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Wed 20th November, 2013

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Sparx commented on Genyo Takeda Discusses Nintendo's Hardware Future:

Not gonna lie, I see where he's coming from when talking about tv ads not being as effective as they used to be

I only watch 2 hours of tv a week nowadays, and even then its recorded programs and I just skip through the commercials...



Sparx commented on Nintendo 64x64: Bomberman 64:

I remember this game, loved the characters but felt the ending was lacking, only recently did I learn that getting all the gold cards unlocked the true ending so I really hope this game comes to virtual console so I can unlock that ending



Sparx commented on Sonic Boom Games Now Have Their Official Europ...:

The only thing holding me back from preordering it is the mandatory combat sections....

only reason I put up with them in the adventure games and heroes was because you could easily smash through the enemies without losing too much time if you knew what you were doing



Sparx commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Link's Awakening DX, the story really touched me (or at least the concept), I loved ballad of the wind fish, and is the only game I've felt compelled to do a no death run just for a bonus scene which did very little extra yet somehow had a huge impact on me



Sparx commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

@Oren Spooky DLC this october, get the good doc, as well as King Boo(forget if he was in the game or not), Dry Bones versions of characters, and tracks based on Luigi's Mansion and other spooky areas/levels! Nintendo get on that!



Sparx commented on Feature: All Of The Vital Super Smash Bros. Ro...:

"Figure-powered FPs can go well beyond the difficulty of a Level 9 CP, can be raised all the way to Level 50 – “a fairly quick process”, according to Sakurai – and even learn to anticipate and react to the play styles of their human opponents. "

I'm sold