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Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compatibility

Posted by Trevor Chan

Good news, bad news?

Along with the unveiling of Wii U at E3, Nintendo subsequently revealed further details regarding the technical specifications of the console. There is, however, plenty we still don't know about Wii U and with a scheduled launch in 2012, we can expect these unknowns to be revealed slowly like a season of Lost.

A couple of things that Nintendo's fact sheet didn't cover have thankfully been clarified and it appears to be a mixture of good and bad news. Firstly, Nintendo EAD designer Katsuya Eguchi confirmed that the Wii U discs will indeed hold a capacity of 25GB, as rumoured early last month. This, of course, is a significant increase from the 4.5GB single-layer DVDs that the Wii uses, as well as the dual-layer DVD9 discs which hold 9GB, used by the Wii and the Xbox 360. 25GB is on par with single-layer Blu-ray Discs that the PlayStation 3 uses, and Nintendo's decision to once again use a proprietary format is likely an effort to clamp down on piracy.

Wii U clearly uses a disc format that's much more in line with contemporary standards, but Nintendo is also looking back as much as it is looking forward. Well, back as far as the Wii, at least. Wii games will be compatible with the Wii U, along with all the peripheral hardware like Wii Remotes, Wii Balance Boards, etc. However, speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that GameCube games will not be playable on Wii U. Like the removal of the Game Boy Advance slot on the DSi and subsequently the 3DS, it seems Nintendo is drawing a line regarding how far back it is willing to provide backwards compatibility.

Does this mean we'll one day see a Virtual Console on the Wii U with GameCube games to choose from? Let us know if you think that would be a good idea or not and why.


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luminalace said:

It's sad that gamecube support has been dropped but it's not a huge surprise! Let's hope there will be a Gamecube layout version of the Classic Controller for people who prefer that layout because they will be unable to use their GCN pads on WiiU!



b_willers said:

I wonder if they will allow the playback of movie DVDs on this thing, imagine streaming the movie to the controller which you can watch and control in another room.



DSman59 said:

The discs they will use are probably just Blu-Rays recorded differently. The 25 GB size gives that away. GameCube and Wii discs too are just DVDs.



thanos316 said:

so no gamecube backwards compatibility. well i want to see some new titles, some fresh new ideas, and updated ones too, i don't mind that they left gamecube backwards compatibiltiy out. and 25gb size discs sounds good to me. and im sure someone will find a way to play gamecube games on it anyways so just give it time. the more i keep learning about this system the more im liking it.



Wiiner1 said:

I agree with 6ch6ris6 as the wii was was able to play games for all previous nintendo consoles (except virtual boy), so I think the wii u will be able to as well. Also the fact sheet says it supports external hard drives which will be perfect for storing these bigger games.



RedYoshi999 said:

Sad to see GameCube support dropped but I can't blame them. Even sadder is I've been building up a collection of GCN games recently so it looks like I'll need to keep the Wii to play them. Or buy a GameCube but that seems overly complicated.



FonistofCruxis said:

Looks like I'll be keeping my wii when I get this to play my Gamecube games and there are still some Gamecube games I haven't got yet but plan on getting too. Its also annoying as I won't be able to use GC controllers for smash bros. I hope the wii U controller works well with smash bros.



MrMagpie said:

But GC controllers are THE way to play smash bros... Better be classic controller compatible then...



madgear said:

This decision means I will NOT be buying a Wii U. My GameCube collection is bigger than my Wii collection, I still play them more and I can only have one console under the TV (so keeping Wii and getting Wii U not an option).

I'm not going to stay in the past, though. I'm going to move on to PC gaming after this generation. I like to keep and enjoy my old titles but don't like the clutter of multiple consoles. With PC gaming I'll be able to do that - it's just a shame I'll miss out on the latest Zelda and Mario titles but rather that than discard my entire GC collection.

