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Sun 10th Jun 2012

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Silver_August commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

Its never the less note worthy because both of these Pokemon couldn't be used in the Battle Tower or Frontiers anyways, so even if you didn't play competitve, you couldnt use them in anytihng besides casual play with local friends

And Yes Brandon/;May were characters... in the manga - like no, if they're established characters, why are we allowed to name them? Wes and Michael from GC games were established characters but the point of Pokemon is its OUR adventure, we pick and build our own teams, not play in someone else's shoes



Silver_August commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

This article also fails to mention that there is ZERO Trainer Customzation in the remakes.

So, what we have here is a game you are REQUIRED the buy if you wanna enjoy any of the new mega evolution while also giving up making your OWN CHARACTER - let alone the ability to choose your own SKIN COLOR which I;m sure will upset plenty of non-Caucasian fans.

To ANYONE who thinks this is an acceptable move, you are dead wrong - and why? Because any remotely competitive player was already going to buy this game - it doesn't matter if they KEEP playing matters that they buy it in the first place.

My initial plan for example was to stay in XY because it has trainer customization + there's no battle frontier it seems, so I had no intensive to transfer unless they had the Battle Frontier - They still had my money but I wanted to keep XY relevant... but no, now that megas wont be updated - Which there is NO EXCUSE for... I HAVE to transfer, and guve up my customized character so that when we do wifi battles or multi battles on The Silver League, what we see is 1 Brandon and 3 Mays.

Back in Generation 4 when updates like Plat happened, DP got the shaft but you know what? It only had to deal with 3 Pokemon, Rotom, Giratina and Shaymin, and 2 of those Pokemon at the time were Uber, so its not like a competitve player would ever SEE those Pokemon thus be confused what's going on.

But also...that game came out 2-3 years AFTER DPs release, ORAS? 13 Months after XY and it has SOOOO much new content that shakes up the meta game that making XY obsolete is unacceptable because you're punishing people who have a passion for your game but are not interested in ORAS because for whatever just doesn't tickle their fancy.

But if they play competitve they have no choice now because even if they somehow got the new Mega Stones..they wouldn't be able to SEE the new megas, let alone any other surprises they have leaving in wait.

This is like not paying for the Mario Kart 8 DLC and being punished for it by not seeing the track until you pony up the money for it.

XY is only 13 years old and come Nov 21st its gonna be completely obsolete, hell they might as well stop printing the game because NO ONE will buy it now if they can't even go online and see what they're facing. - That's the big difference here...the game isn't old and we're losing a feature that truly felt like a sign that we've entered a new generation - It's a double whammy of bad, because both sides in some way get effected by this, and it sucks - it's not the end of the world and either way Gamefreak has my money...but it sucks, and the most I can do is let them know my opinion, which I intend to do once I find a way to give them my direct feedback, not just a club nintendo registration questionnaire.



Silver_August commented on New and Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles Copies Ava...:

Well, lucky for me I got mine at launch (because I felt I had to support the entire Project Rainfall campaign) and now it's signed by the japense voice actor for Dunban! hehe I need to find the dub voice actress for Melia...



Silver_August commented on Matters of Import: Grappling With Attack On Ti...:

@tchaten Perhaps, but given the material, the fact half these battles are in open barren fields/towns with out many (if any) other objects on screen or even present... they could've made the titans look better, the fact the foot is a lump of rectangle with the body shape textured in, its like.. they could've spent more time really making the character models stand out more because we know the 3ds is capable of this - this isnt the DS where we went along with Mario's hands being stuck in a fist because they couldn't give him fingers,

That's where I feel they could've held off on the quick release to make the game extra special, because I FANTASTIC AOT game is possible, it really is - it's essentially God of War 3 if you focus purely on the part where your swinging off giants and killing them, hell it could even take cues from shadow of the Colossus, in fact it kind of does when you consider combat on a horse...

But eh, I'm a big fan of Jojo and even the Jojo fighting game suffered from not enough time in the oven, alas least this game isn't so bad that even hard core AOT fans immediately see it sucks and feel ripped off.



Silver_August commented on Matters of Import: Grappling With Attack On Ti...:

@tchaten I'm sorry, but that is simply not true. Kid Icarus is one of the prettiest games on the 3DS, Pokemon X/Y are some of the prettiest games for the 3ds, this has ugly, UGLY low poly titans, character models that frankly look generic and I don't care what you say, those cables look UGLY, they're not actual cables, they're a flat texture and the camera exposes that when you're panning around them.

Also are you saying I'm not allowed to GIVE MY OPINION until I've spent money on a product I don't want?

Unless this got an English release I am NEVER going to be able to play this game and even if and when it does get released in English, its graphics will be even MORE outdated because it would take at-least 6-10 months for it to reach our shores.

