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Hi, I'm Morgan from Nintendo Life! =)

Tue 24th April, 2012

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zipmon commented on Site News: Tom Has Evolved Into A New Form: Ed...:

Congrats Tom!!! Thanks for keeping us updated and entertained with all the fantastic Talking Points, reviews, and news, and for hosting and editing all our unruly Roundtables (exclamation point)(exclamation point) =) Woohoo!!



zipmon commented on Review: Girls' Fashion Shoot (3DS):

Ha, I love that the magazine's called Rising Star Magazine! Thanks for the review @dudey300! :)

Also for anybody contemplating both, Style Savvy is amazing. My most played 3DS game after ACNL & Fire Emblem!



zipmon commented on Site News: How was 2013 for Nintendo Life?:

:) Thanks to everybody here for making Nintendo Life what it is - the staff for keeping things running smooth & always steering the ship towards exciting new adventures, my fellow writers for knocking it out of the park this year (and making me spend way too much on games after reading their awesome reviews), and to the readers & commenters for being the kindest, coolest group of gamers anywhere on the net - seriously. You guys are the best!!!

Happy Year of Luigi 2 everybody!!! Let's make it the best one yet! :D



zipmon commented on Wii Fit U Retail Release Pushed Back to 10th J...:

That's a shame - this was going to be a Christmas present for my fiancée! :(

At least it'll be here before the free trial offer ends at the end of January, 'cos I was planning to grab the bundle for the Balance Board & Fit Meter and then use them to keep the free eShop version forever - no disc required! :)



zipmon commented on SpillPass-Pi Could be a Clever Workaround for ...:

Ha, that's awesome! I've got a RaspberryPi at home that I still haven't touched - still trying to think up the ideal use for it. I get StreetPass hits pretty consistently where I live now, and I like the "local" aspect of it, so I don't think this is for me - but still a way cool concept!



zipmon commented on Review: Rune Factory 4 (3DS):

@gregrout That's awesome to hear! I think RF4 is such a breath of fresh air, it's friendly, funny, and just has a ton of heart. I keep coming back to this one in-between all the other great games this year, and I know it'll be in a few people's stockings this Xmas from me too =D



zipmon commented on Review: Bravely Default (3DS):

Question for @RType88 or any of our lovely European readers who've picked this up: does the UK version include the other European language localizations on the cart? (Specifically, Italian?) Or is it just English & Japanese?



zipmon commented on Review: 3D Space Harrier (3DS eShop):

Awesome!! =D I have to admit I've never played Space Harrier (in any form!), but Panorama Cotton is one of my favourite MD games ever and this reminds me so much of it that I have to check it out!



zipmon commented on Rune Factory Developer Neverland Closes Its Doors:

Oh man, that's such a shame :( Rune Factory 4 is a masterpiece, and it's a rare thing to find a developer who pours so much heart into their games. I hope we get to see more from them in future somehow!



zipmon commented on Review: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Wi...:

@MaximusMansteel I would! It's definitely simpler platforming than Mario, and Pac's homing attack requires a lot less precision than stomping Goombas. Plus the controls are nice and simple - no separate run button for instance (which is often needed for clearing gaps, etc. in Mario). That said, I think the best "practice" platformer ever is Kirby's Epic Yarn - fun and beautiful from start to finish & there's no way to die! :)

@Sean_Aaron It's on the eShop as well!

@DRL Thanks mate! :) I think you'll get a big kick out of it!



zipmon commented on Review: Rune Factory 4 (3DS):

@NImH Definitely! It was my first one and I'm hooked! :) It's easy to get the hang of (especially if you've played a Harvest Moon game before), has a great interactive (and actually interesting!) tutorial system, and the story's totally self-contained - the references to the earlier games are just fun little connections & easter eggs.



zipmon commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:

@Jared1984 Haha, absolutely! It's been the focal point of lots of incredibly fun evenings with friends & family - think I've put something like 30 hours into it all up. I'm a big fan of some of the single-player attractions too, like the DK cart game & Balloon Trip update!