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Wed 25th Apr 2012

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Skeletor commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Hints at Smaller New Nintendo...:

I would be beyond happy if the standard size released in NA. It makes sense if they do that when Animal Crossing HHD comes out, so that users won't need the amiibo scanner attachment. However, I can see them just releasing another color/design of the XL.



Skeletor commented on Bravely Default To Feature Optional Special At...:

I am still interested in this game. I know that I won't even be the slightest tempted to want to purchase this. I've gamed too long to want to have an easy out in games. If anything, having the game, and not utilizing the Super Drink will show that it is not a game model to pursue.
I like the subtle tactic that they are using with the ability to gain it with the game being in sleep mode. 8 hours? They are really trying to dethrone any other game you'd want to play.



Skeletor commented on Howard Lincoln: Nintendo Has "No Plans" to Sel...:

@Captain_Gonru I remember years ago, Nintendo was supposed to release their own baseball sim. I believe they called it Pennant Chase Baseball. It was slated for the Gamecube. I remember that they progressed far enough that they had a cover athlete picked out. David Ortiz, of all people. I remember thinking it odd that it wasn't Ichiro.
That being said, I have been waiting for a LOOOOONNNG time for a proper baseball game on a Nintendo console. I only recently stopped playing MVP 2005, on account of me swapping my Wii for a Wii U, thus no Gamecube support.



Skeletor commented on Talking Point: Considering the Methods and Mea...:

I've found this site to actually review games rather well, as opposed to a flash opinion and verdict. Perhaps the most recent game showing this was DuckTales Remastered. Most sites blasted it for, in a nutshell, not being a modern game with modern conveniences. I think I only read one other site that actually viewed the game as a re-release of an older, and favorite title.
As for scoring, I usually find myself being intrigued if a game is given a 6 or above. I think that it is a fair enough score to investigate the game more. What I look for in reviews is about any game breaking flaws or glitches, engaging story, and controls.



Skeletor commented on Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Dela...:

I thought I read rumblings and rumors somewhere that the holdup was with the drop-in/drop-out multiplayer. Honestly, that is the biggest reason I have been waiting for it, so I can get my 3 friends with Wii U's to also grab it. So, if that is the case, I'd be happy to know that it works good.



Skeletor commented on Weirdness: Fire Emblem Devs Answer That Burnin...:

I noticed it when I bought it (not during the demo, though. Odd). I found it very odd. I thought perhaps it was a clipping error, with the feet being beneath the ground. I didn't bring it up to any of my friends playing it, for fear it may distract them.



Skeletor commented on LucasArts Shut Down By Disney:

@Bass_X0 I gotta ask, is that message an alteration to a quote from Demolition Man? It was the first thing that came into my head when I read it. From the part about Taco Bell and all other restaurants.



Skeletor commented on LucasArts Shut Down By Disney:

I assumed that Disney would enjoy having LucasArts being part of them, since they don't have a terrific track record with video games, themselves.



Skeletor commented on Children Of The '80s, Here's That Battle Beast...:

I miss those, they were neat. I recall being somewhat bothered by the lack of articulation, but at the same time, there was nearly nothing available that had a decent range of movement. I think I had my batch of Battle Beasts be minions for some of my larger, more sinister looking toys.
That being said, I really didn't remember any commercials at all. It was equally dumb and awesome. Ahhh, 80's.



Skeletor commented on LEGO City Goes A Little Too Undercover At Nort...:

@Burning_Spear I have some friends that work at the Walmart near me, and what is annoying is that they actually HAVE it in stock, but it is in their back room, and not on the floor yet. Their staffing has been atrocious. I even gave it a day, and checked yesterday, but still nothing. It was surprising that I found Fire Emblem there.



Skeletor commented on Talking Point: The Slippery Slope of Micro-Tra...:

I think it would be more excusable if the games came at a lower price point. I remember in Madden a few years back, they withheld the highest difficulty level unless you wanted to pay for it separately.
It's almost as though the companies don't understand the difference in the types of DLC/microtransactions there can be. DLC will add more to the game, and microtransactions - when done properly - can be modifiers to a game. I think of games like L.A. Noire, where they had the different outfits that changed your stats in a game. That changes how you play.
I also find it odd the lure of paying to unlock features in a game that can be unlocked via gameplay. Are people THAT bored with a game they don't want to play it more? The Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers had the option to buy different decks to unlock them, and unlock them fully. You can achieve it by playing the game!