EDIT: Oh and about GC VC - not a chance. I've spent hundreds of pounds on these games and I'm not spending more on titles I already own. It's fine as an additional option (like PS1 games on the PS Store along-side PS1 backwards compatibility). Besides a lot of my favourites (such as Crazy Taxi, Rogue Squadron, Capcom Vs SNK 2 etc) will never make it to the VC due to the original developers no longer existing or because of licensing issues (or butchered beyond recognition like PS3/360 Crazy Taxi). Damn - I'm so gutted about this.



StarDust4Ever said:

No GameCube support. Go figure. I must say I'm not surprized or disappointed by the news. The GBA had Game Boy hardware in it, the DS had GBA hardware in it, and the Wii had Game Cube hardware in it. Only the Game Boy Micro and DSi lacked backawrd compatibility of any kind. The obscoure GC periphiral ports would have added much expence to the Wii-U console. Mostly the only use the Game Cube ports see on the Wii side is the occasional use of GC controllers for Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and N64 emulation. Maybe someday they can emulate the Game Cube the same way how the PS3 emulates PS1 discs. But will it break the drive if you insert a 3in disc?

Single player Game Cube emulation through Virtual Console, on the couch, in the dark, via the handheld U-controller (Portendo-style) would be awesome!!!



Wolfenstein83 said:

I think it kinda sucks, cause I don't want to re-buy games I already own, but really this is not that big of a surprise.
But who knows, maybe down the road, some kind of software update could change that?
Anyways, I can't wait to see some of the first screens from newer games, and really see what this machine can do.



daznsaz said:

not to bothered about gamecube ive still got one and i dont touch it think they will do them for vc anyway



siavm said:

That is the worst reason I have ever heard for not getting a new console. The Wii U is the future of gaming.



BXXL said:

I don't understand the people complaining about BC: you may still use a Gamecube or a Wii for all your old GC games, nobody forces you to have a single console only... with a Wii now sold 100 euros/dollars, and maybe even less in a couple of years, it's not really a problem for the next 10 years, and you still may find an old GC still working nicely for maybe what, 20 bucks?

So c'mon... what would be the point in having 4 GC connections on the Wii U? Raise the price even more to please not even 1% of the users, who will still have all the hardware they need to play these games anyway?

I swear, if the Nintendo headz really had to listen to all their fans, these guys would become crazy, as anything they do seem always too much or not enough for some of you...



madgear said:

How is it the worst reason? With PC gaming I'll be able to get all the new titles and keep my favourites. My choice, as the Wii U stands, is discard all my favourite games or keep them and not get new ones. Instead I'll keep all my old favourites on my Wii, which I'll keep under my TV, and get new titles on the PC. I'm hardly missing out on the future of gaming as the PC always adapts to it - infact it's generally ahead of the curve in terms of power.

@BXXL - you don't need GameCube adapters or memory card ports, though, do you? They could simply make the Classic Controller compatible with it and store save data on the system itself like the PS3 does with PS1 games - that also doesn't have PS1 ports and PS1 memory card slots.



theblackdragon said:

@siavm: so far, the Wii U is more like the current generation of gaming, not the future — Nintendo's kinda playing catch-up with the PS3 and 360 at the moment, lol.



daznsaz said:

just preordered wiiu over phone top of the list got plenty of time to get the funds together god knows what it will cost dont think nintendo have to play catch up with sony or microsoft or phones for that matter always got something to look forward to with nintendo



Kirk said:

Yeah I think they'll probably offer GC games as part of the Wii U Virtual Console service.


Or how about just using the frikin Upad since it has all the controls of a Classic Controller.



