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Western Version Of Bravely Default Features Costume Changes For Female Characters

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ages also bumped upwards

When Japanese games are localised for western release it's often the case that publishers such as Nintendo decide that certain elements need to be changed in order to make things suitable for a western audience. We saw this recently with Tharja's bottom in Fire Emblem: Awakening's DLC, and it would appear that Bravely Default — which is already available in Europe and comes out in the US shortly — has also had some of its content subtly altered.

The changes appear to relate to the costumes worn by some of the female characters:

The screens on the right are taken from the Japanese version of the game, while the ones on the left come from the western localisation.

In addition to these cosmetic changes, the ages of some of the characters has been increased. Other changes to the storyline may be present, but without directly comparing the two versions side-by-side, we can't say for sure.

Will these alterations impact your purchasing decision, or do you see them as pretty minimal? Let us know by posting a comment.

Thanks to Nintendo Life reader eiffel65 for sending this in.


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Warruz said:

I hope the Next Bravely default works on the faces, they bother me on oh so many levels.



KeeperBvK said:

Wait a second: The ones on the left are from the Japanese version? So this time around the West got more skin to see?



Solid_Stannis said:

Is there anything more inexplicably horrifying than hot bods connected to those uber-baked faces of theirs?



CaviarMeths said:

Given the age of consent in Japan vs America, I can understand them raising the ages, but come on, they're not fooling anyone lol.

I also had to read that about 3 times to make sure I got it right. The NA versions of the costumes are more revealing than their Japanese counterparts? The end is nigh.



Expa0 said:

I didn't even know the below image jobs were censored, I actually much prefer the censored for that one tbqh. Though the "bravo bikini" one is kind of silly especially considering how they go on and on about how skimpy that outfit is in the game.



Peach64 said:

The article has them mixed up. The less revealing ones are from the western versions.



CaviarMeths said:

Ok, that makes more sense.

And yeah, the ones on the left are cooler anyway, but I don't agree with censorship on principle, because it's not really NoA's job to decide what is and isn't right for my eyes.

Strange though that they choose to censor some stuff, but let others slide. Not only was Senran Kagura Burst released in all its glory, but it was given a T by the ESRB, and that was much heavier on the fanservice than the M-rated Dead or Alive 5.



Ralizah said:

The changes look pretty minimal. I'm never happy about censorship, but if this is enough to avoid some stupid controversy, then it's worth it.



element187 said:

They figure more children own 3DS's, which is a safe assumption, but not very many kids are into JRPG's...... I bet the majority in North America who purchase this game will be over the age of 20.



3MonthBeef said:

The ones on the left look cooler anyway. The ones on the right look like they're going Hugh Hefner's Halloween party.



Dolphinsquared said:

I can see them doing that. Sometimes characters in the Japanese games are so scantily dressed, changes are to be expected to be more suited for players of the West. We'll never know the youngest age group that would play this kind of games.



mullen said:

@CaviarMeths I can't believe Senran Kagura is T. I mean the Japanese version is Core D, which is equivalent to M. How stupid ESRB is.



Highwinter said:

The censored versions actually look a lot better. The Japanese ones are costumes that no female would ever wear. Even for Japan, those are pretty dumb.



Spoony_Tech said:

Of course they just can't leave things alone! Does it bother me, no not really as the meat of the game is the same. Now if they take out important story elements then we have some problems!



Bender said:

I don't really see why matters, but okay... Definitely buying this masterpiece!



belmont said:

Even though I love j-rpg games I will not buy this game. The style on the graphics is not of my liking, it looks like a pixelated mess. Also I don't really care about the outfits but censoring the story is not acceptable.



PrincessEevee9 said:

As annoyed by this I am still not as bad as what they did to Code of Princess. Can't wait for February.



CaviarMeths said:

@mullen ESRB stupid for rating SKB a T? Do you really believe that underwear is harmful to children under 17?

If anything, the ESRB in general is too harsh on foreign games and SKB is a rare case of them getting it right. I consider the bloody violence in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Infamous more objectionable than the underwear modeling in SKB, but all three games have their deserved T. People are too quick to throw the M around, I think. You have to consider where a person is developmentally from 13-17. Can a teenager handle some partial nudity and stylized violence? The odd curse word? I think so.



