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Sat 1st Sep 2012

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dc_10 commented on Video: This Mario & Luigi Trailer is the Stuff...:

I've never played one of these M&L RPG games before. Don't ever remember seeing Superstar Saga on the shelves and Bowser's Inside Story didn't look too interesting. And to be honest wasn't too thrilled about this one either... That is until I saw THIS trailer! It looks pretty fun and different as far as the "traditional" 2D or 3D Mario titles go. There's a lot more action and what seems to be so many ways to use the device itself, touchscreen, gyro control, even holding the system in "book mode" for some reason that has always peaked my interest when the system needs to be held sideways, I think it's cool and like "oooooh look at me! You think I'm not playing the system correctly! Guess again!" Idk I'm odd like that I suppose. Anyways, my perspective has definitely changed and will probably download this one.



dc_10 commented on Disney Registers Racing-related Domains:

Venellope Von Shweets from Wreck it Ralph is a perfect fit!! I mean she was from a kart racing game, Sugar Rush. Turbo could even be like a challenge racer or unlockable race. Turbotastic!!!
Chip n Dale and the Rescue Rangers plane would be a cool one to see also.
Duck Tales (Gizmo/Gyro!!), Mr. Toad, Herbie!!
A nice lineup of cars from CARS would be great!! RC CAR from Toy Story with like a Woody and Buzz double dash sort of team.
Man I'm kind of exciting myself for this!!



dc_10 commented on Wii U Owners Shunned Again As Warner Refuses T...:

@Haxonberik Completely made this article worth reading.

I bought it for Wii U knowing no DLC because of brand loyalty. It's not a deal breaker but it is sad to see that 3rd parties blame consumers for not buying their games on "less hardcore gamer" systems when it's themselves giving the consumer the big middle finger. What is so hard about giving every platform an equal chance to offer the same gameplay? If exclusivity is what they were looking for then they should have picked one system and developed on it solely. The worst part, is that the Wii U and Big N keep getting a bad rap for no 3rd party support when it's clear that the support they get is half-assed.



dc_10 commented on Game & Wario to Retail at $39.99 in the U.S.:

"it's comprised of 16 mini games designed to show off the Wii U GamePad's capabilities."

I thought that's what NintendoLand was made for?!?
I'm not crazy right?? No thanks Wario, you can game alone.



dc_10 commented on New Research Claims Wii U Success Hinges On A ...:

@Ambassador_Kong yes I agree with your definition of "core" gamers. They weren't just tied to being good at one type of game like all the fps on xbox360 and ps3, we as core gamers are good at everything with the exception of having one type you are superb at and one type you are crap at. But hey, I like my games to be fun and challenging, not to look all the same...



dc_10 commented on Nintendo of America Offering Free Retail Game ...:

Now I understand the promo but I have one question, does the copy of Luigi's Mansion or Pokemon Dungeon have to be downloaded or can it be a retail cartridge version??? Because all it says it to purchase and register. Any answers?



dc_10 commented on If Nintendo Ever Made A Mature Zelda, This Is ...:

But seriously, as soon as I looked at it, I thought of the original LoZ because of his shield. It has the cross. It does have an obvious sinister dark gloomy style, but I think it would work if they ever tried to do a remake of the original or some kind of game narrating one of the different dark ages of Hyrule. But I do agree, give him his hat back.