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Wed 23rd Sep 2009

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jer18 commented on Sami Cetin Sets New Super Mario Kart World Record:

Singing the tune in my head while reading this post - definitely in the mood to play this on VC now. don't quote me but the tune starts out something like.. da da da, da. da da da, da. da da da da, da da da DAH DAH!



jer18 commented on Hulu Plus Arrives on Wii:

When I trialed Hulu Plus on my Samsung SmartTV - it required a Credit Card. Whats good about this offer is you get an extra week free (by using Wii). Unfortunately I am more of a movie fan than TV series - so this was a bust for me. Uninstalled and Cancelled.



jer18 commented on Blue Wii Console Competing for Europe's Christ...:

Maybe this is Iwata's way of trying to make some $$ back this year __

Let's take bets on next Wii release I bet a green Wii for a Zelda Collection Pack.. or a pink Wii for the Kirby suite of games! hoorah, gotta buy 'em all.



jer18 commented on Two Japanese Minutes of Star Fox 64 3D Video:

haha.. do a barrel roll!
I still have the map of turns and items on the final level to get to Andross.

@3 the game is still amazing and worth buying at the local game shop. It should be -$3.;



jer18 commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

When Rovio releases enough hits as Nintendo did, and making sure to sell them all for 99c, then they can talk . I can't image A little red bird taking off for 20+ years in sequels as an awesome little red plumber.



jer18 commented on Hydroventure Guarantees a Wet Christmas for Eu...:

@1 Not sure how World of Goo relates? I mean, yes they're both strategy but objectives and gameplay are so different. Some levels in Goo nearly gave a heart attack with its suspense lol.. cant see this coming close.