GN004Nadleeh said:

little things like that annoy me. similar to anime with the dub being crap compared to the subs



TruenoGT said:

I'm more annoyed by the pay-for super potions (or whatever they're called), but still think it's silly when they make these changes. Is this really protecting anyone? I'll decide on whether I get this based on the demo.



Darknyht said:

It is not the first time they have done something like this if my memory is correct.



Therrus said:

Reminds me of the changes made for the Elin race in Tera.
I dunno..I personally think the left one look better but censorship still sucks...aside for the Elin race in Tera...gee they looked like some Asian perv came up with them(and they probably did).
What do people expect? It's Nintendo. At least its something sensible unlike changing anything religious in western games.
Won't affect me as I'm not sure if I'll get it at all...maybe they'll have a demo? Will keep an eye out.



Stu13 said:

This never ceases to amaze me. Western culture, by and large, is covered in sleaze. I see television commercials at all hours of the day in which scantily-clad women are blantantly objectified (I'm looking at you, Hardees), and yet this is unacceptable.



1958Fury said:

I hate censorship, but I also hate sexist costumes... like women would really go into battle wearing bikinis. Anyway, these changes are pretty small, and won't change whether I buy the game.



UnseatingKDawg said:

It's not so much the fact that they sensor the games for us 'Mericans that bothers me, but the fact that some people in America are the cause of it because they overreact so dang much. They don't look at the ESRB rating, they get the kid the game they want, and then they friggin' blame the developers for making it too violent or suggestive. I honestly can't blame Nintendo for their decision - they're just covering their own hides from people like them.



AJWolfTill said:

Prefer the changes, inappropriately revealing outfits in RPGs don't add anything except awkwardness and a bad taste. Particularly when using the childlike 'chibi' style.



theBluntKnight said:

too much covered up skin - deal breaker

J/K this example is pretty minor and kinda makes sense, esp. the age thing. There are much more horrendous examples of censorship out there.



Gioku said:

@Priejv These characters definitely actually have feet - I should know because that was the biggest reason I didn't get Fire Emblem Awakening because their lack of feet drove me insane...!



Gold_Ranger said:

It's NOT just the outfits that were censored. They removed dialogue/Joke/innuendo from the game as well!



J-Manix98 said:

As long as the game is still as fun, I'm fine with it. Plus, It's kinda' ridiculous to fight in undies anyway.



J-Manix98 said:

@Gioku I didn't like the "chibi feet" either, But Fire Emblem Awakening is my favorite 3ds release yet! (btw you can also turn off the battle animations, so it just looks like little sprites killing each other)



Gioku said:

@JellySplat Except for... I am bothered to an unnatural degree by the lack of feet... it gets under my skin in a way that cannot adequately be explained... and this is why I can never play FE:A...



MamaLuigi said:

@Warruz That there's a Akihiko Yoshida trademark, my friend. His characters' faces always looked like this (ie without noses) since Ogre Battle and FFTactics, with Vagrant Story and FF12 being the only exceptions.



J-Manix98 said:

I don't quite understand the whole "age increase" thing. I definetly get the costume changes though.



Ryno said:

But the battle thong has such a thong has such a long and glorious history in video games!



Jayvir said:

This doesn't change the game AT ALL, so no one should really give a damn. Considering that there are a LOT of people in the US that would throw a fit at the slightest hint of skin being shown, I can understand why SE would err on the side of caution



mr570 said:

Very lame. Might have to pass on this purely on principal. If we buy censored games we will get more censored games. Not happy.



vonseux said:

that's for the better ; the only down point on Bravely Default seems to be child abuse and over sexualisation



Technosphile said:

And thus, I am not supporting this with a purchase, and neither should you. It is 2014, we are not children, and censorship is more offensive than any suggestive costume. Period.

I would also like to point out that the Japanese version of Bravely Default: For The Sequel, which is completely unaltered and presented in the uncensored manner which was intended, features an option to play the game entirely in English. While I don't care enough to import a JPN 3DS XL, perhaps if the cheaper 2DS is ever released in Japan, that and the uncensored Bravely Default: For The Sequel will be my first purchases.

Do not support censorship merely so you can play a video game.



