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United Kingdom

Wed 19th September, 2012

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santaglause commented on Remake Request: Burning Rangers:

Burning rangers go! now were talking! i still rack this out once a year for a play through! i remenber getting this duke nukem and house of the dead for 20 buck on the same day great times.



santaglause commented on Take A Look At The Red Steel 2 We Never Got To...:

That's true, but i got it first day full price! its sad cause the Wii owners could have made it a hit but no one bought it, plus when i looked online it was being downloaded by the 1000's, i also heard that this and house of the dead overkill could have sold over a million each going by the figures of illegal downloads.



santaglause commented on Talking Point: Wii U and Third-Party Inconsist...:

i feel this is a dark time for us wiiu owners, week in week out we get nothing on the eshop we have had no offers to make us feel good and it seems like im being poopoodoodielumplebuggied on! id santaglause, were is my no more heroes 3! thank life for wonderful 101
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santaglause commented on UK Press Pins Blame For Sandy Hook Massacre On...:

never listen guys the sun newspaper always run s..t like this all the time, murdick owns them what you expect. if there are over a billion copies of call of duty out there and it has this affect this would be happening all over the show, such childish journalism.