Shiryu said:

The lack of GameCube compatibility is sad, but expected in order to cut costs. This only means my Wii will remain hooked up to my LCD for a very long, long time to come indeed.



madgear said:

Not really - I don't see why a line has to be drawn. The older the generation, the easier it is to emulate. It's the previous generation that's the difficult one (as with PS2 on PS3 and Xbox on the 360). The great thing about the Wii was it was compatible with all previous Nintendo consoles - it's not practical to support old cartridges, which were put onto the VC, but the impression was disc based systems would always work from now on. Since the Wii is practically a GameCube anyway and software can make the internal storage and wireless controllers work instead of needing controller and memory card ports, there really isn't an excuse. Cost and effort are absolutely minimal in this case - only conclusion I can come to is to force us to buy our old games again.



outrun2sp said:

THATS IT. Now ive found out that I need to keep my wii and cant trade it.

No GC means no F Zero Gx / Sonic Adventure 2. F Zero GX will never run in hd.

Talk about cutting costs.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Yeah, however much Nintendo will deny it, this is the next generation, and GCN games should and probably will be on Wii U.
As for Brawl, I think the New Controller looks just dandy for replacing the Gamecube controller. It'll do.



Big_Gamer said:

I always keep all my Nintendo consoles so no trouble here. Glad to know about the 25GB



Gameday said:

thats right no need to sell something you paid full price for just cause something new came out now. that goes especially for the peeps that sold their gamecubes cause wii was compatible. now just keep your wii incase the cube gets no love on the system.



Game-Over said:

I don't like scrapping old systems it seems like such a waste but like that theirs only so much stuff u can keep. I've let a few consoles go over the years only to find that games i had on them never became available again, SNK vs Capom being one, Street Fighter 3 being another, although that is being released at long last for download. Hopefully the Wii U will have a good virtual arcade i like the download format.



phoenix1818 said:

Dissapointing that I won't be able to play my Gamecube games on the Wii U, but if Gamecube gets added to a new virtual console, that will definately make up for it.

Also good to see it uses 25GB disc size, which is at least equivalent to the PS3 format, although it seems like Nintendo is really just catching up with 5-year-old technology.



JimLad said:

That's a shame, luckily Gamecubes are dirt cheap to buy now.
So does that mean you won't be able to use Gamecube controllers for things like Smash Bros and virtual console games?



Link79 said:

Well since it doesn't play Gamecube games that's a good reason to hang on to your original Wii. I would never get rid of a system I spent good money on. No matter how old and out of date it gets. I still have every Nintendo console that has come out. It would be nice to have Gamecube games on the Wii U VC but I'm not counting on it.



rjejr said:

I didn't expect GC support as there were no connections for controllers or memory cards. As for this being a deal breaker, I dont' think so. If people want to look for a deal breaker how about all of our VC and Wiiware games? I know the 3DS is supposed to allow transfer but what about the WiiU? Too many games to disconnect the Wii if I can't move them forward.



Game-Over said:

Game discs become even more redundant then the consoles that play them, i prefer to download it's a far better way to store stuff and as a retro fan i'm lucky in that sense being that a lot of what i like is there for download.



Pj1 said:

Shame that but does Nintendo think they can or could emulate G.C games through VC, don't know if the hard drive is big enough. The game cube version of Mario Kart is great and I would love to give Mario Sunshine a chance..... I feel that we don't know all the facts when it comes to Wii U but it's an exciting prospect.



Game-Over said:

It will be Intresting to see how the Wii U virtual console will compare to PSN and Xbox, Sony made some of their downloadable titles unplayable offline hopefully that won't happen with Nintendo.



Game-Over said:

Hopefully the Wii U is slightly more powerful then both Xbox and Sony i think it needs to be, it's not hugely important issue but as a new machine in a new decade it should it have a bit of an edge over the older competition.



Rensch said:

Not surprised about GC discs. I'll hold on to the normal Wii or even my old GC.



Jellitoe said:

I did not like putting in those gamecube mini disks in the drive, anyway. PS0 crashed on me alot on my wii and never on my Gamecube. So I stopped using the wii for gamecube games.



madgear said:

Not everyone has the luxury of having multiple consoles, though. Sometimes compromises have to be made - it's not practical or fair for someone with a family to clutter up a room with old gaming consoles. When the new one comes out the choice is keep the old one or get the new one.



