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Mon 25th Apr 2011

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GamersCorner commented on Pachter: Wii U is Too Late, 'Dumbest Name Ever':

I think the Wii U is coming out at a bad time. Many Nintendo fans will have only just bought the 3DS plus the price of the PS3 and 360 will continue to drop.

Then when Sony and Microsoft release their next gen consoles Nintendo will be a step behind again unless the Wii U is a lot more powerful than the small glimpses we've seen thus far indicates.



GamersCorner commented on Nintendo Reinforcing Western Development for W...:

Nintendo might finally be embracing third party developers but will it be reciprocal? That'll all depend on how well the new Nintendo console sells at launch. If it does poorly Nintendo may be left stuck in a similar situation to the one they are in now.



GamersCorner commented on Talking Point: Can Nintendo's Next Console Top...:

The thing that worries me about Nintendo's next console is that it could be coming out too soon. I feel like it's only in the last year or two that people have really latched onto this generation of console and they may not be looking to fork out another $300 or $400 in 2012 when they already have multiple consoles in their house.

In this current economy it's something of a risky move. I know personally it'll take some convincing for me to buy the system after the lack of quality games on the Wii.



GamersCorner commented on Rumour: Wii 2 has Blu-ray Drive, Controller Co...:

If the Wii 2 is to have seriously more powerful graphics than the PS3 and XBOX 360 then it will need to use blu-ray technology to be able to store the required gaming code. A DVD won't cut the mustard at that point. An alternative could be to dispense with discs altogether and make games download only but I think that's a little too risky at this point.