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Wed 14th Jan 2009

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Alexneon commented on Super Mario Gangnam Style Flash Mob's Got Some...:

Alexneon said:

This is the most stupid dance i ever see. oh well...i think being stupid is the new black lol

Mr_Trill3506 said:

WTF did alexneon say new black thing i should pimp slap for talking about blacks like that..

theblackdragon said:

@Mr_Trill3506: "(insert thing here) is the new black" is a saying that means 'the new hotness' or 'what's in this season'. It has nothing to do with race. check it out! :3



Alexneon commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

The only reason to get a Wii U for me is Monster hunter 3 ultimate. i lost interest in mario games years ago. if retro studio do metroid again thats another game i could get. im huge fan of zelda series but the last few zelda games i play( twilight and skyward swords) boring...



Alexneon commented on Talking Point: Is Wii U's Power Really That Im...:

We live in a era of graphics wh0res, if nintendo wanna capture the hardcore gamers like they said they really need power on their new console, imagine developers cancelling games for wii u cuz the console cant run the new engines or even the ones that they use now.



Alexneon commented on Feature: Our Favourite 3DS Games so Far:

MK7 full of glitchers, Mario 3D land for brain dead ppl, LoZ great game but how many times nintendo is gonna sell us that??, so nothing worth yet, at least for...sometime i ask myself...what im doin with a 3ds 0.o?? sorry for my english. but i have some faith that we can get some decent games in the future, crossing finger that capcom bring MH to the 3ds with online multiplayer.



Alexneon commented on Talking Point: Wii U and the Future of the Onl...:

One of the many problems that i see with this at least for me and im pretty sure that a lot of ppl have the same problem is that we dont have eshop available in my country so how they expect that i buy a $10 code to get access to features of a used copy, a 3ds game cost $80 here so thats why i prefer a used copy. wiiware service is available but they dont let me use a credit card and they dont sell points cards here so is a waste of time there too, internet is a global thing right? one of the reason that i enjoy online wii games is that the only thing i need is to buy the game new or used but with this new politics i dont know nintendo, i gonna start to considering where i gonna invest my money, speaking of gaming of course.



Alexneon commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

Dont get me wrong, i really appreciate all the hard work of all the staff of NL, but when i look for a review of a game that still dont came out like mk7, i hope to read some useful or interest info about the game, if you read the review it said everything we know a few months ago....but oh well.



Alexneon commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

Lame review, it said everything we know already, idk is the online part is on now...but i think thats the important thing about the game, how smooth the game run online, the community options to create it, etc... but oh well, i goin to find out for myself when the game come out this december, btw sorry for my poor english or if i spell something bad