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Sun 29th Sep 2013

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ShadowFox42 commented on Western Version Of Bravely Default Features Co...:

I really wish we could get all the extra content for our games that Japan gets for theirs. Like for example Tales of Vesperia was re-released on the PS3 in Japan with a ton of extra content, they went back and redid audio for dialogue that didn't have audio before, they added two new playable characters and a brand new EX dungeon for post game. Yet this remake of a 10 out of 10 game, in my opinion, will never see the light of day in the west. The costumes changes for Bravely Default I can deal with, but I will be disappointed if they change any aspect of the story. It might just be me that feels this way, but I find it unfair that Japan gets better versions of these games solely because someone in the west might be "offended" by something they see or hear. Well if the game has something that either visually or audibly "offends" you then news flash for you, don't buy it. Just because it "offends" you don't complain until it gets changed and make other people lose out because you couldn't handle it.