Sensei_Sendai said:

Not expecting Chrom any more, don't need 3 Blue haired swordsmen, Lucina was always unlikely due to the fact that she was similar to Marth. I have a strong feeling we're going to be seeing Robin or a similar FE:A character this time.



Kaoru_La_Kaoru said:

I'm personally extremely happy that Ike's back! I hope this means there will be three Fire Emblem characters in Smash 4. Everyone keeps asking for Chrom, but I'm hoping for either Lucina or the Avatar.



Turbo857 said:

I think Micaiah would make a great addition to Smash Bros.

#1 She's been a main FE lead;
#2 Light Priestess is a unique magic using class even for FE games;
#3 she even acts as a host for the goddess Yune;

There's a lot of possibilities for her to be a great playable character here.



Lalivero said:

@Lasermaster123 Yep, still waiting on Isaac. =D One can only hope that Dark Dawn's sequel pops up soon...

...and possibly Shantae(c'mon, The Pirate's Curse is coming out for 3DS and Half-Genie Hero for the Wii U; pffttt...).

@User1988 That is a funny pic, ha.



AJere said:

Hopefully Chrom isn't announced but is still in the game though. It would be a bit of a killjoy for me to see all of the Newcomers before the game actually releases



thesilverbrick said:

@hydeks How do you figure that? There are already six brand new characters, plus there will likely be more revealed up until the game is released, plus others that will be unlockable and therefore remain secret until the game is out. People are way too up in arms about this...



Caryslan said:

Why do people keep thinking Chrom won't be in simply because Ike came back? And before we start the "Well, that would make three blue-haired swordmen." thing, since when does that matter? Sakurai does not have patterns that he avoids. Remember, people kept making up standards on the internet as to why Ike, Lucario, and Toon Link would not make it back in, and guess what.

They all made it back in! The arguments, trends, and patterns that people found meant nothing.

The only factor that decides if Chrom makes it into Smash 4 is moveset potental and if he deserves to have a roster slot.

We don't even know if Fire Emblem will be limited to two reps this time. The series has gotten pretty popular, and out of all the potental series(Mother, F-Zero, Metroid) they are at the top of the list to get a third rep.

The only Fire Emblem character whose chances were hurt by Ike's return is Roy, and that's only because FE having three reps won't leave any room for him.

But Chrom's chances are just as good as they ever were. This is just like everyone who bashed Lucario and started acting like Mewtwo has no chance to make it back in. Who thought Charizard of all characters would make it back in? Who thought Toon Link would come back?

Mewtwo and Chrom may be in the roster. Maybe Sakurai wanted to get Ike revealed before he showed off a new Fire Emblem character? Maybe he's waiting till E3 to show off Mewtwo's return?

Nothing is certain, but can we all stop acting like Ike and Lucario are somehow holding back characters? Sakurai loves surpises and he does not follow patterns.

If Chrom and Mewtwo are in Smash 4, then they will be shown off when we least expect it. Namely, when fans assume there is no chance that they will make it in.



CapeSmash said:

Why the **** does everyone think that since Ike is in the game, that means Chrom isn't? Let mean explain something:

Ike DID NOT replace Roy in Braw! I REPEAT: HE DIDN'T! Roy is in the game files in Brawl, along with Ike. Roy never got finished, and got cut due to time constraints. Just because Ike is in SSB4, doesn't mean Chrom will be in.

And to the people who wanted Ike to be cut/replaced... What the **** is wrong with you? You know, it's pretty selfish wanting a character cut, just because YOU don't like them. EVERY character in the SSB franchise has it's own fans, and those fans will be really upset if their favorite character got cut. Selfish I tell ya', selfish...



Caryslan said:

@SockoMario Thank you! As an Ike and Lucario player, it annoys me that people bash them and act like they are somehow responsible for "insert character" not being in the game.

Here are my thoughts on why both of them deserve to be in the roster.

Ike has the honor of being the only other lord besides Marth to be a main character in more than one Fire Emblem game. Plus, Awakening also went out of its way to have a character who claimed to be his descendent and had his sword Ragnell, which unless I'm wrong, makes him the only other Lord from a previous game besides Marth who is referenced to. Not to mention, he's one of the most popular character in both Fire Emblem and Brawl. He deserves to be in.

Lucario is the same way. He was one of the most promoted Pokemon in Gen IV and was at the forefront of Gen VI's promotion in terms of a role in the storyline, and being one of the main Pokemon that was used to hype mega Evolutions with only the Gen I starters and Mewtwo getting more promotion than he did. And like I said, a Lucario was the main focus of the Mega Evolution quest in X & Y. Not to mention, he's been in a movie where he had a major starting role. Lucario is still relevant to the Pokemon franchise.