Bottom line, this game is still a cashgrab that was made quickly and designed to keep hype for the franchisee while it waits for season 2, fans will eat it up because I've rarely found one who isn't just...absolutely blind to the flaws of the series, but this is who that game is for because they won't see the sloppy textures and boring gameplay, its fanservice and I have no problem with that, its just the fans (much like MLP X_x) that ruin it for me



Silver_August commented on Matters of Import: Grappling With Attack On Ti...:

Ugly graphics for 3DS standards, repetitive looking gameplay, limited audio clips and cutscenes straight from the anime that immedately make the action in the game not look nearly as cool - This for all intensive purposes is a cash grab designed to keep hype for the anime up while they stall out for season 2

...Season 2 potentially shooting itself in the foot because if its a 26 episode season it'll be fully caught up to the manga and because its a monthly series they'll either be reduced to 12 episode seasons (not a bad thing) a year, or wait 2 years or until the series is done, OR worst possibility, make up its own ending and pull a Full Metal Alchemist.



Silver_August commented on Nintendo's Former President, Hiroshi Yamauchi,...:

Though sad, let us take this as a chance to celebrate, for today is also the release date (essentially) of Wind Waker HD, the definitive version of a fantastic game, to you sir! For if it were not for you, we would not have these games to play, I salute thee with highest respects and honor.

Now I sit and wait for the packaged version to hit Canadian retail...



Silver_August commented on New Pokémon Movie Screening In Cartoon Networ...:

@DarkKirby Technically there's nothing stopping villianous teams from getting the Team rocket research and making a clone of their own, after all Mewtwo himself stole the cloning machine (or rather built a tower around it), so why not have Plasma or Galactic or someone else sneak in get the blue prints and make their own? Seems easier then trying to find a rogue one that'll hand your butt anyways.

ALSO its now canon that Arceus can just..make Pokemon, he will out right create you one of the Sinnoh mascot legends despite them already existing within the context of the gen 4 era, so...a new mewtwo is nothing new, ontop of that, it would explain why 2 trainers can face off with mewtwos of their own.



Silver_August commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

The first MONTH, but what if you decide to go back, play the old games and want to transfer what you've gained?

Pros like myself will hold onto our old games because they have access to move tutors and egg moves that I'll be SHOCKED if XY includes because traditionally you don't see the move tutors till the "2nd version" comes out. So chances are you're going to have to transfer them from Gen V to Gen 6, oh shoot guess that's going to cost me 5 bucks.

It's still pennys, but the price tag is for supporting a function I don't even intend to use, and mainly for one I'll only use sparringly.

I like the longevity of the idea, don't get me wrong - but I'd be happier if they just separated the 2 so I can pick up the Box when I know I finally need it.



Silver_August commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

That's like saying all the previous gen's ability to transfer was "just an extra" no, that goes against the spirit of Pokemon, to grow with your Pokemon and make them stronger through your hard work and training. Connectivity is a key part of the franchiese and the ability to transfer and KEEP your Pokemon goes hand in hand with that.

The ONLY reason gen 2 to 3 was cut off was not because of connectivity, it was because the entire frame work of the franchise had to be rebuilt from the ground up do to expansions of EVs, IVs and the introduction abilities, etc, etc.

Gen 6 doesn't show any radical changes to the inner guts of what makes a Pokemon. They claim the hardware couldn't connect and yet that's what the DS section in a 3DS could've done, all you'd need is a 2nd 3ds to read the other.



Silver_August commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

Again I think I speak for alot of the people complaining who's main concern is more likely the fact they gotta fork out cash in order to transfer their hard earned Pokemon to X/Y.

We get it, Box, Ranch, longevity, the service has a good purpose, BUT to make it a requirement to transfer Pokemon over is the issue - I honestly do not see this as a storage system upgrade, I see this as a 5 dollar fee to transfer, I'm not complaining just explaining (hey a rhyme!)

If I had to choose between 6 Pokemon a day or a tedious mini-game or this, I'd still go with the first 2 options because I'm patient.

So to call this optional is kind of unfair to the people who have Pokemon dating back to Ruby and Sapphire sitting in their copies of BW2, I know i still have my XD Lugia I keep for sentimental value.



Silver_August commented on Reaction: The Pokémon Bank and the Inevitabil...:

It's funny, I see a big pile of Steel Diver in my local Toyrus in a bin for 9.99, lol.

