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EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's "Stupid" Wii U April Fools Prank

Posted by Damien McFerran

The person in charge of the Frostbite Engine Twitter could be in trouble

Yesterday was April Fools Day, that one day of the year when media outlets are allowed to let their imaginations run riot and create some truly outlandish — and totally fictional — news stories. You'll no doubt have seen our Nintendo VR prank, and — to save you the bother of looking — we rounded up some of the best offerings in a special feature.

One of the items we covered was a couple of tweets from the official Frostbite Engine Twitter account which made some rather underhanded jokes at the expense of Wii U owners. As you'll probably be aware, Frostbite Engine 3 doesn't currently support Nintendo's console, and whoever was in charge of the Twitter account yesterday obviously thought it would be amusing to poke fun at this fact.

It would appear that those in charge of EA — the company which owns Frostbite Engine maker DICE — didn't see the funny side. The offending tweets have been deleted, but were seen and shared so many times that EA boss Peter Moore has been moved to publicly apologise for them via his own Twitter account:

We can only assume whoever created the naughty tweets has been given a stern talking to. EA's relationship with Nintendo may be at an all-time low right now, but Moore is clearly smart enough to know that in this ever-changing and constantly shifting business, you should try to make friends and not enemies.

Do you think the tweets in question were just a bit of light-hearted fun, and Moore shouldn't have to apologise? Or do you believe that he has done the sensible thing and tried to maintain good relations with Nintendo? Share your feelings by posting a comment below.


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SanderEvers said:

Strange: Wii U isn't gen 4, it's gen 8. Just like the PS4 and XBOX ONE. But ofcourse EA starts counting at the PS1.

And I soo hope Valve stays away from EA and Frostbite. And they will.



AJWolfTill said:

He's actually in trouble for revealing that Half Life 3 is a Wii exlusive. They were planning on keeping that under wraps for another 3 years.



AdanVC said:

Yeah, that was definitely very unprofessional and stupid from EA. Never change EA. Maybe you are not the worst company in the world but sure you are the worst (and most arrogant) on gaming industry.



0utburst said:

I stopped buying EA games for more than a year or two now. But a good thing for Moore to do.



Specters said:

DICE just went down a whole lot in my book. Nintendo should have just replied to DICE with "oh and how is Battlefield 4 coming along? Almost finished?"



nik1470 said:

My respect for DICE reached an all time low yesterday. I agree with Peter Moore it was stupid and right of him to make his apology public.

Of course a better apology would be to publish star wars games on Nintendo consoles



Sinister said:

EA can shove their games up theirs. Who cares about them anymore beside some dude bros.



santaglause said:

sarcasm about it being the powerful console got to me! pathetic to say the least, the guy should get a swift kick in the nads live!



Ricube said:

Arrogance often comes from envy and ignorance. How much would they love to actually see the frostbite logo in a Zelda or Mario game? And the 4th generation thing is just embarrassing ignorance from who wrote this.



MuchoMochi said:

Peter Moore's April Fool's day joke was pretending to be sorry about the bashing of nintendo of the jokes about the wii u's lack of support



schizor said:

This april fools apparently pissed off a lot a people, and THAT makes it a good one.. I actually believed the VR prank here on NL, seemed like a smart move.



sadsack777 said:

E A they are fools bashing wii u well let me say Project CARS is one of the confirmed game to include support for Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift VR and even 4K resolution support. The game is set to release on Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Steam OS sometimes in November, 2014.

According to the official FAQ on their website, “Project CARS runs on Slightly Mad Studios’ proprietary MADNESS game engine that was built specifically for next-generation consoles and is scalable to a wide variety of modern PC specifications.”

What do you think about Project CARS? Let us know in the comments below.



SirMime said:

Apology or 'apology' from EA doesn't really mean anything at this point. I only have Nintendo systems so I'm in no danger of buying another EA published game.



Beechbone said:

It's kinda strange that EA hates Nintendo this gen while they released a ton of games last gen for Wii and DS, even exclusive versions of their top franchises like NFS Nitro.



Aviator said:

Where's the apology to Valve?

