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Club Nintendo Distributing Tomodachi Life Demo Codes to Select Platinum Members

Posted by Jowi Meli

Go check your email already!

Nintendo of America is distributing a special access code for a demo of Tomodachi Life to a select group of Club Nintendo members who have achieved Platinum status (those who have earned 600 Coins or more during the current fiscal year). The demo, entitled Tomodachi Life: Move-In Version, will allow you to transfer your Miis (as well as a special bonus item) to the full version of the game when it debuts on 6th June.

Not all Platinum members will get a crack at Move-In Version, however, as the verbage "select group" indicates; the emails also seem to suggest that those who have Animal Crossing: New Leaf registered have a higher chance of being selected for the demo distribution.

It's currently unknown whether or not a similar distribution is happening in other parts of the world — 'Platinum' status doesn't even exist in Club Nintendo outside North America — but hopefully a demo of some sort will make its way to the European and Australian market sooner or later. Give us a shout if you received the special email from Nintendo, and let us know how excited you are to try the new demo!

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Maelstrom said:

Awwww. I didn't get one, despite having Animal Crossing registered and getting platinum for my 3rd year in a row.



Jayvir said:

It's just a demo so it's not really a big deal. I would be surprised if I even got selected. I earn about 1000 coins every year and I have Animal Crossing too.



AVahne said:

This exclusivity thing really ain't fun. Too bad the rest of us Platinum members will have to settle for just some kind of cruddy reward later this year.
I wonder which type of people got the free Pizza Hut gift cards...



lividd3ad said:

...They're restricting a demo to a select group of people? A demo? Which is intended to spread awareness of their game?

Well, okay then.



Fauxhebro said:

Man that sucks, didn't get one. I think if you spend 1000$ on Nintendo stuff you should have gotten the code not just a few chosen people.



Blast said:

I won't be able to hit Platinum until Mario Kart 8 hits... not fair



sinalefa said:

I don't have ACNL registered, nor I made the intend to purchase survey for Tomodachi, so I don't think I will get it.


They are not restricting the demo, only its early access.



Ferkner said:

It doesn't matter how many years in a row you got platinum. I've gotten platinum for the last six years and didn't get the email. It's very random regardless of your status.



bboy2970 said:

Noooo! How did I not get one!? I have hit Platinum every year and buy 95 percent of first pay titles and a bunch of third party on wiiu/ 3ds. I'm upset. If anyone gets it and would be interested in selling it (for say 10 dollars) let me know.



Klunk23 said:

Yes! I got a code! Fantastic! But it does seem kind of unfair that people who have been club Nintendo members longer than I have didn't get one.



ikki5 said:

aww, I never got it:( I was platinum status within 1 hour of the reset... lol. I also got animal crossing registered... oh well, I got the game pre-ordered, it is not that long until it comes out



pinkeurocket said:

I'm so close to platinum but this hasn't been the best year for me financially. Very sad and extremely jealous.



bboy2970 said:

Once again, if any of the lucky ones would prefer cash, I'm offering 10 bucks (via paypal) for an unused code. Reply here if interested. I'll be checking back regularly



Jazzer94 said:

I knew this comment section was going to be filled with disappointment before I even clicked (its only a demo guys).



KodyDawg said:

Dang, I don't think I got one! I have both Platinum Status and AC:NL, not to mention I did the pre-survey for Tomodachi Life! Is anybody willing to let me have one? Now I don't think I can wait 'till June 6...



bboy2970 said:

Awesome! Drop me an email with whatever email is linked to your PayPal along with the code. I'll send along the money immediately. I'll have to just trust you that it won't be used by the time I can activate it since I'm currently at work. My email is



JCnator said:

Nope, nothing from me. I even checked my spam folder and still no sign of it. I swear I could've gotten the demo, given that I have very well over 1500 coins gained this year and happens to have downloaded Animal Crossing: New Leaf since its launch day. Oh well.