My point is this, Ike and Lucario deserve their place in Smash 4's roster. They are not holding anyone back or keeping any other character out of the roster. Ike and Lucario are some of the most popular and important characters from their respctive franchises who both bring unquie movesets and gameplay styles to the table.

Honestly, what more do people want?



AJWolfTill said:

Yaay! Ike was my favourite fighter in Brawl so I'm delighted to see him back!
I am with people on the Awakening train though! Maybe we will get Chrom and Lucina as alternative Marth and Ike skins... : )



Teaqq2 said:

YES!!!! I was literally freaking out so bad when I saw he was in! Him and Luigi were my mains in Brawl! I thought he was done for!



Dodger said:

Ike was my dad's favorite character, so he will be happy to hear this.

I did really love Fire Emblem Awakening, but
I just can't think of a way to make Chrom (or Lucina) different than Marth. There even is a Marth theme between the two of them. I think Robin would be a fun character though. Give him magic attacks for special moves and sword based attacks for A moves.

But what I REALLY want is every My Little Pony, Captain America, the dog from Adventure Time, the Dragonborn and Master Chief. The game won't be any good otherwise. /shot

Of course, if they added Mii as a character, people could play as any obscure, non-Nintendo character that they want. Problem solved.



Mr_Video said:

You know,this is the first time I've freaked out over a Smash Bros veteran returning. I'm just so happy right now! I was beginning to think Chrom would have taken his place, thank goodness I was wrong!
As for the people who were hoping for Chrom, I wouldn't count him out just yet. Who's to say Fire Emblem will always be limited to two slots in Smash, especially with it's rising popularity?



JaxonH said:


So, there were two Fire Emblem games which covered one over-arching story-line. The first was Path of Radiance on the Gamecube, and the second was Radiant Dawn on the Wii. Ike was the main character in the Gamecube release, and one of two main characters in the Wii release.

Marth is the main character from the original Fire Emblem, which got a remake on the DS called Shadow Dragon.

Roy is the main character in the Japanese-only GBA title Fire Emblem The Binding Blade.

Chrom is the main character from the newest release on 3DS, Fire Emblem Awakening.

I think a lot of people here have never played any other Fire Emblem besides Awakening on 3DS (which WAS pretty successful), and are more attached to Chrom than the other characters as a result. I own all the games, and I'm cool with whoever, though I will admit I took a liking to Chrom.



mamp said:

Really trying to remain optimistic but now I'm wondering if Sakurai decided to get lazy with the roster, or if he didn't have enough time or if a lot of people just really like these characters (although it seemed like everybody had negative things to say when Lucario was revealed), because the roster just seems the same with a few minor additions. Well still looking forward to it.



TwilightOniAngel said:

Awesome and damn Ike looks so different cause he is all grown up and lifted some weights in his time. Cause look at his muscles.



Senario said:

@Remisio Actually Micaiiah is the worst. Terrible max stats and meh stat growth. Essentially easy pickings in the game. And when she finally changes classes it is too late+she still isn't good



Remisio said:

@Senario interesting, that's good to know. I shouldn't talk like I know everything because, shamefully, even though I've played and beaten almost every fire emblem game... That Almost excludes Radiant dawn, my friends have talked to me about it but always neglected to talk about how bad Micaiah is. I'm going to be playing it soon, but sadly by the time I sought it out it costed $114 I didn't have. Good thing I got Xenoblade chronicles before it ran out.



Remisio said:

@Senario I asked my friend to tell me about it... They insist that Micaiah is Solid, and that she has access to all the spells... I'm not sure either way, thankfully a copy is on its way to me and I'll soon play RD to settle it myself, though considering that there are people out there who think she isn't all that good it'll be subjective. Thanks for the eye opener. I have attained emblightement. What the hell did I just say.



LasermasterA said:


I just realized that although I am glad to see Ike, this lowers the chance of seeing Isaac! Not much hopefully since Isaac is also a swordsman, but he can have multiple types of moves due to diverse classes in GS, Meggido, and Summons. So much potential awesomeness! I hope that Nintendo just announces a new Golden Sun game since Camelot is done with Mario Golf, and simultaneously announce Isaac as a new challenger Not Matthew, he is just an Isaac clone plus his game was not THAT great as the original two, which star Isaac as the protagonist (taking both into perspective).

E3 is coming. I like pleasant surprises.



grimbldoo said:

tons of people in the comments wrote:

I want Chrom!!!

people who are thinking wrote:

Chrom has the same exact fighting style as Marth...