Azikira said:

Honestly I don't care if costumes and ages were altered, as long as the gameplay and story remains the same. It's a small price to pay for political correctedness, which I know can be a really stupid thing, but we here in the U.S. pretty much have no choice but to deal with it. Oh well.



ultimate321 said:

I don't really care about the censorship but its absolutely unnecessary. Especially the fact that sexual innuendos are taken out have been toned down (read it on ign) bugs me. The costumes I don't mind, it can happen despite the pointlessness but to alter the dialogue and jokes just to be more "appropriate" does bother me. I also don't realy care about the ages.



Lunapplebloom said:

@Aqueous with you there, though I haven't had a chance for the demo. I'll need to check it out.

But this has no bearing on my decision to get it. For people to get all up in arms over small cosmetic changes that have no big effect on the overall gameplay or story is amusing to me. Seems the only way to please everyone is to have an unaltered cut of the game on the cartridge only accessible with parental controls.



Aqueous said:

@Lunapplebloom - I've played it.... If you can get anyone you know to download and streetpass you with it get them too. The streetpass is insane (Not a good thing).



FX29 said:

I don't really care, as long as the gameplay and story is in tact.



DarkKirby said:

I seriously hate censorship in any shape or form, Nintendo being a grand supporter of it has always upset me.




theblackdragon said:

as long as the game itself and its mechanics aren't altered any further. I'm already disappointed we're getting different battle mechanics than the original JP release.



AVahne said:

This is Tera Online all over again. They are either responding to or trying to prevent backlash from the legions of overzealous white knight idiots who would swarm at the chance to degrade character design that doesn't appeal to their delicate tastes.
New designs don't bother me though; they'll probably be decent enough. Just feel sorry for the modellers who have to go and modify every single costume when they could be doing something far more productive instead.

EDIT: Then again, they could possibly have just hired some design studio or freelancer(s) to do the censorship. Would probably be cheaper than using their own people.



GalacticMario28 said:

I've never really been an 'anti-censorship' person, so I have no problem with changing the outfits to make them more appropriate; I actually prefer the new outfits anyway.



theblackdragon said:

@DarkKirby: i was under the impression from this article from a while back that the version of BD we'd be getting was the updated 'for the sequel', it'd have the more active-time battle mechanics as opposed to the turn-based ones i'd been hoping for...? if i'm wrong, please let me know — i avoided the review because i generally avoid reviews of games i know i'm going to purchase anyway, i don't like to be spoiled for anything



Lunapplebloom said:

@Aqueous Ok? I'm guessing that it must be bad then. At least you now scared me as to what will be waiting behind that green flashing light I get. O.O



Lunapplebloom said:

@theblackdragon It is turned based from what I read in the review. Turn based in that each action must be selected first before anything happens anyways. So no worries on that.



Aqueous said:

@Lunapplebloom - Sounds good. Enjoy that help, this is a problem for anyone who can't tag or someone that can leave a system in sleep mode for hours on end



Webby-sama said:

I'm not the biggest fan of censorship. I don't like bleeped words or pixelate/fogged-over lady parts or when someone tells me to "watch my language". But all I've heard about this game is that this is a game I need to buy, this is Square back when Square was the BLEEP (I typed that to make myself chuckle but I feel pained inside still). I'm going to try out that demo this weekend once I've got the time to do so, and if it's as good as I'm hearing, I will be glad I preordered it weeks ago. Still not sure if I care about the CE but I can change my mind when I go to pick it up.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Doesn't bother me. If anything, the original version seems over-sexualized, and this seems especially weird knowing they're only 15. So the outfit change and the age change are both welcome in my book.



cirnonokoibito said:

for the most part, i don't really care fort he minor changes except for the fact that it feels kinda of insulting. sure they have their reasons, but this leaves a little too much of a bad taste in mouth to turn a blind eye. and ironically, i actually prefer the censored blonde's outfit.



Doma said:

I wouldn't really care since the character models are awful, regardless. But if the story has also been affected, that's a solid reason for me to ignore the game. Good job, Nintendo.

Are Nintendo publishing SMTIV? (or are we even gonna get an EU release, for that matter?) Crap like this could explain the delay.



Klinny said:

I have the same opinion as some have posted already. I'm irritated by the censorship on principle, but actually prefer the censored outfits better.



Wolf_Link said:

I prefer the western changes. I really like to immerse in the stories of the games I play, and some girls in an epic journey to save the world in panties do not help.