CrispyGoomba said:

@bboy2970 Okay, hang on a second though. I've never used paypal and I'm setting up an account (I'm waiting for an email confirmation message). Also, if you want, I could send you a picture of the email, before the transaction, and have like some numbers in the code blacked out, along with my name out to the side so you know it would be me.



sleepinglion said:

This is a very cool idea but allowing all Platinum members to access it would have been much more fair. It's the Pizza Hut fiasco all over again =P



rjejr said:

Didn't get the email, but I was 5 coins short of Plat so thanks for the reminder, I filled out my Child of Light post-play survey and now I don't have to worry about it anymore. And I have 4 game registration codes sitting on my monitor base waiting for July And 900 coins expiring in June

Here's how I've done the past 6 years (I may be negative on Wii U but we have supported Nintendo):

2014 Elite Status: Platinum (605 coins)
2013 Elite Status: Gold (350 coins)
2012 Elite Status: Platinum (1680 coins)
2011 Elite Status: Platinum (610 coins)
2010 Elite Status: Gold (360 coins)
2009 Elite Status: Gold (580 coins)



HeroOfCybertron said:

I have Platinum and I bought Animal Crossing day one and registered it and I still didn't get Tomodachi Life Demo. First the MK8 demo and now the Tomodachi Life Demo why does Nintendo even make demos exclusive?



Phantom_R said:

I just frantically got myself to platinum. I don't get why they'd make this demo as apparently exclusive as they did. Seems like a really dumb move especially when most recipients are probably getting it anyway.



Collinhall said:

@KnightRider666 Kind of sad dude. I'd give mine away if I didn't want it hehe

It's weird that the code is so exclusive; why be selective about a DEMO of all things?



TreesenHauser said:

Oh that's cool, this is only my fourth year in a row being a Platinum member, wish I got one of these codes.



Just_Ethan said:

If I knew about this in advance, I would have gone through all my annoying surveys. Now I regret not doing them. >.<



bboy2970 said:

I'll buy yours as well. I think my girlfriend would also quite like this demo. If you send an email connected to your PayPal account along with the tomodachi code to my email in the comment above, I'll send you 10 dollars straight away!

Darn someone beat me to it



solcross said:

Ah bummer. I'm really on the fence about this game and this probably would've nudged me one way or the other. I also got skipped over for the Christmas cards, despite having a Wii U since launch and getting a ton of games for it.



GammaGames said:

I was 5 coins away from Platinum, but just went and did the Super Metroid survey and now have platinum. I hope they continue to roll out codes!



Dizzard said:

An exclusive demo?

How does that make any sense? You want to convince many people to buy the game right?



TreesenHauser said:

If someone out there got a code but has no interest in Tomodachi Life (doubt it), let me know. I'd love to try it out after the awful last couple of days I've had.



SMW said:

Foiled again! I have yet to obtain platinum status for this year!

Also Miis in hotdog suits!



HandheldGuru97 said:

Hoping, hoping, hoping, I MUST HAZ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



2Sang said:

I didn't get one, so no special item for me. One more reason not to get this game.



Just_Ethan said:

...Did anyone get one and isn't interested? ...Cuz, I definitely wouldn't mind if, you know...



Barbiegurl777 said:

I'm excited for Tomodachi Life - 3DS & am a Platinum Club Nintendo Member & have all my games registered including Animal Crossing New Leaf - 3DS. i will be checking my email every day with fine tooth comb until I see the email. Very excited for June 6th to come already.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



unrandomsam said:

I thought Platinum Status also existed in Japan ?

(There is two boxes for the Super Famicom Classic Controller one of them is much fancier and I presumed was the Platinum version).



Axed84 said:

I'm going to add my voice to the chorus of people who're saying that they hope they get it because they've achieved Platinum status and have AC:NL registered. I've been a Platinum member every year since 2009, so it'd be nice to get access to something like this as a way to thank me for my loyalty...not that I feel like Nintendo actually owes me anything, ha!



bboy2970 said:

I'm a little fanatical when it comes to Nintendo. I really want to try this game plus I think it would be neat having an exclusive thing on my 3ds. My gf is also very excited so I surprising her with her own code since I like doing nice things for her



Kyloctopus said:

I'm Platinum give me one Nintendo! After all, I never got my Pizza gift card from you guys.



Ren said:

Interesting. So is Nintendo's marketing team like Sony/MS employees too or something? "Really, if you limit exposure it creates more buzz and then... only those people play it and then... well you can't just give a demo to all the loyal fans", nice comeback strategy. Maybe the "Quality of Life Platform" is to get less people playing video games so they'll go outside and play more.



