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Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

If you need them

We don't always say why we write certain features, or what prompts them, but in this case we'll make an exception. As anyone based in the UK is likely to already know, tabloid newspaper The Sun published a list of five reasons not to buy a Wii U. Of course it's perfectly reasonable to go that way when weighing up the pros and cons of the system, though the actual reasons and justifications are occasionally sketchy and, we think, taking liberty with reality.

The Sun doesn't exactly have a loving history with Nintendo either, greeting the 3DS launch with coverage suggesting that the handheld's stereoscopic effect was causing thousands to experience headaches and dizziness, and that the systems were being returned to retailers in significant numbers. Nintendo refuted the claims with facts, of course, and retailers also debunked the claims. The paper also ran user experiments, of sorts, with a reporter at one point playing the 3DS while walking down the street and then showing symptoms of heightened blood pressure; an accurate way to test the effect, we're sure. It's safe to say that Nintendo HQ and The Sun didn't exchange Christmas cards, and that negative coverage may continue with Wii U.

Still, that's The Sun's prerogative, and you can judge its article for yourself at this link. While we'll continue to give a balanced view on the positives and negatives of Wii U in the coming weeks and months, we're going to show our sunny disposition and provide a counter to The Sun's article. With that in mind, here are five reasons why you should buy a Wii U.

The most obvious new feature of Wii U, whether you're a savvy gaming enthusiast or a less experienced gamer, is the GamePad controller. Comparisons to potential cross-play between Sony's Vita and PS3 may have elements of justification, but the fact that the GamePad to console interaction comes in one box, as well as the games being designed specifically to make use of the extra screen, make the Wii U concept attractive. It fits nicely into Reggie Fils-Aime's favourite slogan, "it's all about the experience", and innovative asymmetrical multiplayer and control possibilities must have developer's minds whirring. With motion sensors, a camera, microphone and NFC, it's got plenty of tricks to make games something new and innovative.

Currently a steady start rather than an avalanche, Wii U looks set to have some exciting exclusives on the way. On launch day two stand-out third-party examples come from Ubisoft, with ZombiU and Rayman Legends both showing promise. There are also plenty of exciting titles being either developed by or published by Nintendo, of course. Many are due in the launch period up to the end of March 2013, including games as diverse as LEGO City Undercover and the deliciously chaotic new IP from Platinum Games, The Wonderful 101. You can check out a full list in our Wii U launch games round up, which shows the breadth of titles on the way and doesn't even include the exclusive release of Bayonetta 2 that was announced last week. Oh, and Mario makes his HD debut in New Super Mario Bros. U on launch day.

This reason could quite easily be used as a stick with which to beat Nintendo, as describing the arrival of some ports and a select group of multi-platform titles arguably shows the under-powered struggles of Wii. That's true, but Nintendo gamers who've missed out are unlikely to give a hoot about that perspective, as an early batch of blockbuster titles get prepared for the launch window. Whether your preference is for ports such as Darksiders II or Mass Effect 3, or indeed new titles such as Assassin's Creed III and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, there'll be more games on Wii U that can stand alongside PS3 and Xbox 360 contemporaries. We're yet to see how the Wii U editions will stack up, but with GamePad controls thrown in there's every chance that, for a time at least, Wii U may have some of the best versions of major multi-platform hits.

Miiverse is one of the headline features of Wii U, though we still have much to learn about it; you can expect a Nintendo Direct broadcast to fix that before the system launches. We've already shared thoughts on how it could fulfil a role as a Nintendo gamer's social network, and the big N has been making encouraging noises about how it'll combine with Nintendo Network to provide a substantial online experience. It's all long overdue, of course, but early indications about this and the system's eShop suggest potentially good things for taking Wii U online. Still, tell us more about it, Nintendo.

A number of Nintendo gamers, like enthusiasts of any other technology company, will be excited simply because it's a new home console from the big N. HD visuals, a new controller and a strong looking launch window all help, of course, but it's a new Nintendo system. Nintendo fans wouldn't go as far as to buy a cardboard box, as Michael Pachter quipped, but like the legions that buy a new iThingy from Apple or a new console from Sony or Microsoft, the fact it's bigger and better than Wii will seal the deal for plenty.

So there you have it, five reasons that show why you should consider a Wii U purchase, if you haven't already thrown in a pre-order. Let us know what you think in the comments and poll below, and also what you think of that other list from The Sun.

Which reason makes you want a Wii U the most? (495 votes)

The GamePad


Exciting exclusives


Third-party catch-up




It's a new Nintendo system


None of the above, I don't want one


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kobe1724 said:

Great article. I'm gonna get this simply because it's Nintendo, and Nintendo has rarely let me down before.



SaSoBe said:

It's a new Nintendo system and I want the exclusive games. Basically the same answer.



MeloMan said:

My answer as well is "All of the above" except for "None of the above, I don't want one"



New_3DaSh_XL said:

#6 The new Nintendo Games(NSMBU, Pikmin 3, and Nintendo Land)
#7 Great Graphics: They're better than PS3 and 360.
#8 It won't be outdated in a year.

C'mon, keep it going people!



