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Wed 14th November, 2012

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Bisylizzie commented on Super Mario Hopping Into McDonald's Happy Meal...:

@smikey666 There's been a few promotions over parts of Europe for Mario toys, I stuck the link above... There appears to be ten toys in the set, but what UK brings over is currently up in the air. Could be all ten, might not.



Bisylizzie commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

I picked up Mario and Luigi, one game that I hadn't got round to buying, and was falling down my list of stuff to buy... I think, if I hadn't jumped on it during this sale, I may never have picked it up...
So, that's got to be good for both me and Nintendo, right? They've gained a sale they may never have had otherwise, I've gained a game for a fairly nice price...

Sure, them doing something like this "for reals" in the future, could cause me to jump at purchasing a game that isn't high on my priority list... But I can't see them doing this often. Maybe one-off events... Or even, as someone said, on older games, from early in the 3DS' life.
Even so, in some cases, it's usually easier to get games much cheaper from retail (case in point, recently Tesco have had their big sale, with many games less than a fiver.) - plus, it's physical copies, too.



Bisylizzie commented on StreetPass Relay and Nintendo Zone Issues Repo...:

I'm in the UK, and recently been getting one or two hits every time I wander round town, usually. No idea how many are from the relay stations (I know of two, but they're so close together I'm not sure if it's actually two separate hotspots or just the ones hotspot...

But still, hardly anyone goes round with their console here, no idea whether it's just because it's rather rural/small town area...



Bisylizzie commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a 3DS Storage Upg...:

I'm currently using a 32GB card, after my original 2GB(maybe it was 1? Not sure...) got filled up with the Ambassador games amongst other games...

Got more than 4GB on it in music(iPod is 4GB, got that filled, wanted to take some more music with me, sticking some music on my 3DS was cheapest option)!
And likely the same amount in demos/eshop games, so I'm well sorted (at least, unless I decide to go on a music/eshop binge or something. Unlikely, as the only digital game I'm looking forward to now is AC, due to the promotion.)

I prefer to buy physical games (only reason I'm getting AC digital is because of the free game promotion, as mentioned above), so I'm fine there. I just sometimes feel that 32 is... Too much. (Was on sale though, very cheap, so not complaining xD)