I understand some people (unhealthily) attach themselves to consoles. The fact is the Wii U is not the most powerful console available, and so when on a day like April Fools, why is a tweet that makes fun of that the worst think in the world?

Calm down, it was April Fools, and nobody was hurt. If you were hurt, step back from Nintendo and take a breath of fresh air. There's a lot more in the world to get worked up over, a tweet about console performance is not.



Jazzer94 said:

I found it mildly amusing in a trolling way and feel some people are taking to heart.



larry_koopa said:

The Wii U is simply a different beast when compared to the XB1 and PS4. Yes it's under-powered when compared to those two boxes, but it's also aimed at another demographic entirely. For the audience that the Wii U is targeted at it's doing it's job.



mingzu said:

OK, so it was is a bad April Fools Prank and some people need to calm down. On the other hand, it shows the dramatic difference between the image that EA wants to create and what the developers at EA really think.



Pod said:

It wasn't particularly classy, but a formal apology seems unnecessary. We already know most people and DICE and indeed EA head offices consider the Wii U kind of a joke in itself, so the prank wasn't exactly out of character.



Prof_Clayton said:

I'm surprised anyone even noticed this anyway; why would someone bother to follow EA on Twitter? I'd think everyone would try and stay away from them personally.



MrGawain said:

Well half of EA seems desperate to get their 'America's worst business' title back for next year. When the Microsoft guy was talking about Internet hate and trolling, he meant spoilt kids being vulgar on Titanfall servers, not the guys in charge of development and PR.



readypembroke said:

The page is missing the 3rd Wii U/ EA april fools joke. Here it is:

Good news, we have finally fixed and optimized our ‘netcode’. Uses quantum entanglement for Zero Latency connections. Exclusively on #WiiU.
— FrostbiteEngine (@FrostbiteEngine) April 1, 2014



SheldonRandoms said:

WhaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaTTTTttttt!?!?!?!?!?! U MEAN IT WAS A LIE! That's it, i'm going to write an angry letter.........and doodle in that letter........the whole letter will be a doodle........and it'll smell like nacho chips, that'll show them!!!!!



DualWielding said:


Not really the Wii U's problem is that its demographic at this point is hardcore nintendo fans who are willing to buy a console for the next mario and zelda no matter what and ultra hardcore gamers who buy every console on principle...... It doesn't have the regular gamers who just want to buy a single console and expect access to a wide variety of games from a variety of developers and it doesn't have the casual crowd that made the original Wii a success either......



ajcismo said:

Apology or not, it shows that the culture at EA is still more of a frat house than a tech firm.



Jaz007 said:

I personally liked it a little, the Half-Life 3 part rounded it out nicely. I think poeple take this kind of stuff way too seriously.



Excep7ional said:

@Aviator This.

That guys joke almost made people punch their computer screens. If you feel anything like that, then you need to take a break from games for a while. It was April fools and the guy was having fun so what's the problem? It's really not that serious and people shouldn't get all worked up over it.



banacheck said:

I didn't see nothing wrong with the joke, it's common knowledge the Wii U isn't the most powerful hardware out. People are overreacting once again but it's nothing new, cough Watch Dogs graphics cough.



wombatkidd said:

It's not a "harmless prank." Making fun of potential business partners is not a smart plan. Neither is trying to piss off fans of potential business partners.

Last I checked, April fools day wasn't supposed to be "businesses should act like gamefaqs trolls day."



Excep7ional said:

@wombatkidd People shouldn't be getting "pissed off' in the first place over a joke. You guys say you don't like nor care for their games and/or thoughts anyway so what's the point in throwing a fit? Plus, I really don't think Nintendo even cares what EA has to say. Like I said, if anyone is getting "pissed off" just because of this then they are overreacting. As a Nintendo fan, this didn't bother me in the slightest.



wombatkidd said:

@Excep7ional and he shouldn't be trying to piss people off. I wasn't, but it's clear that's what his intent was. It's not the fault of the people who get pissed off at a troll. It's the trolls fault for trolling. You're blaming the victim.



ejamer said:

Eh, I thought the first one was funny enough and doesn't require any apology. All the things mentioned would be cool, but we know they just aren't happening.