Squiggle55 said:

I'm not going to make a decision until Nintendo explains the digital promotion. If I can join the digital promotion and get a black Wii U next year, then I'll wait. If it's like an exclusive first-run only kind of thing, I'll go ahead and camp out or something.



Milton_Burle said:

I just read the Sun article...what a load of old twaddle. I'll be buying a Wii U for the same reason as I bought the last Nintendo console: the next Mario Kart.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Vita is sony's version on the gamepad?

Wow, another reason I HATE european journalists on the sun. They think there are 31 months in a year and they also forgot the DS could connect to wii and do the same thing the PS VIta is doing.



darkgamer001 said:

I saw the Sun's top 5 reasons for not buying a WiiU, through an external site (I'm not going to bother viewing their page and going all fanboy mode in their comments section, I'll leave that to others).
All 5 reasons were laughable to say the very least, but let's look at the first one in particular - "It'll be outdated in a year"
Maybe we shouldn't buy newspapers then? They're outdated before they're even released (using the same retarded logic ofc)



tinman said:

I don't have the money to spare, so I won't buy it. Even if I had the money to spare, I still wouldn't buy it. 'The Gamepad' has to prove itself after launch. The lukewarm, underwhelming use of it they've shown so far didn't convince me. 'Exciting exclusives', 'third-party catch-up', 'Miiverse'. You're joking, right?! 'It's a new Nintendo system'. Might have been enough somewhere back in the past. You know, when there was less talking and more getting the great games out there, announcing big stuff on Nintendo's side. Nowadays I hear and see and read Reggie, Miyamoto, Iwata and company talking their heads off in that self-satisfied, narcissistic kind of way I despise. They don't have anything substantial to say, but they chew your ear off babbling - and think they're so cool. Shut up and make stuff, I say!



SPEtheridge said:

I agree with all the points above tbh, oh and there's gonna be a HD Zelda at some point which is reason enough!



zac-sta said:

I really want a Wii u, i just hope it doesn't end being a another dream cast....when the dream cast came out it was great I loved the system it was amazing but when Sony announced the ps2 every one said oh ill juswait for the ps2 to come out and that was it for the dream cast. So what's going to happen to the Wiiw u when Sony and Microsoft announces there new system later this year? I love Nintendo I hope for the best for there new systemthe Wii u I don't want to see them being shunned out of the market by Microsoft and Sony



ajcismo said:

The Sun doesn't get much play here in the Midwest of the USA, but I checked out your link to that article... Wow, dude had some creative writing in college, but a journalist he is not. Journalists are objective and informed, Mr.Price talks like he just had a night on the town courtesy of Sony Europe. His points are vague and with little actual information to back them up. Outdated in a year? In what way, and will it even matter? How do you know the other two major gaming companies specs to say such a thing? Overpriced? Wasn't the PS3 $600 at launch? Combined with a new Vita, that means $850 total, and without buying memory. DS+Wii doesn't equal fail, it equaled major $$ for most of later half of the 2000's, despite the technical shortcomings. And, did he just compare a console to a phone with apps as far as gaming goes? Yes he did. That alone should make his article a laugher.



chanchandesu said:

It probably boils down to the fact that it's a new Nintendo Console. Having grown up knowing Nintendo almost my whole life, it's manage to establish a relationship of goodwill with me as a consumer. Nintendo has had its ups and downs, but overall, with how long Nintendo has been in the market, it doesn't disappoint. They've been in the gaming business for a long time now, and you still have difficulty anticipating the tricks they have up their sleeves. It's Nintendo we're talking about here.



Boo_Buster said:

Even further back than the DS and Wii's connectivity is the GBA and GameCube's, so it's not like Sony is doing something new. Furthermore, not everyone will have both of the systems; the Vita is overpriced right now. I'm not saying that Sony's things aren't cool, the Vita/PS3 connectivity is just not the same at all. It's more akin to the DS/Wii's. Good article NL. I have to agree with pretty much all of the reasons to buy. To conclude; the Sun can go F off




I'm a Liverpool fan from the 80s era onwards so you guys will know how I feel about that gutter rag. Believe me, there is absolutely no reason to take that sub-comic bk publication seriously at all. Vast majority of their journalists and the editors they've had are liars and the biggest abusers of freedom of speech (slander, hate , lie, offend). Anyway, they're nobodies in this kind of field. Nintendo Life are experts and many games specific magazines are as well (though a bit lesser so than NL). Truth is The S*n will hopefully not exist in a few years. The Wii U is a superb console. I'm sure the PS4 and xbox7000 (lol) will be good for their audiences. Gaming is a beneficial activity (both my Mrs and I game and we are both healthcare professionals) if done in appropriate, common sense way - which vast majority of ppl do. Anyway, sorry for yapping



Megumi said:

Only two big reasons to get a Wii U right now...Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. :3



FluttershyGuy said:

I'd have another on top of all those that already had me pay the full balance on a Deluxe if they'd give more info on the VC! The lack of info worries me that Wii U VC will be an afterthought.



Silvervisiona said:

That Sun article was properly absurd. People reading the article are more likely to be interested in the Wii U due to it's deplorable credibility, as each of it's "facts" are backwards.

