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Voodoo commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and Mons...:

PS4 games are going to sell more than they should due to the lackluster library it has. A powerful system with very few titles to hold you over. The system actually deserves to be called the "Battlefield 4 station" This will be the last Sony console I get at launch



Voodoo commented on ​Here's A Sneak Peek At The New Theatrhythm ...:

I've been playing this series since the very first Dragon Warrior game on the NES and to me, is KING when it comes to all JRPG's. I've bought every title released that carries the dragon quest name and I'm going to go as far as to admit that I would pay triple the MSRP if they would just bring them to the west. Fantasy Life is the closest thing I have to a Dragon Quest of recent title and its killing my soul...



Voodoo commented on Preview: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes the S...:

I think a lot of people go into monster hunter games with an RPG expectation and are let down. This isnt an RPG by any means. Theres no HP, life gauges or leveling up. This is more like an over the top hunting simulator on a massive scale. The monsters show when they're hurt in the way they act as they'll even run from you trying to escape to a different part of the world so they can rest and heal up



Voodoo commented on Review: Woah Dave! (3DS eShop):

I bought it day one and the game is EXTREMELY hard to put down... Get it and try counting how many times you say "Ok just one more time"



Voodoo commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

Why do people keep forgetting how nintendo works? Both Sony and Microsoft RELY on 3rd party support when the big N does things the opposite way... All its going to take is something like smash bros. to start it then a mario kart and everything else they throw out there... They're going to be just fine



Voodoo commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

LOL @ "Wondering what SONY's answer to this game will be..." They cant make an answer for this game and thats the funny part about it... Sony has no characters that anyone cares about deeming it impossible for them to try to rally this kind of game... God of war, Killzone and Grand Turismo... It would have those 3 attractions and maybe a twisted metal but thats it... Sony is nothing more than a walkman company that makes a poor mans answer to getting a Alienware for gaming and slaps the "Playstation" brand on it and thats it... Thats where it ends... Then its up to 100% third part support to carry this product... All sony can even try to do is COPY everything that nintendo does... The PS Move... Fail... Playstation All Stars Battle Royal... Fail... The PS Vita... SUPERFAIL.... and soon... Playstation 4 Fail.... Except for the Call of Duty and Battlefield fans.... Why does Sony copy EVERYTHING nintendo? Why does ALL of Sonys fans come onto Nintendo's fansites to bash? The company and the goats that support them are pure jealous of a company that is successful at "Videogames... Consoles, characters and gameplay" Something the companies they support will NEVER achieve... Like a bunch of Ford owners salivating at the Lamborghini... Nintendo fans... You gotta love it!!!



Voodoo commented on Reggie: Sony and Microsoft Need To React To Wh...:

I think everyone is missing the point... Everyone seems to assume that the Wii U will fail due to lack of super high performance they (including Reggie) also think that MS and SONY need to be more innovative to compete on top of their high specs... What does past evidence show? First lets look at hand helds. Nintendo has dominated this market since it was very first started and please note that there were plenty of competitors that launched hand held hardware that put Nintendos offerings to shame but even though there were better graphics and power, Nintendo still dominated and not just by a little but more like a landslide and this proves true still to this very day... Look at the PS Vita, It kills the 3DS in terms of graphics, power and its even innovative this time with the touch screen in front and the touch panel in the back and also has that VERY IMPORTANT to gamers, 2nd control stick and STILL is flopping as a failure on a massive scale. Sony had the power, graphics and innovation all leaning there way and still failed horribly... Now, home consoles... Ok here we go again, Sony did alright with the PS 3 as far as drawing enough interest from consumers to put them under a lot of roofs worldwide BUT lost billions doing so... SONY does not care about gamers and what they want but what they do care about is $Money$ because they are a business... PS 3 had the graphics and mere copycat innovation and the console lost billions while the PS move flopped right alongside the Vita... The ONLY success Sony had with the PS 3 was with the advancement of blu ray tech. Now Nintendo on the other hand, launched a console after both Sony and MS released theirs and not only did Nintendo catch up to them, they sold more systems than both competitors COMBINED! Do you think if you were to ask SONY as a company if their PS 3 and Vita and PSP were successes that they would say "yes?" Guys, graphics and power dont mean near enough what people are out there saying with all this "PS 4 is gonna kick Nintendos A**" SONY found this out the hard way... Think of this when you hear fanbois dogging the Wii U and glorifying their system of choice that was the biggest failure in video games and just laugh at them when they do... They would try to tell you that a dead horse was going to win the kentucky derby and in this case, PS 3 is their dead horse... I did not mention xbox 360 in this because to me, theyre not even worthy of me knowing they even exist. Its Microsoft, the makers os Windows... Need I say any more?



