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Tue 1st Oct 2013

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cirnonokoibito commented on Fire Emblem Fates Iwata Asks Explores Multiple...:

since i am certain that this game will make support conversations easily accessible like awakening, this is going to be a huge game. it took me like a a year and a half, at least, just to collect all non redundant conversations in awakening. fates game is going to be gigantic in that department if they're going to have even more characters than awakening, which was already stated. heck from my awakening experience, i can tell that the extra game space from the extra games is a necessity just to collect every convo in an efficient manner. in other words, when you add up the 3 save files for each plot, you're gonna end up with 9 save files, all of them are going to be needed to get everything effectively of course, or waste a tremendous amount of time if you ain't using them.



cirnonokoibito commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

i'm not sure what's sadder, this news or the fact that i just realized i spent $32+ on awakening dlc alone. point being, it's awakening dlc all over again, but being more straight forward this time. it's shady but, i'll be a hypocrite and a liar if i flat out said i ain't doing it again so quickly. after all, i'm still not done with awakening yet.....



cirnonokoibito commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

whatever nintendo is plannign with the NX, it seems that it just might have something to do with its partnership with DENA. seeing that they are making a new loyalty program based on this and in some shape or form nintendo did say they were connecting some platforms. i wonder if the NX is gonna have something to do about that? i know it's early, but speculating is more than just complaining or predicting if this'll work or not.



cirnonokoibito commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

since the release of N3DS in japan of october, i was already set on getting the the standard N3DS model. i never really had an issue with the standard 3ds in the first place since i just taught myself to deal with it, plus i much prefer the face plate thing. however, nintendo has making some "questionable" decisions with the N3DS family this time around, and the absence of the standard model in NA is only one of them. at any rate, there's no way i'm getting the XL model unless the new fire emblem game gets a special edition or something. until then, i'll just wait or finally get that japanese 3ds i always wanted anyway.



cirnonokoibito commented on Western Version Of Bravely Default Features Co...:

for the most part, i don't really care fort he minor changes except for the fact that it feels kinda of insulting. sure they have their reasons, but this leaves a little too much of a bad taste in mouth to turn a blind eye. and ironically, i actually prefer the censored blonde's outfit.