Cost is perfect: PS4 & XBOX720 will be incredibly more expensive and outside the market. Sony and Microsoft will be thanking Nintendo for keeping this generation alive for an extra few years. It's in their best interest to take their time developing the next gen technology. Nintendo won't put them out of business, and will give 3rd parties incentives to keep chugging out current gen games without complaining of a stale market. The Wii U is fresh!



sketchturner said:

Currently I am not very excited about the system or exclusives, but knowing that the system will eventually have Metroid and eventually have Retro Studios is enough to be looking forward to the future.



Bulbousaur said:

To me, the main reason to buy a new console is for the exclusives, and that is why I'll never buy a Xbox product

Also, the Sun is a publication filled with a ignorance and stupidity, the only way they can sell it is to put a picture of a girl with her top off on the third page.



rjejr said:

I thought the Sun article started out OK - it had 2 or 3 good reasons - but they stretched it to 5 to round it out, which made the whole thing look a mess. To summarize - don't buy a WiiU AT LAUNCH (which was really the main premise, not to not buy one ever) b/c it may go the way of the Dreamcast when the new consoles come out next year; and the price may drop like the 3DS did so you can save your self some money and not be PO'd at Nintendo (everybody on the internet is always PO'd when prices drop right after they've bought something - note to all of you - if you can't afford it, don't buy it). So I don't think there was anything wrong with that article, well besides it being written by a 3rd grader, with a C average.
Reasons to buy it at launch -
1. cool factor
2. Pikmin 3 and NSMBU and other exclusive games
3. TVii
Reasons to wait -
1. price drop
2. does Nintendo deliver (see 3DS software delays on transfer and eShop)
3. longevity of system is confirmed (see Dreamcast)
4. I ain't got no money honey (Chantilly lace)



MrWu said:

I'll be honest here, few of the launch games are my cup of tea. A few, like ZombiiU, and Rayman Legends I can rationalize as something I will play once I have the Wii U.

With with Nintendo still holding back on how their on-line/accounts system will work and carefully holding back their big guns for a 2013 announcement, presumably to blunt some of the PS4/720 hype and also not to frontload too many of their IPs too early leading to years of waiting, the only major reason I'm interested in the Wii U right NOW (like right this second) is the Game Pad and NintendoTVii



LavaTwilight said:

THANK YOU so much for this article. I hate The Sun newspaper so much and this is just another reason why I should! I wouldn't even 'register' just to leave angry comments! We're talking about a newspaper that had reported that they found a double decker bus on Mars! The list that the Sun published was nowhere near published on facts, and in fact was written with serious prejudice and clever manipulation of words. Snidey B@$t@rd$! I'll buy a WiiU and for the first time in my gaming history I'll be happy to buy a series of full-priced games just to help my good pal Mr Tendo out!



Squashie said:

Good on you Nintendo Life! Anything against that wretched heap of junk of a Newspaper!



Geonjaha said:

ROFL! The fact that one of the Sun's points was "DS + Wii = fail?" just shows how valid what they say is. The DS is the best-selling handheld console in video game history, and the Wii is the best-selling Nintendo home console so far. Obvious fails right?



SkywardLink98 said:

I'm not getting a Wii U and these are the reasons why...

1. "The gamepad" The Xbox has smartglass and the 3DS inspired the idea.

2. "Exciting Exclusives" I don't find the exclusives mentioned exciting.

3. "Third Party Catch Up" I can do that on a PC or buy a PS3 for $100 less.

4. "MiiVerse" The 3DS has it and most other consoles have there own social network and the PC has Steam

5. "It's a new Nintendo Console" That could be said for any console. "I want to get the next God of War game so I gotta get the PS4" or "I NEED to get Halo 5 so I'll get the NextBox", I don't see "I wanna play Mario so I'll play the Wii U" is any different.



SkywardLink98 said:

@3Dash But the Wii U isn't competing with the PS3, keep that in mind and based on the way technology is going Sony and Microsoft could go all out and produce consoles much more powerful than the Wii U's, because based on the specs we have it's about the same as a $200 computer at best.



SteveW said:

The Sun isn't very bright, maybe they should have went with "The Moon".



blackknight77 said:

I'm not really into the game pad. I want to see Nintendo franchises in HD. I'd also like to see them release Gamecube titles in HD for download.



KAHN said:

zelda would be the only reason i would ever get a wii U. zelda IS the ONLY reason for a wii U.



cheesesteak7 said:

Being forced to buy black just to get additional features/products I want at a cheaper price is almost enough reason for me to NOT buy a Wii U (yet). ...but ultimately, I'll get one.



HawkeyeWii said:

The only answer I needed, and it was there, was It's a new Nintendo system!!! They are the best in the biz with videogames. I'm not talking about super flashy graphics, I'm talking about originality and pure fun. Which is what videogames is all about!! GO NINTENDO!!!!!!



Alexneon said:

The only reason to get a Wii U for me is Monster hunter 3 ultimate. i lost interest in mario games years ago. if retro studio do metroid again thats another game i could get. im huge fan of zelda series but the last few zelda games i play( twilight and skyward swords) boring...



jer18 said:

Although I did get the WII for New Super Mario Bros. and SSBB, I can't say I'm going to get WIIU anytime soon.. I need more reasons than five!



misswliu81 said:

i stopped reading the sun 10 years ago. i have no regrets since. they have a small section dedicated to games i think on fridays, but it's poor journalism still.



cheleuitte said:

A new Nintendo system with HD resolution at last, all the nintendo games, pikmin 3, Zelda HD 2014, the gamePad, Miiverse, nintendo TVii, Wii Fit U, the best third party suport in years... Can't wait anymore!!!