TheRavingTimes said:

With the exception of the previous year, I've achieved the Platinum status year after year. A pity that I've resisted my urge to play Animal Crossing New Leaf due to stories of casual gamers spending over 100 hours playing this game.



greeeco said:

REALLY... If only I knew this before so I could register my products a day in advance. I got Platinum membership literally just now



ValiantPixel said:

I didn't get it. I have both Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Platinum Status, as I'm sure most of you have as well. Wasn't planning on getting this game anyway, Nintendo...



Mr-X9000 said:

if someone has a code that they dont want to use email me at



Spoony_Tech said:

They'd be wise to send me one as it's the only way I'll even try it. Otherwise I could care less. Change my mind Nintendo!



HeroOfCybertron said:

I wonder if it also had something to do with if you filled out the intend to buy survey for Tomodachi Life that was on Club Nintendo. I would really like a demo code but whatever, that's the second Nintendo demo I almost had a chance to play this week but for reasons I couldn't. Club Nintendo must hate the user Kirby105.



KeatonTS said:

@Blast Don't sweat it, I've been platinum for a very long time and I, nor have many other people received the demo



Boidoh said:

I've gotton Platinum status witth over 900 coins and no email.

Can anyone please give me a code?



Ichiban said:

I wouldnt play this even if i did get a free code! Looks like rubbish.
But to those interested, I hope you do get your code & enjoy the game.



NintyMan said:

I just filled out the last survey to get me to platinum status after learning about this. Even if I was platinum by then, I might not have gotten it as it sounds like a very rare gift.

Whatever, the game comes out exactly one week after Mario Kart 8, and I'll be busy playing that game throughout those seven days, so no big deal. I just won't have this bonus item the email's touting.



mystman12 said:

Not sure if anyone's said this, but if Nintendo's made a demo, maybe they're just giving it out to platinum members early, and maybe they'll put it on the eShop later. It would be pretty dumb to make a demo and only let such a small number of people play.



iphys said:

Didn't get a code, but I'm not interested in the game. That is pretty cool though giving demos to people they suspect will be interested. I hope they do this for other games in the future.



Handy_Man said:

I'm just curious, but for those of you who did get the code, did any of you do the "Intend to Buy" survey for Tomodachi Life? Maybe that's a factor for getting the code.



Resigrounds said:

Got my code, but I wanted to check it out, so no sale (sorry guys). I talked about the game a bit with the Nintendo Rep at my store today, and now I want to give it a try.



biercane said:

I keep checking my email to see if I've received the code, but no luck. ): Filled out the intent-to-buy - I've been waiting for this game in English ever since it came out on DS. If anybody's gotten a code they don't want to use, I'd be really happy if you're willing to send it here:



Klunk23 said:

@Luigifan141 I didn't fill out a intend to buy survey and I got a code. I intended to fill out a intend to buy survey, I just haven't gotten around to it.



mullen said:

Already played the game for more than 1 year, so I don't really care about it (Whatever, I'm far from platinum this year). However, I think for a new game, it's important to let all players know that, instead of just randomly choose few of top players. I mean, what's the purpose of this type of lottery?
Or, maybe, based on the feedback of this small scale test, another updated demo will be available later?



ValiantPixel said:

@C-Threep I think it's around mid-July, although there is never a set time. I cannot wait for that myself, because I want the Platinum rewards to be better than the last two years.



mudads said:

Just got one, but I have no interest in this. Anyone looking for one, let me know. I will do the $10 route via PayPal gift as well if anyone is interested.



JaxonH said:

Ironic. I own Animal Crossing but never registered it (or about 50 other games on my shelf) because I was already at 2500 points for the Club Year and figured I'd save em for future years.

So, I didn't get the email. Probably saves me from another game purchase, so I'm cool with that.



Handy_Man said:

@KnightRider666 Huh, I didn't get the code earlier, but then I filled out the Intend to Buy survey and then got the e-mail with the code soon after. It's interesting how you filled out the survey while @XFsWorld and @Klunk23 didn't, yet we all got a code in the end.



Lunapplebloom said:

Yay! I got me a code!

The first time having platinum has ever gotten me something useful besides the end of the fiscal year rewards. Missed the chance to try the Wii U before it released since I couldn't make it, and the Pizza Hut gift promotion from Reggie.