Ike's fighting style is extremely different from Marth's which is why you can't compare him to Chrom. And to those downplaying this reveal, I'll have you know that many of us Ike fans were getting pretty worried that he might be cut.
My frustration at people's lack of rational thought aside, this man has been working out! Just compare those biceps.



Lalivero said:

@Lasermaster123 This is why I wish some franchises got less representation, unless they planned the roster to be relatively big. They have numerous options for newcomers like Isaac(Golden Sun) and Shantae, both of which are characters from pretty much the N side of things, but we get like Greninja and stuff. :l

Yeah, Isaac would be a lot better than Matthew; I mean he was still present in Dark Dawn, along with being the main protag of the originals. You think Grand Gaia would be an appropriate FS for him? A psynergy move set could've been interesting. Too bad he probably will be a trophy. :x

If they reveal a new Golden Sun, I'd ship my money(and myself) directly to Camelot. XD



Turbo857 said:

I don't wanna jump the gun but, if Nintendo ever remakes Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance for the Wii U and the character models look as good as these Ike pics, it'll be a first day purchase!



LasermasterA said:


Yea. I am glad of the representation but if many franchises have too many representations, the chances for newcomers will fall. We now have Marth and Ike from FE and I expect Chrom will also join being the latest edition. Shantae has been on Nintendo a lot but is 3rd party, on the other Golden Sun is 1st party and was THE best RPG on Gameboy Advance. It even got selected as Best Gameboy Advance game on so many sites! I heard that Isaac was almost made a character but due to some reason they just made him an assist trophy.

Isaac's importance is shown as large even in Dark Dawn where he is basically one of the strongest psynergy users alive especially after the Wise One's reveal at the end of Golden Sun 2. Don't know about Grand Gaia because personally I kept him in either the Ninja or Ronin class. Death Leap! Skull crush! (or something like that). I would like Meggido as his final smash or Catastrophe, the baddonkey summon! Grand Gaia or Odyssey would be fine as well, just not as epic.

You sure they would want you there at Camelot ?



Gridatttack said:

Why not someone from FE:A

Also I hope ike isnt as sluggish as in brawl. Maybe do it more like in project M which is pretty nimble, but its powerful attacks are still a bit slow.



Mikes said:

Awesome! When I saw the news this morning, I couldn't tell you how happy I was. Ike is one of the many characters I use often in Brawl. I've always been so sure he'd get cut, so I prepared myself for disappointment, but look at this. He's back, and with his Radiant Dawn design! Sweet!
My last wish for Fire Emblem representation would probably be a magic wielder. I like Chrom, and I realize that it'd be odd if the main lord wasn't representing FE:A, but when I look back at the game, there were so many more interesting characters. I've always wanted Chrom in, but now I'm feeling that having another FE sword wielder wouldn't be all that exciting.



MrGuinea said:

It'd be cool to see a Lucina costume for Marth kind of how they did with the wii fit trainer and the villager. As for Chrom, he has to be a character. Fire Emblem Awakening did really well so they will have 3 characters. Otherwise, yes, this was a pretty silly decision.



Turbo857 said:

I don't wanna jump the gun but, if Nintendo ever remakes Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance for the Wii U and the character models look as good as these Ike pics, it'll be a first day purchase!



R_Champ said:


That makes sense. One of the main complaints about Playstation All Stars was it was "guys with swords". I would love to see Chrom in as well (though I'll admit I was WAY more excited for Ike), but I think an alternate skin would be fine for Chrom and a magic user, archer, etc. would be better new rep.



djtwenty9 said:

Who says WiiU is last gen... this game looks leaps above Sony Allstars! Crispy! DETAIL!!!



2Sang said:

@djepic209 While I agree that this looks far better than sony ASBR, it's not truly fair to compare the wii u to the ps3 considering the ps3 came out 6 years before the wii u.



nf_2 said:

I'm obviously excited, but after reading the comments I do agree that adding Chrom doesn't make a whole lot of sense, even though I wanted(expected?) him before the Ike reveal. Robin would be fun with all the magic and weapons, but I think if there's going to be another FE character it'd be Hector before anyone else. Hector is pretty popular among the FE faithful. Although if Chrom is in, it looks like I've got to learn how to use 3 FE characters now.

Also, I don't see how people are thinking Ike should be fast here. In Brawl it didn't make sense that he was slow given they used his Path of Radiance build, but with his Radiant Dawn build he's obviously going to be a brute. People that big won't be fast too.



Mikes said:

@R_Champ I see! I can imagine that wouldn't make Chrom fans very happy. Well, I guess at the end of the day, I'd be happy if the new FE rep has something very unique from them that sets them apart from the other two. It'd be a dream come true if there could be four reps (Chrom can be in and make room for a different wielder), but I guess three is fine.

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