Scollurio said:

Well thats the kind of reasonable advertising Nintendo themselves should do to teach the general public what the fuzz is all about!



Gridatttack said:

I think I wont get the Wii U soon. Ill wait till the price drop or in one of those crazy holidays discount times. I need money too. Meanwhile, ill stick with the GameCube games and the 3DS.



Varia01 said:

The gamepad of course. No game critic understands that the Wii U gamepad is more powerful than the other two (stupid) Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. Clickable sticks, a gyroscope/motion control, the seocnd touch screen! The best feature is while some one is hogging the TV, you can play a platformer or a retro game! I hate what other people are saying and I'm trying to convince my parents that Wii U rules!!!



Yanchamaru said:

The Virtual Console was the main reason why I bought a Wii. If the Wii U adds more systems (GameCube, Saturn, Dreamcast) then Nintendo can have my money



Emaan said:

While the GamePad is awesome, it comes down to the fact that its the newest Nintendo system, for me. That basically goes with the exclusives, which are all the Nintendo games I love, now in HD. I'm pretty excited for it.



Moshugan said:

The Miiverse might be an intuitive way to have a gaming community, but it sure is not the reason why the Wii U is a must have.
The reason is that sexy GamePad. <3
I'm confident that it will do fine, but I'm hoping for it to do excellent!

Some time ago I wasn't so sure about the Wii U. It didn't seem to have any ground breaking must-have titles. But no matter how I look it, I always come back to the conclusion that the GamePad alone is worth the admission. Even if the Wii U fails (which is very unlikely) that controller will have some exciting applications in the PC modding community. I'd love to use it with my PC games!



shonenjump86 said:

Third Party catch up? No need, I have the other consoles for that. Miiverse sure is not a big selling point for me. The exclusive games would be the reason I would get one. Mainly Bayonetta 2 and Rayman Legends. Maybe Zombie U and the other Platinum game as well(I forgot the name of it). Besides Pikimin 3, the other 1st Party games just seem meh IMO. Not too high on the Monster Hunter thing either. I will probably get a Wii U down the road, put I sure won't get one at launch.



AcesHigh said:

Very nice article gents! I couldn't have said it better myself. I would like to add to your points in the 3rd Party section. Everyone is so focused on the ports that are coming out during the launch window as being "late". With the exception of COD: BO2 being only a couple of days late vs. it's counterparts on the competing systems, Assassin's Creed, Batman, Mass Effect, etc. will have all been on the shelf for a bit, if not a while. So yes, there is an argument which is valid that these ports are late and why would people want to buy them agian on this system? But this is a very myopic view when you consider the mid to long-term view of the WiiU. Once the WiiU has been in the market for 6 months, all of the new cross-platform games in development will be coming out in tandem - PS3/X360/WiiU. At that point in time, it WILL be a very critical factor that the WiiU now has non-watered down versions of the same game you can get on PS3/X360 - with the same or better graphics AND extra functionality of the WiiUPad. And really, Nintendo has a solid 2 years of this leveled cross-platform landscape across the "Big Three" until the next release from Sony or MS is released and fully entrenched.

So yes, for the first 6 months or so, the ports are really going to appeal only to people who have all 3 systems (like me) and who may have missed or waited on the WiiU version. But give it 6 to 8 months and the people who would have bought the next blockbuster on X360 on release day, might be entertaining getting the game on WiiU instead because of the extra features on top of the equivalent or better graphics. That's when the strength of 3rd party & true, uncompromised, cross-platrom development will benefit Nintendo and game players in general.



Grodus said:

Why do you have 2 of the same answer? Y'know, #2 and #5? I AM ERROR

Anyway, I voted the GamePad. Also, the Sun's points didn't even make sense!

EDIT: I almost wanted to vote "It's a Nintendo system," but I figured the GamePad is the coolest part of the console. Wii U!



DiaperSystem said:

For a gamer who grew up playing NES and SNES, and who cares about controls, level design and creativity, it's impossible to not be excited about a new Nintendo console.



scrubbyscum999 said:

It's made by Nintendo. Since they always tend to make me pretty happy and are my favorite gaming company, I will definitely buy the Wii U at some point in the future. It's a new console created by Nintendo, that's the main reason why I will eventually get it. Also, The Sun kinda, you know, sucks. I am an American and know that.



1wiierdguy said:

It's a new Nintendo system. Nintendo have some of the best franchises in the business. No way I'm missing out on those. I tend to buy each piece of hardware from Nintendo and Sony. However if the 3rd party support for Wii U continues to be strong, I may just stick with Wii U only for next gen.



Dizzard said:

I'm kind of struggling to justify buying the Wii U right now. It's a combination of different issues. For one thing we all know what happened with the 3DS.....and even though we did get some games out of it, it still wasn't pleasant. Not only that but nothing really stands out to me as something that says I need it right now or I can't survive without it for a while.

