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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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FirebrandMustDie commented on Reggie Unmoved By The Threat Of $400 PlayStati...:

My first comment on here in about 2 years (I think)... just bought a Wii U premium last week. Really enjoying NintendoLand, Mario Bros, ZombiU and Sonic Racing.

I bought it because of the line up in the coming months, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101.

I really hope Christmas is a good time for the Wii U, come on Nintendo you've got to pull out all the stops now!



FirebrandMustDie commented on Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou:

Blimey, I haven't played a Gradius game for years and years. Then again I did only own Nemesis on the Gameboy and Gradius 3 on the SNES.

Just downloaded this and had a quick play, this is going to take some beating but first impressions are a fantastic game.

"Go for the eye!"



FirebrandMustDie commented on Alien Storm:

I remember this game! I loved it, I think it only got about 70% in Mean Machines at the time though.



FirebrandMustDie commented on ActRaiser:

I loved Mean Machines, Jazza Rignall & Co.

Seen on Wikipedia "In the US/NTSC version, the Story Mode featured easier battles, while the action-only "Professional" mode (unlocked at finishing Story Mode), contains the Japanese difficulty level. In the PAL release, the Action Mode ("Professional" mode) is available from the menu screen right from the start."

So I got the easiest version!!



FirebrandMustDie commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

I can't believe us UK gamers got the robots, at least I played the US version with the proper Contra characters.

Anyone know why they swapped men for machine?

Love this game, first class.



FirebrandMustDie commented on ActRaiser:

I remember this game from way back, I read the review in Mean Machines, saved up my pennies and bought the import US version (had an adapter)....only to complete the whole game in two nights. I loved it but I breezed through it in about 12 hours.

I can't remember if it had any options to make it harder, did it?



FirebrandMustDie commented on Axelay:

I think I may just have to download this when it's out, really enjoyed this game...especially the mode7 levels.



FirebrandMustDie commented on Sin and Punishment:

I downloaded this on Friday, fantastic game if you take it for what it is, an arcade on-rails shooter and worth every point it cost. I think the aircraft carrier level is probably the best shooter level I've ever seen, if I'd have played it on the N64 when it came out I would have been blow away. I've always been a fan of Treasure and was a bit disappointed it didn't get a release over in the west but hey, worth the wait!



FirebrandMustDie commented on Super Castlevania IV:

What a game this is! As soon as I bought my Wii (not longer ago actually, hangs head in shame) I downloaded this. It brought back so many happy gaming memories when I was a kid. The atmosphere it creates with the moody graphics and fantastic music is sublime. I've just completed the game first time through and am on the hard level now...not sure these old gaming hands can do it!

Bring on SOTN!