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Sun 11th May 2014

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NoNameAtAll commented on Six More Retro SEGA 3DS HOME Themes Are on the...:

The Game Gear and Genesis themes are a fair bit different from the Japan equivalents too, aside from the obvious parts (Mega Drive vs. Genesis).

There's a few sound effect differences on the Genesis one compared to the JP Mega Drive and the Game Gear, while keeping the same sounds, looks different on the bottom screen. Rather than cycle through red, yellow and blue Game Gears, the game on the screen of the game gear changes.

The attention to detail on the different regions is impeccable. I imagine the Saturn will use the startup for the NA Saturn with NA Saturn pics and stuff.

DC could be used without much change. Master System as well, maybe. The SG-1000 and Mark III probably won't be changed though.

We'll see though. Should be fun to see regardless.



NoNameAtAll commented on Nintendo Download: 17th September (North America):

Jack all for me. I don't have or want Shovel Knight, 3DS VC still remains dead, Wii U VC is still trickle feeding...and I have a vested interest in hoping for more GBA VC games due to many of my carts getting stolen more than 3 years ago.

Where's Zero Mission? Where's Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon? How about the two Mario vs. Donkey Kong games japan got? How about some more 64 games? Why not go the extra mile and throw in Smash 64? Mario Kart 64? Majora's Mask (And don't say it's unfeasible. Xenoblade on the Wii downloads is proof enough that newer versions don't mean a thing)? And that's only the first party stuff. For Wii games, what about Xenoblade?

I'm not gonna bother saying the Square-Enix RPGs. We know by now they don't care at all, so no FFI, IV, VI, Chrono Trigger, etc. And third party is third party, though why not the Sonic Advance trilogy? Or at least Advance 1 which came out in Japan? I'll even take Sonic Battle at this point!

There are a lot of gaping holes, so saying the complaining isn't valid is a load of bull. There is no defending how NoA is doing these things when we've seen Europe get multiple VC titles in single weeks. The one with Advance Wars 2, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Ocarina of Time comes to mind, when NoA only got Ocarina (Advance Wars 2 did come later, but Shadow Dragon is still AWOL).

And please don't talk to me about Europe getting screwed over in the past. I'm well aware of it and it sucks. I'm glad NoE is doing better, but the fact is that both branches get screwed over compared to glorious Japan.



NoNameAtAll commented on Fire Emblem If Box Art Confirms amiibo Support...:

@Quorthon I get what you mean, but remember Atlus is partially footing the bill there. Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance were developed by Intelligent Systems.

Again, when a game released right at the end of the SNES's lifespan (Super Famicom in this case) sells better than ones that were released while the consoles still had steam in them (Especially in Radiant Dawn's case), something is /very/ wrong.



NoNameAtAll commented on Fire Emblem If Box Art Confirms amiibo Support...:

@Gerbwmu Hate to break it to you, but Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn nearly killed the franchise because they sold /very/ poorly especially in Japan. Thracia 776, a game that came out on the SNES in /1999/ sold almost as much as both of those games. It's going to be a long while before we see a console FE again, if at all.