Game-Over said:

Will the Wii U be able to download old gamecube games or even dreamcast games, it will be intresting to see what it can do. Downloadable games and content is seriously important now, Nintendo needs to be able to match Sony and Microsoft in that department.



TKOWL said:

Not a huge deal for me, considering I still have my GCN and I have a Wii.



Game-Over said:

Very true Madgear,most people don't have the storage space, it's not just the consoles and the discs but all the wires and plugs that go with them, it just gets messy in the end.



motang said:

25gb disc = good, as well know HD games need space. So this is a very good thing, and no GameCube support, meh I don't care, it saves space on the system as controller ports and memory card slots are gone, and it's more reason to keep my Wii.



vherub said:

If the hardware simply cannot read gamecube games easily and consistently, then it is unfortunate, but understandable. If nintendo is deliberately locking out gamecube games, either to sell in the vc or some other notion, then they are wastefully burying some fantastic software that remains playable to new and old gamers.
Seeing as how the downloaded content on the wii will not be movable (and so I will keep my wii and it's gc bc), removing gamecube bc will not impact me directly, but it is a shame that many others will.



bezerker99 said:

I still have my Gamecube and Wii, thus I am fine with the removal of GCN backwards compatibility.



Malkeor said:

It's simple of course. Just keep your Wii or...Gamecube.

And the VC with GC games is a great idea!



DangerousDreams said:

You got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em. Nintendo's choice to rid GC compatibility with Wii U was no surprise for eyes. Wii U isn't going to use blu-ray ... sad face. well i guess ill stick with the tray (ps3) 4 Blu-ray. ... oh and nice Lost reference Trevor.



morphballer said:

Does this mean Wii U games are going be 60 dollars like PS3 and Xbox?

Also, have we found out what Wii U's flash size is going to be?



Cheezy said:

That stinks that GCN games can't be played on it, but it doesn't really surprise me.



ThumperUK said:

It does sound stupid that some people aren't going to get a WiiU because it won't play Gamecube games. It does sound like cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.

As the WiiU will be using the existing Wii controllers then I don't see why people can't simply keep their Wii. As for "I don't have enough room" comments, the Wii takes up about the same space as 5 Gamecube game boxes....hardly a massive footprint! People's back catalogue of games is much more likely to be cluttering up the space around the TV!



melvin2898 said:

You guys have to let stuff die. You can't play GameCube controllers forever. Out with the old, in with the new.



outrun2sp said:

it is a really stupid thing and hard luck on them. Nintendo wont care about sales for people who havent got space anyway.

Im still getting it, but will be getting the american machine after having no confidence in virtual console 50hz rubbish.



Ren said:

This is no surprise at all, As long as Wii games still work on it thats fine. The nicer surprise is that the remotes and other stuff will even still work. How many consoles have had backwards compatablity with controllers?
I can just move my wii into the office then, and share controllers around. Now I know it's ok to buy some of those motion plus controllers, I'm glad I sold off the old ones just in time. I've been building up a collection of GC games I missed the first time and I'm just fine having a Wii in another room for it, Eternal Darkness is great even now.
Makes perfect sense not to keep that whole side of controller ports and memory slots for a system over 10 years old, the Wii has enough of a library now to jump back to.



NGpenguin said:

"Does this mean we'll one day see a Virtual Console on the Wii U with GameCube games to choose from? Let us know if you think that would be a good idea or not and why."

This popped into my mind the minute i read the title to this article. XD
I think its a great idea.



luminalace said:

To the people complaining about the lack of Gamecube backward compatibility, I feel you but look at it this way: When we bought our Gamecube games, we bought it for that console and that console only! We were lucky to have backward compatibility with Wii but 2 genarations, on from Cube, it is not unreasonable for Nintendo wanting to move on, especially if it keep costs to a minimum for the Wii U!



madgear said:

Not really - I think it's disgraceful to disregard gaming's past like most companies do. Would you only consider watching films from the past five years? I agree with moving on to new things as well but to forget the past just leads to ignorance and the loss of art that consits of years of development and millions in cost. A lot of work goes into these games - years of people's lives. They shouldn't be forgotten so easily just because hardware has advanced.