As for the Bank thing...people seem to forget that this is the ONLY way to transfer old pokemon...the storage box is one thing (if anything it concerns me how many boxes ARE in XY...if its barely enough hold 1 of every Pokemon, that'll be a problem.) but it's another that you basically have to pay a fee to transfer your pokemon if you actually play competitively. But its 5 bucks a year so...I won't notice, I need to get some points on my account for my 3ds anyways soooo kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Long term this is going to make storing them A LOT easier plus its not gonna allow hacks to be transferred SO this means that we'll have a clean slate (for most part), but at the end of the day I will always prefer having the Pokemon in a physical form ...but hey we don't get the thing till december X_X sigh...that's gonna suck



Silver_August commented on Reggie Unmoved By The Threat Of $400 PlayStati...:

@BestBuck123 I don't count Amazon as the gold standard for retail prices because its prices there will jump all over the place, its effectively ebay and rememebr I said MOST regions, not universally. and the north american version of the Wii U comes with a sensor bar, atleast mine did, lol. Unless you thought I meant 2 bars then OF COURSE NOT that'd just be dumb.

As for the Controller Pro, Don't need it, I can live with the tablet which has the exact same button layout, just a screen in the middle.

32 gb is more space then I'll probably ever need for the thing and if I need more I'll just pop in a USB since those work too.

Not everyone has a wii, true, but being one of the great selling consoles of all time suggests that majority of wiii u purchasers do. Either way that same logic can be applied to Sony, where you're gonna need to replace your controllers, buy the Move, buy a vita, etc etc. It's called an investment. You only buy these things if you need or want them, no one's making you get these accessories unless you feel its worth it or necessary for a certain experience.



Silver_August commented on Reggie Unmoved By The Threat Of $400 PlayStati...:

Peiople seem to forget that for 35o dollars you got a free game that retailed normally for (most) 60 in most regions. Technically its still 300, just you're also buying a game.

Now Admitingly, even if it has enough content to be considered an actual GAME (unlike the Tech Demo that is Wii Sports) Wii Sport's reggie is right, it perfectly captured what were supposed to get with it and created a phenomenon.

It also comes with an extra sensor bar, now sure...if you have a wii you'd already own one..but if you're like me and you had to replace yours at some point, you'd know it costs about 10 bucks, So that's about 20 dollars bonus for a 350 dollar investment,

In the end though, that 400 or 500 entry fee isn't where the money you give to sony ends, if you want multiplayer, it'll cost you (from sony atleast) 15 dollars (i think?) every 3 months, benefits are there but the the price tag ins too, Nintnedo will not have this problem, and hey, Wind Waker this christmas, as a guy who was too snooby to play the original, I can;t wait.



Silver_August commented on Interview: Meet Adam Howden - Voice Actor For ...:

As a MASSIVE fan of this game its become a personal mission of mine to get my copy signed by as many people involved with this game as possible... however being dubbed in the UK.... somehow I doubt the actors are going to make many in person appearances at Canadian conventions... lol let alone Japanese staff... but then again I have Twilight Princess Link voice actor's autograph so... anythings possible! good interview though. Least it tells me a step in how the dialogue was directed...but I want to know if it was any different for Alvis... for reasons that might be obvious for some.



Silver_August commented on FEZ Creator Insists The Game Wouldn't Work On ...:

A good handful of people turn off the 3D during gameplay anyways... and then of course you got Virutal Console which lack 3D all together.

3D or not a good game is a good game and putting it on more platforms expands your market and reach,

News like this doesn't make me try harder to reach the game it just makes me shrug and carry on with the same lack of interest I had before, lol



Silver_August commented on New Pokémon Gets Caught In Some Footage:

it wont be a new type! Light and Magic types both dont make senseand from a competitve stand point it would completely screw oever every legendary SRd, ARd or simply hacked to have a particular hidden power. Nothing about this eeveeolution says new type, all it says it that it has a versatile movepool



Silver_August commented on New Pokémon Gets Caught In Some Footage:

Ok guys i gotta do this again cuz my nerd frustration is growing

Slyheon....Sylph.... Wind spirit.... WIND Spirit - do I need to say more?!

And Magic type? Ok! stop right there Magic? Yeah cuz moves like Trick, Metronome, Trick Room, Wonder Room, and EVERY PSYCHIC MOVE EVER isn't already "magical" in some way.

People forget something - Pokemon is not based on fantasy, Pokemon is based on SCIENCE. Yes alot of pokemon are inspired by myths, legends and stuff that are fantastical, but they are still designed, and justified through a thin layer of logic and scientific justification.

Magic is not science, magic is fantasy and like "light" type its another concept that doesn't lend itself to many pokemon ideas when elements of what we would label as magic can be found in other types, fire breathing is a form of "magic" but thats every fire move ever, Zoroark's ability Illussion can be considered magic, is he magic? NO he's Dark Type because hes a trickster,

just because its a spirit using trump card we think Magic? Espeon is based on a Carbuncle, a fantasy inspired magical cat creature. IT learns alot of magical type moves, is ig magic type? NO its psychic because it evolves via exposure to the SUN (kills light type while we're at it) and uses science to explain that through the power of a Superior developed mind it gains psychic abilities.

