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Fri 8th Oct 2010

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Zeldaterasu commented on Current Wii Model to be Discontinued:

Disappointing news. I don't really want to have to keep each and every console I've ever owned. Backwards-compatibility is a good thing! But if Wii U will offer a data transfer so I can move everything from my Wii to the Wii U, then I can get rid of the Wii and dust off my GameCube. I knew there was a reason I kept that thing in the closet all these years! I can finally make use of the GBA Player again!



Zeldaterasu commented on Check Out This Awesome Promotional Zelda Hat:

I still have my Ocarina of Time on N64, so I haven't been planning to get this 3D rerelease. But the soundtrack bonus item has made me reconsider it. If we were getting this hat too, then I think that would cinch it for me!



Zeldaterasu commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:

Moderately disappointed about no GCN compatibility. I wonder if maybe some sort of data transfer service will be provided, so that Wii data can be moved to the Wii U. If that's the case, then I'll send the Wii packing, and finally dust off the old GCN. I knew there was a reason I held on to that thing!



Zeldaterasu commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Reveal New Zelda Game at E3:

As much as I wish it were true, I'm skeptical. Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3D are already more Zelda than we're used to seeing in a single year. Maybe next year a 3DS Zelda will be announced, but I still wouldn't expect a release for another year after that.



Zeldaterasu commented on THQ Cancels Saints Row: Drive-By for 3DS:

Very surprised by all the Saints Row hate here. I know I was looking forward to the game. I played the first one on my roommate's 360 back in college and loved it. Too bad we'll never get to take it for a test drive now.



Zeldaterasu commented on Skyward Sword Combat Trailer Shows Plenty of M...:

Gotta say I still don't know what to make of this one. Anybody else concerned that this actually might have too much reliance on motion controls?
And am I the only one who wishes they would stop expanding the Zelda universe? Let us keep exploring the world we already know and love! We don't need another entirely new race of characters introduced in each new installment!
Eh, what am I griping about? I've had my concerns on each of the last few Zelda games, but Nintendo has yet to disappoint me in this series. Still a Day 1 purchase!



Zeldaterasu commented on Sink Your Fangs into the Okamiden Demo Availab...:

Just finished trying out the demo! It felt really good to be playing a brand new Okami, so that in itself made me happy. I wish I didn't have to use the D-pad to move around in a 3D environment, and the button-based combat takes some adjusting to, but other than that I love it!



Zeldaterasu commented on Reggie: Steel Diver Makes Up for Lack of Zelda...:

What's the point of comparing the two titles? They couldn't be any more dissimilar! I have to agree I don't want them to rush out a title before it's ready, but the lack of a flagship franchise at launch is just another reason to wait before getting my 3DS.



Zeldaterasu commented on 3DS Hits North America on March 27 for $249.99:

Price isn't terrible, but it's still more than I want to shell out. No matter, since I'm waiting for the inevitable remodel when they work out all the kinks, including that unacceptable battery life. Plus, the only must-buy on that list is Kid Icarus. Give it time for the really great titles to release.



Zeldaterasu commented on Review: DuckTales (NES):

I loved this game when I was a kid! I wasn't any good at it and never finished it but it was still fun! Just another reason why I miss my NES...