Arminillo said:

The censored outfits look better anyways. But seriously, I think someone has to be pushing it to be upset over the chibi style models with no sensuality whatsoever.



mullen said:

@CaviarMeths of course I think it's stupid. Senran kagura's controversial is much more than only about underwear, and more importantly, removing all those controversial elements leaves almost nothing for this game. (Don't think I'm biased. I have already played the Japanese version, and know that all other parts are low quality that can be ignored).
It's not ESBR too harsh for foreign title. As I said, it's CERO D in Japan, which is equivalent to M. If it's just a little above the line, CERO can rate it as C, which equivalent to a rate between T and M in ESBR.
All my above statements based on the assumption that the US version is not censored. If it's censored, I really can't see any reason to play it.



mullen said:

@Aqueous in the demo it's really a big issue. But in the release version, you can connect the server and obtain 1~3 random friends everyday, which have exactly same effects as streetpass. So if you can't streetpass a lot, just make sure to connect the server everyday.



SquirrelNuts said:

If this is the extent of the changes, it's really not that big of a deal. To the people saying that we aren't children blah blah blah... realize that our social standards are different here. There are a lot of children that own a 3DS. I would wager that more children own a 3DS than adults. Parents buying games for their children might like the SUBTLE changes. I for one would prefer the western release if my son wanted this game.

Also, they look super young so it is kind of creepy.



mullen said:

@theblackdragon as far as I can say, it means new BP system that related to micro transition. Just never touch it, and the game system is original. I also don't think that's something you must use, nor without it the game be more difficult than original. I think it's already easier, and with BP, it's just too easy (unless you start with hard difficulty). So put it simple, just avoid it.



kunimitsu said:

So whos got the 7 little packs you can collect for the actual game??? Without spoiling it, are they worth gets?



Arcamenel said:

I'm more bothered at the fact they think someone going into battle, male or female, would leave that much flesh exposed.



JustinH said:

These characters couldn't be less erotic. I approve these changes. Much less creepy this way.



Aqueous said:

@mullen - That kind of thing in games is repulsive to me even if I can do that. It might just keep me away. We'll see what streetpass does for me tomorrow.



scrubbyscum999 said:

I hate censorship, may not buy this now. It's ridiculous how blowing up heads is fine but a little skin is unacceptable. It's so stupid.



mullen said:

@kunimitsu No, unless you start with hard difficulty, but that's still just maybe.
They are simple items you can buy any time with little money. It was useful in original version as a start up, but new version gives out several free items at the beginning, so I don't think it's necessary anymore.



Magikarp3 said:

I actually prefer the left ones too. Fanservice and these character designs totally don't mix :/



tanookisuit said:

Typical childish censorship that isn't necessary in the least bit, but that said the new styles do look better artistically.



Swiket said:

I don't think they censored it enough. Can I give her a sweater or something?



Adam said:

Looks significantly less embarrassing now. Character designers need to decide if they want their characters to look like children or pin-up models and stick to one or the other. Mixing the two is just awkward.



Devilbro said:

I can confirm in the Japanese version, the characters range from 15 - 18. I the localization, they range from 18 - 20.



JaxonH said:

Nintendo of America doesn't just sit on an ivory throne and dictate changes to every game for sport lol. It doesn't work like that. There are decisions developers must make when localizing games due to the risk of offending the public or a backlash of negative publicity.

Eastern and western culture are worlds apart. Many things taken as common in Japan come off as offensive in the US and Canada, and even Europe for that matter. Age of adulthood differs by country, and what may be considered normal there may be considered over-sexualization here. Not to mention there's cultural references which must be changed, national sensitivities which might need editing, humor that doesn't make sense, etc. There's alot of things to consider when localizing a game.

For the record, I'm glad ol' girl on top isn't in that bikini on the right, but I do think the girl on bottom looked better in the outfit on the right- just seems more stylish tbh



KnightOfNothing said:

I honestly couldn't care. It infuriates me that little changes like a costume could really determine whether you buy a game or not. I know its about principle, but Bravely Default is a really fun game, and the changes aren't that big. I would protest over something more worthy, like if they changed the gender of a main character. I also get mad about how people care about the art style of characters over the game play of a game, but that's a different mini rant that I've already done in a FE:A article, so not gonna do it.



Technosphile said:

@vonseux Have a look at that top image and explain to me how, if children were being sexualized before, they are NOT now. I'll wait.

