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Tue 7th June, 2011

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NiaLovesNinty commented on Talking Point: Why Wii U's Image Must Grab Att...:

Aren't video games toys? I never understood why people got so up in arms about Nintendo's colorful consoles looking like toys. They ARE toys. I understand that perception is everything, though. Microsoft and Sony market their consoles as entertainment center appliances so they usually stick to safer colors. I don't care what color Wii U is at launch as long as it's aesthetically appealing to me. For the sake of matching my living room set, I'd prefer black, but it's not a huge deal breaker for me.



NiaLovesNinty commented on Nintendo Rejects The Binding of Isaac:

Idk about any of you, but I sort of feel like Team Meat was trolling Nintendo by even trying to get this game on the eShop.

Call me a skeptic, but they seem like the type of people who'd do this on purpose for lulz.

They had to have known that there was no way a company like Nintendo would ever approve such a game.



NiaLovesNinty commented on Nintendo Download: 5th January 2012 (North Ame...:

Sheesh, people! So pessimistic! Just because this week looks dull to YOU doesn't mean NoA is failing. People have different tastes. Samurai Sword Destiny looks kind of interesting to me (I'll still wait for a review before I buy). Yes, they have fallen off with the updates on new software, but that's neither here nor there. We've been having some pretty good stuff lately and there is more awesome stuff to come. Have a little patience, my dears.



NiaLovesNinty commented on Nintendo America Dates Upcoming 3DS Games:

Looking forward to Tekken, Kid Icarus, Heroes of Ruin, Mutant Mudds, Rolling Western, Paper Mario, Monster Hunter 4, and I'm sure I'm missing others. The 3DS is on a roll. :)

Also, the guy in that photo is super cute.



NiaLovesNinty commented on Aonuma: "Future Zelda Games Will Use Motion Co...:

If you're flailing around playing Skyward Sword then you're not doing it right lol. When I play, just flicking the controller in a particular direction makes Link do what I want him to I'm sitting down. It's not like you're wielding an ACTUAL sword. You don't have to have exaggerated movements to enjoy this game. At least this has been my experience. I can't speak for everyone.

EDIT: I don't disagree with having options to play with traditional controls. The more people who play Zelda the better. I understand motion controls aren't everyone's thing.



NiaLovesNinty commented on Aonuma: "Future Zelda Games Will Use Motion Co...:

In my opinion, the only time I had issues with Skyward Sword's controls is when I was trying to stab. Other than that, they were fine. It was so satisfying using specific techniques to kill a Lizalfos for the first time. Most definitely a treat.



NiaLovesNinty commented on Talking Point: The Evolution of the 3DS:

I'm satisfied with the 3DS update so far. A minor complaint would be that SwapNote is said to be an app and not a part of the system itself. It would have been cool to message friends while playing games. I'm looking forward to next year, Kid Icarus and Heroes of Ruin are my most anticipated games. I excited for more than just these, however.



NiaLovesNinty commented on It's Official: Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming ...:

Something tells me that this was already going to happen in spite of Operation Rainfall's efforts. Not to take their efforts lightly, what they did made this game popular amongst the interweb's many gaming communities, but I just feel NOA had this planned all along.



NiaLovesNinty commented on Ubisoft Believes in Wii U for Core and Casual ...:

I want there to be a good balance of all types of games. The more people that have a Wii U the better. My biggest hope is that my fellow Nintendo fans actually buy the 3rd party games. There are too many of us that only play Nintendo games.