I probably will get one at some point down the line though. Although I don't feel I got as much use out of my Wii that I did with my DS. So I'm concerned the same will happen with the Wii U.



Zombie_Barioth said:

That Sun much facepalming.

The only problem I had with that poll was all the choices are great and theres no "other". I picked the exclusives purely because the games make the system and its the exclusives that make a system worth getting.

One thing I like about Nintendo is at least they're more predictable than Sony, sorta ironic considering their track record. With Nintendo I have an idea what sorta games to expect as far as game that will interest me where as Sony Sony hasn't been all that consistent. PS1&2 were great all around, while both of them plus the PSP where RPG heaven. But the PS3 was mostly western games and popular third party series. MGS and Tales games are the only ones I can really expect from them.



Chuie said:

my 5 reasons
1.pikmin 3
3.bayonetta 2
4.first hd nintendo console pad



doctor_doak said:

I think the points the Sun writer made have all been made before. The thing is, you might be able to hook up your Vita to the PS3, but is it going to be as seamless an experience? Because the Wii U gamepad was specifically designed for, and integrated with the Wii U console, you're not going to get any lag from TV Screen to gamepad. Can the same be said for the Playstation setup??

He's saying it'll be outdated within a year. Well, my guess is that PS4 won't release to 2014, Xbox, PS3 could have up to another 2 years life.
He's saying 'outdated'...but he's only talking in terms of the consoles power. So what?? If I want a powerhouse gaming machine I have my PC. If it's all about 'power', then you wouldn't be buying an Xbox 720 or Ps4, because they'll also be outdated on release.

People buy Nintendo consoles because they provide a 'qualitatively' different experience from the others. Of course processing power and graphics matter, to a point..I think the Wii U is probably a bit more powerful than these people are giving it credit for. It's going to be outmuscled by the next round of consoles for sure, but my gut feeling is that it is quite a bit more of a powerful machine than the Xbox 360 and PS3.

He says buy a Vita if you have a PS3 rather than a Wii U, but he just comes off looking like a Playstation fanboy. It has better games?? Well, I don't like any of their 1st party exclusives, and I play all the cross-platform titles I want on my PC. So it's a matter of opinion.

For the third point, mobile gaming is also going to pose a threat to the other consoles when they release as well. Nintendo historically hasn't been a haven for casual gaming, it was only really with the Wii that this happened. I know I personally want to play games on a 'proper' gaming machine with 'proper' controls, so mobile gaming is pretty much irrelevant to me, as i'm sure it is many other 'real' gamers who will buy a Wii U.

I don't think the console is necessarily an easy sell to the casual audience, but then again, i'm not convinced 'they' are the target audience for this console. Really, you don't have to be a genius to figure out how the thing works once it's explained. I have to question some people's intelligence who are apparently mystified by it all. I think it's an interesting idea.. this whole asymmetric multiplayer concept. The gamepad will also be good for reducing onscreen hud clutter which is one of my pet peeves, and I think it's interesting how the gamepad has been used in a game like Wonderful 101 for example...

To say it's overpriced....well how much did the PS3 retail for at launch?? Sure, it's not next-gen in power, but I think it's fairly reasonably priced for what it offers. It's a long term, 6 year investment, so you take a hit at the start and buy the games at launch to ensure a steady flow of quality titles follow. I think he's being contrarian for the sake of producing a 'click' worthy, attention grabbing article..



Mr-DNA said:

The dude actually wrote "numchucks" in his article. That pretty much invalidates the entire thing.



thanos316 said:

i wanna see how metroid or maybe zelda looks on the wii u. well its something new and different just like the wii was 5 years ago. i will definitely pick a wii u up summer next year.



Rerun said:

I pre-ordered as soon as it was available. Nintendo always comes through for me!



grumblegrumble said:

I don't need a Wii U. Hell, i didn't even get a Wii! I play with my friends at their house (those who have one) but I play solely on my 3DS and my GBA system, as well as my old Atari 7800 and my original NES. You guessed it. I'm a retro gamer at heart, most of this new HD crap doesn't suit me. But I do love my 3DS games. Portability is a major factor for me.



Metal_Slugger said:

To see super smash bros. in high def if it happens and other Nintendo games like Mario Kart. Also the gamepad to play games right on it.



Robo-goose said:

In local news, 91% of people who took the time to cast their vote are planning on buying the Wii U at the very moment in which they voted.
Now for our crime radar, 1% of votes have mysteriously disappeared within the past few hours.



zionich said:

I did not make it to gamestop in time to pre order deluxe , so I don't mind waiting. My must buy doesn't come out till march.



Gioku said:

I read the Sun's article, and they seem to be extremely biased towards Sony, thus they will of course find any possible reason to bunk the Wii U. They said it will lose to mobile gaming; well if that was true, wouldn't the PS3 also lose to mobile games? >_>



Gamer83 said:

New Super Mario Bros. U is the only reason I need. Don't know when I'll be getting the Wii U but it is on my to-buy list.



CowLaunch said:

Are we to infer from the miiverse image that there is going to be a Yoshi platformer on Wi U? Probably not, but it would be good.