Token_Girl said:

I'll be sad to lose the GCN controller for N64/GCN games, but with a GCN VC and classic controller, I can make it work.



armoredghor said:

saw this one coming a long time ago. They did it with original DS-only last gen compatible. We haven't had a decent game for it since 2005(besides LOZTP). They had to get rid of all the ports on the side of the thing for room. They want people to move on and actually try something new.



Azikira said:

Looks like I wont be getting rid of my Wii any time. I refuse to let my GC collection die. :3



castor said:

The lack of gamecube compability solve some problems. For example, I want to play my VCs and GCN games in a 4:3 screen cause the image gets a bit distorted in a 16:9 screen, but I also want to play Wii games in a 16:9 screen, so how to deal with this dilema? When Wii U comes, I'll be able to play Wii games on a 16:9 screen thanks to Wii U, and I'll keep my Wii in my bedroom to play in a 4:3 TV with an okay image... think about that!



sc100 said:

I do think we'll see GameCube virtual console games and probably within a few years. I think the fact that Nintendo decided to start a virtual console service for the 3DS shows that virtual console has been successful for them over the years and it's profitable to keep doing it. I think this will naturally continue on to GameCube games and hopefully Saturn and Dreamcast games as well, which would be really cool. Also, it seems like the Wii U will be powerful enough to emulate them without any slowdown and with external hard drive support now, we can easily store the GameCube games as they went up to 1.4GB. Hopefully they'll be $10 like N64 virtual console games.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Eh, I knew there wouldn't be Gamecube compatibility the moment I saw the system; it has no controller ports. I figured Nintendo's next system wouldn't put them in because it is a lot to add to a new console just to play games that will only get harder and harder to buy.

I do expect a Gamecube VC, though if the prices exceed $12 I doubt I'll buy more than one or two favorites. After all, I already own all my favorites on disc and I have a perfectly good Gamecube, so I wouldn't be willing to pay too much for just the convenience of no discs.



MeloMan said:

I believe a new trend of systems from at least 2 generations ago will hit new Nintendo consoles as they continue to do the virtual console into the future. IOW, GC will be on the virtual console on WiiU, nuff said and I have no issue with this as you can only keep so much clutter (to junk an old console or not to... that is a question only each individual gamer knows). The biggest problem I have is with there, apparently, being no ports on the WiiU to plug in GC controllers. We will now be subject to play GC games with the Wiimote/nunchuck method (ok for some games, bad for others like SSBM) or the WiiU controller (which would be a bit better than say the Classic controller pro for SSBM but still possibly not as comfy as a GC controller). Stay tuned I guess...



Link-Hero said:

I knew this was going to happen. Why would they put backwards compatibility on the WiiU for a console from 2 generations ago? Doing that would raise the cost of the console, so it makes more sense to put GC games on the WiiU’s Virtual Console. The WiiU should have plenty of power to emulate GC games easily.

The only problem I see is that there's no way to connect GC controllers into the WiiU. But there's a simple solution to fix this. Just release new updated versions of the GC controller that can connect to the WiiU's controller or to the Wiimotes. And if you don’t want to sell your GC controllers, you can buy converters. Problem solved.



zeeroid said:

It's a shame but it'll likely help drive the cost of the machine down. No need to keep GameCube ports/memory card slots, nor bother with stuffing that hardware in the box. Software emulation would probably not work too well.

edit: @Link-Hero: I doubt that it would be able to emulate GC games well at all. Even medium-high end PCs struggle with PS2 emulation, and the Wii Tu is no better than that. If it were going to emulate anything, the support would have to be perfect, and that's not likely to be possible.