Unfortunately the second tweet wasn't really cute or clever, and reads very poorly (unless it was intended as a direct shot at the Wii U console). Whoever is in charge of the twitter feed should've known better - or maybe they did, and someone with less sense made an unauthorized post?



kyuubikid213 said:

April Fool's pranks should be funny. This one and one I read in a fake campus paper about levelling the most historic part of campus to make it a parking lot crossed that line.

That being said, I'm glad someone apologized for this because, prank or not, it was unprofessional and dumb.



Monkeh said:

Really don't see what the fuzz is all about.. aren't you supposed to be fooled on April Fools?

Anyway, I actually wish they would make a tuned down Frostbyte Engine for Wii-U, but obviously that would cost too many resources to be profitable.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Your right, its not a big deal and people shouldn't get so worked up over an otherwise harmless joke. That doesn't mean the joke itself wasn't a bad business move, it doesn't matter if people shouldn't be upset, it only matters that it might rub them the wrong way.

The joke itself was just bad in general, being a lazy attempt at trolling at best is what makes it cross the line. Something like a mock-up of HL3 for Wii U would have been plenty.



MikeLove said:


Exactly. The 'prank' wasn't funny at all. If the popular cool guy at school picks on the weak nerdy kid in class it just makes him look bad, which is what EA/Dice has done to Nintendo here.

EA should be the bigger man and leave Nintendo alone. They have enough to worry about already, without having the worlds most powerful game publisher kicking them when they are down.



Mario-Man-Child said:

There must be a real 'hate Nintendo' culture inside EA. Sad company. The last EA game I bought was Tiger woods tour 2011, I'd say I played it for a total of 2 hours. Bland would be a good description.

Wii U is a lot better than EA's console....oh I forgot they don't have one, sad losers.



Kirk said:

As I said in another thread on another site; the really sad irony about all of this is that these tweets simply couldn't have existed if Nintendo hadn't created a console, service and situation where these kinds of insults were applicable in the first place.

People are upset because it smells too much of the cold hard truth.

As per my usual stance on this; Nintendo is the real "entity" to blame here.

Nintendo provided all the fuel that was necessary to start this particular fire.



erv said:

Meanwhile, nintendo and google did an excellent pokemon clickable game on the google maps service.



K-Gamer said:

May be a bit underpowered compared to its competitors, but when you deny that 60 FPS and 1080p is occurring most on this console and not it's competitors, that's really aggravating.



AJ_Lethal said:

We are talking about DICE/EA, not some random crapstain on the internet, whose "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo was pretty much burning bridges shortly after building them and those tweets are pretty much crapping on said bridge's ashes; not to mention their recent track record is rather bad.

Heck, the tweets are not even funny on itselves; they are cringeworthy.



luke88 said:

@Excep7ional I do agree with you but I would rather anyone even remotely involved with EA or Dice's marketing or PR departments was grovelling at the feet of Battlefield 4 owners. Or, if not currently grovelling, at least be thinking of ways they could be grovelling; as opposed to indulging in april fool's shenanigans. I've never really sent angry emails/letters to companies before but I've sent three to EA and Dice's respective customer service departments hoping, at least, to get some kind of apology and received no response whatsoever. I think it's fair to be a bit annoyed if someone there, apparently, has time for this but no one will take the time to respond to customers having sold them a product that doesn't work properly.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Eh, give it a rest. It's a prank, so how about you treat it as one? Just because you didn't find it funny doesn't mean nobody did, and tame jokes are lame.



TruenoGT said:

I'd hate to be a PR person in the age of Twitter. Every person in the world (except those in restricted countries sadly) has a global microphone and they're not afraid to use it. Ultimately, not very professional on the OP's part.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



nungi said:

Guess everybody is laughing now.Laugh now cause you not going to laugh later



nungi said:

All these dev been trying hard to .... Nintendo off and N just won't have it so guess when you get turned down it hurts



Doma said:

@Diddy_kong Nintendo likes to believe their target for the console was/is 'everybody'. It's pretty funny that you consider the abysmal sales so far, to be “doing it's job”.



