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Wed 3rd April, 2013

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stillwinds commented on Game Breaking Pokémon X & Y Bug Affecting Som...:

There's a sticky thread on Gamefaqs where a lot of users have reported their experiences with the bug. Apparently it happens if you save in the streets in Lumiose city, close the software, open it again and then load your save file. Saving and continuing with your game seems to be ok.

Many are saying it happens near a lamp post and a cab. But another use r said they saved near the studios and their save wasn't corrupted. And it seems to affect both digital and physical. Dunno about regions though. Anyway, just stay safe and don't save in the streets there!



stillwinds commented on You'll Have to Wait Until December to Get a Po...:


It was free in the last game because transferring pokemon didn't make use of a cloud service then.
For people who don't have friends to trade with, this is a pretty good way to transfer Pokemon from previous games. It's certainly cheaper than a second 3DS and game card.
Nobody said you couldn't hook up with another 3DS system with a second copy of Pokemon, and still transfer your Pokemon for free like it was always done before. But this is a cloud service and servers need maintenance and upkeep.



stillwinds commented on Talking Point: Why Interactive eBooks are a Pe...:

I love my Kindle for reading, and my consoles for playing games. I'd rather not have them try do each other's job.

I'm guessing that these will be some sort of flashy, point-and-click style games (like 999 or Ace Attorney). How else would you attract the gamer demographic?