Skeletor commented on TiVo And Google Maps Functionality For Wii U H...:

I wish the TiVo support was up already. Ever since I first saw the logo during E3 while demonstrating the TVii functions, I've been eagerly awaiting to use it!! Now that I have a premiere, though, it may not turn out to be such a big deal. Can't wait, either way.



Skeletor commented on Virtual Boy Port of Faceball Is Getting A Phys...:

@KingMike I remember reading about Dragon Hopper!! I was so excited for it. Naturally, we all know how that turned out. If I recall, one of the issues of Nintendo Power that talked about Dragon Hopper also mentioned a VB version of F-Zero. I remember there was a vehicle named Origami, which was a paper airplane, and the acceleration on it was maxed out, while maneuverability and top speed were not too great. I had such high hopes for VB at that time.



Skeletor commented on Review: Style Savvy: Trendsetters (3DS):

My wife loved the first entry. Unfortunately, she breezed right through it (well, over a couple of months), and hit a wall when the seasons wouldn't progress further, and she couldn't get any more money. So, I'm curious if anyone knows if that has recurred?



Skeletor commented on What's On Your Game Boy Camera?:

I remember reading a rumor years ago that either GoldenEye or Perfect Dark, I can't remember, was going to utilize the Game Boy Camera with an adapter to the N64 controller so you could map your face on the character. I was stoked for it, just so I could play as a "butthead." Sadly, it was axed.



Skeletor commented on Take A Whistle Stop Animated Tour Of Nintendo'...:

@coolvw93 They got $80 for it?!? I remember after it bombed, I saw some selling new for under $50, maybe even under $40. I do like mine. I wish that the F-Zero game was actually made for it, and that RPG that was mentioned in Nintendo Power all those years ago.



Skeletor commented on Iwata Explains Where The Name HAL Laboratory C...:

@bezerker99 Definitely read the book. I did before watching the movie for essentially the first time (way too long ago for the actual first), and it helped make sense of the movie. Actually, I was aggravated with the movie in parts, because it didn't really convey what was happening. Like pretty much the whole end of the movie.
As far as the trivia, that is really neat!



Skeletor commented on Wii Mini Is Official And Has No Online Connect...:

I hope that everything is shrunk down with it. That way you can make a Mini Mii!!!
But seriously, it is unfortunate to exclude wifi. It's not like it's a difficult thing to throw in there. I do dig the red controller, though!!



Skeletor commented on Rumour: Square Enix Triple-A Title Being Porte...:

@sinalefa Actually, Sleeping Dogs is a sequel to the True Crime games, the Streets of L.A. and the Streets of N.Y. They weren't bad games, but they wanted to shake up the imagery for Sleeping Dogs. I think they were thinking of it being called Streets of Hong Kong for a bit.



Skeletor commented on Casual And Hardcore Gamers, Madden NFL 13 Has ...:

I'm not too huge on football games, but when they first described how this would play out on the Wii U, I was very excited. I immediately thought how fun it would be for local multiplayer to choose plays without the other player seeing (my brother and I would watch each other all the time). THEN they announced that this gen won't support two gamepads in local play. Still, the on-the-fly play calling looks very nice.



Skeletor commented on Nintendo: Phones And Tablets Aren't Games Devices:

@Haxonberik I completely agree about the lack of focus on a phone/tablet. It's kind of the nature of the device. You grow bored of it, it's because you have other features you can use the device for. NOT just gaming. Whereas on a console, it is a gaming device, so that's what you're expecting it to be. You won't have a text message interrupt you, no status updates, no phone calls, no looking at someone's new photos. You are in a game. You play the game. You keep playing until you cannot anymore. I've played for many hours straight on my 3DS, and on my DS before that. I maybe have stayed focused for a max of 25 mins straight on my phone.



Skeletor commented on Nintendo: Wii U Basic Bundle Designed To Attra...:

I can't help but feel that it's backwards. That being said, I suppose I WOULD go with a basic if that was the only way, and the storage can be expanded. As for the accessories, I honestly would most likely not use them. Still.......



Skeletor commented on Nintendo Offering Incentives for Retail Downlo...:

I think it would depend on the game, more than anything. There are some games that I'd just play non-stop, so a cartridge would be best. Then, there are games that are more sporadic, or in smaller doses (like Animal Crossing for me) that would benefit me to have digitally.