Sad that there seems to be a bunch of people not getting it though. I hope your emails come soon enough, and good luck!



VIIIAxel said:

I'm really hoping that they'll still send a few more of these codes out. I've been a Platinum member for two years now, and registered Animal Crossing within a month of release. I'd love to play the demo, since it might take me a while to get the actual game.



Dragonxflame323 said:

Guarding my email as I type. I've been Platinum for awhile and registered AC and the intend to buy. I'll be sad if I don't get it >.>



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 Did you get the demo? I'm platinum and didn't get one. I was thinking of marching on Nintendo with a picket sign lol probably a good thing I didn't get the demo. Money has been really tight lately for me and Tomadachi flew down my list as must have games. Mario Golf flew to the #1 spot and I should have it by Friday. My wife got it for me for my upcoming birthday. I'm going to have to be really picky in the upcoming months. I'm really bummed damn these health issues!



KnightRider666 said:

@Windy: I got it, but I sold it to somebody on here for $10. Mario Golf is awesome. Don't pay more than $30 for it in the store though. GameStop is selling it for $35 new. Health issues? What's going on with you dude?



CliveWinston said:

i don't own a 3DS or have any interest in this game whatsoever, clicked on article mistakingly, then proceeded to read the comments anyways... they reminded me of when i was in grade school and the kids at lunchtime would ask you if you were gonna eat your apple crisp ( or whatever other item it looked like you weren't going to eat )...



Gold_Ranger said:

I did NOT do the Intend-to-Buy Survey.
I DO have Animal Crossing downloaded and registered.
I've Been a Platinum Member since 2010? 2011?
I hit Platinum the day it switches over every year.



Farobi said:

I really want one! If anyone has one theyre willing to give away,I'm here. (lower middle class here)



babyguess said:

FYI, when you check your email, look for the following subject "Early access code for select Platinum members".

BTW, I got two special demo codes! If anyone is interested on my second code, please let me know and I will sell it at the going rate here. PayPal only so both parties are protected.



onery said:

Got one! It's quite a fun demo. I fully sympathise with those unable to get the demo, as I'm having a blast with it. It's short, but somehow entertainingly funny to the point that I'm laughing everytime I peek into my Mii's apartments to check on them.



Gold_Ranger said:

They actually speak! That amazed me, and they pronounced my name correctly. And the name of my Island!



Spoony_Tech said:

@Luigifan141 @KnightRider666 I didn't touch the survey and just checked and sure enough got a code. Nintendo must of read my earlier post!

Btw Knight rider where have you been? Haven't seen much of you lately. Either that or I'm just not in the same news stories as you of late?!



redivgamer90 said:

I can't believe I got a demo! I just got animal crossing a week ago and my platinum status a month ago, on top of that is the first time I receive the platinum status.



allav866 said:

I downloaded it just before heading to work. Must... Resist... Urge... To... Play...!



bluewolf85 said:

I didn't get one.. I'm still Gold.. not Platinum status... that's okay.. I"m not really upset.... just games and demo...



sykotek said:

Wow, a bonus item, seriously? I've been Platinum since the beginning of Club Nintendo. I checked my e-mail and I didn't get one, guess I'll go cancel my preorder.



FJOJR said:

Wouldn't they want people who aren't Animal Crossing fans to play this? So that they can hook them in? But it must be a beta test so you'll need the OCD powers of AC fans to truly test out the game.



TantXL said:

You guys should be happy you even have club nintendo, in sweden (where i live) club nintendo does not even EXIST.



AyeHaley said:

They said they wanted to thank their best customers and reward them more often...NoE should do the same. I buy so much Nintendo stuff each year and I would love to become a Platinum member.

Even if its just getting a small gift like playing cards or posters. NoA makes me jealous



Osiris11235 said:

Got it, though I HAVE registered 2,480 points worth of content so far this Club Nintendo Year, AND registered Animal Crossing.



Patchouli said:

I got it. Although, Animal Crossing never really appealed to me. If someone wants it, I might give it away.



Nintendo255 said:

@Incarnadine hey if you're giving yours away, I'd really really appreciate it if I could have it! Pretty please? . My email is the "0" in "sh0rt" is a zero please let me know



Rei7 said:

They should at least give this to everyone who is Platinum, to give us some appreciation.. Thanks Nintendo..thanks a lot!



