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Tomodachi Life puts a personal community in your pocket, starring people you know, such as your friends, parents, your teacher and anyone else you’ve ever dreamt of befriending.

All these familiar faces appear in-game as Mii characters, the avatar system first introduced on Nintendo’s Wii console in 2006 and later adopted on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Since its launch, players around the world have enjoyed creating Mii characters of themselves, their friends and families, fictional characters and even celebrities; as such the current worldwide Mii population stands at a staggering 200 million. For the first time in Nintendo’s history, Mii characters can now exist in Tomodachi Life as living, relatable characters with a voice and a personality all their own… And it’s little wonder that surprising things will happen when those Mii characters get a mind of their own! Players will become the director to their Mii characters’ lives by helping them find love and happiness, and as the drama unfolds, each hilarious scene can be easily shared on a range of social networks. Almost anything is possible in Tomodachi Life - Your friends. Your stories. Your life.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

The meaning of life

During the many hours you can potentially spend lost within Tomodachi Life, you'll find yourself wondering if this new 3DS outing can actually be called a game in the traditional sense. It's certainly addictive and almost universally appealing thanks to...

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Dutch_Cheesecake said:

Hmm, I need to see some gameplay first.
For now, I prefer Animal crossing over Tomodashi life...
But we'll see.



jjmesa16 said:

I just realized I never really knew the price of this game. At $35 I think I'll be skipping out on this one.



drewb0203 said:

jjmesa16, thats a pretty good price. A lot of 3ds games like this are $40. What did you expect, $20?

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