How do we know these moves will be in the final game? for all we know this could be a way to troll fans and keep them guessing to ensure the next issue of CoroCoro magazine will fly off the shelves or keep us at the edge of our seats for the next Nintendo direct - OR it could be using Metronome, it can be anything but it's NOT magic, science people! Pokemon is loosely based on science! been that way since the days of mewtwo being an enhanced clone of mew!



Silver_August commented on New Pokémon Revealed for X & Y, Say Hello To ...:

OK! I gotta get a couple things off my chest.

First of all I predict Flying type because of color scheme and ears/tail, common tail-tale signs of typing if you look at the others, feathery wears and tail and frills that FLOW IN THE WIND, unlike Glaceon's...thingies that just hang like ICICLES... or leafeons LEAF EARS or vaporeons fins.

2nd Dragon Eevee is stupid, not impossible, but stupid unless gamefreak has a trick up their sleeve. Why is it a load of fan-fic bull? because Dragons are things of legends, theyre also lizards, what's eevee? a mammal. someone point out a situation in evolution where a warm blooded animal evolved into a cold blooded lizard, let alone one that invented wings, YES the argument of DNA augmentation will always be there, pokemon like Voltorb prove science can create pokemon. BUT what makes pokemon, Pokemon is every design has some concept of real life science involved in the Pokemon's design and concept. yes i can see Eevee having a DNA physical reaction to like..wearing a dragon claw or scale and growing scales of its own but STILL it seems unlikely do to entire species change without some myth being around of a creature turning into a dragon to make it justifiable.

Next, Light Type won't happen, why? couple reason:
1. Look at the current 17 types, 3 of them already do a good job representing elements found in light, Fire, Elec and Psychic all have pokemon who in gens prior invoke the concept we in the west see as "light", also Arceus a GOD is Normal type, so the question remains, why do we need Light if all other elements are properly represented in a realm of SCIENCE
2. But dark type exists!! In japan Dark type is called Aku, Aku means Evil, Fear, not Dark vs Light, it represents things that are scary, cruel or inheriently mean. thus why, it, plus ghost and bug are super effective on Psychic, cuz Psychic represents the mind & soul and these types represent fears
3. stop and think, what Pokemon can come from "light type"? I'll tell you, 2 things, Lightbulbs and angels, Yeah pokemon has alot of crazy ideas but angels arent exactly scientific, thats diving into the realm of fantasy, something Pokemon surprisingly is not entirely about, again designs are founded by a thin coat of reality and logic. and seriously, all the pixes and angels you can come up with aren't enough to justify the typing.
4. lastly for the competitive players out there. stop and think about all those pokemon you've raised, with the move Hidden Power. That Celebi you got with HP Ice? Congrats! now that there's an 18th type, the IV spread required to get that type has been altered! Have fun with HP 37 Poison!

If they were gonna give us a new type they would've in Gen 4 with the revelation of the Shiny Stone, or in Gen 5 with Zekrom and Reshiram LITERALLY representing Yin and Yang...but bottom line is, the game's type chart has a delicate state of balance and Gamefreak is aware of this... Dark and Steel got put in Gen 2 because they couldn't fit it into Gen 1, evidenced by the fact Pokemon like Scizor and Murkrow were PLANED but not implemented.

I'm confident I won't be wrong, but if somehow I am, well I still look forward to the game because hey, I gotta keep an open mind when it comes to this franchise but Gamefreak, like its father Nintendo, has a strong sense of Tradition that it often times will not break, just saying.



Silver_August commented on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Caught In Worldwide ...:

As much as I'm relieved the 3D doesn't look awful, my heart breaks a little just because it isn't sprite based...which si going to make it awkward for my website and for me to be able to to keep pushing my spriting forward unless they do end up still making sprite based artwork of all the new Pokemon....I'm conflicted but at least I like the fox...



Silver_August commented on New Pokémon Nintendo Direct Appearing On 8th ...:

my money is on RSE Remakes, - because fans keep asking for it and it would go nicely with the 10th anniversary

a 3D Wii U RPG, because wii u needs games that will lift consoles + its better to show it off through a big announcement then magazine scans in CoroCoro.

or Gen 6 - though this is my least likely bet just because the Genesect movie comes out in the summer and generally those announcements are for games coming out within 6 months....moving that movie meant to promote the games completely pointless. putting most of my chips on option B, but some in the others because its all I can imagine they would do witht he trouble they're going through.



Silver_August commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

The game ended on a cliffhanger! dont leave us hanging! Golden Sun Dark Dawn was my first leap into playing and completing a Golden Sun and i loved it! You guys even said it was the start of the true saga since 1 and 2 were prequels, come on, Dark psynergy!



Silver_August commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

Ok seriously, if Wii U games even look half as good as Uncharted or Gears of War games I think I'd be happy, are people THAT picky and greedy that by novermber year games as amazing as Arkhem City will look like dated garbage? Seriously! I'm more worried about how games on the system will play more then anything.