The_Fox said:

Not terribly surprising. Now they can make money by selling them again on the Super Wii as downloads.



Chozo85 said:

I own about 30 gamecube games so sympathise with madgears argument. However, i'm not sure its reasonable to expect a new console to be able to play the original discs of a console that was two generations its predecessor. Gamecube games are no longer commercially sold and apart from us strident Nintendo fans, I'm not sure how widely played Gamecube games are.



Raylax said:

That's terrib-- wait no I don't care, nor see any reason to care:
1) Second hand Gamecubes. Dirt cheap. Cheaper than that, even.
2) Can't find a second-hand Gamecube? Gee, shame the Wii hasn't had a massive price cut recentl-- OH WAIT IT HAS.
3) Why not just keep your existing Wii? Not like you're gonna get much trade-in value for it. Nintendo's not going to come around and burn the thing when you buy a Wii U.



Despair1087 said:

not a big deal about loosing gamecube compatibility. the system came out in 2001, TEN YEARS AGO. just because a new system comes out doesnt mean you have to throw away the old one. i have all nintendo systems and (almost) all hand held nintendo systems. gamecubes cost 30 dollars at gamestop, which is less than a new wii game.

also if space is an issue, just duct tape the wii to the wiiU. it would still be smaller than an xbox lol



McGruber said:

I was hoping for Gamecube support too, but anyone complaining is an idiot because you can pick up a Cube for $30 at your local gamestop. And it is pretty clear Nintendo will have another controller along with the one shown!



Doma said:

Not a problem, i'm not sure why anybody would even expect it.
That would be best, because that oversized, gimmick ridden one doesn't really impress me.



Tasuki said:

I figured as much one that the Wii U wouldnt have GC support. Thats the main reason I hang onto my systems now instead of trading them in or selling them. I still have my Gamecube and I dont plan on getting rid of my Wii.

My suggest to you all you plan on trading in your Wii for the Wii U get a Gamecube now especially if you have alot of GC discs they are really cheap now just buy one and pack it away. Dont assume that Nintendo is going to add GC games to the VC and even if they do who knows what games they will and will not have.



Bassman_Q said:

That's pretty disapointing, but I guess I'll just have to keep either my Wii or GameCube when I buy the Wii U. Most likely its gonna be my Wii thats gonna go get sold, since I assume Nintendo will let us transfer our numerous downloads to the Wii U, and because the Wii U looks like nothing more than an upgraded Wii.



Chris720 said:

25 GB... is... a lot of space.

I don't know why people are fretting over GCN not being compatible, just buy a GCN or keep your Wii. I regret selling my GCN and have currently found one for £4.99, these things are dirt cheap!!

I would never sell my Wii anyways, I've had it for 5-6 years now and I've grown into it and couldn't see myself without it.

I'll probably get the Wii U if it's fairly cheap, otherwise, I'll wait to buy it. Anyways, the Wii U is nothing "revolutionary," it's just an upgraded Wii so it can contend with the PS3 and 360.

The Wii smashed them down in sales, and with the Wii U, if they sell it cheaply, I can see Nintendo near killing them. Afterall, who can't love Nintendo?



NintyMan said:

No more Gamecube is not a surprise at all, but maybe its games might show up on the Wii U's Virtual Console. Even at that, someone could just keep their old Gamecube or Wii and be fine that way. I personally don't care about not playing Gamecube games on the Wii U. And on the 25GB storage, that's obviously a huge increase from the usual Nintendo hardware, so that's awesome.



timp29 said:

Guess we will al be keeping our Wii for Gamecube games. Took me ages to track down those wavebird controllers too



JebbyDeringer said:

I've never understood these people who feel they need to throw out all their old games if backwards compatibility isn't there. Keep your old console, buy a new one. Or...Gamecube prices have been in the toilet for quite a while now. Last I checked EB Games was clearing them out with a controller for $9.99, they are probably all gone now. I have 4 Gamecube consoles, 4 Wavebirds, 4 other controllers, and all the other cables.