Barbiegurl777 said:


I agree. I'm platinum & have checked my email 3 times already. 2 last night before bed & once this morning. Regardless still downloading the game June 6th but still be nice to have the demo considering I am platinum club nintendo member... I'm be checking my email again later today...

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Spoony_Tech said:

@Barbiegurl777 my code is as good as yours. I'd rather give it to someone I know will appreciate it. We just need to figure out how to give it to you. I honestly will not get it and don't want to take time to play the demo.




Got my code this morning. Looks like it's not a "X number of tries" limited Demo, you can play it as many times as you want



TantXL said:

I didn't have a chance to begin with cuz
Club nintendo does not exist where i live.



Barbiegurl777 said:


Yep just got the email thank you soo much!!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Downloading as we speak!!

I'm a happy camper right now!! YAYY!!!!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



LeviCelJir said:

Dang. I should of bought more games. I have no moneys for the full so it would be kewl to have a demo :/



jokerorjack said:

Would you mind giving it to me if you don’t want it. I’ve been wanting to play this game since it came our like a year ago in Japan…. I don't want to beg but super please lol I really really want it!!!!!!!!



RobMondavi said:

I am really surprised. What an awesome gift! I just cannot believe I didn't get one after all I have two accounts and both are platinum and have digital copies of animal crossing registered. Does anyone else have a spare, or don't plan on using? I'm a little late to the game.



ManateeBlubber said:

I got it! It almost makes me want to buy it, but my wallet will be empty enough.
Mario Kart, Kirby, Smash, and a couple of older games I'm on the lookout for like Tatsunoko-VS-Capcom, Mario Strikers Charged, and Game and Wario. Go ahead and judge, I'm thinking of picking up Game and Wario.



s4m1sr said:

Is there anyone that got the e-mail but is mot interested in the game. I would really appreciate getting one as I want to try the game before buying it and I want that bonus item.



longtimegamer said:

I just finished platinum after hearing this and doing the intention to buy thing. I just found out ,so it's probably was too late. I hope not though. I'd like to get this. Kinda sucks that we weren't warned ahead of time.



Giygas_95 said:

I'm Platinum and I have ACNL registered, but I didn't get the e-mail. I'm not interested in the game, but I was hoping I'd get the code so I could give it to someone on here...



E32014Intern said:

i been platium for 6 YEARS XD
and i havent git a code and have ac:nl
if anyone wants to send me one



NoNameAtAll said:

No code here. I'm sad, but what can one do. If anyone has a spare code, email to



s4m1sr said:

It really sucks that they gave an exclusive item randomly to some poeple. Now I can only beg to have it.



longtimegamer said:

Yeah. Kinda sucks. You would think that they'd want to use this to get more people interested in this. Thiat would have been helpful. I wish that they had atleast warned us and and gave it to all platinum and possibly gold as well.



AJTsuki said:

Don't be bitter folks... Everybody wiil be getting access to the demo very soon!



Bisylizzie said:

Whilst I'd love access to this demo, I'm pretty sure these codes are region-locked, right?
Got a UK console, on the UK CN...

I did get the initial TL survey a while back (the one about the fact of the localisation), so I guess I'm just hoping NoE do something similar and send out the codes/demo here...



ChuJelly said:

Dang! I've been waiting to redeem my codes until near the end of the fiscal year, and they choose to do this right now? Well, thanks for the heads up, Nintendo...
At least it's just a demo... still sucks, though



Spakiness said:

Welp I got one. Wasn't really looking forward to it, but I guess its worth a shot. It also kinda seems like a middle finger to other platinum's despite there loyalty. I like the idea of rewarding loyal customers, but you should reward them all not just a select few. ie Give the demo to all platinum's



TeeJay said:

No demo for me I guess, despite being Platinum and downloading Animal Crossing. I don't get why they're being so selective about it.



Sam_Loser2 said:

Third year as platinum, been playing the heck out of Animal Crossing. Wish one of these was sent my way, been pretty interested in it.



bluecat said:

TBH you guys arent missing much. The demo is pretty limited. If I didn't know so much about the game already, I wouldn't be sold on just this demo alone.



Kainier said:

Heeey! If anyone has an extra NA code they don't mind giving out, I'd really appreciate if you gave it to me. I really want to try this game out! Thanks!

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