Mrclaycoat said:

I actually thought it was pretty funny. I love my Wii U but I can still laugh at it too.



nungi said:

Nintendo give them a handheld with 3d they say it hurts,give them a gamepad that's affordable they say its not hd some of you have money while most don't and complain and make life difficult for their own selves much less other people could it just be like back in the days where people had patience.have a U since launch and I'm happy with what it does for the money and the library is getting better at the end of the year.while some people buy a new system with the same games from last gen don't see what the power is for or the XTRA dollars I have to give to xperience the same shooter or rpg with the same controller.these developers need to start making games for Nintendo and stop crying how you can't port a game overnite to make some quick cash on these idiots out there after July see whats up with the all the horse poop that's going on.and Everything is about Nintendo.guess they been hated on by most who can't do no betwr



gatorboi352 said:

Anyone who thinks this was some one off rouge individual is sorely mistaken. This was the Frostbite company twitter. All this showed was how the team there feels about Wii U, and I'm sure they're not the only folks in the industry that feel this way (looks at 2014 3rd party Wii U line up).

Sure it was tasteless, but looking beyond the surface, all I see is another window into the world outside of Nintendo and its fan base, and Wii U is a laughing stock to many unfortunately. Like @Kirk said, this is all Nintendo's fault.



supremii said:

Please mind the difference. This was not an April Fool's prank because April Fool's is not about being sarcastic but rather about canards and tricking someone.



bizcuthammer said:

The biggest prank against Nintendo came from Moore when he called Nintendo "partners" of EA. If that relationship is a partnership, i'd hate to see how EA treats its enemies.

EA blows anyway. They haven 't made a great game in their entire history. Battlefield 4 is a broken mess, their sports games have less innovation in them than the CoD series does every year, and the new SimCity has been one of the biggest disappointments in PC gaming history. Not to mention that every game Bioware has released under the EA label has paled in comparison to the ones they published themselves.

EA is by far the worst company in gaming, and if it weren't for the millions of casual gamers that buy Madden and FIFA every year, even though its the same game they made last year, maybe they wouldn't be so annoyingly arrogant and anti-consumer.



Einherjar said:

@bizcuthammer The biggest problem is, that these blinded "casual" flood them with money. And money is a "competition repellant" in this business.
"Oh, youre a growing new developer with praised games that might overshadow ours ? Well, consider yourself bought, disbanded and lables a failure"
That sad thing is, that ^this happend so often that it isnt funny anymore.



kensredemption said:

I still think those tweets were just to get the PS4 and XBO fanboys riled up. Gloating about how they always get the "mature" and "best-looking" games only to get backhanded by the publisher they love SO much by supporting the Wii U. Still, I can get why some people would think it was insulting, so I'm teetering on so-so right now.

In recent times, I've come to realize that EA KNEW MS would be in trouble with the XBO. They only just recently pushed out 4 million units (according to VGChartz.con) and that's possibly because of their decision to keep pushing back Titanfall for the 360 and making that new Plants Vs. Zombies game an Xbox exclusive. Some people just couldn't wait.

At this point, they're just trying to help keep the masses going forward and give MS a fighting chance next-gen because, let's face it, with all the useless gimmicks they packed into the XBO MS is just treading water.



64supermario said:

@Kaze_Memaryu I wouldn't call this extreme, it was probably one of the tamer jokes I heard to be honest, hell its not 'A Modest Proposal'. It just kind of had a high school bully feel to it. Its just kind of a meh joke too. But I admit its a joke even if it is a pretty meh joke it still is one, feelings are going to be hurt, it is April's Fools Day after all.



mike_intellivision said:

As I have said elsewhere, you can defend not making WiiU games from a business decision but it is very difficult to use the same rationale for not making games for the 3DS.

Additionally, if the Frostbite Engine is scalable and works on X360 and PS3, making it work on the WiiU should be technically possible. The lack of compatibility is a choice.