Silverbullet89 said:

Oh Idunno, maybe HD Super Smash Brothers, HD Legend of Zelda, HD Metroid, HD Pikman, HD Fire Emblem, HD Mario everything, HD StarFox, and not to mention the new exclusives coming to the console such as Bayonetta 2, ZombiU, and The Wonderful 101. Just a taste of all the quality entertainment Nintendo offers on their own, not to mention other third party games that will be coming that will use the gamepad in a unique way. Also the fact that the gamepad acts like a second window into the game universe making the game that much more immersive. Again, just a touch of the reasons to get a Wii U. I don't care that the White is 8gb, I'll probably just get the White and use my 500gb external hard drive if necessary. Especially since all the current preorders for the Deluxe edition are all sold out, lol. The Wii let me down as a gamer. It was fine at first with cool exclusives but then Nintendo just let their loyal hard core fans down. The WiiU doesn't seem to be going that direction.



CaPPa said:

I'd say all of the above, but in order they'd be:
1. The GamePad - the possibilitys are great.
2. Exciting exclusives - this was more for what will come (3D Mario, Zelda etc) but the Wii U has games announced already like Monster Hunter, ZombiU and Bayonetta 2 that I'm really hyped up for.
3. It's a new Nintendo system - obviously this means Mario, Zelda etc but the Wii U also supports all my existing Wii games and accessories; making it a natural progression.
4. Third-party catch-up - it'll be nice to buy multiplatform games on the Wii U and it has even made me want some games I wouldn't have bothered with before such as Black Ops 2 (HD and Wiimote support could make it the best COD game).
5. Miiverse - there seems to be a lot of well thought out apps, with things like Miiverse and NintendoTVii.

I hope that I get a Wii U at launch, but I ordered online at Gamestop and I'm not sure if the order will be filled at launch or not.



TechnoEA said:

Still can't justify me getting a Wii U at the moment, maybe in a year or so as I did the Wii. Very few games that interest me.



Voodoo said:

I have been a gamer since waay back to Atari so my opinion on this should have some validity to it. All I see are debates on if the Wii U will succeed when the answer to that couldnt be more obvious. Why do we buy consoles? GAMES, thats why and if you pay attention to each companies selling points you'll clearly see that Nintendo is going to cake walk the competition. So, Sony and Xbox are going to make powerhouse consoles but dont have GAMES to sell it. Sure theres a minority that could argue that but still, Nintendo slaughters everyone in GAME creation. Nintendo doesnt need a powerhouse system to compete because their GAMES steal the spotlight and are very capable of selling their consoles. As long as Nintendo has been around, noone can best them in the matter that means the most GAMES. Look at Playstation Allstars Battle Royal. Its trying to be Super Smash Bros and the reason why is that they cant come out with games like that so they copy nintendo. Not only does Nintendo make games that are system sellers, they make A LOT of them... Mario anything, Zelda, Metroid just to name a few. All Sony and Microsoft can do is boast their POWER so both of them have already lost. Want proof? I own a Alienware M17 X laptop thats one of the most powerful laptops that exist and it came with a hefty $3700 price tag. The laptop can smoke any console when it comes to specs and POWER but Guess what? Its sadly neglected because of Nintendos GAMES. Seriously, power means nothing and games mean everything. Nintendo wins in the first round



Chrno-x said:

There should be another answer with "all/most of the above". But I decided to vote for "Exciting Exclusives" (Pikmin 3 as a number 1 cause I waited too long for the third installment to be neglecting it), but honestly Wii U could be a great reincarnation of NES/SNES. Finally NIntendo remembered that third-party developers like Square-Enix, Capcom, Konami and many more are important (especially now when the West of third-parties devs are leading the way), that's a very good sign that we're not hearing something like it was with N64 or GameCube (license too expensive, too small space storage on carts or minidvds etc. etc.). And we can't forget that Nintendo isn't only about Mario, Zelda and Metroid (but of course we're all waiting for those blockbusters). "Ninjas from Kyoto" have many more IPs they can win over the next generation: Kirby, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Mother/Earthbound (I know what you think), Fire Emblem, Advance Wars (on Wii U it could be freaking awesome) Fatal Frame/Project Zero, new Monolith Soft titles, Waio Land and that's not all. For me myself on Wii U and 3DS I only want more demos and game trailers to download and a simple connectivity with other gamers, that's all, for me consoles are about games and playing them with other "normal" gamers and not a fashion or some other crap (when I hear someone says that this game is "pretty sexy" I want to break his neck). Of course after a year or so we're gonna see if NIntendo can keep up the momentum. "My body is ready!" >: D



doctor_doak said:


Good to see i'm not the only gaming dinosaur here. Keystone Kapers on the Atari was one of my earliest gaming experiences! I agree that 'games' are what really matters and what ultimately drives 'sustainable' console sales, and Nintendo obviously have a long history of developing great games. I still think they've dropped the ball somewhat since the 64' in that regard (probably selling off Rare contributed to that)..

I'd like to see Nintendo branching out and coming up with a new franchise or two this generation, whether it be as a publisher or a developer....because it didn't happen on the Wii...



Void said:

'The Sun' gets a 6 on my Troll-A-Meter, atleast, I think thats about where it was at, before it exploded. (They also get a 8 on my biased meter.)

