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Sat 11th Jun 2011

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wiiuhellyeah commented on Nintendo has no Desire to be Number One in Onl...:

there is no online war its all myth ms has you believe theres some online power strggle that there winning THE TRUTH is that 99.9% of online games on xbox live are not even played outside of COD and HALO theres effectively no one out there i watched a youtube about it this guy was going from, one game to the other and every single game NO ONE WAS ONLINE NO ONE AT ALL GLOBALLY

nintendo making perfect sense yet again



wiiuhellyeah commented on Nintendo to Update Wii U Prototype Hardware in...:

so we go from .5 higher than ps3 to .5 higher than ps3 and x360 combined lol im expecting around that level of power ,,,,,lots of edram for both cpu and gpu will help make wiiu OWN.....i still expect a tri core broadway but i wont complain at power 7 wink wink



wiiuhellyeah commented on Rumour: Wii U is 50% More Powerful Than PlaySt...:

specs aint final and the source for this info was a analyst and via industry gamer a known anti nintendo site TON OF SALT REQUIRED...

right power is in whatson with EDRAM level 3 catch and looks set to be the bases of wiiu cpu


ubisoft are describing a tri core BROADWAY CPU they say its wii API coding but with added multi core code support and a massive clock speed improvement sounds like a broadway 2 3x core to me no mention of threads etc AKA power 7



wiiuhellyeah commented on Wii U Games Using Two New Controllers Being Co...:


REAL FPS = wii remote and nunchuck and analog stick and touchscreen

use utablets stick and screen as a CORE/REAL FPS CONTROLLER or wii remote and nunchuck as a REAL FPS CONTROL SYSTEM

or allow a nunchuck to plug into a utablet have motion and analog stick in left hand and mouse touch panel via stylus on your lap =REAL GAMERS FPS

classic pad DONT INSULT ME



wiiuhellyeah commented on Ubisoft's Wii U Exclusive is Chock Full of Spa...:

fact 1 blatent re-use rip off of there rabbids.... re skinned as aliens..

fact 2 ubisoft FAIL HARD at fps controls no touch screen aiming and no wii remote plus aiming CLASSIC PAD A FPS sorry i dont eat my dinner with a cricket bat eather

ubisoft take the hint touch screen = mouse aiming wii remote= mouse aiming WTF classic pad



wiiuhellyeah commented on Wii U Touch Screen is Resistive, Not Capacitive:

because nintendo understand the clear and defined difference between a PHONE or TABLET and a GAMING CONTROLLER....

multi touch is extreamly laggy and not suited to stylus and mouse like precision so why would you use it on a gaming controller lag is no good in real time gameplay also maintaining a DS like screen allows DS as another controller

im getting sick of ubisoft showinb fps games with twin stick controls wiiu has a touch screen and wii remote plus so why would i camera and aim with a caveman stick HUH !!!!