Given its commitment to on-line exclusive (which have network issues) and mobile (which some think is about to crash), EA could be in trouble soon.



GalacticMario28 said:

I don't really see the tweets as offending. When he said the Wii U was the most powerful platform this generation, it should've been obvious he was joking about the whole thing.



Caryslan said:

I have never liked EA, and while I have purchased their games, its generally when they are used or off a markdown rack. To me, EA is everything that is wrong with video games, and their business polices are starting to bite them in the behind.

The killed off Simcity with their stupid polices, and Battlefield 4 was so broken and horrible, Call of Duty: Ghosts destroyed it in sales. Last time I checked, Ghosts has sold 20.35 Million copies across all platforms while Battlefield 4 sold 9.04 million across numerous platforms.

Now, this was during a year where Ghosts got low review scores(although I enjoyed it) and Battlefield 4 was being hyped as the COD-Killer. Those sales are also well below Battlefield 3's numbers.

I don't the tweets tastless, I just find them stupid. Its like EA wants to win the "We don't know how to run a business award". In the past year, numerous major franchises like Dead Space, Medal of Honor, Crysis, and Battlefield have all bomed on store shelves. Its not just Nintendo fans who are fed up with EA, numerous Microsoft and Sony gamers are starting to get tired of them.

EA and DICE should not be making tweets like this. DICE put out a broken game that got trampled by Call of Duty: Ghosts. Maybe they should be more concerned with fixing Battlefield 4 rather than fanning the flames of fanboy wars.

As for EA, what was the last hit game that they had without the words "Madden" or "Fifa" on its cover? Why would a company that has had a string of bombs in the past few years be so determined to burn so many bridges? Has anyone at that company stopped and thought about “Gee, this may not be such a good idea. We might need Nintendo at some point”?

I honestly don't get EA anymore. They went from being the worst company to being a company that has no clue what they are doing. I wonder how long it will be before Take 2, Activision, or Ubisoft surpasses them?



DarkKirby said:

I don't really think there is anything to apologize for. For one thing, it was just an April Fools joke, and it wasn't as if what they were poking fun at was false (the capabilities of the Wii U).



Meaty-cheeky said:

If the Frostbite Engine can run on PS3 & Xbox 360 then the Wii U can easily do the same. Wii U is 3x more powerful than the Xbox 360, I don't understand all of the false hate that the Wii U gets about being underpowered, Halo 4 looked next gen yet it ran on the X360 , also all of the launch games on Xbox One & PS4 could have also ran on Wii U like TitanFall and infamous second son if developers optimized those game for Wii U it could be done.



JaxonH said:


I'm sorry, but pissing people off doesn't make it a good April Fools joke. No one believed it, so it wasn't a good April Fools. It didn't piss people off because people got their hopes up, it pissed people off because they deemed the Wii U worthy of mockery simply because it's not as powerful as the other systems. Before the PS3, do you think these guys would have mocked the PS2 for being just as underpowered in its' day? Or the PS1? Of course not. Only when it's Nintendo is it ok to do that apparently.

This whole industry is like a bunch of fat kids on the playground poking fun at the kid who won't defend himself. Congrats EA, yet again you've propped up your egos at the expense of Nintendo gamers. Such a classy company.



Ren said:

Ha ha! the funniest part is how mad people here get over it. It's like people defending their little brother or something while being in denial about what is just the truth and accepted by basically everyone without a WiiU. "he is NOT small! He's just as big and strong as you are! leave him alone!" so what. it's a game machine; and it IS a lot less capable than the other current consoles, get used to it. You all know that's not a bad thing per se so have fun with your wii2, but clearly it's pretty silly to most other people. So what? They can say whatever they want.



AJSjedi said:

You seem to always be on it's all Nintendo's fault bandwagon so let's ask you and others a question...if Nintendo released a console tomorrow equal to ps4 and Xbox one would you rush out and buy it ? Or would you find a new excuse to cry about?



OptometristLime said:

@JohnRedcorn - I agree

This has certainly become twisted, into another occasion to admonish fanboys and tell them how stupid they are to care about their hobby.

