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Wed 14th Nov 2012

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Bisylizzie commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

I do still prefer the option of physical copies of games, though I will occasionally go for downloads...
My 'net connection being awful doesn't help things, been getting into the habit of running SpeedTest every so often, and I usually get about 1Mbps at home. Sometimes up to 2, but never higher than that.
There has been a thing to try and bring super fast broadband to many more houses here recently, but we're a little bit outside the catchment area, so been unable to get it.
A digital-only future would be a bit sad, because of this.
Sure, we've got unlimited usage on it, and I can be quite patient waiting, but it still isn't an ideal situation quite yet. Luckily, it does still seem to be something that is being looked at, so hopefully sometime in the future?

Can't say if I'd outright drop some games/series, just because they were digital-only... Games with huge online components or only work online, sure, but availability-wise... Maybe not.



Bisylizzie commented on Silver Mario amiibo Reportedly Picked Up From ...:

Huh, didn't realise MatteoMax had got into amiibo collecting(I guess it's understandable, though), he does a fair bit of collecting/grabbing prototype/unreleased Skylanders from Taobao.
I'd be inclined to say this is legit (though, watching the video, it does mention on the game that it is the first use of the amiibo, so having the Silver Token already "equipped" on it just adds to the authenticity)



Bisylizzie commented on Video: Tap Your Toes To Fresh Footage From Hat...:

Yes, can't wait~

Gonna preorder as soon as GAME or somewhere open their preorders... Love the Project Diva series, have got at least one copy of each game from the first PSP one, all the way up to F2nd(three copies... Imported one, bought the other two when they released here), except Mirai (due to the region lock)... And I also got Megpoid the Music (love Gumi, but not a huge fan of the game. It had potential, but was a bit of a let down. At least Gumi's songs in Project Mirai make up for it, they're a couple of my favourites!)... And then IA/VT on preorder... IA's my favourite Vocaloid, so I knew I needed her game(so I preordered the special edition for all the goodies). That one's in June, so it's gonna be a Vocaloid filled Summer!

I love Vocaloid~

As for the other question? Not particularly going anywhere special, but, similar to @hybridseed, I might be going up to Skeg during the Summer. I live on one of the bus routes, about half hour away, so it's easy to just hop up there if the weather's nice, go arcades, etc. xD



Bisylizzie commented on Nendoroid Kirby Stars at Wonder Festival Along...:

Just need to bear in mind that the sizes of the two styles of figures are fairly different. 1:7 scale (as Cordelia is) can be around 23cm for standard standing figures... Figma are usually 13cm, so there'd be a fair difference there...
To compare, this review has a picture of sizes of all three of 1:7, figma and Nendo of the same character beside each other (need to scroll down a bit, though)



Bisylizzie commented on Nendoroid Kirby Stars at Wonder Festival Along...:

The Phat Company one is a Parfom figure, almost a middle ground between Nendo-style cuteness, and figma style joints/articulation... Probably worth making the distinction, as this means she's not a static one like Link and Cordelia are.

There was also another FE Nendo there, too~ Caeda, I think her name is? (Well, concept art, like MM Link and Marth, but still... xD)

So many cute Nendos announced, I need them all~



Bisylizzie commented on Parent Trap: Rewriting The Family Gaming Scrip...:

I was surprised, last night even, at how much progress I was making with this game/app...
I did GCSE Art, to compare, and never (that I remember) got taught skills in such an easy to pick up and use way. I liked Art, drawing, so that's why I chose it, and as it went on I regretted the choice, wished I had chosen something else, because I never felt like I would actually be able to improve, because of the way I learnt - I liked being able to work step by step in PAA, seeing each step being done as it went along, and being able to do it at my own pace.
I look at some of the older stuff I did in the app, messing around with the shading/etc briefly, and then some of the stuff I did last night, and there is a marked improvement - because of the way it teaches, because it is laid back, because the skills are easy to pick up...
But, yeah, long part over, I really like Pokemon Art Academy, glad I did make the jump and get it.

I wanna see more titles like this, on the 3DS especially, because I feel the type of "game" it is suits it, the being able to sit down and play and improve skills ~anywhere~.
A music one might be nice, like the sorts of instrument apps/programs you get (kinda like the Mario Paint one, or a bigger version of the one in WarioWare DiY, as that was a really basic one)



Bisylizzie commented on Club Nintendo Distributing Tomodachi Life Demo...:

Whilst I'd love access to this demo, I'm pretty sure these codes are region-locked, right?
Got a UK console, on the UK CN...

I did get the initial TL survey a while back (the one about the fact of the localisation), so I guess I'm just hoping NoE do something similar and send out the codes/demo here...



Bisylizzie commented on Super Mario Hopping Into McDonald's Happy Meal...:

@smikey666 There's been a few promotions over parts of Europe for Mario toys, I stuck the link above... There appears to be ten toys in the set, but what UK brings over is currently up in the air. Could be all ten, might not.



Bisylizzie commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

I picked up Mario and Luigi, one game that I hadn't got round to buying, and was falling down my list of stuff to buy... I think, if I hadn't jumped on it during this sale, I may never have picked it up...
So, that's got to be good for both me and Nintendo, right? They've gained a sale they may never have had otherwise, I've gained a game for a fairly nice price...

Sure, them doing something like this "for reals" in the future, could cause me to jump at purchasing a game that isn't high on my priority list... But I can't see them doing this often. Maybe one-off events... Or even, as someone said, on older games, from early in the 3DS' life.
Even so, in some cases, it's usually easier to get games much cheaper from retail (case in point, recently Tesco have had their big sale, with many games less than a fiver.) - plus, it's physical copies, too.



Bisylizzie commented on StreetPass Relay and Nintendo Zone Issues Repo...:

I'm in the UK, and recently been getting one or two hits every time I wander round town, usually. No idea how many are from the relay stations (I know of two, but they're so close together I'm not sure if it's actually two separate hotspots or just the ones hotspot...

But still, hardly anyone goes round with their console here, no idea whether it's just because it's rather rural/small town area...



Bisylizzie commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a 3DS Storage Upg...:

I'm currently using a 32GB card, after my original 2GB(maybe it was 1? Not sure...) got filled up with the Ambassador games amongst other games...

Got more than 4GB on it in music(iPod is 4GB, got that filled, wanted to take some more music with me, sticking some music on my 3DS was cheapest option)!
And likely the same amount in demos/eshop games, so I'm well sorted (at least, unless I decide to go on a music/eshop binge or something. Unlikely, as the only digital game I'm looking forward to now is AC, due to the promotion.)

I prefer to buy physical games (only reason I'm getting AC digital is because of the free game promotion, as mentioned above), so I'm fine there. I just sometimes feel that 32 is... Too much. (Was on sale though, very cheap, so not complaining xD)