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Fri 30th May 2008

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vherub commented on Reaction: Your Opinions on Nintendo's E3 Confe...:

back in '06 or so, when E3 was being canceled, it may not have been the right move. But I think E3 as an epic, yearly event now just isn't the right strategy. The appeal of e3 was always this niche of gaming, and in recent years, gaming is everywhere. And I think it's damaging to gaming, to have this cycle where developers need to devote resources towards creating something for right now. The downside is so much greater than the upside.



vherub commented on Interview: Trent Oster - WiiWare from a Develo...:

I think that was a good interview. The real problem here is that wiiware had promise in the beginning, and has had a number of strong games, but never really built on that, never tapped into the giant user base, has alienated a number of developers and has left Nintendo in a very, very deep disadvantage to it's competitors in the download space- be it apple, android, or psn/xbox live/steam.
Nintendo has not shown (to me) that they have learned from the majority of the mistakes they made with wiiware, and there are some huge question marks going forward that the other platforms have already resolved.



vherub commented on Nintendo Download: 12th April 2012 (North Amer...:

It's hard to stay positive that the Wii U will get strong weekly support of content when Nintendo's past and present suggest otherwise. Especially when sony and ms have weekly drops of drastically more content.



vherub commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

What I like about digital is sales always support the developer/ip owner. I might not be that interested or want to spend full price on a game, so if I wait to buy it on clearance or used, the developer gets nothing. But a sale on digital content, the creators get a piece of my payment.



vherub commented on Review: Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors (Wii...:

During the barren rpg days, this came out along with Anvil of Dawn. I went with Anvil of Dawn, and was happy with that choice. But a part of me always wondered about Stonekeep. I was hoping this would be a great chance to play it, but the review puts me off.



vherub commented on Mario Kart Wii Races Past 30 Million Sales Mil...:

The success is mixed bag. It sends a strong message that Nintendo doesn't need a robust lobby and matchmaking system that MS/Sony provides. It also was a blackhole of sorts, negating most other racing games on the wii. And (maybe it's personal taste), but without a ghost item from 64, too much was sacrificed on the altar of last minute wins and rubber band competitions. Still a good game, but frustrating.



vherub commented on Machinarium Finally, Officially Cancelled:

This was such a great game, it's a shame the wii audience won't experience it but at least steam and the psn are large platforms. The wii u cannot have an arbitrary cap for downloadable content, there were so many mistakes nintendo made that they need to avoid going forward.



vherub commented on Talking Point: The Most Memorable Nintendo 64 ...:

mario kart 64, I easily played a couple thousand hours of splitscreen. So much of that game is burnt into my permanent memory, from how to best make the wallcut jump on wario stadium to being able to sense the moment the game starts running fast.



vherub commented on Nintendo Explains Lack of Online Play in Star ...:

The unfortunate thing about these statements is that time and money is a hurdle for all games to have decent, robust online components. Sony and MS have not spent years developing and supporting online gaming. If Nintendo does not get it's act together with online, be it purchasing content, sharing experiences or multiplayer gaming, it's going to be too late for whatever system they have after the 3ds.



vherub commented on Pachter: Wii U is Too Late, 'Dumbest Name Ever':

The wii name was awful, but you get used to it. Xbox sounded pretty lame originally, and playstation also was clunky. The only hardware company that named their consoles decently was Sega. Not that it mattered much.



vherub commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:

If the hardware simply cannot read gamecube games easily and consistently, then it is unfortunate, but understandable. If nintendo is deliberately locking out gamecube games, either to sell in the vc or some other notion, then they are wastefully burying some fantastic software that remains playable to new and old gamers.
Seeing as how the downloaded content on the wii will not be movable (and so I will keep my wii and it's gc bc), removing gamecube bc will not impact me directly, but it is a shame that many others will.



vherub commented on This is the Wii U Controller in All Its Glory:

One of the nice things about the wiimote was battery life/efficiency. I know that isn't as in demand as other specs, but this controller is going to be an energy hog. I mean, it is impressive and it will be tough resisting wanting to use it all the time.



vherub commented on Review: Overflow (WiiWare):

fluidity was a fantastic game on so many levels, (except for the final battle), partly because the controls work great
shame this game doesn't have the controls to meet the vision



vherub commented on High Voltage Responds Badly to Scathing Condui...:

Bad reviews hurt financially, and they also hurt emotionally. It's a natural reaction. But that internal email was a lapse of judgment. The next step is for HVS to contact Amazon and ask they pull the bogus negative reviews they posted.



vherub commented on Got an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?:

Echoing the sentiments of others, if the 360 or ps3 sites expanded to at least include all downloadable titles, that would be more appealing (to me) to check out on a regular basis



vherub commented on Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 - From The Abyss:

The reviews for From the Abyss were poor, but I feel like if there hadn't been a cart release, and this was a dsiware (or cellphone game) it would have gotten a much stronger reception.
If it is broken up into two parts, so the whole game would be 400 points, it seems like a great dsiware game. But if it has 4 or more parts, considering the ds game is now really cheap, it isn't as strong a value.



vherub commented on Nintendo Likely to Retain Price Control in 3DS...:

As a consumer, there are quite a few vc and wiiware titles that I would buy if they even had a 100 or 200 pt sale. I have bought 15+ wiiware titles, many of which are fantastic. But there is a 2nd tier of content that I had lesser interest in and have fallen completely off my radar. A sale or price drop, even if small, would renew my interest.



vherub commented on Mario Kart Without Items Isn't Mario Kart, Tha...:

I found the playbalance perfect in 64 because of the ghost item. You can steal a blue shell/lightning, or protect yourself. It was a shame they got rid of that item, later games were the worse for its loss.



vherub commented on Current Nintendo Points will be Useless on the...:

If it means going to a psn real world currency, great, fantastic, and hope the next console goes with that system.
In the unlikely event this is another monopoly money currency simply replacing nintendo points, this is a stupid, fanbase anger decision.
In either case, phasing out nintendo points may yield some decent discounts at retail.