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United Kingdom

Wed 13th Apr 2011

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DaveyBoy commented on Review: La-Mulana (WiiWare):

Got it yesterday. Brilliant game and well worth the wait and its the first WiiWare game I bought since Hydroventure back in Xmas 2010! So there's no DLC forthcoming? If that the price to pay for having it released worldwide and giving WiiWare a decent game to bow out with, then who's that bothered. Their loss etc etc



DaveyBoy commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

Interestingly, the original article has now been replaced with a good ol' 404 error message. Whether this is standard practice at The Sun to remove articles after 48 hours or because all the comments on the page and every other reputable gaming website (including this one) dismantled and debunked every single point made by the "journalist".

They tried to give us "The Truth", but don't seem to be able to handle "The Real Truth"!



DaveyBoy commented on Future Publishing Shutters Nintendo Gamer Maga...:

Its a sad day. Been a buyer of the magazine for years and a current subscriber. Even though they trace the history of the magazine back to the Super Play, that magazine ran concurrently with Total! which was also published by Future and another magazine I have fond memories of.

I used to buy ONM but stopped cos I could not afford two magazines and NGamer is a lot less biased and just generally more fun to read. I'm assuming that I'll be contacted with regards to switching my subscription to ONM but I don't think I will. A very sad day indeed.