We've already seen that the European version of Fire Emblem: Awakening has been subjected to alterations to remove "adult" content, but now it's the turn of the North American version of the game.

The recently-released DLC packs — Harvest Scramble, Summer Scramble and Hot Spring Scramble — were created as the result of a fan-vote in Japan. These light-hearted missions feature new conversations between fan-favourite characters, as well as exclusive artwork.

One of those pieces of artwork — found in Summer Scramble — has been censored for the North American release. It's an image of Tharja in a bathing costume, and while the Japanese original shows a full, unimpeded shot of her derrière, the Western equivalent covers up her rear-end with a piece of cloth.

Here's the original:

Sr Viw Bc

And here's the version that North American players get to see:


Predictably, fans are up in arms regarding this move, which many claim actually makes the image even more suggestive, as it's more about what you can't see than what you can.

What makes the whole thing even more confusing is that an image of Cordelia trying to cover her modesty as her bikini top slips off has been allowed to stand without any kind of censorship — we don't know about you, but this strikes us as a much racier picture.

Cordelia Fire Emblem Dlc

Summer Scramble also features Chrom in his shorts — predictably, that image is deemed perfectly acceptable as well.

Screenshot 2013 05 03 at 10. 33. 16 AM

Summer Scramble costs $2.50, but you can pick up all three "Scramble" packs for $6.50. Have you already played this DLC? Do you think Nintendo was right to censor the image of Tharja, but allow the others to stand? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.

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