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Thu 2nd Jan 2014

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kunimitsu commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Ninja gaiden wii u and KID ICK uprising!!!! Prolly the toughest games I played that I can keep going back to. O ya and sum super smash bros 64 with sum bros to prepare for SSB wii U!!! (Maybe banjo kazooie while im at it)



kunimitsu commented on Feature: Looking Back at Nintendo in 2013 - Pa...:

I had owned an iPhone and switched to galaxy s4... still don't play "games" on either of them except nintendo and ps emulators. I feel bad for kids who grow up playing such crappy games on phones and tablets. Long live ninty!!!!!!!



kunimitsu commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd January (North America):

I LOVE the demo!!! I put it on hard thinking my seasoned ff9 battle skillz would prevail but its actually more difficult and more fun than i had anticipated! Totally brings back ol ff memories... take my money already ninternder!!!!!!!