I'm getting a Wii U because I haven't been disappointed in a Nintendo console yet, I don't need any other reason.



erv said:

All of them, but here's a more accurate top list:

1. Pikmin
2. monster hunter
3. more nintendo goodies down the line
4. monster hunter
5. great games
6. monster hunter
7. great games, original games
8. monster hunter

add to that the incredible amounts of FUN this adds up to, and monster hunter, and you should thank the pope with a million bucks you're able to buy a wii u. With monster hunter.



Araknie said:

Great article, previously i was looking at comments in the sun's article.

Strange they didn't lock up comments from that.



Samholy said:

i skipped the Wii, cause lets be honest, it was a fail.

so...maybe it wont be a day one buy, but this time at least, the console looks quite fun and features many things i would like to try. ill see revies and let it grow a couple of months and see hwat happens.

ill play my 3ds out loud for now.



5c077 said:

TVii in North America is a good reason . I wonder why they can't do TVii on the 3DS, it has IR.



nasachi said:

i'll buy WiiU of course because of the exclusives!

that has always been the point where Nintendo outclassed its competitors
(you simply don't get such a quality and attention to detail on XBox or Playstation)



Robo-goose said:

"i skipped the Wii, cause lets be honest, it was a fail."
If you're talking only about its power and 3rd party releases, then you're right.
If you're talking about its sales (which I doubt), you're very wrong.
Software on the Wii is selling better than any other console this generation, with 802 million games sold on record. Even when you don't include Wii Sports sales, the Wii still sold over 100 million more game copies than the Xbox 360.
It's not as impressive as the PS2's 1,250 million games sold, but it's the most impressive for this generation.



Magicpegasus said:

Anybody else think the 3ds isn't getting enough love? I'm an early adopter, and saw an unprecedented price cut and some major early-model design flaws. The screen scratches itself up, doesn't lock into place properly, and battery life is horrible. Also, I'm not interested in playing older games on my new 3d console. A handful of GBA/NES titles don't really excite me too much. And 3d remakes of n64 games are ok, I guess, but not what made me interested in the 3ds in the first place. Here's hoping Nintendo doesn't let the 3ds quietly die off as they focus on the Wii U and its gamepad.



XCWarrior said:

I'm in the minority, but I really want to see what Miiverse can do. Just looks like Nintendo is finally going to make the big leap to true online. I hope I'm right. Can't for the details soon.



Slapshot said:

"With motion sensors, a camera, microphone and NFC, it's got plenty of tricks to make games something new and innovative."

Something is missing here, because these are standard features for nearly every smartphone and tablet on the market.

What could it ever be?



Nintenjoe64 said:

I can see the thinking behind the sun article. 5 reasons is enough to not buy a PS3 or Xbox over one another because there will be less than 5 exclusive games that are different enough and good enough to set each console apart as a worthwhile purchase.

I can think of far more than 5 reasons to get a nintendo console whenever there is a new one (I'll admit that some of these franchises need a reboot, have had less than stellar entries or have only featured on 2 or less consoles):

Mario Kart
Eternal Darkness??? PLEASE!!
1080 snowboard (why is there no balance board version yet?)
Smash bros
Batallion Wars??
Donkey Kong
Wii fit
Luigi's Mansion?
Mario 'sport'



nasachi said:

imho it would have been a fail for any real "gamer" to have missed all those exclusive masterpieces on Wii
(ok, most of them were by Nintendo itself, but i don't think it'll be any different with WiiU... at first, 3rd-parties might be strong, but in 1 or 2 years imo they'll develop on PS3/4 and XBox 360/3 again cause it's much easier to compete with Sony's and Microsoft's games)



Doge said:

i dont need a reason!
p.s. imagne cubivore on wii u, cause i got one of the original toys and the game.
both are great, and cubivore should be on wii u, c'mon Atlas!
p.p.s. how rare is the toy exactly?



eltomo said:

The Sun owned by News International. IGN owned by News International... What do both enjoy doing? Bashing Nintendo. I have a theory NI hates Nintendo and loves Sony. It's pretty obvious when you read articles from either IGN or the Sun about these two companies.

I'm sold on the Wii U capabilities... Not keen on the price, and I pray Nintnedo work on a better online community, hopefully this is what Miiverse is all about!!



Ren said:

interesting. I want one at some point but for now everything here except the gamepad are reasons NOT to get it yet.
There aren't enough good exclusive games yet, the Miiverse is particularly underwhelming and really part of "catch up" (1st party catch-up), and "a new Nintendo system" only means something if you're a sheep or under 16yo. why would I want to actively choose to adopt early during the 3rd party catch-up? There are, what, 5 games for it from other consoles that are mostly already out on other machines with tiny improvements? that's not very enticing compared to just picking up another console and waiting for the WiiU library to really have some meat to it.

I've been playing N consoles since the first one and this is the first time I'll not buy at launch. the competition is just offering too much to make this anything special yet. I'm sure I'll be seduced by it soon after, but for now these reasons are mostly stale. I love the new controller but I have a 3ds for fun handheld touchscreen stuff until I know the Miiverse is good and the big Nintendo adventures are coming. oh well, I'll check back soon to see if it measures up. sure would be nice to have all my media in a lil HD Nintendo thing, xbox has got me hooked since the Wii got stale, though.



playlikemario said:

i font care what some newspaper or critic has to say about why we should not buy a Wii U, here is my top ten reasons why im buying it:
1. a new gaming experience
2. asymmetric gameplay
3. graphics
4. the game line up
5. im not a 360 fan
6. turned from ps3
7. the new Wii U gamepad ( i think its awesome)
8. Nintendo = bringing people together
9. cant get Mario anywhere else but Nintendo
10. Nintendo is always innovative with new ways to play.