Teh-Ray said:

People are disappointed about this too, but at least people here seem to be more mature and understanding about this rather than what I read on Joystiq.

I myself will never understand why people get so uppity about this kind of thing. This, and the DSi dropping Gameboy Advance compatibility, seems to cause more drama than it needs to. At least NintendoLife seems to have evaded that drama.

All in all, if you REALLY need to play that badly, it's not like there's no other way to play them. Get an old system for cheap, or keep your old one.



CerealKiller062 said:

I honestly don't really care about backwards compatability since I owned an XBox 360 and it could not play many of my games. (Mostly Tony Hawk) Nintendo had to drop Gamecube support eventually. I'm hoping for a Gamecube Controller layout for a new classic controller so that I may play my new SSB in peace when It comes out! Or atleast some Cube Controller ports!



Kidtendo said:

If they are getting rid of gamecube support, which is a shame since i have over 30 gc games, the less they could do is put a dvd player on there, its annoy i must go to my ps3 everytime i wanna watch a movie



Doma said:

The DSi dropping GBA support isn't really comparable, it was the same system. And considering what it was replaced with, it's clearly a downgrade to the DSlite (with worse battery life to boot).
It would be just as bad if the 3DS suddenly cut DS game support with its upcoming revision, in favour of some other non-game related function.



Henmii said:

It's a pity that the gamecube support will be gone. If I where Nintendo (or a console producer in general), I would keep support for older consoles at all times. But I am not a console producer, and the way Nintendo has done it with the different cartridges and even different sized discs (gamecube disc where a lot smaller physically), that would be quite a hassle!



Tony3DS said:

This works perfect for me.
1. Wii trade in value is probably less than $80 right now, let alone when the Wii U comes out. So I’m keeping it.
2. Wii goes upstairs to watch Netflix and play Animal Crossing in bed before I go to sleep (always nice dreams when you play AC before bed).
3. I still have my Gamecube with GameBoy Player that can now come downstairs and sit right next to a new Wii U.
4. The best part… a second copy of Mario Kart Wii, play against my wife upstairs without split screen. She doesn’t play video games unless it’s a to the death match of MK Wii!



NiaLovesNinty said:

@ 1) yes!

ppplllllllleeeaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee, ninty! GCN-like wireless controller please!!!!!!!!



phoenix1818 said:

Does anyone know if games purchased on the Wii Virtual Console will tranfer to Wii U? From what I've heard it seems than Nintendo will be using an account system on Wii U similar to Xbox Live or PSN, but on the Wii, games purchased are locked by console not account. I know the DSi games transfer to 3DS, but as far as I know these games are also locked in by the console itself. Will Nintendo let us add these Wii games to a new account or will all Virtual Console games have to be re-bought?



James said:

@phoenix1818 Nintendo hasn't even announced if Wii U will have a Virtual Console, so any talk of transferring games from one to another is way off in the distant future.



pntjr said:

Guys! Just sell ur Wii to buy the Wii U, keep your GC games, and buy a GC for like 40 bucks!



wes008 said:

Yes! PLEASE have a GC Virtual Console! (then I can finally dump my Wii)



Zeldaterasu said:

Moderately disappointed about no GCN compatibility. I wonder if maybe some sort of data transfer service will be provided, so that Wii data can be moved to the Wii U. If that's the case, then I'll send the Wii packing, and finally dust off the old GCN. I knew there was a reason I held on to that thing!



Capt_N said:

I can see how lack of GCN bwc is actually a plus for Nintendo up front:
1. No matter the cost of hardware/software, Nintendo no longer has to put the hardware/software into the WiiU to support GC. Co. Money saved, if even if only a little.
2. Should Nintendo decide to do a GCN VC, they stand to make money, assuming of course the WiiU could properly emulate GC. Like someone here said, medium-high end pcs have trouble emulating PS2. You have to remember though, that a game console generally only has to process the game it is playing, while a pc has to hold it's os among other things in memory. So WiiU might possibly be able to tackle GCN emulation.
3. W/o GC games being readily playable, ppl will be forced to buy/purchase physical/downloadable games made for the WiiU. More money for Nintendo.