Voodoo commented on Wii U In-Game Voice Chat Won't Use GamePad Mic...:

People make voice chat bigger than it actually is... Its been on PS3 forever but when you get into a Battlefield 3 online game, its very RARE to hear someone talking on one and even rarer to hear a conversation between 2 or more... Its there but people just dont use it much



Voodoo commented on MCV: Wii U Is A Stopgap System, Real Successor...:

This is why the Wii U cant fail... Look at the DS, now look at the 3DS, different visuals but same design... The DS is the number one selling handheld of all time for a reason... Now, Wii U... Is a DS on a much bigger scale... It cant lose



Voodoo commented on Talking Point: The Possibilities of New Super ...:

I've been a avid gamer since the days of ATARI and have owned pretty much every console to come out in America with the exception of the XBOX 360 so I've experienced all there is to know about DLC and this is my take on it. There is good DLC and Rip off DLC and some of the best examples for DLC can be seen in games such as Red Dead Redemption. To date, I think their DLC is #1 in both quality and value. The Undead Nightmare DLC alone was big enough to be sold as a stand alone title on its own and I think it sets the stage for what DLC should be. Most value in DLC will be had in games that offer online game modes and is a big example of why COD and Battlefields DLC sells like hotcakes. You get new maps, weapons, camos, events and vehicles (with Battlefield 3 anyway) and there is an infinate amount of use that can be had with this DLC. I like the idea of companies offering season pass type packages that offer discounted material for buying every DLC that comes out in one type of pre order package like Battlefield 3 did with its premium member package but the company still has to handle the DLC well for these season passes to be a good value something that Call of Duty knows nothing about. A horrible example of DLC would be Metal Gear Online. Their DLC content was rather good but the fact that they charged $14.99-$19.99 for content that was good but had a LIMITED life as Konami have pulled all the online servers for metal gear online making ALL their DLC useless in this day. That is pretty much the ultimate Horror out there for Online DLC. Games having endings seems like it can be a big issue at times when it comes to DLC so maybe developers should make titles with no endings kind of like World of Warcraft as they are built to be DLC driven and seem to have the smoothest transition and in NO way am I emplying that they charge a monthly fee to play as this could kill the entire video games industry with the economy in the shape its in. As far as Nintendo products go, I cant have anything but good faith in them as they have far exceeded any of their competition about giving value to their fans. Take the big 3 for example, out of MS,SONY and Nintendo, Nintendo is the only company that gives back to their fans through their Club Nintendo program offering physical goods with your favorite characters as a "Thank you for supporting us" type of program. Sure SONY and MS could do something like this but it would be oh so bland... Without characters (mascots) you'd be stuck with something that just plain says "SONY or Playstation 3" Nintendo just has that magical charm that allows them to master this. Nintendo has always been a company that takes care of its customers. This is a big one to me as with the Wii, there was an ongoing problem to where the Wii drives wouldnt read some dual layered discs such as super smash bros. but even if you had a system well out of its warranty, nintendo still fixed the systems that was doing this to consumers free of charge and on top of that, gave you a brand new warranty upon fixing it! Still to this day if you have a launch Wii system from 2005 that wont read one of those discs, Nintendo will gladly fix it for you at this very moment just as if it was still under warranty. Now lets talk about the others. You've heard of XBOX 360s RROD (red ring of death) They cover that flaw as long as you send them 2/3 the full price of what you payed for the system. SONY? Playstation 3s had 2 huge issues one in witch the blu ray diodes just wore out and wouldnt read your game discs or blu ray movies and the other being the YLOD (yellow light of death) witch SONY would gladly fix for you as long as you sent them 140.00 or you could just go and buy a new system... Im on my sixth playstation to date since the launch fat system. Nintendo is the ONLY company out there that truly takes care of their supporters and to me, that means the world and if I only can support one company you better bet its going to be Nintendo all the way!!



Voodoo commented on Replacement Wii U GamePads Will Be Available I...:

Console innards are just like computer innards and in this day and age they're dirt cheap. As far as the Wii U console goes, I'm willing to bet that the solid state drive (SSD) that comes with it is the most expensive part in it.