Skotski said:

No way Nintendo's letting the 3DS die off. It might be a little slow on good flow of games, but so was the original DS. It's getting a decent amount considering.
...and I know it's not really HELPING the 3DS' case, but seriously, get a screen protector (there's some that cover the entire top portion of the handheld), and get a battery (I rarely have to charge with one of those).'d be abandoned if its been over a year with less than four good games released on it (which was the case for the Wii for the last two years).
For now, it's a slow handheld start. Most of what people are looking forward to aren't even releasing until later this year or early next year - I'd hardly think that's abandoned if the games simply aren't out yet.



Voodoo said:

Now that Nintendo has a system coming out that has a solid state Drive in it (SSD) Sony has announced that they have a (slimmer) PS3 coming out that also has a SSD in it. The big 2 might already be a little nervous it seems but we knew this was coming.



AVahne said:

All of the ABOVE.

But I love controllers. A lot. So I'll just choose GamePad since I love looking at and touching game controllers.



AVahne said:

Except we really have nothing that's confirmed. Parts will be cheaper for Nintendo to produce since they're custom-made and mass produced. Performance to price comparison to PC parts won't be possible at first as these parts are all custom



Nintenjoe64 said:


Nintendo is like champagne. You only get real champagne from the Champagne region. You can only get new innovative games from nintendo and Sony/MS will carry on making their very strong lambrini that tries to be nintendo but will never really taste the same or get you as drunk.



NintendoLand said:

MY reason: Nintendo in HD.

I mean they were beating the competition visually in SD (Mario Galaxy, DCK Returns) I can't imagine what beauty we'll see from the Wii U!!



DaveyBoy said:

Interestingly, the original article has now been replaced with a good ol' 404 error message. Whether this is standard practice at The Sun to remove articles after 48 hours or because all the comments on the page and every other reputable gaming website (including this one) dismantled and debunked every single point made by the "journalist".

They tried to give us "The Truth", but don't seem to be able to handle "The Real Truth"!



Samholy said:

i bashed and ranted about the WiiU recently.
but i gave it a serious thought. First i wanted to buy the PS4 at launch. then i remembered a couple of things...
EVERY sony consoles had hardware problems at launch, some were quite serious. Shipping a console and waiting for it for months before having it back is cruel. My ps1 and ps2 had a lot fo problems, and i had to buy many revision models before it got fine. I bought the PS3 slim last year, late to the party! (when it finally was affordable)
This NEVER happened to me with nintendo. the biggest issues i had with a Nintendo console was a loose hinge from the DS and a topscreen mark from the 3DS. geez. oh yeah, i had to blow into my NES carts to make then run fine but...that was kinda fun anyway. And also, EVERY nintendo consoles i own/owned never broke and always lasted until the next gen and beyond

then, the WiiU will have at least 2 amazing years before the ps4 and xbox will have truly set their place, so if we want to enjoy the best years of the WiiU, its at launch.

Nintendo also releases masterpieces late in their consoles lifespans. Zelda titles usually come late. smash brothers will probably be out in 3 years, giving the console turbo lifespan. my gamecube had this game playing from start to end.

So that makes buying Nintendo WiiU at launch a very viable choice, and you can wait 2 or 3 years to get the PS4 at a lower price, maybe with 1 revision and a more solid game library and used games market running.

plus you get to enjoy the WiiU thru all tis lifespan too,which is always fun with nintendo consoles. (except the Wii, cause it was a fail.)



pntjr said:

Last one. I don't have the intrest in video games like I used to have (Which is why I left the site for a while) but I love my Ninty, so I'm getting a Wii U!



Tony_342 said:

I've owned all of Nintendo's systems since the NES (the only exceptions being the Game Boy Micro and DSi XL), and I've never regretted buying any of them. They've all given me more than my money's worth. So, yeah, because "It's a new Nintendo system."



Samholy said:

i got ALL nintendo system, except color variations and the damn Wii.
The Wii really angered me,so...underpowered. motion controlled crap i hate so much. why, WHY putting motion control as the standard controller. WHY
unresponsive junk.
anyway. ill get the WiiU. better not piss me this time. (then ext zelda looks damn great!!!!)



NoirUsernameHere said:

my reasons not to buy a wii U at launch
3.i bought a 3DS at launch and i made a big mistake!!!
2.none of my favorite franchises were shown at E3 (that kinda ruined it for me)
1. the price is NOT right!
like you people will read this...



Boyoshi said:

I'm Majorly exited for Wii U but there are 2 main dissapointments for me...

1. Miiverse - Sorry it just doesnt look that good... i mean i dont particularly want random strangers drawing stupid things and annoying tips for the games, at parts I'm not even up 2 yet.

2. No New Zelda - No new Zelda announced at E3 only graphical tech demo last year... enough said

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