No, the issue here is not over child exploitation. They're 3D models in a video game, after all. The issue is that someone felt Western audiences would be offended, or couldn't handle it, or needed to be protected by THE EVIL BIKINI BOTTOM. Well, I am a fully grown adult with my own opinions and beliefs regarding cultural differences, sexuality, and censorship. And my response is that I will not be told what I can and cannot see. I will speak with my wallet. They had a sale before, and they lost it. I hope many, many people do the same.



ShadowFox42 said:

I really wish we could get all the extra content for our games that Japan gets for theirs. Like for example Tales of Vesperia was re-released on the PS3 in Japan with a ton of extra content, they went back and redid audio for dialogue that didn't have audio before, they added two new playable characters and a brand new EX dungeon for post game. Yet this remake of a 10 out of 10 game, in my opinion, will never see the light of day in the west. The costumes changes for Bravely Default I can deal with, but I will be disappointed if they change any aspect of the story. It might just be me that feels this way, but I find it unfair that Japan gets better versions of these games solely because someone in the west might be "offended" by something they see or hear. Well if the game has something that either visually or audibly "offends" you then news flash for you, don't buy it. Just because it "offends" you don't complain until it gets changed and make other people lose out because you couldn't handle it.



CureDolly said:

I actually prefer the Western version of the costumes, but since my version of 3DS is Japanese I will be playing the Japanese version if I play it at all (which I hope I will).

It really doesn't seem like a big deal either way. But then I don't object to censorship on principle. I am rather of the view that the West could use more of it.



DarkSplatoonLink said:

It's funny how a bit of exposed skin causes way more controversy than graphic violence. Like really, I'd much rather have a 12-year-old play Senran Kagura than Call of Duty.



HappyHappyist said:

ripping someone's spine out through their throat in Mortal Kombat is okay. but showing a little exposed skin is crossing the line? absurd. i can understand the age differences, but costume changes? seriously nintendo?simply absurd.



Darkness5000 said:

I don't think it really matters that they are changing the appearance of the characters has long has it's a fun game.



Tiberius30 said:

I don't buy censored games... I will not be getting this.

Political correctness strikes again!



kunimitsu said:

@mullen doing it anyway. Its actually really addicting lol anyone who loves FF7or9 must try... and buy the game so we can get the second one!!!!



M0rdresh said:

I don't see why they should adjust these things for other regions, decide on one style and release it as such. As if the western market needs to be protected from nudity, one sees more around 7pm on regular television over here.



Sparx said:

My guess, they made the changes to maintain the rating at a certain level since for Nintendo, higher ratings tend to be something they try to avoid when they publish games. Besides, with the innuendos I think they'd have to write suggestive themes (sexual themes at worst) on the box



WildKatb said:

I think it looks silly fighting a dragon/monster/demon wearing only underwear. Also, I really dont think we should be selling porn to kids or making child-like game characters into sex-objects. That's just creepy!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Sparx Here's the joke: innuendo rarely ever affects ratings at all. Agarest, Ar Tonelico and Hyperdimension Neptunia are good examples - they all got a T despite sexually suggestive themes.
The only reason they did this was to satisfy prudent churchdwellers and rednecks who have not even the slightest inch of a clue about what people can handle at certain ages and what not. Sadly, those people have way too much influence, so they can ruin your image with ease...



baconcow said:

@KeeperBvK From the article "The screens on the right are taken from the Japanese version of the game, while the ones on the left come from the western localisation."



mullen said:

@kunimitsu This is something I totally agree. When I got my Japanese 3DS, I downloaded all the demos and played one by one. At that time I have no intention to buy this game, but after playing this demo (for 16 hours! I even made 9999 damage in the demo), I made the order immediately. What's more, that's when the game just released and it was immediately out of stock. There's no eShop version at that time as well, so I paid more than it's original price to get one. I think this is the only demo that have such large influence to my decision.
But I don't think that will happen to anyone else here, because I must say at that time, the game is not expected to be success either in western world or in Japan; everyone has very low expectation, and that's why the last demo (there are 4 or 5 demos in Japan) changes lots of players' mind, and result in a out of stock situation. Now lots of players know this game and have higher expectation, so maybe someone will disappoint.



ReaperX30 said:

@mullen Sad, I like the bunny costume.

Skimpy costumes or not I hate when they change things like that. They could at least give the option to have the original Japanese costume if you want them.



MetalKingShield said:

I'm all in favour of protecting children from things that could genuinely harm, like violence and gore, but this is not the case here. The game has got a 12 rating here in Europe. Are we really saying a girl in a bikini is harmful to 12-year-olds?