Voodoo commented on Ubisoft: Wii U Is The Most Innovative System O...:

More powerful graphics, faster processors = better consoles? Yeah, I remember the days when the PS3 launched with people waiting in line for 48 plus hours to get one with only one mediocre game worth playing on it (Resistance Fall of Man) and I remember the super long wait to when games that people really wanted finaly came out and then the test officialy began with the results being PS3's and xbox 360's overheating in mass numbers, Blu Ray diodes going out almost every year on PS3 refusing to read any of your games and SONY gladly chaging you 150.00 to fix it every time it happened. It almost seemed to be a money sink for them that was carefully planned out. Every single Nintendo system I have owned since the original NES still works. I own a brand new Alienware M17x laptop that when it comes to power and speed, is unmatched... Its very nice looking sitting in the corner unnoticed while I dump hours into Nintendos products. More power, better graphics and higher speed = one thing and its definately not a better console but rather HEAT. Something that both microsoft and SONY have already shown the world that they dont have a clue on how to handle other than making their customers pay for it. You can argue and say "All thats needed is good fans" but thats rubbish... The Alienware has top of the line fans in it but when you run the thing wide open you could still set it in the freezer and it would transform it into a microwave oven. Consoles are a constant investment because they're all about GAMES not power and speed. Look at cars... They are made to get you from point A. to point B. and normal cars is what Nintendo would represent but there are sports cars available too that have more power, speed and heat issues not to mention are massivly undersold to the market as compared to normal cars because of price and other things. These types of cars are what SONY and Microsoft represent. Can you not see already that Nintendo has already won this before it even started? BTW I'm on my FIFTH playstation 3 that Battlefield 3 has already wore this blu ray diode out so it may last another 2 months at best... Thank GOD the Wii U will be out then..



Voodoo commented on Rumour: Grand Theft Auto V Coming To Wii U:

The one area I do think Nintendo needs to change is these M rated games such as grand theft auto. A lot of Nintendos fanbase is now grown up and needs the freedom to experience these types of games on their system of choice. While I have owned almost every single console and hand held system to date since the Atari, I cannot deny that Grand Theft Auto was one of the biggest reasons for me to get the Playstation 3. Nintendo needs to leave the babysitting of kids duty to their parents and be a open medium to any developers



Voodoo commented on Firebrand Games: "Nintendo Needs to Charm the ...:

There is no company that can or probably ever will be able to compete with nintendos first party icons. Nintendo is a icon itself to "video games" Arcade, Home Console and Hand helds. Sony is to stereo's and Tv's and Microsoft and Apple PC Software. This isnt going to change, in the "video games" department anyway. The only things that have changed are Apple taking a bite out of SONY's walkman with its iPods. Noone should be worried about Nintendo as they easily have this in the bag already...



Voodoo commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

Now that Nintendo has a system coming out that has a solid state Drive in it (SSD) Sony has announced that they have a (slimmer) PS3 coming out that also has a SSD in it. The big 2 might already be a little nervous it seems but we knew this was coming.



Voodoo commented on Wii U Pre-Orders Selling Out in the U.S.:

Wait! Somethings wrong with all this... You people werent susposed to get one of these because Apple said they want to take over this market and the rest of the world... Oh well, I played rebel against them too, preordered the deluxe and (read this part over and over until it sinks in real good) TRADED A 3rd GEN IPOD TOUCH IN towards the preorder!!!



Voodoo commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

I have been a gamer since waay back to Atari so my opinion on this should have some validity to it. All I see are debates on if the Wii U will succeed when the answer to that couldnt be more obvious. Why do we buy consoles? GAMES, thats why and if you pay attention to each companies selling points you'll clearly see that Nintendo is going to cake walk the competition. So, Sony and Xbox are going to make powerhouse consoles but dont have GAMES to sell it. Sure theres a minority that could argue that but still, Nintendo slaughters everyone in GAME creation. Nintendo doesnt need a powerhouse system to compete because their GAMES steal the spotlight and are very capable of selling their consoles. As long as Nintendo has been around, noone can best them in the matter that means the most GAMES. Look at Playstation Allstars Battle Royal. Its trying to be Super Smash Bros and the reason why is that they cant come out with games like that so they copy nintendo. Not only does Nintendo make games that are system sellers, they make A LOT of them... Mario anything, Zelda, Metroid just to name a few. All Sony and Microsoft can do is boast their POWER so both of them have already lost. Want proof? I own a Alienware M17 X laptop thats one of the most powerful laptops that exist and it came with a hefty $3700 price tag. The laptop can smoke any console when it comes to specs and POWER but Guess what? Its sadly neglected because of Nintendos GAMES. Seriously, power means nothing and games mean everything. Nintendo wins in the first round