I don't think April Fools gives anyone license to say or do illicit things under the guise of humor. Had these tweets actually been endorsed by EA I still would have thought them strange, but instead they amount to sabotage of EA's reputation by some twit of an employee lol



AJSjedi said:

Good thing Nintendo has something EA sorely lacks...class. I would have tweeted back so glad you finally got SOMETHING to work because battlefield 4 sure STILL doesn't months after it's release for millions of paying customers!

On a side note I'm not big on FPS games as they get repetitive and boring, but for all activisiona fault at least call of duty always works upon release and is so much better than boringfield



Dark-Link73 said:

@arkady77 You are correct. Disney owns Star Wars and all the properties under the Lucas Arts umbrella. However, Disney closed (or is still closing) LucasArts Interactive as a developer and they're outsourcing their games. Disney apparently doesn't trust their own Disney Interactive division because they (Disney) have EA (of all people) exclusive rights to make Star Wars games.

Go figure.



AJSjedi said:

Still waiting for the armchair quarterbacks on this site to enlighten the rest of us as to what exactly THEY want Nintendo to do since in their eyes they do everything wrong....

(Sound of crickets chirping)



TheAdrock said:

Don't be mad at EA for speaking to the truth... be mad at Nintendo for releasing a "new" and grossly underpowered wimpy console that can't even compete with the Sony or MS hardware from 8 years ago. Truth hurts, fanboys. (and I consider myself a Nintendo fanbody, since Colecovision days, when most of you weren't alive).



IronMan28 said:

I always found it weird how the head of the company that doesn't put games on Nintendo systems (for the most part) used to work for rivals Sega and Microsoft. I guess we should trust a company headed by a person like that to put effort into Nintendo consoles...
And before you say "What about Sony?" their consoles didn't compete with Sega like Nintendo's did.



nik1470 said:

@arkady77 Disney own the rights but contracted ea to make the games. Dice are working on an fps based on the star wars licence.



Chomposaur said:

Am i the only one who found this humorous? These tweets separate the fanboys from the normal people



Giygas_95 said:

I'm not bothered by those tweets, but reading some of these comments...It'd be better if April 1st were just another day.

And I honestly wish it were.

At the same time, those tweets seemed more like they were made by someone using April Fools Day as an excuse to make a jab at another company rather than to make an actual joke. It's not very professional in my opinion.



Anguspuss said:

my dyslexia can be funny I just read superjerkyman moore then realised then thought about it & the name fits for some reason.



HappyHappyist said:

but… he shouldn't be apologizing, it was a joke. i thought it was funny. then again, NoA would probably think that joke would decrease wiiu sales or something.



gatorboi352 said:

@AJSjedi I'd buy it. Day one. Like I have with everyone of their home console offerings. Just because I support Nintendo doesn't mean I'm blind to their faults.



Anguspuss said:

Zombie_Barioth said:
Still not as bad as what I did, somehow I managed to read his name as Peter Molynuex. I guess I saw the m and my brain filled in the rest.

take away the goatee beard & it his him.



Action51 said:

It was a typical April fool's joke: not very funny.

Meh, let them make schoolyard taunts at Nintendo. They are jelly because Nintendo's physics based engines are resource lite, fast, and pretty.

Can you imagine these guys trying to make something that plays as flawlessly with such beautiful art and satisfying physics as Super Mario Galaxy, ExciteBots, or Skyward Sword with the limitations of the Wii?

If I need another system resource draining shooter that plays like any number of bloated budget cover-and-strafe shooters, we'll call you.



Bizzyb said:

They were totally and completely lost on the spirit and fun of April Fool's day. Sadly and ironically they were the biggest fools for making such a tasteless insulting "joke"



kensredemption said:

@theadrock13 Considering the context of all the comments you left on this site, you share the mindset of all the other hipsters out there who spite Nintendo for the Hell of it.



Nintendude789 said:

@theadrock13 You sir, need to get a life. Power isn't everything. Look at the Wii for being the weakest console, yet, it has a ton of games that got claimed best games of all time.

