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Wolf_Link commented on Mysterious Murasame Castle's Takamaru Was Cons...:

Very surprised no one mentioned Isaac. Hes the best character out of the roster. Im still hoping for some justice for him. i would like to see: young link with masks, andross (monkey form), k. Rool, Vaati. For 3rd parties i think we only need simon.



Wolf_Link commented on NPD Q1 Spend Shows 1% Drop Despite Substantial...:

@HaThready yeah I know. I usually find my games in game planet, or blockbuster, they had a so-so price for pre-owned. any plaza de la tecnología is even better, buy 2 ask for a discount. But, obviously, in this way we aren't helping the industry. If only new games were priced at least 40 dlrs.



Wolf_Link commented on Exclusive: Lost Wii Game, Sadness, To Be Reviv...:

OMG! This are absolutely awesome news for me! I remember the b/w screen shots and I absolutely loved the idea of a terror game like that. I always related that kind of art like a lovecraftnian tale. Geez, even my favorite lovecraftnian movie is black and white (the call of cthulhu). I felt very saddened when they canceled the game. Can't wait to hear more about about it! Gaming miracles do happen!



Wolf_Link commented on Yo-kai Watch and 3DS Continue to Lead the Way ...:

With the ps4 losing momentum in Japan to wii u levels and no big game (as long as Im aware of) coming soon for it, I think this is a golden opportunity for Nintendo to make awareness of the console. I hope for marketing bombs over there. Mk8 is a big deal, and even if it's the only one in months to come, they can promote the virtual console with all games they can. All these factors combined could very well be wii u's saving grace



Wolf_Link commented on Weirdness: Gaze in Wonder at Junkboy's 16-Bit ...:

@ShadJV yeah I'm with you. I always defend other m. If people didn't liked how samus was portrayed, just skip the cutscenes and enjoy the music and action which is top notch. Also is curious they called it "less terrible" when they even made a feature defending the game some time back.



Wolf_Link commented on Nintendo Registers An Intriguing S.T.E.A.M Tra...:

Fps coming to other console but wii u:"Meh, another generic Fps "
A filled trademark from Nintendo :" please! Be a Fps! " cmon guys that's lame. Besides, what would suggest the kind of game just from that name? Could be a Fps or a card game. It may be a codename for the next star fox, who knows. By now it means nothing.



Wolf_Link commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

I'm a realistic person, I don't like sugar coat information. If things are bad, I would like to read the true opinions of the journalist. Bad news are always going to have a negative tone, if you wanted the other way around, then you like to be lied. As other guy said above, if you really want to read about rainbows and puppies around nintendo in general, then visit it's oficial page.



Wolf_Link commented on Super Bowl Player Chilling with Pokémon Befor...:

@zoroarkrules25 man, thats a game i would love to watch!

Nintendo should capitalize on this. make advertising targeting +15 pokemon gamers. use celebrities that are really fans of the game and not just actors. if people as "cool" and "sucessful" as him do not feel shame telling other people that he loves to play pkmn games, why should i? because lets be honest, most of teens and adults that like pokemon do not play it on the street or buy the games because they feel embarrasment.



Wolf_Link commented on Monster Hunter 4 Has Shipped Over Four Million...:

I expect mh4 in the West sometime in some form (digital only?) but I really doubt a wii u version. The cost of bringing it for 3ds over wii u should be abismal, furthermore, the install base of both systems is an important point. Although I would rather play it in a big screen :p



Wolf_Link commented on Super Mario 3D World Underwhelms on Japanese C...:

There are no excuses people. Wii U is not selling and it will not sell good this generation, numbers don't lie. When you have a Mario game (regardless 2d, 3d, or one of the best) and sont shift units, then you should REALLY worry. I wold love to facts shut my mouth.



Wolf_Link commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Wii U Holiday Target Aud...:

I completely agree with Iwata. Nintendo really needs this "family strategy" this Holiday. Like I said in a previous article, wii u's saving grace for years end are wii sport, wii fit, multi-player Mario and bundles. Don't mind hardcore gamers this Xmas, that ship has sailed, at least for this year. In 5-6 months if they managed to establish the system and rival consoles have similar issues like wii u... Then they should bombard us with tons of ads featuring x, bayoneta, mk8, ssb and the likes.



Wolf_Link commented on Monster Hunter 4 Helps Capcom Boost Overall Sa...:

I would love to see this game on the wii u, I prefer this kind of games on a big screen, but I agree with some people above, capcom is not having the best of times right now, so why would they risk to invest even more in a console with issues like wii u is having? If they bring mh4 they will bring the 3ds version... But I would love to be mistaken haha



Wolf_Link commented on Pokémon X & Y Reign Supreme in Japan Once Aga...:

Ok lets face it. the time of "just wait for the games" time is over, the games are here, and nothing happens. i believe that wii u will continue struggling all its lifespan because of lots of negative factors like bad advertising, lack of identity for customers (casuals that are not to into videogames like seniors, moms etc), lack of 3rd party support for the "hardcore". and dont expect that the main pillars of nintendo will move to many units or will be the change of fortunes for the wii U, just look at the numbers of the latest console Metroid, Zelda, Mario...they are not that great. in my case, in this whole year since the release of Wii U i only want 1 game, WW HD (i already own the NGC version) and i havent purchaised it, and that makes me think... if someone so in love with Zelda like me havent got a Wii U yet... what about all those people that dont love Nintendo IPs that much? what will drive them to get the console? i think nintendo need a revolucionary mainstream game, or in other words a FPS game that exceeds in what cod or BF provides. why? because most people buy a console to play the next CoD or the next GTA.... is sad, but these times are like this. i really admire Nintendo for the way the do bussiness, always focusing in new experiences and i really like that but most people dont give a dang about that also. if they continue the way they are, their best bet is what is already coming: the bundles, Mario, wii sports, wii fit. those were the franchaises that moved the wii. if they fail... the Wii U will fail. if Wii U dont sell this xmas... then, it will never sell. all is left is hope for the best for Nintendo