Don't get me wrong, I don't find the character models attractive at all, but artists should be able to create whatever costumes they want. And it is genuinely art. By using a bikini, for example, they might want to accentuate the legs or hips, which is a totally legitimate thing to do.

I just worry we're becoming extremely prudish here in the West - telling ourselves the female form is "rude" or "dirty". You have to wonder where all this is coming from. Who are these people with such strange anti-sexuality values?



mikeymaster2001 said:

Honestly I think the most immature thing about this is all of the people who are getting angry or upset about this "censorship". Honestly, judging by most of SE's recent FF games(including this one), you'd think all of the designers of female characters were middle-aged perverts. As for a previous comment about J-Rpgs not being a younger person's preference, rpgs have been my favorite genre my entire life. Since I was probably around 6. I know I'm not the only one. Honestly this is why I enjoy the earlier FF games more than the recent ones, fan service just doesn't appeal to me. And as for the censorship buzzword, I don't know about anyone else, but this doesn't strike me as censorship. Deliberately withholding facts and information about something is censorship. I don't think covering up chibi-style video game characters counts as censorship. You can go play the Japanese version if you want that so bad. But I cannot honestly equate that as censorship. Western culture could probably use less titillating entertainment anyway. That's my two cents. And to MetalKingShield, there is a difference between being prudish and being moral. Maybe you should switch out strange anti-sexuality values for strange appropriate and non-lust-centric sexuality values.



kolz said:

lol typical nintendo and especially america.. Yeah keep treating gamers like little kiddies with baby stuff like animal crossing and pokemon and trying to "tone down" the amazingly disrespectful digital character and wonder why nintendo hasn't been in the big leagues like sony and micosoft in how many years? LOL.. so glad I canceled my order when I read the statue wasn't coming with the game yet these nubs are gonna rob you tards with the same price. Hilarious. keep failing nintendo and soon we'll see mario on multi platforms like sega games.



Bender said:

@kolz You really ought to find a better hobby then Nintendo blasting on a Nintendo site because you keep looking more and more like a loser... Go harass the kids on ign or something.



gregrout said:

This game didn't do much for me. Played the demo, didn't care much for it. Then I cancelled my collector's edition pre-order on Amazon.



ChelseaFX6 said:

For a T rated game, the change doesnt need to be made in my opinion. No this doesnt affect my purchase but wow, thanks for ruining my chibi echhi again. (sarcasm)



scrubbyscum999 said:

@WildKatb This is what we are dealing with here. You do realize the age of consent in various FIRST world countries and areas is as low as 14? The world is big, if this creeps you out then you haven't seen a lot of the world yet. No reason to support obnoxious censorship. It's not so much of it being a big deal as the principle of the game. Bikinis exist, skin exists, yet we are treated like Japan are the adults and the West are children.



ThreadShadow said:

I think all four of the outfits are cute and should all have been included, so players could customize as they see fit. Increasing the age of characters is nothing but beneficial imo.



mullen said:

@CureDolly I don't know either. Maybe because SE want a good sales number and eShop downloads is not counted by MC or Famitsu. If BDFF was not out of stock almost anywhere at the beginning, it's possible that there's even no eShop version for BDFF. Btw, there is a hidden eShop version of BDFtS, but only available for the players who have BDFF.



JimLad said:

So many people here defending their right to see what looks like a 10 year old girl in a skimpy bikini. :/



CureDolly said:

@mullen Is that so? How interesting! I think you can still get BDFF on the eShop but I want BDFtS. I did see a couple of sites that said BDFtS was on the eShop for (I think) ¥3,500. Maybe there was some mis-announcement and then they decided not to put it on the eShop at all. A little sad for me as I can't get physical imports where I am at present and I can only play the Japanese version as my 3DSLL was bought in Japan.



mullen said:

@CureDolly It's still there, but you need to have BDFF first, then update it to v1.1, start the game and touch the eShop icon next to the title menu. It will cost you more than ¥8000 in all, not worth that much.



CureDolly said:

@mullen Thanks! I will wait for a physical copy I think! I do want to play this game some time as it sounds really good.



LoveSugoi said:

I like skin and ecchi outfits as much as the next person but I find myself... really... not... caring. Maybe if the character models were actually attractive?

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