Next gen isn't just power and graphics, it's the way you play. Gamers cry for something different, they get introduced to it and hates on it. Well stop it. You don't know what you want.



Gamer83 said:

Unless something bad is said about Xbox One, it seems people don't have much of a sense of humor. Make fun of Nintendo or Sony, no, we can't have that. I'm a Nintendo fan and I didn't have a problem with this at all. It was a joke, people need to find something more important to get mad about and there's other things surrounding Nintendo- clueless investors trying to force Iwata out for example- to be more concerned about than a few April Fool's jokes.



TwilightOniAngel said:

i thought the april fool joke was when EA said apologies to partners of nintendo america you guys are still partners?



AJSjedi said:

fine you will but how many others would? you and many other posters fail to understand...many of your fellow website visitors DONT want nintendo to be a carbon copy of sony or microsoft. We want different options other than dlc to death and the same old song and dance



AJSjedi said:

first off the wiiu is more powerful than ps3 and xbox360, people love to use this argument but they are wrong.

second, their is no need for wiiu to be as powerful as ps4/Xbox one..if they were all the same in terms of power what purpose would it serve?

finally lets talk about power...colecovison and intellivision were "more powerful" than the atari 2600 and what happened? PLENTY Of powerful systems in the past and so what? did neo geo, cdi, psp, ps vita, 3do, or 32x set the world on fire? exactly



Action51 said:

@AJSjedi Nice post, seems people are still thinking that the Wii U is less powerful then the Xbox360 and PS3.

That's the power of misinformation. This is just like AVGN James Rolfe and his explanation of Genesis "blast processing". He explained in a video how the SNES was more powerful in every aspect except the core processor, but SEGA capitalized on their one small superficial advantage to market their console brilliantly. It all seems very quaint and harmless compared to the absurdity of the "console wars" today.

Again, Nintendo seems to have a weak CPU in comparison to the competition, but putting things in perspective, that's even less vital then the one disadvantage the SNES conceded to the Genesis.

Not to get too deep into the tech, the Wii U sports a far more powerful custom GPU(graphics processing unit) that works a bit differently then in generations past. Like your video card, it takes much of the rendering burden away from the CPU. The Wii U also sports 4X the RAM, and they used faster DDR5 chips (like the PS4). The maximum video output of the 360 and PS3 is 720p, while the Wii U can output up to 1080p.

People point to some bad looking early ports for further evidence, but that's an unfair comparison. First you have to take into account how much time, effort, and expertise went into creating the port. Secondly, you have to take into account new unfamiliar hardware vs hardware that been pushed for seven years and is intimately familiar to these developers. The Wii U actually had some pretty nice looking launch titles, when they were handled by studios willing to put in the time and money. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, Rayman Legends, and Deus Ex: Human revolution are all considered to be the definitive version on Wii U.

Well that's enough of looks like we're going to be plagued by misinformation and negative public perception going forward.



TheAdrock said:

@kensredemption , actually son, I'm a Nintendo fanboy like you and most of the people on here. I wish Nintendo would recapture their place as the leader in the video game market. We disagree on what Nintendo should do, but most of us want the same in the end: great games from Nintendo.

@Nintendude789 , your statement in nonsensical. The American market has rejected the Wii U no matter what you want to claim. They should move on and give the market what they want, which based on the sales figures from MS and Sony... well you figure it out.

@AJSjedi, sigh Believe what you want. Cling to a system that nobody is buying, nobody is deving for, and tell yourself that its all the boogieman's fault and people will somehow learn to love it eventually. You are deluded.

FYI, I hate MS and Sony, I'm a Nintendo only household, but they are simple behind the 8-ball for years now and no sign of catching up. And if you don't know this then you're just not paying attention. My comments are not for malice but for want of a Nintendo resurgence.



Vincent294 said:

I found it funny, but it does remind of EA's laziness and excuse-making. They don't need to apologize for this; it just reminds of apologies that are overdue.



AugustusOxy said:

Most april fools jokes are in good natured fun, this was just meant as an insult. Not funny or cool.