Also, James brings up an important point ~ WiiU having a VC hasn't been announced yet, or being able to transfer data, or not. Nintendo has a lot of things to consider.



GamersCorner said:

I don't think the lack of Gamecube compatibility it too bad of a thing. How big are most GC games, about 1 gig? It wouldn't shock me to see the pick of the GC litter on the Wii U equivalent of the virtual console.



jimmoon said:

@2 why would you want to watch movies on that thing? wouldnt you have to hold it to look at it?



jimmoon said:

last time i checked - the older something is, the more it costs, especially games that are out of production



sinalefa said:

If Wii U can be used to play Wii games and all peripherals work, then I will use my Wii strictly to play Gamecube games.

Glad to hear that they are using Blu Ray discs or something of the same capacity.



Marioman64 said:

it reminds me of when they stopped making n64 games

now its happening with the gamecube, "good" times



Smilesprower said:

You never know Nintendo might be extra nice to us an leave us dump our GC games to a external hardrive and play them off the wii U.



wiiuhellyeah said:

ubisofts twin stick fps in ghost recon and freaks IS SERIOUSLY PISSING MII OFF

wii remote and nunchuck /stick and screen YA DUMBIESSS



MiyamotoSlave said:


"Not really - I think it's disgraceful to disregard gaming's past like most companies do."

Just scanning through the posts I noticed your comment and I agree that gaming's past shouldn't be forgotten, but one should be wary of criticizing the decisions of a company that has always relished its past and continually made available to current gamers the wealth that is that past. You ask who would only watch movies from the past five years, well it might be worth considering that all of those VHS tapes you bought in the 90s are pretty defunct. You had to repurchase them all on DVD and soon on BluRay. Technologies advance, it's almost impossible to play an eight-track or a vinyl LP, even cassettes are less and less supported, and CDs are on there way out with the advent of flash media. Nintendo cannot be expected to waste precious dollars on cross compatability, the next thing we'll be demanding is cartridge slots for our NESs, SNESs, 64s, et al. What kind of inefficient behemoth would that be!? And as for games being forgotten because of advances in hardware capability, they won't be. Nintendo knows that they can make money on the best of their historical catalog. Those VHS tapes need to be rereleased on DVD and Blu Ray, or so the analogy goes.



Bass_X0 said:

I don't get why anybody would want to keep their old Gamecube when the Wii functions as one just as well unless they REALLY like the GBA Player. Anyway, even if somebody can only keep one console under their TV then why can't they just keep one in storage and switch between the two when necessary? Having a large collection of Gamecube games doesn't mean you should stop getting new consoles nor does it mean you have to get rid of your Gamecube games.



JustanotherGamer said:

Well you could just use the Wii or buy a Gamecube to play Gamecube games. Not a really big deal no BC for Gamecube on Wii U.



Sonic260 said:

It was bound to happen sooner or later and the only games I would really miss would be Tales of Symphonia and Wind Waker. Hopefully this means that they will create a Virtual Console for the Gamecube in the Shop Channel. Same with the eShop.



Sir_Deadly said:

It really doesnt bother me that it doesnt have backwards campabilities with GC games. I still have my gamecube and ill probably keep my old Wii when the Wii U comes out.




At least we can play mario kart wii and super smash brothers dats wat im looking for sinse i spent my money on a xbox 360 (Dat has RROD) im probaly hoping dat i get a wii u and jus might nget i hope i finfd a way to get a 3ds before mario kart 3ds come out



wsy1 said:

No gamecube support? No problem! You got an new wii console and no gamecube support? It is still possible! Required items: new wii console , gamecube console , duck tape = play your favourite games

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