TheRealThanos said:

Just my two cents:
Some people on here don't seem to know what constitutes a good april fools day joke, or (imho) just don't have a good sense of humor.
You only need to look at the other april fools jokes to see the difference (hint: if you can't tell the difference in intent and tone of the joke, then it's just you)
Google's joke (as nearly always) was brilliant, lighthearted and well thought out. Blizzard had a nice one, and a few other software companies also made an effort to do something worthwhile.
NLife's joke was good too; just a little tease, giving some people a bit of hope and then gently pulling the rug out from under them without hurting feelings too much, which in turn makes it also much easier for people to own up to the fact that they fell for it, even if only for a moment.
And in other industries/media there were also plenty of good natured ones that set the example of what april fools jokes SHOULD be like. Just an example: the weather news on one of the commercial stations here in the Netherlands reported that temperatures were going down near the end of the week and light snow could be expected. The joke may be lame or stupid to some of you but it is mostly in the delivery and the weatherman kept a straight face all the way through explaining where this supposed weather was coming from. Oh well, guess you had to be there to appreciate it, but I hope you get the idea of what I'm trying to get at.
Now don't get me wrong; even though I'm a longtime Nintendo supporter, I'm also in the camp of all of you that are saying that Nintendo is to blame for a large part for the situation they are in right now, and they still need to work VERY hard to make things better. It isn't going to be a win anymore, but to say all is lost, is a bit too pessimistic for my taste. And you also don't kick someone when they're down, regardless of the fact that things they are "accused of" are true or not. It's just not done, PERIOD.
Now, to get to the point, and many of you have already said it: you don't have to own a degree in psychology to see the idea behind DICE's "joke" because it had none of the qualities that an actual april fools joke should have had. April fools is meant to make you doubt to a point that it makes you think that something COULD be real and a percentage of the populace actually falling for it is of course also the goal of a good april fools joke. No sane person believed anything from DICE coming to Wii U, let alone anything based on Frostbite. And also stating the Wii U to be the most powerful console is just WAY too obvious for anyone besides the most gullible person walking this Earth to ever fall for believing this "joke" to be an april fools day prank.
Them being the idiots that they are more than oozes out from both twitter messages (and as some of you have already said, the gen 4 statement is a clear sign of their stupidity) and Peter Moore, by apologizing (and rightfully so, both from a business aspect as well as from a decency aspect) acknowledges this, so it truly wasn't a nice joke, and I think it is pretty safe to say that someone in Peter Moore's position wouldn't bother taking the time to make a public statement like this if he didn't think it was truly necessary. No, it was just an underhanded attempt at using april fools as an excuse to make one more insult towards the company that they so seem to loathe at DICE. Some of you may find that truly funny, but that hardly constitutes a good sense of humor in my book and compared to other, successful april fools jokes, you too should come to the conclusion that this one just didn't cut it as being one. A bad joke maybe, but certainly no true april fools...
And as for the (WAY too endless) Wii U power debate? Some of you might find this an interesting read:
Well, my two cents turned into something closer to twenty bucks instead, so thanks in advance to all of you nice enough to read through it entirely...



supermario182 said:

it made me smile thinking about how pissed off all the 'bros' would be if half life did come out exclusive to wii u



Nintendude789 said:

@theadrock13 That was my point. The Wii U is actually the most innovative console, but it gets hated.

Most gamers want new, fresh, innovative things, they get what they want, and hates on it. Wii U is the perfect example in this generation. Gamers don't know what they want these days.

Look at the Game Theorist video about it.



FaTaL_ErRoR said:

EA is still in business?
Funny they make fun of the console they were too stupid to figure out how to develop for.
The wii u is fully capable of running frostbite (probably better than xb1and ps4) But EA is too dumb to figure out how the wii u runs.
To the guy/girl talking about project cars for wii u. The wii u version will be their masterpiece. Can't wait for it to come out. Also can't wait for watchdogs for wii u. (end of year for watchdogs on wii u)
Give it a couple more years and the wii-u will catch up in sales. And in a couple years when all other game devs are making games on the wii u EA still won't have it figured out.

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